Timestop Day 4Day 4 – SaturdayThe sound of the front door slamming woke Warren up. He looked over at his alarm clock. It was 6:43 A.M. – on a Saturday. Why was he awake? His mom never came home this early after her nights out.Warren jerked his head towards his door as he heard the sound of the toilet from the bathroom he shares with his sister flushing.Then the night before suddenly rushed back into his mind, and what he had set up between Joe and his sister. The sound of the door slamming must have been Joe leaving, not his mother getting home. He smiled as he thought about the night before, and smiled more as he thought about jerking off on his sister in the middle of the night. An idea entering his mind, Warren cringed and forced angry thoughts into his mind, setting off the sting in his forehead that stopped time.Warren got out of bed and pulled off his boxers, the only article of clothing he slept in. Assuming his sister was going to go back to her room and go to sleep, Warren walked out of his room, closing his door behind him, and headed for his sister’s room. However, he only made it as far as the bathroom door before he stopped short.Julie had opened the bathroom door halfway, clearly on her way out. Warren had half-expected her to be in the bathroom still, so that didn’t surprise him. What surprised Warren was that his sister was still completely naked. He figured she must still be completely out of it to have decided to walk to the bathroom naked, risking Warren actually seeing her. He couldn’t imagine her doing that normally.But Warren’s mind soon got distracted from those thoughts as his eyes drifted down his sister’s naked body. He was briefly entranced by her sizable breasts. Her right breast was lifted just slightly towards her side as she pulled the door open behind her. Her left breast stood out perfectly from her body, with not the slightest hint of sag. The difference in positions between her breasts fascinated Warren, as all the other breasts he had seen had been in symmetrical positions. Beyond just the position of the breasts, Warren had trouble pulling his eyes away from the long dark nipples extending out atop each breast. He would swear they were harder than they had been when he had seen them the night before, the nipple itself now almost half an inch in diameter and sticking out easily three-quarters of an inch. Around each nipple was a small but dark areola, extending barely half an inch from her protruding nipples and covered in tiny bumps.Unable to resist, Warren reached a finger out and gently traced circles around one of her areola, lightly moaning as he did so. After tracing a few circles around it, he let his finger trace down the upper end of her hard nipple, gently rubbing the tip, and then back down the bottom. He then dragged his finger lightly along his sister’s chest, tracing a line from the nipple he had been working on, down the cleft between her breasts, up the opposite breast, and worked his ministrations on her other nipple.When he finished with that nipple, Warren dragged his finger towards the center of his sister’s body, down her flat stomach, briefly sticking his finger into Julie’s bellybutton, and finally down her freshly shaven pussy mound until his finger reached her slit. He could tell from the smoothness of her pubic area that Julie must have shaved during her shower before Joe came over the night before. Practically ignoring that though, Warren closed his eyes as he pushed his finger into his sister’s slit, feeling her inner folds. He immediately brushed her clit, and couldn’t help but run his finger back and forth over it. Then he slowly worked his finger down farther, feeling the entrance to her hole.Warren suddenly opened his eyes and jerked his finger back. What was he doing? This was his bitch sister! He had no problem torturing his sister, or getting off at her expense. But what he was doing right there was getting horny and feeling her up for no other purpose than his own pleasure.Looking up and down her body, Warren tried to justify his actions. His sister was hot. Incredibly hot. She may be a total bitch, but that doesn’t change her sexy body. Her body was actually similar to Warren’s favorite types of bodies from the porn he looked at on the web – thin but not too skinny, pretty face, large but not freakishly large boobs with small dark nipples that stuck out a lot, a shaved pussy with lips hiding the inner folds. Julie practically had his ideal female body.This realization just made Warren more angry. His bitch sister, who he had hated almost his entire life, practically the one girl he could never have, was his dream eye candy. Suddenly wanting to move on and torture his sister more, Warren turned and walked towards his sister’s room, hiding in her closet with the door slightly open, then started time.It wasn’t long before Julie walked in. He watched as she walked slowly and awkwardly over to her bed. She was walking with her ass clenched, her crotch thrust the slightest bit forward, and her knees angled a little bit outwards. A couple times, she must have stepped in a weird painful manner as her back would jerk up straight and she stopped moving, causing her boobs to bounce a little. Warren wondered briefly how much her ass hurt from the night before, but didn’t spend much time on it, feeling no pity whatsoever towards his sister.When his sister finally made it to her bed, she laid back against the headboard of her bed with her back on the pillow, brought her knees up in the air, then let them spread to either side of her, her feet staying together. She simply laid there for several moments, staring at the ceiling, her crotch spread almost as much as it could with her legs in the position they were in.Then Julie announced to herself, “God I need to get off.”Warren watched in awe as his sister brought one hand to a boob and her other dropped between her legs. She began pinching and twisting her nipple as her other hand rubbed circles around her open pussy. Soon Julie closed her eyes and her hands sped up.It was Julie’s first moan that knocked Warren out of the trance he had fallen into watching his sister masturbate. He immediately stopped time, then shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He left the closet and approached his sister, frozen in the midst of her masturbation.Planning to jerk off onto his sister’s face again, Warren climbed up on the bed, standing over his sister, and aimed his hard dick down at Julie’s face. Looking at her face though, Warren remembered last night with his sister, when she thought she imagined Warren jerking off onto her face, and then afterwards said, “What the fuck is wrong with me?”A new idea came to Warren’s mind which he thought would torture his sister even more.He climbed off the bed and stood at the