To San Francisco with Dulce and Ida.Dulce found the elastic of my panties. My heart did about three quick ballet poses, my hips and ass popped up. I prayed to the goddesses of love that she would just push them to my ankles. That always reminded me of my sexy dance with Miguel, when we danced naked with his big boner tight against my belly. My panties were in a bunch around my ankles. I didn’t take them off, I opened my legs and stretched them out. She couldn’t possibly know how erotic this act was for me. Her face was in my pussy. She opened my lips with her tongue as if we had been lovers for twenty years! Before I could construct a conscious thought, my fingers were intertwined in the dark hair at the back of her head. I didn’t want to pull her into me too hard or too fast. I kept trying not to act like a total slut, but when Dulce began loving me, I felt so completely slutty! That feeling wasn’t coming from my brain, it was coming from somewhere around my uterus. I don’t get that kind of buzz that often. it’s pretty fucking special. I only really get that way with women. Part of me (a large part) wanted her mouth and her tongue as tight to my cunt as I could make it. I wanted to see what my grandmother was going to do next, but Dulce began to get ALL my attention. I motioned to Ida to stop the movie for a few minutes so we could attend to business here in the living room. I laid on my back and spread my legs. Now Dulce got my panties off, held them to her face. “I love your pussy smell, Sylvia, maybe sometime you will pee all over me?” She put her mouth onto the right place, Ida got her panties off, threw her leg over me and straddled my face.I had been having sex with older women for a few years. No woman shaved her pussy in those days, and Ida was no exception. I have a thing for women with big butts and hairy, wet, fragrant cunts and Ida was all that and a tuna sandwich! I had taken a shower after we made love the first time, but Ida had not, and she was RIPE! Her sex smell was driving me nuts. Just to be fair, I like to suck cheesy cocks, too, at least when I’m already turned on. I was ready to taste Ida’s puss, Dulce already was doing mine, and as we got into it, Ida leaned forward until both women were pleasuring the same spots on my pussy at the same time, without bumping heads, either. I thought that maybe they had done this before. I loved what they were doing, the sexy feelings were coming up through me like bubbles in champagne, but I really wanted to get back to the film to see what Ruth was doing. As Ida said later; “You can take the girl out of Hollywood, but you can’t take the fucking Hollywood out of the girl.” Having both women pleasure me was great. I even came a few times. But all this was keeping me from seeing the movie! We were all wrapped naked around each other, sweating and puffing. This was the second set of “O’s” I’d gotten from Dulce today, and I had the feeling that she was just getting warmed up. Dulce had gotten off, too. Only Ida had missed out, but she was okay with that for the moment Ida found her pot. We smoked a little as we caught our collective breath. I kissed Dulce. “Oh, honey, you are so sweet. You did me just right. How did you know that was my spot?” Dulce just smiled and kissed me back. “I like to kiss your pussy, Sylvia. You are so tiny and sweet. I want to kiss you there while a dick goes in and out!” Her words, just her words, and her smile, got me so fucking wet! “Yeah, well if that situation comes up, you are going to be the first woman I talk to about it.” She was laughing “Ooooh baby, if that happens, you are going to be the first woman I talk to about it, too.’ “How come you don’t get my bottom, Sylvia. I really like that. I just come from shower, so I’m not all stinky..” “Well, it’s kind of personal. I love asses and assholes if they’re clean, Dulce. Don’t worry. If you give me another chance, I’ll get all your special spots.” Ida: “Do you guys want to see more of grandmother Ruth?” She turned to the projector back on. This is what I had been waiting for, though I was still surprised. Ruth was naked, on her hands and knees. There were couples fucking on both sides of her. She bakırköy escort had a cowboy in her mouth, and one in her pussy and another in her ass. She didn’t seem to be having much difficulty handling THREE guys at the same time. Ida: “Wow, look at that. She wasn’t making up stuff when she talked about sex. Here she is, doin’ it” I was enthralled. This was what I had come up to Berkeley to talk to Ida about; doing complicated stunts like this in my role as “Brenda, the eighth-grade nympho or however I presented myself. “That’s what I want to do, Ida, what Ruth is doing…” Ruth got all three partners to pop, right on time, on camera, and then she moved onto something else. “I want to get fucked like that, Ida, but I don’t know what I’m doing…” Ida looked hard at me. “Yeah, if you are going to try that, you’d better know what’s up, and your partners, too. I’ve done that, but never when I was getting paid for sex, and never in a crazy way either. It’s really easy to get hurt with two guys and their big dicks in you. When I get fucked that way, I always have partners who I know pretty well, who aren’t afraid of their cock touching another man’s cock, and who know how to be strong and gentle at the same time. My friends are coming over tomorrow. They know what to do because I taught them myself. When guys know how to do it, getting fucked, ass and pussy at the same time, two dicks moving in me, not to mention my can get pretty amazing, Sylvia. I’ve done that and Dulce