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In chapter 3 I had my first lesbian sex and found out that not only men want to fuck me but some woman too. That makes me so horny. My brother Tom has a surprise for me, so after school I rush home.

I found Tom in my bedroom. I quietly came up behind him and expecting to feel his big cock jerking off into one of my bras again. To my surprise his cock was limp in his pants and he was working with wires connecting something. I massaged his beautiful cock taking the opportunity he never gives me. I wish he would let me have it daily.

“Tori! Not now. I am busy completing your surprise. Besides. Your my sister and fucking you is so wrong.” He scolded.

“You know how hot I get when I fuck taboo. What is my surprise?” I pouted.

“I know how you love when your lusted for, so I built a web site for you to show how sexy and hot you are. Men can jerk off to you and tell you how much they want you to make them cum for real. They can tell you what they fantasize about and you can arrange to fuck them on your site. It’s called. Tori Lusts For You.”

“When does it start?”

“As soon as you get dressed. Dress looking innocent. Come to the kitchen. I have somebody that will reveal your naughty side for your viewers and their will be millions getting hard watching you and jerking their cum out for you.

I went to my closet. Chose a white blouse a gray tight midi skirt.White stay ups with lace tops, thong and lace bra, and black pumps. I put the bra and and thong on. Pulled my stockings up. Feeling excited about who was meeting me downstairs as I slid my skirt over my bubble butt. Did the zipper and button up in the back. Put my blouse on doing all the buttons up. Slid my shoes on and went downstairs.

Mrs. Grassy was sitting on the counter. She had a red sundress that was stressed trying to conceal her big titties. Her legs were parted enough to allow me to see she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Did you like our kiss this morning?” Motioning me to her with her finger.

I nodded as I walked toward her, liking the way she licked her lips and wondering if her boobs were going to pop out of her dress as she inhaled watching my wiggle in my tight skirt. Her nipples were visible through the flimsy fabric of her dress and mine were getting hard as well.

She embraced me as I came close and kissed my mouth aggressively wrapping her legs around me pulling me closer. My pussy got wet as she tongued my mouth and I felt her tits pressing against mine.

“Show me what you learned at school today.” Leaning back.

I kissed her cheek sliding her shoulder straps down. The aroma of her subtle perfume encouraged me to continue. Kissing my way to her breasts as I freed them from her confining dress. She pulled my head to them as a throaty moan escaped her. I was rubbing my legs together trying to get some relief for my aching pussy.

I wanted to tear my clothes off and 69 with her until we both orgasm together. She pushed me down to her crotch keeping control of me. I licked her panty line inhaling her pussy smell. Licked her lips and slid my finger in her. She obviously wants illegal bahis to cum first.

I felt a pair of hands undoing my skirt as she arched into my fingers and tongue. My skirt sliding over my bum and a thick finger rubbing my wet panties. It was definitely a man. Was it Tom? I couldn’t see with my head being held firmly in Mrs. Grassy’s pussy.

Not that I mind. I mean she tasted good and obviously wants me, and I have a mystery man getting ready to fuck me. I wonder how many cocks are getting jerked watching me being dominated in a three way. The thought of cocks cumming for me has my thong saturated with my pussy juice.

I found her spot with my finger and began fucking her and sucking her clit. I felt him run the head of his cock up and down m slit before he rammed it into me. Forcing my head deeper into her. My pussy contracted in orgasm as her juices covered my face and had me gasping for breath.

My legs were giving out as he reached around ripping my blouse open and man handling my aching boobs. Her legs wrapped around me and his groping with his cock buried in me are all that’s holding me up. His cock feels so huge in my tight pussy. I love being fucked doggy. She’s cumming again for me.

She finally released me and I slumped to the floor. My fucking God. It’s Mr Grassy! Jerking his cock kneeling over me and and lowering down for me to suck him off.

His cock began shooting gobs of thick creamy cum as I tried to get my mouth to it. Splattering my boobies and blouse. She then takes him and sucks the last of his cum out making him twitch as she tormented the head of his cock.

Fuck! That should be my mouth and I should be getting the last of his cum. He likes fucking me better than her and I was the one that gave her some of the best orgasms she ever had. Why is she being so mean? She doesn’t even like sucking and fucking him.

When she was sure she had every last drop. She came up and kissed me dropping it in my mouth. I lapped it from her mouth hungrily. Savoring the salty taste and rolling the texture in my mouth.

She allowed me to enjoy as she went down to suck up the cum of my firm ripe titties. Wow! She really wants to thank me for letting her fulfil her lusty craving for my body and fucking her husband so she doesn’t have to.

I love it when the whole family wants to fuck me. I wonder if their are any other families out there that want me to be a sweet little fuck toy with them. I was wondering if any body watching would send emails when she brought me back to reality with another mouthful of cum sucked off of my body.

My new girl fuck got dressed and went home. I got Tom to show me how to read feedback on my web cast. We spent the rest of the night reading the reviews and fantasy requests from my new fans.

There were so many and some actually sent pictures of them giving me tributes by cumming on my picture. I liked those the best. One stood out to both Tom and I. Stood out to Tom because it was local and happened to be the lawyer firm that is doing the will for us. For me it was because it was a father and his two sons jerking their cum and saturating my picture.

Dad sent it in and said that his daughter’s illegal bahis siteleri friend looked a lot like me but was totally lesbian and rejected all advances by the men. She liked to dress in cute little cowgirl outfits with her long hair touching her waist and cowboy boots with her short denim skirts teasing them while allowing his daughter to fondle her in their presence.