side, looking at Julie’s face. Smiling, he carefully reached down and lightly pulled her eye lids open. Warren looked at the directions her eyes were in. She seemed to be looking straight forward and down a bit. Warren laughed, thinking that was just about perfect. He then walked to the foot of the bed and started lightly jerking his dick.Then he set off the sting inside his forehead.There were a few moments of confusion as Julie initially continued rubbing her pussy and twisting her nipple as she stared ahead of her at her brother smiling and masturbating standing at the foot of her bed.Then Julie’s body jerked up and her hands shot out towards the sides of her bed.Warren had stopped time before her hands had reached the bed beside her. He moved back into her closet and started time again.Julie quickly winced, one hand dropping behind her towards her ass. That wince lasted only a couple of seconds as she swung her head to look around her room. This lasted nearly half a minute before she pulled her hands up to her face, slowly running them forcefully up her face and back through her hair.Through her arms, Warren heard her mumble, “Christ! Why would I think of that?”Lowering her arms, Julie shook her head and laid back, returning her hand between her legs, but keeping her eyes open.The instant her hand started moving, Warren stopped time again, resumed his position jerking off at the foot of her bed, and started time again.Julie immediately stopped moving her hand, and Warren likewise stopped time. Before hiding in the closet though, he leaned forward and rubbed Julie’s clit a few times, hoping to get her to feel turned on, thinking she’s getting turned on thinking of him. Once in the closet he started time up. Then Julie would start moving her hand, and he would stop time, come out, jerk off, and start time. Then she’d stop, and he’d stop time, rub her clit and hide in the closet.This happened four or five times, with Julie’s face getting more red and her pussy getting more wet each time.Finally, Julie just didn’t stop rubbing her pussy. For nearly half a minute, she just stared at her brother masturbating while she did likewise. She was, however, rubbing herself very slowly, and Warren did likewise trying to match her pace. After that half minute or so, Julie suddenly announced, “Go away.”She didn’t scream it. Rather, she said it as if she was talking to herself. But she continued rubbing herself.“I don’t want to see this.”But she kept staring ahead, as if willing the vision ahead of her away, not stopping her hands movements on her pussy.Then, with no warning, Julie grabbed a pillow with her free hand and threw it at Warren. Warren stopped time just as one corner of the pillow hit his chest. He stood there for a moment, trying to figure out the best way around this. Eventually he decided to step into the closet, stop and start time momentarily, then resume his position with the pillow now in the air behind him, hopefully giving the effect of it having gone right through him.Julie stared forward and shook her head, her hand not stopping on her pussy. For a few seconds, she simply stared forward. Then she closed her eyes.Having expected this much sooner, Warren was ready and immediately stopped time as Julie shut her eyes. He walked over, pulled her eyelids open again, and resumed his position jacking off at the foot of her bed, starting up time.Julie’s eyes went wide, whether because he had pulled them open too far or because she was surprised she couldn’t keep her eyes closed, Warren didn’t know. However, she tried closing her eyes a few more times, but always to the same result.After the last attempt, his sister announced almost pleadingly, “Damn it, I need to get off!” She continued rubbing her pussy at the slow rate she had been as she said this, not taking her eyes off what she no doubt thought was either a dream or an hallucination of her brother.Then, with no warning, she announced, “Fine!”Upon saying that, her hand at her pussy sped up drastically and her other hand finally returned to her chest. They seemed to be working at double time, as if trying to get off as fast as possible. But the whole time, Julie didn’t take her eyes off of Warren. Matching her new speed, Warren sped up his hand on his dick.Barely a minute had passed before Julie started moaning, quickly approaching her orgasm. At the speed he was going, Warren was quickly approaching his as well. In fact, he soon felt his body begin to tense as he was moments from cumming.“No!”The yell had erupted from his sister, and the suddenness of it caused Warren to stop time. Before he could figure out what was going on, Warren came, spurt after spurt of cum shooting into the air, but stopping mid-flight before landing on his sister or her bed, instead simply floating above her.When he was done, Warren finally opened his eyes to see what had happened. Taking in the scene, he wasn’t sure what had happened. Ignoring his cum floating above her, Warren saw that his sister had stopped masturbating, both arms in the air above her head, as if she was being arrested. Her mouth was open, having not finished saying “no” before he had stopped time.Warren had no idea what had happened. But he was really pissed that he had cum before she did. He went to the bathroom to get tissues and carefully scooped his cum out of the air into it, bringing the end result back to his room and throwing it out. Then he returned to Julie’s room, immensely curious, and hid in her closet as he set off the sting in his forehead to start time.“I can’t do it!” His sister’s response had been immediate, continuing to hold her hands above her. Her face looked racked with inner pain.For some time, Julie stayed in this position. However, while she was like this, Warren could see her occasionally shift her hips, as if trying to either rub against something or hold something in. This led Warren to wonder just how close Julie was to getting off when she stopped.Finally, Julie dropped her hands to her sides. She slid down her bed until her head was on the pillow, her knees both bent back up into the air. After some careful maneuvering, she pulled the sheets she was on top of over her. She then rolled to the side, her knees still bent, much as she had done the night before. Warren saw her mouth moving and could hear some mumbling, but couldn’t make it out. Stopping time, he opened the closet and laid down just at the bottom of the side of the bed Julie was facing, totally out of her sight but easily within audible range. As he started time, he heard Julie chanting to herself, “–get off to my brother, I can’t get off to my brother, I can’t get off to my brother, I can’t get off–”Warren stopped time again and stood up. He could see the mental anguish his sister was experiencing all over her face. He couldn’t help but laugh as he stood up. When he first left his room that morning, he had just planned on jerking off on his sister’s face again. When he caught her masturbating, he had changed that plan to try and get his sister to get off while thinking of him. Instead, what ended up happening was that she stopped very close to her climax, and now refused to masturbate because of him. That was probably better than what he had planned! That must torture her even more! And he still got to cum over his sister’s naked body, even if his cum didn’t get to land on her.Satisfied, Warren walked back to his room, started time, and went back to sleep with a big smile on his face.The sound of the front door closing woke Warren up. Again. He looked over at his alarm clock. 