***This story takes place in a magical parallel universe where there are loose morals, no STDs, and the sky is green, along with a few other minor differences from our own universe. Everyone of relevance in the story is over the age of 18.***


Tom got out of his car and checked his watch. 8:40. He was twenty minutes early for his interview. Bored with the routine at the accounting firm he worked at, Tom was looking for greener pastures.

He took a breath and began walking. It was a beautiful day, and Tom was glad that he parked his car on the street, instead of in the company lot, so that he could clear his head for a few minutes. He also wanted to survey this new town. He missed all of it, because as he walked, his thoughts drifted to the day before. After driving into town yesterday afternoon, Tom had spent his time looking for apartments. What occupied his thoughts during his walk was the beautiful landlord who showed him an apartment with a view of the lake. “Who shows an apartment in a bikini top?” he thought. Tom realized he was getting aroused, and tried to think of other things because he didn’t want to show up for his interview pitching a tent.

Before he knew it, Tom was walking into the main building, and he took a look around. “Pretty standard,” he said to himself. Tiled floors, some plants, and some paintings on the wall gave the atrium some ambiance. Tom ambled up to the receptionist and smiled.

She was uglier than a horse, Tom thought, and she looked at him coldly.

“You must be Tom Hall,” she said.

“Yes, I-“

“Please take the elevator up to the 8th floor, where Mr. Murphy will meet you.”

“Thank you,” Tom said, and made his way over to the elevators. He looked around and noticed that most of the staff here was female. He could get used to this. Hopefully he would get the job.

A few people gathered waiting for the elevator, and a woman accidentally brushed her breast against his arm. Tom began to get aroused, but he forced himself to remain calm and stay ready for his interview. He turned to look at the woman, and found himself staring into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. His eyes darted down, and he could see straight down this woman’s cleavage!

At 28, Tom was still easily aroused in this sort of situation, and he found himself getting hard. “Damn it!” he thought. This was not the impression he wanted to make in his interview. The blue eyes darted all over his body. Tom was 6’2 and fairly muscular as he worked out regularly. His straight, dark brown hair was tousled, but not unkempt, and he kept a slight stubble. He figured that if a company didn’t like his stubble, he didn’t want to work there anyway and they could suck it.

A warm hand started to caress his arm, and he “accidentally” pushed back against a soft breast.

The elevator doors opened. “Mr. Hall!” the receptionist called. Tom turned around. “You forgot your name-tag!” Tom slowly walked back towards the reception desk, his eyes still meeting the woman’s. He reluctantly broke eye contact as the woman stepped into the elevator. He had a noticeable hard-on, and the receptionist was looking at him icily. Embarrassed, Tom picked up the name-tag. One more look at the receptionist’s face, and Tom was completely soft again.

“Probably for the best,” he thought. “I need to concentrate on this interview.” He made his way back to the elevator, and noticed that this time most of the crowd gathered was male. He also noted smugly that he was taller than all of them and probably the most handsome. He really started to hope for this job, certain that he could out-compete most of the guys in this company for the girls.

A redhead woman suddenly appeared next to him, and Tom was immediately aroused again. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that she was wearing a very short skirt and high heels. She was probably about 5’8 with the heels, and Tom guessed that she had either C or D cup breasts. She was on his left side and pressed her right breast into his arm. Did all the girls here do that?!

It suddenly got a lot more crowded in front of the elevator, and Tom realized that everyone must be getting in for a 9 am workday. It was almost like a wave swept him into the elevator when the doors opened, and he found himself face-to face with the readhead, his back against the elevator wall.

She smiled at him. “Hi Tom.”

“How did she know my name?” thought Tom. He glanced at his chest and realized that his name-tag was right below her eye level. And her breasts were at his chest level. As more people crowded into the elevator, she was pushed harder against him, but Tom didn’t mind. Judging by her wry smile, the girl didn’t mind either as she pushed her chest into Tom’s. Tom’s face was inches from the girl’s, and her hair smelled like flowers. He suddenly realized that he had a raging hard-on.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Tom said as the elevator doors closed. Her faced moved even closer to his, almost touching. Her canlı bahis şirketleri green eyes looked down, and then back up into his face. Tom noticed that her skin was perfectly smooth with a few freckles, and her pale skin stood out sharply against her green top. She had a small, upturned nose and thin lips, which were open as she was breathing hard. Tom glanced down at her cleavage again and back into her eyes, noticing how her red hair was loose and a little wavy as it fell across her shoulders. Tom resisted the temptation to cup her perfect breasts and settled for staring at them down her low-cut top.