has too. It’s a treat. I don’t do it all the time. I assume you are going to be here tomorrow night? I have to take the “Chicken coop de Ville” to San Francisco tomorrow. We will do our errand, pick these guys up and come back here. Does that sound good?” “Ida, can I ask a personal question?” “Sure, baby, fire away.” “Are these guys super big?” Ida laughed “No, no, no. Nope, Sylvia, I’m tiny in the puss like you. Super cocked guys are nice to see, but I don’t let guys like that in anymore..well, not most of the time, anyway. certainly not to get double fucked like Ruth was doing. Roger and Woody have average size dicks. They sure know what to do with ’em, though.” I really like boners when they are big and hard, but not too hard. I like it he has some bend and wobble in his cock when playing around with him, or even when I’m sucking his cock. I like it when I can push into the skin of his dick with my tongue a little. When he gets around to getting it in my ass or my pussy them I like better if he is bone hard.” Ida “What if his dick is in me and you are down there all involved with cock and my puss?” Let’s watch the rest of the movie and then I’m going to bed.” “Can I come with you?” “Now that we’ve gone this far, I broke the promise I made tto your better get your ass in my bed, that’s all I’ve got to say!” It was the next day, late afternoon. The three of us were in San Francisco Chinatown. “You know all those nice wooden crates I use for everything? The super solid ones?” Well, this is where they come from. These Chinese grocery guys get melons and other heavy stuff in them, and then they just toss them out by the curb. Best deal in town. Here’s the deal. I’m going to cruise down the hill real slow in “Chicken coop de Ville’ and you and Dulce run along the side of the car. If you see a good looking solid box, not broken or flimsy, throw it in the car. I’m looking for some solid boxes for some of my power tools…” I loved being with Ida. She was always doing stuff like this. We went down two steep hills that ended at Grant Avenue. Dulce and I were puffing and laughing. We collected eight or ten nice crates for Ida’s shop. ‘”Sylvia, I always thought you would turn out to be this tight-assed, stuck up little thing, but, honey, I was so wrong.” I was more that person than she thought, but not when I was with her! In the middle of late afternoon China town traffic and right in front of the 30 Stockton bus, she gave me a wet sloppy kiss, right on my lips. There might have been some tongue in there too, but it was so quick and then she was on to something else. ‘Let’s go over to Fell street and see if these boys are home. beşiktaş escort I’m a horny little beatnik girl just about now…’ We were going up hills and turning corners. “Do these guys like each other?” “What do you mean? Yeah, they’re friends, why??” “Are they uptight about touching dicks?” “You mean, each other’s dicks? ” Yeah” “Well, their dicks were rubbing together when they both were fucking Dulce and nobody seemed to mind.” “Do you think they blow and fuck each other?” “Well, an awful lot of guys in San Francisco do, Sylvia.” “My friend Judy and I had some bi friends, aand they fucked us and each other. They taught me a trick that I like. First, we get both of them all excited till they are about to pop..”” “How did you do that?” “Oh, we blew them or fucked them or something, I don’t remember, but I found some baby oil and rubbed it all over their dicks. I squeezed their dicks against each other, then I jacked them both off with one hand.”… “Where was your other hand?” “Maybe in my puss? I can’t remember. Anyhow Judy and I jacked them off like that till they popped, Both of them made little jizz geysers. They really came hard. First, one guy popped and his stuff was everywhere. Then I still had the dicks together but now we were covered in jizz and baby oil. I liked that. I thought it was really hot, I don’t know why.Then the second guy got his nut, and more sperm was flying around. Judy and I went down on their cocks and made a big production number out of getting every drop, though we fed some to the boys, too, just to keep things nice and pervy.” Sylvia laughed. ” It was really fun, but it would only work if these guys are not too…you know…” “You want to do that?’ “Yeah, I like to do stuff like that. It’s kind of kinky, I guess, but almost everything I like to do is kind of pervy, really..” “Well, these guys aren’t gay, but they like to fool around. It sounds hot, Sylvia. It sounds fucking hot. Dulce, what do you think. ?” “I never have done that, but I would, Ida, as long as the guys were having a good time.Just for me, I like to see guys cum a lot and eat it up, too.” “Okay, now we’re here. I’ve gotta find a place to park around here…Dulce! I’m never going to find a place to park here. I’m going to get out and go inside and get them. Circle the block, okay? Don’t miss the turn and get on the fucking Bay Bridge like you did last time.” Dulce didn’t know much about driving, and especially the three-speed transmission with a big stick on the floor that Ida’s car had, but she was a gamer. Still, she almost got us on the bridge, again, but I yelled at her “No, no turn left! TURN LEFT! ” and we tried to go around the block, but, of course, that part of San Francisco has a lot of one-way streets and steep hills. Dulce was worried about being stuck at a red light on a hill and not being able to keep Chicken Coop de Ville from rolling backward down the hill. She solved that problem by ignoring every stop sign and traffic signal, running every light until we were back on Fell