1:12. That was definitely his mother getting home. He was shocked he had slept through that much of the day. Apparently his sessions with his sister in the middle of the night and then again that morning had taken a lot out of him. He still felt exhausted, lying in his bed having just woken up in the middle of the day.As he continued to lie there, he heard his mom come up the stairs, into her room, close her door, and start her shower. Deciding he had built up enough energy, Warren got up and headed downstairs. He went to the kitchen and ate a quick breakfast before heading into the living room to watch TV. Julie was already there lying on the couch and watching some chick flick. She turned as she heard him walk into the room, but quickly jerked her head back towards the TV.“Hey,” Warren said, walking over to the recliner.“Hey,” his sister muttered back.Warren couldn’t help but smile. Normally Julie would’ve bitched at him as he entered the room, said something about not getting to change the channel or insult him or basically anything else that wasn’t nice. But now she was forcefully ignoring him. He could definitely get used to this!Deciding not to push his luck, Warren didn’t ask to change the channel. He simply joined in watching the chick flick. However, he did chance the occasional glimpse over at his sister. She was wearing a loose pair of short shorts and an over-sized T-shirt – her usual sleepwear. Two things immediately stood out to him though. Well, three. Two were her hard nipples clearly poking through her shirt, obviously showing she wasn’t wearing a bra. The third was that she still had her knees bent and to the side. Apparently her ass still hurt.Warren began wondering about his sister’s nipples. He couldn’t remember ever seeing them hard before, but the past couple days they seemed to be hard whenever he looked. Then again, he had never really looked at his sister in a sexual light before. Maybe her nipples had often poked out and he had just not noticed. Or maybe she was just really horny the past couple days. He didn’t know.The movie ended soon and another one started up soon after. It was some political thriller, but much to Warren’s surprise, Julie didn’t change the channel, she just stared forward at the TV as if it was the only thing in the world.A short time later, their mom came down and joined them in the living room. It was still the early afternoon, but she came down wearing gym shorts that went down nearly to her knees and an over-sized T-shirt – her normal sleepwear. It wasn’t unheard of for his mother to dress like this mid-day, but it was pretty unusual. She sat down at the opposite end of the couch that Julie was on, just barely having enough room beyond Julie’s feet.“Not doing anything today, mom?”She turned to look at Warren as he asked the question. “No, honey, just think I need a day off. Watch some TV, read some books, just relax.”As she finished speaking, Warren stopped time. He stripped off his clothes, sat back in the recliner, started and stopped time, got dressed, and started time again.“Cool,” Warren responded, turning back to the TV, but keeping a watch on his mom out of the corner of his eyes. His mother blinked her eyes at him a few seconds, her eyes seemingly aimed at his crotch, at least to the best he could tell without looking over at her. Then she also turned back to the TV, acting like nothing had happened.Warren smiled. He had no reason to mess with his mother that time. She had done absolutely nothing to bother him. He just couldn’t resist. It was too fun!About a half hour later, Warren heard his cell phone ring from upstairs. “Shit,” he announced, jumping up and running towards the stairs, mad he had left his cell phone up there. He usually carried it around with him.The call was from Pat. He wanted to figure out what was going on for Jake’s party that night. Warren had completely forgotten about the party, and was really glad Pat had called. Pat sounded nervous as hell, but wasn’t trying to talk his way out of it. Warren spent some time calming him down, telling him to not worry about it, to just treat it like when them and their friends got together, that it wasn’t a big deal. He also made plans for Pat’s brother to pick up all the guys from their houses around 9:00 and drive them to the party, and also agreed to pick them up whenever they called, no matter how late it was. At the end of their conversation, they agreed to call the other two. Pat told Warren to call Frank, as he apparently didn’t want to go to the party, while Pat would call Bob, who seemed really excited about it. Warren got off the phone and called Frank. Frank openly admitted he didn’t want to go, but agreed that he would as he didn’t want to be the downer and be the only guy of their group that didn’t go. As Warren started explaining the details of how they were getting there and when they were being picked up, he heard the shower start up. He rushed through the last of the details with Frank, hung up, and cringed in anger, setting off that familiar sting just inside his forehead.Warren walked straight to the bathroom. He found his sister naked standing outside the shower, her hand in the stream of the shower, checking the temperature of the water. Realizing he had gotten there too soon, Warren stepped just outside the bathroom, leaving the door the tiniest bit open so he could hear inside.Starting time, he soon heard the rings of the shower curtain drag along the rod as Julie closed it. He waited a few seconds, then stopped time again. Opening the shower curtain, Warren found his sister standing at the back of the tub, her knees slightly bent out, one hand spreading her pussy lips. She had apparently just started peeing, as there was a frozen barely yellow stream coming out of her, but it had not quite reached the floor. Closing the curtain as he had done the day before with just his head inside, Warren started time again.Things went almost the exact same as they had the day before. Shortly after time started up, Julie brought a couple of fingers down into her piss