The elevator started moving up, and the girl moved her mouth close to his ear. “I’m not wearing any panties.”

Tom’s heart stopped. What kind of a girl was this? He felt a hand on his crotch, and he stood dumbfounded as the elevator doors opened on the third floor. A few people got out, but even more got in, and the girl ground her crotch hard into Tom’s. She obviously knew that he was hard, and suddenly Tom realized that she had grabbed his crotch and was squeezing his dick through his pants!

Without thinking, Tom put his hands on her waist and pushed his crotch into hers. Her green eyes were dancing as she mouthed again, “I’m not wearing panties.”

A hand grabbed his and forced it down towards her legs.

Tom started stroking the inside of her leg, and its warm smoothness made him lose control of what he was doing.

The doors opened for the fourth floor, and a few people got off the elevator, but it was still crowded. As the doors closed Tom’s hand reached the woman’s bare slit, pulling her skirt up. He gasped when she realized she was shaved and completely smooth. She stared at him as he put a finger in, and Tom heard a soft moan as his finger probed inside of her pussy. She was so wet, so soft… and as the doors opened for the fifth floor almost everyone exited.

The woman wasn’t pushed against Tom by the force of the crowd anymore, but she was still leaning into his chest. Tom quickly extracted his finger and pushed the woman softly away. A man was giving them a strange look, and Tom felt a bit unnerved. The woman made a face at him and pouted. She had clearly enjoyed having his hand up her skirt.

When the elevator doors opened for the sixth floor, everyone got off except for Tom and the woman. Looking at the buttons, Tom realized that 7 was pressed, and 8 was not. He awkwardly made his way over to the front of the elevator, bending over slightly in a poor attempt to hide his condition, and pressed his floor. A sigh behind him made Tom look back at the woman, who was sidling over to him.

“I was hoping you would get off at my floor.” She grabbed his crotch again, but this time Tom did not stop her as they were alone now. Tom reached for her breasts, which were covered but still looked shapely under her top. A sudden noise from the ceiling made the woman release her hold of his crotch, and both she and Tom looked at the ceiling. The elevator jerked, and both Tom and the woman were thrown to the floor.

Tom had hit his head on the wall, and winced as he felt a sharp pain in his neck as he turned towards the woman. “Are you okay?” he asked.

The woman groaned. “Mmmm… I’m okay,” she said slowly. “What happened?”

Tom staggered to his feet and pressed the button for the 8th floor again. The elevator didn’t move. He tried the lobby. Still nothing.

“Looks like we’re stuck,” he said. Tom took a sharp breath as he realized he could see the woman’s bare pussy as she lay on the ground with her legs splayed.

“Unggh,” she moaned.

Frustrated and panicking slightly, Tom tried more buttons on the elevator, but it would not move.

“Try door open,” the woman said as she turned to face him, still on her back. Tom’s eyes widened as she was giving him an even better view of her pussy. Her skirt had ridden almost all the way up to her hips, and Tom stood frozen with his hand on the buttons as he stared. Realizing what Tom was looking at, the woman giggled.

Tom blinked as he processed what the woman just said. He pressed the door open button, but to no avail.

“What about that one?” It took Tom a second to realize that she was pointing at the red emergency button because she had actually lifted up her skirt more and was giving him a show. Tom ogled her for a few seconds as she stifled a giggle, and then he pressed the button.

“Nothing,” Tom said. His eyes drifted back to the woman’s pussy, and she grinned as she opened her legs even wider and lifted her skirt further, giving Tom an even better view. “Stupid emergency button doesn’t even work.”

Suddenly, a crackling noise game from the corner of the elevator. “Security,” said a crisp, female voice that was muffled by the interference from the intercom.

“Thank goodness!” exclaimed Tom. “We’re trapped in the elevator. Can you open the doors?”

There was a pause. “One moment, please.”

Tom’s eyes were still canlı kaçak iddaa on the woman’s pussy, which suddenly disappeared as she closed her legs and stood up.

“Which elevator?”

“Umm…” Tom had no idea, and he didn’t even remember seeing another elevator.

“Elevator A.” The woman somehow knew which elevator they were on, and Tom had no idea how she was able to keep track of that information given her heavy flirtation with him. Her hands were on his chest, reaching up to loosen his tie.

