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To Be Thoroughly Fucked By Your Man (Nordic_Dom)Original Post: you lie, in your bed. All wet and all sweaty. You can feel his cum still inside of you. After he pulled out, he thoughtfully put a plug up your now satiated pussy. You do not have to worry about leaking. It feels good to be plugged. You can just lay back, stare at the ceiling, and savor the sensation of his potent sperm trying to impregnate you. You close your eyes and imagine yourself having a real womb. A place for a c***d to grow. You love that feeling on being thoroughly bred. Not like a wife being made love to by her husband, but rather you’re like some broodmare being fully dominated by her stud. He is in every way your physical superior. Your mental superior. Your master. You love the way he humiliates you with such loving care. It makes you feel special.You can hear the sounds of him taking a shower. You know that he doesn’t want you to get out of the bed. He might even have bound your weak wrists to the bed frame. Oh, it is fun with a little bit of BDSM, especially when it reminds you that you can’t ever leave his strong embrace. His strong grip. You show him everything. Your tiny little body. Your complete lack of virility. Your effeminate softness. Your total and unquestionable inferiority as a man. It never fails to get you wet and horny thinking about your petite self next to his hunky body. It gets you all aroused to imagine yourself being so entirely insignificant next to him. Like a little pebble next to a massive mountain. You could crush you if he wanted to. He’s so strong, and you’re so pathetically weak. But that is how you like it. You like it when he manhandles you.You gaze down. You take a look at your feminized figure. All hairless and with two little budding bumps on your chest. Your nipples have gotten all puffy and big, like they’re looking for a hungry infant’s mouth to suck on them. Motherhood would suit you. You see that flaccid excuse for a ‘cock’ between your legs. It’s been leaking and crying all night as he rammed you, but your clear and impotent cum serves no purpose other than to be used as lubrication. Your man smacked your little soft ‘clit’ with his rock-hard cock earlier, and it got you illegal bahis feeling so horny that it actually made you squirt. You could feel your pussy getting hungry, it was practically salivating, and at that moment you felt like you were nothing more than just some hole about to get fucked. But that was all you wanted to be, at that moment.You feel like you have more in common with women than men when you describe your sexual experiences. Whenever you’ve heard a woman try to explain what it feels like to have her clitoris stimulated, or what it is like to have a vaginal orgasm, you feel like as if you can easily relate. You feel a strong kinship with women. You would like nothing more than having a close female friend you could talk to, and tell her all about your man’s beautiful cock and how good he makes you feel. You want everyone to know that your mind and your body is thoroughly female, and that is how the world should respond to you.It has been several years since you stopped masturbating the way a boy would. At the time you may not have exactly realised how far you’d go with feminizing yourself, as you only did it because you were bored and you wanted to experiment. You wear panties now all the time. You like the feeling of being tucked. You tuck away your little secret so neatly that it almost looks like you’ve got a camel toe. It certainly doesn’t look like you’ve got a cock. At the very least, you’ve got a little bulge, and that could at most be thought of as a slightly swollen clitoris. You’ve been to the beach wearing a one-piece swimsuit, and not even once did anyone get the impression that you might actually be a queer crossdresser. They all just thought you were a woman, albeit one with a little bit of a husky voice.When you are feeling all frisky and hot, you place your hand on the top of your panties, and with only one or two fingers, you make circling motions over your hidden member. With your other hand you either touch your growing tits and your sensitive nipples, or you grab a dildo and start sucking on it. If you ever get even the slightest bit erect doing this, you stop rubbing yourself, then wait for yourself to get limp again, then you resume the stroking. This way of masturbating has effectively ensured you can no longer get fully erect. At most you get just get a pathetic semi, like illegal bahis siteleri as if your little cock is signalling that although you are horny, you are not a man enough to get fully erect. You can’t ever ‘top’ ever again. Your role is to lie back, and let a real man fuck you.But you like the idea of having a ruined penis. Part of you knows you should be worried about how impotent you’ve become, but an even bigger part of you finds the idea exciting. You like the idea of never ever being able to penetrate a woman. You’re not pussy-free because you’ve willingly decided to stop sleeping with women. You are pussy-free because there is no way you could ever satisfy a pussy. Perhaps with your tongue, but certainly not with your broken dick. She would feel absolutely nothing if you tried to stick it in her. It would just feel like you’re prodding her with a feather. There’s no power there, no thrust. Just a limp little ‘clitty’ trying fruitlessly to compare to a real man’s cock. I think, if you’re ever going to be intimate with a woman again, you should let her fuck you with a strap-on. You’d enjoy that much more than trying to perform the role of a man.Oh, the sight of you lying on the bed with your legs up in the air as your man fucks you. The way your soft womanly curves jiggles with every thrust, and the way you can’t help but moan louder and louder as you are getting the dicking you need to stay satisfied and happy in life. The way those little droplets of infertile cum leaks from your clit, completely reinforcing the idea that you are, at your core, entirely lacking of any kind of male virility. There’s no potency there, no masculine strength. You’ve surrendered all that, because you want him to be the masculine force in your life. You don’t need to be a man, when you are getting your absolute fill of manhood from him. You lust after him. You’ve got a woman’s sexual needs and desires, and he is so good at scratching that itch inside of you. He hits your g-spot, and you feel waves of divine pleasure take over your body. You are delirious, but in that profound and pleasurable way that feels like you’re in heaven. How you adore him.You share eye contact, you bite your lips and you know he’s gonna get rough. He’s gonna fuck you hard, and you want him to truly ram you, like you’re two wild b**sts furiously canlı bahis siteleri mating. You want to feel the full force of his manhood inside of you. You want to keep leaking his cum for days. You want to be so thoroughly used that there’ll be no going back. This is what you’ve always wanted. This is where you were always meant to be.It just makes you feel so desired and wanted when he puts his seed inside of you. That moment, when he cums, and he stands still and just lets all of his cum be deposited inside of your pussy, it just makes you feel truly like a woman. It’s like the calm after a storm. The clarity you feel at that moment, as he slowly pulls out, just makes you feel so special. It’s like you’ve been charged. You need his cum to survive. Only he can offer you such vital energy. Such power. Without him, you would surely wither like a neglected flower.You hug him tightly and you smile. You love seeing how flustered he gets in these moments. You like to be reminded just of how much he too enjoyed this. You do not know what it is like for a man to orgasm. You’ve never experienced sexual climax as a real man. But you have to assume it feels good to him. That is why he keeps you around. He’ll never abandon you. He’ll never treat you like trash. You’re his special lady, his firstmost love. Even when you don’t orgasm yourself, you like it when he does. A woman’s orgasm is harder to attain than a man’s orgasm. Sometimes he may cum before you are ready, and it may leave you somewhat disappointed, but you’ll never stop wanting him. Just knowing you could offer him something that he enjoys is enough for you. And he is still the best lover you could ever hope for.You fall asleep with your head on his chest. He lies on his back, but you lie on your side hugging him. You can feel his heartbeats, and the warmth of his skin. Like many women, you always feel cold. You always feel like you want to put on a warm sweater or wrap yourself with a blanket. He, on the other hand, feels hot like a furnace. Like he’s got some real fire burning underneath his strong chest. He feels like a stallion, and you can’t help but feel excited by the thought of having him to protect you and keep you safe. You rub your legs, your thighs together, and you feel some of his cum drip out of your pussy. It is okay. You’ll take a shower tomorrow. You may not ordinarily be able to sleep this well when you are dirty and sweaty, but after having been fucked you are more at peace than ever. This is where you are supposed to be. This is when you feel the most like the natural woman that you are.



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