stream. Leaving them there for a few seconds, she brought them up to her face and sucked on them, though Warren couldn’t see that from behind her. Then she bent over and brought her hand down and splashed her pee up onto her body. As her pee stream finished, she stepped forward into the spray of the shower and started to turn around.Warren stopped time as his sister began to turn to face him. He was still amazed at what he was now guessing was his sister’s daily ritual at the beginning of her showers, but not as shocked as he had been the day before. However, Warren tried to let that slip his mind, as that was not why he had come to the shower in the first place.Letting go of the curtain, Warren moved to the other side of the shower, the side his sister now had her back to, and peaked in, holding the curtain closed around his head. Then he started time.For what seemed like a few minutes, Julie just stood in the shower. Occasionally she would dip her head back into the spray of the shower, or would run her hands through her hair or down her sides, but mostly she just stood still.She finally broke that pattern by bending over forwards. She bent so that her entire upper half was upside down and she was looking backwards between her legs, her hands around her ankles. Warren had to stop time so as to not get caught. Before moving, Warren took advantage of the view his sister was giving him, her ass cheeks spread as she was bent over, her red asshole slightly open and her puffy pussy lips slightly colored and squeezed together through her legs. He was surprised that her asshole was more red than pink, like he had seen in most porn, but didn’t think much of it.Moving to the other side of the shower again so as to not get caught, Warren held the shower curtain closed against his face and started time. As Warren watched, Julie inched her feet forward slowly until she got right where she wanted.“Oh god, that feels good!”Julie then reached her hands up to her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. It was as she did this that Warren realized what she was doing. She had positioned herself so that the majority of the shower stream focused on her asshole, the hot water running over her cheeks and asshole, apparently soothing the pain she still felt. It then hit Warren that maybe her asshole was red from being fucked the night before, and that wasn’t its natural color. As she continued to stand in this position in the shower, she started talking to herself.“I never should have let him put it back in my ass.” Pause. “Why couldn’t I suck it up and just suck him off?” Pause. “I shouldn’t’ve even let him cum, just thrown him out.”She stood like this for several minutes, occasionally talking to herself and running her hands over her ass cheeks. In fact, Warren had stopped time at one point and peeked around the other side of the curtain, risking getting caught although his sister’s eyes were closed, while she traced a single finger around her asshole, gasping when she touched what were obviously either more sensitive or sore spots. She even pushed her finger in up to the first knuckle and twisted her finger, gently pushing out at the sides in all directions.Eventually Julie stood up. Warren still behind her, saw his sister quickly look to each side, as if to check if someone was watching her, though she didn’t look behind her. He then smiled as he watched Julie raise both her hands to her chest. He heard her gasp as he guessed she started playing with her nipples. She was at this for less than a minute before he saw one hand work its way down between her legs.Warren stopped time.He went around to the other side of the tub. Sure enough, his sister had two fingers pressed directly into her clit, her eyes closed. This was what Warren was hoping for! He knew he masturbated in the shower all the time, which gave him the idea that his sister might also, judging by how desperate she had been to get off when she had stopped that morning. He was hoping she had not gotten off during the time he had been asleep. He had no way of knowing whether she did or not, but was guessing if she was getting herself off now, she probably had not, unless she regularly got herself off in the shower – which was a distinctive possibility.Not wanting her to get off without being tortured by the thought of him, Warren took off his clothes. First, he opened her eyes, followed by gently moving Julie’s fingers aside and rubbing her clit quickly for a bit, hoping this would give her an extra boost of sexual energy when she saw him. After replacing her fingers, he climbed up so that he was leaning against the wall his sister was facing, one foot on either side of the tub, making his dick roughly level with Julie’s boobs. He was already nearly hard from the show he had received from his sister, not to mention diddling her clit, but he jerked off some more until he felt he was as hard as he was going to get.Then he started time.The only noticeable response from Julie seeing her brother jerking off less than two feet in front of her was that her eyes went wide, her forehead wrinkled, and her eyebrows sloped down to the side. She looked incredibly depressed and disappointed that she was again seeing her naked brother jerking off as she masturbated, but nonetheless she didn’t stop, her one hand still pinching at her nipple, the other rubbing her pussy. Her eyes didn’t even look away, instead glancing back and forth from looking up at Warren’s face to slightly down at his dick.Warren felt himself laugh internally, but worked hard to maintain his composure, simply smiling and saying nothing as he jacked off.This went on for a couple minutes as Julie’s hands slowly sped up on herself. Likewise, Warren sped up his own hand. Then, without warning, Julie quietly yelled out, “No! No! No!” She then took the hand from her chest and slammed it palm first forward and towards Warren’s lower stomach.Warren, terrified, stopped time as soon as he saw her hand shoot forwards. When he looked down after opening his eyes from the cringe, her hand was less than an inch away from his body. However, when he looked at Julie, her other hand was still on her pussy. He wasn’t sure if she was rubbing it or had stopped moving while she slammed her hand forward, but it was definitely still there. Warren stepped out of the shower, started time just long enough to hear Julie’s hand slam into the wall, then stopped it again. As he looked into the shower, her hand was slightly pulled back, but still in the way of where he had been standing. He bent her arm slightly back towards her, leaving just enough room for him to retake his position without her touching him. Then he restarted time.