“Please wait,” said the voice from the intercom.

The woman had loosened his tie enough that she could start unbuttoning his shirt. “By the way, I’m Angela.” Her face was again inches from his own and he could hear her breathing get louder.

Tom was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe he had fingered her earlier without even knowing her name!

“N-Nice to meet you,” Tom managed to stammer. “But w-we can’t do this. I have an interview now!”

“No, it’s okay. I’m so glad we ran into each other!” exclaimed Angela as she continued to rub her hands on Tom’s chest. Tom’s tie, jacket, and shirt, were off, and Angela quickly pulled off Tom’s undershirt. Tom responded by pulling Angela closer to him as she caressed his bare chest.

A crackling from the intercom startled both of them. “Elevator A is not operational.”

Angela rolled her eyes. “No shit!” she whispered.

“A repairman will be along look at the problem in two hours. I apologize for the inconvenience. How many people are in the elevator?”

“Two,” said Angela with her hands again probing Tom’s chest. Her voice was high-pitched and almost frantic. Tom was amazed that she was able to respond to the question at all. Like all men, he was only able to pay attention to one thing at a time, and his attention span was already stretched to capacity by the hands on his chest and his cock throbbing against his pants.

“I apologize for the inconvenience,” said the voice from the intercom. “Please wait until the repairman arrives. Is there anything else I can do?”

Angela looked at the ceiling in exasperation. She looked back at Tom and pushed him back against the wall, her breasts rubbing against him again. “I guess we’ll just wait for the repairman. Thanks for your help.”

“You’re welcome.”

The crackling stopped, and all Tom could hear was Angela’s breathing again, and it was very rapid now.

“Are you sure you tried all the buttons?”

Tom was puzzled, and he stared at Angela for a few moments before realizing what she asked him. “Yes, you watched me try all of them.”

“There’s one more you should try.”

Tom felt Angela’s hand on his arm again, pulling it down.

“Has anyone ever told you that when you’re waiting for the elevator, if you push the button, the elevator comes faster?”

Tom smirked. “I hate people who keep pressing the button when it’s already lit up. The elevator is already going to come.”

“But in this case,” purred Angela, “I’m already going to come.”

Suddenly Tom’s finger was inside her again. Angela moaned and pulled him closer. Their mouths met, and Tom felt his tongue being probed by Angela’s. Tom responded by pushing back against her tongue, and Angela moaned her appreciation. She grabbed his head, and Tom felt a sudden pain in his neck.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed as he broke the kiss.

“What is it?” Angela asked, a concerned look on her face.

“It’s my neck. It still hurts from when I fell down. Just be gentle, okay?”

Angela sympathetically started rubbing Tom’s neck. “Oh, sweetie! Sit down and let me massage it for you!”

Tom sat down slowly with his back against the wall, and Angela waited until he looked at her before she sat facing him on his lap. She started to massage his neck and shoulders while Tom closed his eyes and winced a few times.

“That feels really good,” Tom said after a few seconds. “Where did you learn to do this?”

“Mmmmm. I’m just doing what I thought you would like.”

Tom was unconsciously rubbing Angela’s waist as she massaged his neck, but then he decided to take off her top. Angela paused her massage to allow her top to come off, and Tom gasped when he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Do you always dress like this?” It suddenly occurred to Tom that all Angela had on were her skirt and high heels! It didn’t seem professional that she wasn’t wearing stockings, but Tom wasn’t about to complain.

Angela just grinned and kissed him again as he started squeezing her breasts. Tom felt a hand on his crotch again, and realized that Angela was undoing his belt. Before he knew it, Tom’s belt was off, his pants were unzipped, and Angela had reached in and pulled out his cock.

“Mmmmm” she said, as she began stroking the shaft up and down with both hands, still sitting on his lap. Tom was in heaven as he continued groping and fondling Angela’s ample breasts. He felt the breasts pull away from him and looked forlornly at Angela as canlı kaçak bahis she wiggled her way off his lap.

But then Angela brought her head forward, and Tom watched as the tip of his cock disappeared into Angela’s mouth. He felt her tongue flick against the cockhead while she was sucking, and Tom involuntarily jerked his hips so that he was even farther into her mouth. She hummed lightly as took the full length of Tom’s shaft into her mouth.