again, one way, headed downhill. She wasn’t too upset. Traffic and not knowing how to drive did not faze her. “In Bangkok, it’s like this all the time, but not so many of the fucking hills. Don’t worry…” I wasn’t worried, because I knew she was going to kill both of us. Ida and two guys were wafting by the curb. Dulce braked suddenly, and we were nearly rear ended by a big bread truck. Ida: “Set the brake, hon, set the hand brake. You did a great job. Slide over….” The little wagon only had two doors. It was already full of wooden crates from Chinatown, but somehow these two guys got in there, too. One guy introduced himself as “Woody” He was bald, about thirty, short, with a stocky build, His pal Roger was tall and thin. He had a polio crutch, at least that’s what I call it, and needed some help getting in.It looked as if he and Woody had done this a lot, and though it might seem clumsy, it wasn’t at all. I always watch how men use their bodies. that is a cue for me about how sex with them might be, and I liked the way both of them moved, especially Roger with his crutch and a bad leg. Ida stopped at the co-op beylikdüzü escort on University Avenue, and we all piled out of her wagon like clowns tumbling out of their car under the big top. Roger talked to me about music while we were walking around. It had been a while since I had been with any man except big Al, and I felt kind of giddy about it. Roger was the kind of man I like to talk to and touch him while we talk, just little touches here and there. When I get like that with a guy the first time we meet, I might as well just slip my panties off and give them to him, ’cause I know those things are comin’ off anyway. Some men can read that signal right away. I wasn’t sure if he could, but I didn’t care. He didn’t try to grab my ass or my boobs in the supermarket aisle, and he didn’t say anything stupid either. He talked to me about going to the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Rigoletto” and how much he loved it. If you’ve gotten to know me at all in this story, that is like handing me a box of chocolate-covered aphrodisiacs! I knew it would come up, so I didn’t wait: “What happened to your leg?””Oh, polio was really bad when I was a k** in Kentucky. We were out in the sticks and there weren’t too many doctors or hospitals or public health people around and nobody knew what to do about polio anyway, except close all the swimming pools in the summertime. I was lucky, really. It messed up my leg, but other than that I’m okay, but it killed k**s I knew, Sylvia. It was really bad. My dad wanted me to play football (laughing), with my bum leg, that wasn’t gonna happen, but he was still kind of pissed at me’ cause, you know, to play football you have to wear those football pants that stop at the knees, and there I would be with one good leg and one weird one.’ We were both laughing then. “So I taught myself to dance. It’s kind of like riding a bicycle, Sylvia. If you stop moving on a bike, you fall over. but once you get going, you can ride across the country on two wheels. Well, I can really dance on one wheel. I only need this crutch when I’m walking down the street or here in the supermarket.” ‘I had never met anyone like him. “Yeah, I taught myself how to juggle, too, so I bounce around to the music, sometimes I pick things up and juggle them.” We passed by the citrus, Roger picked up four lemons. “Here hold this” handing me the crutch. He did a turn with incredible grace on one leg, and when he turned again. he was bouncing on his foot and juggling a cascade of four lemons. I didn’t know what this guy could do with sex, but I was completely taken, right then, right there. I didn’t want to ask him if his dick and balls worked, looking at the way he moved, I was quite sure I would have a nice surprise in a little while. Roger, what do you do?” “well I have a job with PG&E, an office job, and that pays the bills, but what my partner and I really do is k**’s birthday parties. For some reason, k**s love this guy who bounces around on one leg like a pogo stick, juggles, makes faces and tells jokes and does some songs, Don and I steal some Abbot and Costello and Laurel and Hardy gags, which of course, they stole from somewhere…it probably goes back to Sophocles..Oh, yeah, I fall down a lot, too. but I’m really good at that. I can fall on my ass and juggle four balls and not lose one’ Sylvia thought: “Cool” Sylvia: “Can I ask you? Are you homosexual?” “Well, that’s a good one. I think some people have a little of both in their personalities. I do. Woody does. We don’t have sex very often with each other, but we do sometimes. I don’t have sex with any other men, I’m more attracted to women, but Woody and I share a bed. “And?” We see each other’s bodies all the time, you know, our boners, our beating off, and that’s great with me. “Are you going to spend the night at Ida’s?” “Well, I hope so. It would be a shame for her to have to drive us all the way across the bridge to go home…Do you want me to stay?” I looked him in the eye “Yeah, Woody, I would love that.” Woody made a clown face of being surprised and fell to the floor. In less than ten seconds, he was on his leg again. People shopping at the University Avenue co-op that day didn’t know what to do, but when they saw Woody’s beaming stage smile, they decided that help did not need to be summoned. “I’m like fucking Davy Crockett” he laughed, “I just grin ’em down!” At that moment, there was nobody I wanted to be filling my ass and my puss more than this crazy guy!”



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