Tony fucks LauraI’d been talking to Tony on herehe was kind , sweet but I knew he had a past, he had been a very bad boy and that dark past intrigued me so, I’d decided that I wanted him, and I was going to do all I can to make that happen. I agreed to meet him at his local pub, I knew it wasn’t the sort of place I would normally go but I didn’t care to be honestthe day arrived, I decided to wear my quarter cup bra it made my own boobs stand out, and having bought some nipple clamps I thought they would be perfect. My waspie pulled tight , I almost could not breath but I think that was my excitement , matching panties and 10 denier stockings with a lace I looked hair make up done, all I needed was my pvc, zip though buckle dress, , it’s short, so u can see my stocking tops, just the slutty, look I seen some stick on tattoos, which I bought, above my clitty cock I had cum dump and above my ass, fuck me , I was going to make sure that I had his cock, a blow job at least, so lots of red lippy and lip glossas I walked into the bar, my coat covering the slut underneath I ordered a double G&T and sat at the bar. There was a few bikers in the bar and lots of eyed looking at amasya escort me. I but came over he was crude , he said u want company, I told him to fuck offtony then came into the bar and and walked over, I got up and kissed him full on the lips, no going back now , I just wanted himhe got a drink and a whisky chaser and announced to the bar that I was his date. He made me take my coat off and I stood there in my dress, stocking tops showing the complete whore.we moved to a booth and I sat down OMG I’m sure u can see my panties that dress was very short, we made small talk, but I just had to say Tony I’m urs I belong to you, he he made me stand up and go and get another round of drinks, as I came back I lent over the table and shows my ass covered tight panties, he slapped my ass, hard it made me jump, but a tingle of excitement as he was showing me off to his friends. A couple of guys came over Tony chatted as I kissed his neck, my dress almost up across my waist, he jus looked at me and said this is my bitch, u can look but no touching , with that, I pulled the top of my dress down so my boobs where on display, my nipple clamps on show, he tighten them, I sign that I was his escort amasya . Fuck I wanted himi reached in my hand bag and took a couple of poppers, I know that would relax me, but with the drink I just stared to lose any inhibitionsi rubbed his cock through his jeans he was hard bigger than I thought, my mouth, was hungry for his dick, what the fuck, unzip him get that fat cock out and suck him there in the pub, who cares I craved his cock, I wanted to taste his cum , pump into my mouth face fuck me, he didn’t disappoint as I sucked him for all I was worth, my lipstick on his cock his trusts got harder as he pumped my mouth in the bar a small group watching as his whiore feasted on his cock. He tensed and shot his spunk deep in my throat .i swallowed, making sure I had it alli went to the ladies to sort my lippy a couple of women in there just looked at me and said u fucking slut, I just smiled they where just envious back in the bar Tony was talking to his friends laughing , as I walked over, ur fuckin bitch whore is back Tony his mate said, I just planted a big kiss on his lips, and felt his cock getting harder. Tony breed me nowI didn’t care , I bent over as his mate watched, amasya escort bayan pulled my skirt up, and he pulled my panties down, he slapped my ass hard I’m sure he mates did but before I knew it my cheeks glowed, I just wanted to be fucked hard, used abused, . I’m his bitch his whore, , suddenly he’s behind me and then one push he’s in me, I felt my pussy stretch as he filled me up and after a few gentle trust he started to fuck me hard, pulling my hair, biting my neck marking me as his. He could see my tattoo, FUCK ME and laughed, as he ruined my ass. Then as I was about to cum myself I felt him tense and then he pumped his spunk in me me, fuck, fuck, fuck, I wanted this, I wanted him , I was his bitch, his slut he owned me.his mates cheered , I was flushed, as I felt him pull out of me, then, he just looked at me and said clean me, my greedy mouth sucked him clean, OMG I was in heaven. As i sucked hard , he started to get hard, but then i felt another cock entering my pussy and start to fuck me, I looked into Tony’s eyes his cock in my mouth as his best friend started to fuck me, I was so wet, from Tony’s cum, running down my legs into my knickers which where by my ankles. He just looked at me and said, ur mine, I own you ur life belongs to me, as his Mate spunked in me I knew I wanted him, my body ached for him, this was my life now, serving him and I’d never been so happytony I love you, Laura your Whore for life



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