“Shit,” Julie exclaimed, closing her eyes and bringing her hand to her mouth and sucking on her palm which had slammed into the wall. Impressively though, her other hand stayed pressed against her clit, though not moving. As Julie continued to suck on her hand with her eyes closed though, she began rubbing her cunt again. Likewise, Warren began stroking his dick.Almost as soon as he had started, Julie opened her eyes.“Fuck!”Both her hands dropped to her side as she cursed. Warren quickly stopped time, got out of the tub, and walked around to peek in from the other side before starting time up again.He watched from behind as his sister made a fist and slammed it into her leg.“Why can’t I stop thinking of him? Why can’t I get off?”She simply stood there for a few moments before muttering out, “Fuck,” again and reaching forward for her shampoo.Thinking his work was done, Warren stopped time, got dressed, and went back to his room before starting time up again. He smiled, thinking about how much he was messing with his sister. Part of him was surprised that he didn’t feel bad at all about what he had done. Another part however wasn’t surprised, as she had tortured him for years, and what he had done really wasn’t that bad, save maybe for making Joe fuck her ass.Happy with himself, Warren walked back downstairs.As he walked back into the living room, Warren’s mom turned to ask, “Who was that?”Warren was confused for a second, then remembered rushing up for his phone earlier, though that was now nearly forty minutes earlier. He was about to answer when he walked by the end of the couch his mom was sitting at, her legs now curled up to the side next to her as she leaned a bit over the edge.Unable to resist, Warren stopped time. His mom’s face was less than a foot away from his crotch the way he was standing. Smiling, he stripped off his clothes, Got in the position as if he was walking by, his boner sticking out strong in front of him right in front of his mother’s face, then started and stopped time, putting his clothes back on and resumed the position he had been in, starting time up again.“Oh, that was Pat. I’m going to go out with him, Frank, and Bob tonight. Pat’s brother is going to pick me up around 9:00, that okay?”He had started talking the second time had started up and was sitting in the recliner by the time he finished. His mom was looking at him, her eyes slightly wide. She didn’t immediately respond. Again unable to resist, possibly because he was so horny from jerking off in front of his sister but never getting off, Warren stopped time again, stripped and sat in the chair, started and stopped time, reclothed himself, then started time again.His mother continued staring at him. Not really looking bothered or anything, just staring.“That okay, mom?”“What?”His mother shook her head out of a daze as she responded.“It okay that I go out with my friends tonight?”His mom smiled at him. “Of course, honey. Go have some fun!”Warren gave her a big smile. “Will do, mom. Definitely will do.” She didn’t know the half of it!“Good.”With that, his mom turned back to the TV. She had obviously changed the channel since both he and his sister left, now watching one of the gazillion crime-solving TV shows that she so loved but Warren so hated. He guessed the movie they had been watching had probably ended, but wasn’t sure. Ignoring his dislike of the TV show, he sat back and watched.Some time later, his sister came down in the same shorts and T-shirt she had been wearing before, having not changed into something new after her shower.“Mom, my skin’s really dry again. Can you lotion my back for me?”The request in itself wasn’t unusual. Warren had heard his sister ask her mom for that many times, though usually it was at the end of the day before she went to sleep, not in the afternoon.“Sure, Jules. I’ll be up at the end of the show, there’s only about five minutes left.”“Okay, thanks mom.”Julie didn’t seem too happy as she turned and walked back upstairs. Their mom, however, simply turned back to the TV show.Five minutes later, as the credits just began to roll, Warren stood up and said, “I’m gonna go play some games until dinner.”“Okay, honey,” his mom responded, also standing up. “Tell Jules I’ll be right up, I’m just going to go get a drink first.”Warren rolled his eyes for show, responding, “Sure, mom.” He then headed upstairs as his mom went to the kitchen.As soon as Warren closed the door to his room, he stopped time and went to the closet in his sister’s room. She was standing in front of a mirror staring at herself, a worried look on her face. Warren ignored it and started time as soon as he had closed the closet door enough to hide himself.Warren was a bit confused when he started time. Julie didn’t move, still staring at herself in the mirror above her dresser. He was worried he somehow hadn’t started time back up again. Luckily, he soon heard his mom coming up the stairs, proving time had started, that his sister was just not moving.He heard the knock on the door.Julie’s whole body jumped, the knock apparently catching her by surprise and pulling her out of wherever her mind had been. “Come on in, mom.”The door opened. Warren could just barely see his mother come in then turn around to close the door. When he looked back towards his sister, he was surprised to see her shirt off and on the floor. She was wearing no bra, leaving her just in the short shorts and panties she had on. In her hand she had the bottle of lotion she used. Her nipples, in no surprise to Warren anymore, were hard and sticking out.At first, Warren was shocked that his sister was suddenly topless in front of their mom. He wasn’t sure why, he just found it strange. He quickly brushed it aside, assuming it was normal for a mom to see her daughter topless, or even naked.“Sorry about this, mom. I’m just feeling really itchy.”The talking knocked Warren out of his thoughts.“It’s not a problem Jules. I’m always here when you need me.” There was a brief pause as she took the bottle of lotion from her daughter. Then his mother added, “Are you cold?”His sister looked confused. “What?” Then while saying that looked down at her chest. “Oh!” She laughed, seemingly not embarrassed at all, much to Warren’s surprise. “No, just can’t seem to get them down today. You know how it is.”Her mom laughed in response. “Yeah, I certainly do.”Julie proceeded to walk over to her bed and laid face down on it. Her mom sat down on the bed next to her, squirting some lotion into her hands, then rubbing them together before leaning over her daughter’s back and starting to rub it in.Julie gasped at the first touch of her mother. Turning her head in the opposite direction of her mother, she muttered out, “Oh god, that feels great.”Her mom laughed. “You must’ve been really dry for it to feel that good!”