Tom was in heaven as he watched his dick disappear completely, and Angela flicked her eyes up to look into his as her head bobbed up and down on the shaft. Tom reached out to grab her head, and he ran his fingers through Angela’s smooth, red hair before forcing her head to move even faster.

Tom knew he was coming close because he had looked at the curves and smelled the fragrances of beautiful women the whole day. “I’m going to cum!” he gasped as Angela continued her work on his shaft. She was now using her hand to jack the bottom, as her saliva had lubricated the entirety of the member.

Angela took a moment to lift her head from Tom’s dick while continuing to jack him off. She smiled at him, and immediately put her mouth back to his shaft as she bobbed her head with ever increasing ferocity.

Tom couldn’t stand it any longer. “I’m cumming!”

He felt himself spurt over and over again into Angela’s mouth. He groaned as he watched her impale his whole cock in her mouth again. Angela’s red hair was looking slightly frazzled right now, and she brushed some of it out of her face as she continued to swallow his come.

Spent, Tom leaned back against the elevator wall. Angela gave one last slurp and quickly scooted onto Tom’s lap again. Tom tried to turn away as Angela moved in for another kiss, but she wouldn’t let him. Tom’s reluctance seemed to renew Angela’s intensity as she finally reached his mouth with her own, jamming a tongue covered in Tom’s cum into his mouth.

Tom tasted his cum and was at first repulsed, but too worn out from the blowjob, he stopped trying to fight what was going on and let Angela kiss him. He began to kiss back, his tongue dancing more and more furiously against hers. Tom couldn’t believe it, but he was starting to get hard again, even though his dick was sore.

Breathing heavily, Angela broke the kiss and lay down on her back, pulling her skirt up to reveal her bare pussy to Tom again. Tom couldn’t believe it, but he was already getting aroused again. Still breathing heavily, he moved his face to Angela’s slit, taking in her musky scent. Angela opened her thighs wide.

Tom moved his mouth along Angela’s pussy, gently lapping with his tongue as Angela moaned. He flicked his tongue in and out of Angela’s wet pussy as Angela’s hands moved down to rub her clit. Her hips started bucking involuntarily, and Tom moved his tongue up to Angela’s clit as she came heavily. Tom lapped up her juices eagerly, but Angela was pulling on his arms, almost begging him for an embrace.

Tom moved his lips up over Angela’s stomach and breasts, and gave her a gentle kiss as he groped her tits again. He suddenly realized that Angela’s legs had wrapped around his waist, pulling him tightly against her. Tom felt the head of his cock, hard again, brush against Angela’s soft pussy, and both of them ground hard against each other as they kissed, tongues intertwined.

Angela’s hand reached for Tom’s cock and guided it into her pussy. Tom felt his member slide in, and he gasped at how smooth and tight her hole was. After a few gentle, shallow thrusts, Tom was all the way in. He stared into Angela’s eyes as he squeezed her breasts and felt Angela’s pussy tightly wrapped around his whole shaft.

Tom moved his hips gently at first. Angela’s legs were pushing on his back and the tight embrace of her arms around his back only force him in deeper with each thrust. Tom fucked her with long, slow strokes, groping her with his hands and pushing completely inside her with his cock.

Both of their breathing became ragged, and Angela moaned as Tom fucked her harder and harder. Her tits jiggled and moved in circles in rhythm with Tom’s heavy strokes.

Suddenly, Tom pressed his chest to Angela’s tits and thrust his cock deep into her pussy as he forced himself onto his back and Angela on top of him. Angela raised her chest, her hair falling into Tom’s face. Tom groped and squeezed Angela’s breasts as she moved her hips, rocking back and forth with Tom’s cock still completely inside her.

Tom was close. “I’m going to cum soon!”

Angela pressed her hands on Tom’s chest and began bouncing on him with wild abandon. “Cum inside me baby!” Tom responded to each bounce with a thrust of his own, rising to meet Angela’s pussy. Tom’s hands were on Angela’s waist as they fucked faster and faster. Tom could stand it no longer, and he groaned as his dick spasmed, blasting his load deep inside Angela’s pussy. She was coming too, and Tom felt his dick in a vice grip as Angela moaned with each spurt from his cock.

When Tom was finally done, Angela collapsed onto him and kissed him deeply. He wrestled with her tongue and finally broke the kiss as Angela pulled his spent dick out of her, covered in both of their juices.



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