We had a meeting with them scheduled for Tuesday for the reading of the will. Tom looked at me and nodded knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

I decided to make myself look as much like their fantasy fuck as possible. I got hair extensions making sure they were good so they wouldn’t pull out if they were pulled on. Put my own twist by having a natural wave put in. Found a pretty little pleated denim skirt and sleeveless black satin blouse. A pink straw cowboy hat and went to pick out some high heel over the knee boots. Girls got to protect her knees from rug burn.

I was so excited the day of our meeting. My blouse tide up under my ripe boobies loosely so they showed when I turned sideways and if I bend over they hung like ripe grapes ready to be plucked.

The receptionist sent us right in and licked her lips as we walked by to the office. Mr Smith and his sons were looking over our file as we opened the door. I sat on the leather couch as Tom approached the desk. He looks after all the business stuff. I just wanted to be admired and fucked.

I took out a lollipop and ran it down my cleavage then began taking the wrapper off with my teeth. Licked up the stick around the bottom up to the top before plunging it in my mouth. Popping it out.

Saliva running down my chin I lifted my leg over the arm and slid the lolly pop up my leg over my now moist panty and pushed it in rubbing my clit. Feeling eyes on me I was close to orgasm. Rubbing faster I opened my eyes to see junior standing beside me undoing his pants and letting them slide to the floor.

I took the lolly and popped it in my mouth savoring the taste of my pussy as I reached under his boxers feeling his precum on the tip of his hard already throbbing cock. Realizing he was ready to cum. I pulled his boxers down wanting him to cum in my mouth. That is why I prefer older cock. They have more control.

He took the lolly from my mouth tore my g string and drove it in. I put my lips on his cock and he exploded on my lips and my chest. Thick globs of sweet salty cum plastering my mouth and blouse. Arching up with him fucking me with the lolly. I took his cock deep and sucked him dry.

He pulled out with his cum dribbling onto my cleavage as big brother took his place. My eyes bulged as his girth stretched my mouth wide. Junior took the lolly out as he teased my clit and lapped roughly at my wet oozing pussy. Not refined but effective to send me into another orgasm. Fingers in me cock throat fucking me. Spit and cum saturating my blouse.

“Just need you to sign here Tori and you boys to witness and we are done. What are you boys doing?” Realizing they were fulfilling their fantasy with me

He got up . Walked over to me undoing his pants letting them slide to the floor. His fat long cock popped out canlı bahis siteleri oozing precum. Apparently Daddy muti tasks with his mind. Pushed big brother out of the way and filled my mouth with his cock.

Big brother came around and drove his cock in my tight wet pussy while toying my little ass with the spit covered lolly. Pushed it in my tight ass and fucked my pussy hard as if he wanted to finish before daddy came to take over. I was busy sucking daddy’s enormous balls. The smell of sweat and precum made me delirious. He pulled my head up to take his cock as big brother fucked me with his cock and lolly.

Daddy forced his cock to my throat and tried to go further causing me to gag and choke. Big brother had me pussy farting and contracting on his cock. I was jerking and sucking on daddy when big brother moved m hair to the side as he pulled and shot his load up my back and on my skirt. Sweat and cum caused my blouse to cling to my back as he continued to spurt on me.

Daddy reached down and pulled my bra up around my neck exposing my rock hard nipples and soaking titties. Pulled his cock out dripping of my spit walked around pulled me to him as he laid down for me to ride him cow girl. I rode him pumping up and down as he pulled me down and sucked cum and spit from my titties.

Junior was back and plucked the lolly from my ass. Took his lube and shot lube up my ass and lubed his cock. It went in so smooth and easy filling me as daddy kept fucking my stretched out pussy. My body was shaking in orgasm when big brother rubbed the head of his cock on m trembling lips tasting the last of his cum. I took him in m mouth and sucked the last of his cum.

Daddy leaned over and licked his balls. My head was exploding. The whole family filling me and obviously daddy is bi. I felt there cocks contract as they both pulled out. Daddy blasting his load up my front saturating my skirt blouse and bra. Junior made my back totally covered in cum.

They got up. Shook there cocks on my chin. Got dressed. Leaving me shaking on the floor. My pussy quivering in post orgasm. Too weak to move.

“Now we just need you to sign the estate and boys you witness it.” Daddy was back to business.

Tom pulled out the leather dress from my purse. Handed it to me.

“Quick change Tori. We have to get to the pastor’s house for their kids celebration of graduating bible school.” Tom said looking at his watch.

My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t undo the buttons so I ripped my blouse open and peeled it off leaving it on the couch with my bra. Slid my cum stained skirt and torn g string off and placed them beside. Slid my leather skirt on and loved the way it hugged every inch of my petite body. It was a nice midi and showed enough cleavage to be sexy but appropriate in any setting. Tom helped me up and steadied me over to the desk to sign the paper. Legs still shaky I leaned on Tom to the door. I put my hat on the coat rack.

“I’m leaving my clothes for you to keep as souvenirs for you to treasure.” Smiling I walked out giving them a little wiggle to remember, leaning on Tom for support.

My head clearing. I remember Herald and Kerry the Pastor’s kids. They were a couple of years older but they weren’t as innocent as Pastor thought.

This might turn into a fun evening after all. I remember the last time they were home and were in the office counting the collection. Well that’s what everybody thought.



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