“Yeah,” Julie responded, “I’m also really sore, so I think that’s adding to it.”There was a pause for a moment, Julie’s mom rubbing more lotion into her daughter’s back. Then she asked, “Do you want a massage while I’m at it?”Julie turned her head towards her mom, smiling. “That would be great, mom. Thanks!”Her mom smiled back at her. “No problem.”Warren was standing in shock in the closet. First off, he was shocked that he was getting very aroused watching his mom rub lotion into his topless sister’s back. Second, he was shocked that his mom was about to give her daughter a back massage while topless. He remembered when he was younger his mom used to give both him and his sister shoulder and back massages. They were fantastic! But that had stopped when he was around ten or eleven. Well, at least they had stopped for him then.As he continued watching, Warren saw his mother stand up and climb onto the bed. She straddled her daughter and sat down on the backs of her thighs. Then she leaned forward and started working her hands over Julie’s shoulders.Warren watched with intrigue as his mother’s hands moved over Julie’s shoulders, rotating between pressing, squeezing, kneading and twisting. They started around Julie’s neck, then worked out towards her arms, and then back to her spine. Then her hand would inch lower down Julie’s back, again pressing, squeezing, kneading and twisting, slowly working their way towards Julie’s sides, then back towards her spine again.Warren lost complete track of time watching as the process continued for several minutes, his sister letting out a moan or a compliment of her mother’s massage skills every so often, her mother mostly silent, sometimes mentioning how tight her daughter’s muscles were and that she needs some stress relief.When his mother’s hands were going to his sister’s sides at about chest level, Warren could swear he could see his mother’s fingers rub along the swelling sides of Julie’s boobs. However, Julie never commented or reacted when it happened, so he thought he must just have a poor view.At one point, when his mother was reaching her daughter’s lower back, she apparently went to far down, causing Julie to yelp and bend up beneath her mother, clenching her ass cheeks.“Oh sorry,” their mom said, though her tone was clearly of confusion at what set her off.As Julie laid down again, she responded, “It’s not your fault mom. My butt’s just really sore. I did a really long workout yesterday, and I think I overdid it.”Unable to hold back, Warren cringed in anger and stopped time. The second time was stopped, he opened the closet door and fell onto the floor laughing. If only his mother knew what Julie’s “long workout” consisted of! Warren was on his back laughing for quite awhile. Holding everything back for so long, being so quiet while watching everything between his mom and his sister, had taken its toll on him, and now he couldn’t stop laughing.After some time Warren calmed down. The excuse was actually viable. He knew that Julie did work out a lot, so for all her mom knew, while she wasn’t home the night before Julie could have been exercising and doing something that hit her glutes. Warren had the sudden urge to tell his mom exactly what Julie did that had hurt her ass, but realized there was no way he could do it, as theoretically he shouldn’t know what had happened.Calmed down, Warren got off the floor and took a step back towards the closet. After the single step though, he realized time was already stopped and he might as well take a closer look at his mom and sister.He walked to the far side of the bed as that was the direction his sister was facing. She looked completely at ease. Her face was calm, eyes closed, mouth partially open. Her naked back was still just a bit shiny from the lotion his mother had rubbed in. The sides of her boobs were very clearly bulging out from beneath her. Looking at them, he noticed that all the visible area of the boob was shiny too. At first, he thought this definitely meant that his mother had rubbed the sides of Julie’s boobs. But as he looked down Julie’s body, he saw that her entire sides were also just that tiny bit shiny too, and he didn’t think he saw his mother’s hands down her entire sides. Maybe Julie had lotioned the rest of her body before her mom had come up.Warren then moved onto his mother. Her hands were resting at her sides and she was sitting straight up straddled on her daughter’s thighs. She looked perfectly normal, save for one thing. Her head was looking almost straight down at Julie’s ass. Her eyes were dead on it, looking as if they were taking it in. Warren tried to defend it, thinking maybe she was just staring at it because Julie had just finished talking about it. But he couldn’t help but think that if that was the case then she would have a different look in her eyes. He also couldn’t help but think about his mom massaging Julie’s ass. He could feel himself getting hard just thinking about it.Warren pulled himself away from staring at his mom atop his sister for a moment and let some thoughts run through his head. He didn’t know how his mom was going to react when time started up. The way she was staring, maybe she would offer to massage Julie’s ass for her. It certainly wouldn’t surprise him after having watched the interactions between the two. Julie looked like she didn’t care about anything and while she probably wouldn’t request it, it looked like she would accept anything without question. So his mom had to be the one to offer. He suddenly wished he could somehow force the question into his mom’s mind, but knew that he had no such power. He already had the ability to stop time, no need to be greedy!So Warren thought of ways to make his mom offer to massage Julie’s ass. But he couldn’t make her. He could only think of ways to make her more likely to offer. Or more accurately, one way.He had to get his mother aroused.As the thought took control of his mind, Warren started seriously looking at his mother. He was pretty sure she 43, but not positive. He knew for sure she was in her low forties. And she did look her age, maybe high thirties at best. But she certainly didn’t look older than she was. She had slight wrinkles around her eyes and a couple at the corners of her mouth, but no more than that. Her hair was still long and full with no signs of even a single gray hair. Her face didn’t have a round youthful look though, she definitely looked mature.But she certainly wasn’t bad looking. She had full lips and beautiful eyes. She was an inch or two shorter than Julie, but had a larger frame. Her chest was probably slightly larger than Julie’s, but proportionately to the rest of her body they looked smaller. Her stomach looked pretty normal, definitely on the good side for an over forty year old. She had well-defined hips and a round ass, but not a big ass, though the way she was sitting on Julie her ass stuck out a noticeable amount. She wasn’t a straight out MILF like Sarah’s mom, the school nurse he had once gotten a boner for during bakırköy escort a checkup, but his mom definitely was not a bad looking lady.Warren decided to go through with it. He would rub his mom’s nipple and her clit in hopes of arousing enough sexual energy in her to want to massage her daughter’s ass. Warren walked up right next to his mother. Taking a deep breath, he pulled her T-shirt up and over her chest.He was surprised to find her wearing a bra. He wasn’t sure why he was surprised, he just figured that as Julie hadn’t been wearing a bra his mother wasn’t going to be either. This complicated things slightly. Warren knew he didn’t want to take off her bra or move it around. He learned the day before that whenever he did that, the person he did it to got distracted and needed to fix it.Going for the least obtrusive route, Warren reached forward, and sneaked a single finger into one of his mom’s bra cups. Quickly finding her nipple, he rubbed his finger around it for awhile, not knowing how long would be enough to arouse her. After he felt he had done it enough, he brought the same finger over to her other bra cup and repeated the process. Upon finishing, he straightened the cups of her bra out, trying to make it as if his finger had never been in there.Then Warren looked down. He looked past his mother’s stomach, which did stick out a tiny bit, past the line where her stomach turned into shorts, and down to where her legs parted. He reasoned that he had two choices. Either he could rub her pussy through her shorts, or he could pull out her shorts and underwear, stick his hand down the front, and rub her pussy directly.Wanting the most effective results, at least that’s how he defended his decision in his mind, Warren reached his finger down and beneath both the band of his mother’s shorts and her panties, then pulled out. The shorts and panties stayed pulled out as he let go with his finger. Leaning in, Warren looked down into the shorts and panties to see his mother’s pussy.He couldn’t see much. Her slit must be angled slightly beneath her, blocking his view of it. But he did see his mom’s pubic hair above her slit shaved into the shape of a ‘V.’ Warren suddenly thought back to the night before. He knew his mom had gone out, but he had assumed she had just gone out with friends. Was she actually hooking up with a guy? Did she shave her pussy like this for him? Or maybe she just liked keeping her pubic hair like that.Warren forced himself to stop thinking about it as he reached a hand forward and with the palm facing into his mother’s body, slid his hand down over her skin, over her hair, until his middle finger could curl beneath her and he felt her slit. He couldn’t slide his hand much farther down, but he got enough until his finger reached what he thought was his mother’s clit. He started to rub it, but realized that what he was rubbing was too big to be her clit. He let his finger wander around, trying to find a smaller fold above that, but found nothing. He didn’t dare push farther down without risking moving his mother and distracting her when he started time again. So he worked under the assumption his mom just had an over-sized clit and rubbed it for awhile, tracing the outline with his finger.When he thought he had rubbed it enough, Warren pulled his hand out. He then pushed his mother’s panties back into her skin and ran his hand over them trying to smooth it out. Then he pulled her shorts in and did the same. Finally, he pulled her shirt back down. He took one last glimpse at his mom and his sister before heading back to the closet.Inside, Warren made sure he had a good line of sight, and set off the stinging in his forehead.There was no movement for a bit. Both girls just maintained their positions. Eventually, his sister without moving her head simply asked, “Mom?”His mother appeared to Warren to still just be staring at Julie’s ass. But shortly after Julie spoke, her mother did too. “Julie,” she began, then took a deep breath. Warren did also, hoping for the best. “I could rub your butt too if you like. Try to get the soreness out of it.”Julie didn’t move and had little emotion in her voice as she simply replied, “That would be great, mom.”Warren couldn’t believe his luck! He was about to see his mother rub her daughter’s ass!As he watched, his mom slid a few inches down Julie’s legs, until she was straddling her knees, as opposed to her thighs. Then she just placed her hands on Julie’s butt and started lightly moving them in circles.The second her mom’s hands touched her butt, Julie’s body stiffened, then loosened up again. The action didn’t go unnoticed by her mother, who seemingly much more comfortable about the situation said, “You weren’t k**ding about being sore! You must have really overworked yourself.”Warren kept his laughter in his head as his sister just replied, “Yeah.”The massage continued on as Warren watched. His mom began rubbing, pressing, kneading, and squeezing her ass just as she had been doing to Julie’s back. Every so often, Julie’s body would tense up, then quickly loosen up again.After one of these times she tensed up, Julie, still with her head sideways on her pillow, asked, “Mom, would you mind pulling my shorts off? The elastic hurts sometimes when you press it into me.”Warren watched as his mom stopped short what she was doing. It was obvious that she thought the request was unusual. She simply replied, “You sure, Jules?”“It’s not like there’s anything there you haven’t seen before, mom.”Her mother, again gaining comfort in the situation after her brief lapse, replied, “Okay,” as she got up and moved over to the side of her bed. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her daughter’s shorts and started to pull.Almost immediately, Julie added, “Underwear too.”Warren couldn’t see his mom’s facial reaction. She didn’t say anything either. But after a short pause, she readjusted her fingers under Julie’s shorts, hooking her fingers inside her daughter’s panties. Then he watched as Julie lifted her hips and their mom pulled her shorts down to her knees. Julie’s hips then dropped back to the bed as her mom pulled the shorts and panties off the rest of her legs, placing them on the bed beside her. Then without words, his mom simply climbed atop his sister again, straddling her knees, and started rubbing Julie’s bare ass with her hands.At first Warren thought he was lucky again to see this, but he got distracted quickly as he could tell something was up. The first thing his mom’s hands did was gently pull her daughter’s cheeks apart. Julie tensed up at this, but said nothing. His mom then looked up at her daughter’s head, which was still sideways on the pillow, then lowered her own head closer to her daughter’s ass. She pulled apart Julie’s ass cheeks again, then sat up and stopped moving her hands, just resting them on her daughter’s ass.It took several moments before Julie seemed to notice. She didn’t move, but he heard her confusedly ask, “Uhhhh, mom?”The response was almost instantaneous. “Did you have anal sex last night?”Julie’s head jerked around, along with most of her upper body. “What? No! I would never do that.”“Then did you put something up there recently? A shampoo bottle?”“Ewww, no! Why would I do that to myself?”Warren could only see the back of his mother’s head as she shook it, responding, “I know what a butt looks like after anal sex.” She paused here while Julie had a look of fear on her face throwing every denial she could out. It made no difference as her mother finally continued, “And your red butthole looks like something went in there recently.”The room suddenly went quiet. Warren had been shocked enough to just hear his mom utter the phrase “anal sex.” But when she said she knew what an asshole looked like after anal sex, he went into shock. How would she know that? Has his mom had anal sex before? But then how would she know what that looked like? Did she bend over and look at herself in the mirror? Or did she have a friend whose asshole she’d seen after they had anal sex?He continued watching the stare down between his mother and his sister. His mom had since gotten off Julie, who was now sitting up beside her mom staring into her eyes, willing her mom to believe her. Warren couldn’t see his mother’s face, so he didn’t know how she was reacting.The silence suddenly broke as Warren’s naked sister broke into sobs and threw her arms around her mother. Through tears, she told her mom how she had had Joe over the night before, whom she had gone on a few dates with and wanted to make her boyfriend. They had sex for the first time last night, but she couldn’t get off in the missionary position because Joe’s dick was too small. Julie didn’t normally like doggy style, but decided to try it with Joe because she wasn’t getting anything out of the missionary position with him. Then, when he thrust into her, it was in her ass, not her pussy. He apologized and said it was a mistake, but also that he wanted to get off. She didn’t want to disappoint him as she still wanted to make him her boyfriend as he was a popular guy, but she didn’t want to suck his dick since it had just been in her ass, she didn’t want it in her cunt (her words) for the same reason, and he didn’t want a handjob. So she told him to just finish off in her ass. She told her mom how much it had hurt, how she couldn’t even get out of the position until after Joe had fallen asleep beside her, and even then, she couldn’t straighten her legs because it hurt too much, and how it had hurt all day. She then added that she never even got off with him last night and was all worked up and tried to get herself off a couple times today, but just couldn’t do it (Warren noted that she didn’t say why she couldn’t). Then she just cried into her mom’s shoulder.Warren was blown away that Julie would reveal all this to their mom. He hadn’t seen his sister cry in years. It actually crossed his mind whether Julie was just putting on a show, though still telling the truth, to make her mom less mad or disappointed in her. That seemed like a stretch, even for her, so he was guessing she was genuinely crying, for which he actually started to feel bad, as he had essentially caused it.Their mom said nothing for some time. She simply held her naked daughter, one hand on the back of her head, one rubbing up and down her back. It was quite some time before she finally spoke. Holding her daughter’s head in both hands, she pulled back and looked at her face.“That’s the first time you ever had something in your butt, huh?”Julie’s head simply nodded in her mother’s hands.Her mother shook her head lightly. She was silent for awhile, then said, “How could you be so ignorant Jules? You’re usually more aware on matters like this. I told you when I gave you permission to go on the pill that you’ve got to be careful with guys, that some are really sneaky. If you have sex with enough guys, of course one’s going to try and put it in your butt. That should just be common sense. Luckily you said you had a guy with a small….” She paused, before continuing, “penis. Imagine if he had been larger. If you are going to remain sexually active, you should use something to stretch out your butthole while you masturbate.” She paused again. The look of shock in Julie’s face was priceless, though Warren imagined his face wasn’t much better. “Do you have a dildo?”Julie nodded in the affirmative through her shock.“How big is it?”Warren watched as his sister got up, went to her dresser, opened a drawer, reached to the back of it, then unrolled a shirt he’d never seen her wear revealing a big pink dildo inside. He had no real basis for comparison for dildos, but he assumed it was big as he could tell it was much longer and a little wider than his own dick at its hardest.She handed the dildo to her mother, who looked at it and shook her head before responding, “This won’t work. I’ll give you one of my smaller ones. It should be a good beginning point to stretch yourself out with.” She stopped for a bit, then continued, “I’m not saying you should have anal sex again, but whether you want to or not, you’ll find that some guys are very insistent, and unless you want to send them packing, you’re going to let them….” She paused again, continuing, “have anal sex with you. And you want to be prepared.”Warren watched as his mother handed Julie’s dildo back to her. “Listen, I’ll go get you a smaller one, I’ll be right back.” Both Julie and Warren watched as their mother left the room. Warren then turned back to Julie. She looked to be in about as much shock as he was, having just heard their mother’s knowledge and advice regarding anal sex. Warren concluded his mom must have plenty of sexual experience, anal and otherwise, to dish out the advice she just had, not to mention her apparent collection of dildos, of which she had enough to spare to just give Julie one.Julie meanwhile just stood there naked with the pink dildo hanging in her hand like a limp dick, staring at the door through which her mother had just left, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open. Her crying had completely stopped, and there was actually almost no hint of it on her face. Just shock. But she eventually got over it, shaking her head and coming back to the present. She looked down at the dildo in her hand. She grabbed the shirt on the dresser it had been rolled up in and started to roll the dildo back up in it. After just a couple rolls, she stopped, shrugged her shoulders, then pulled the dildo out of the shirt, placing the shirt on the dresser and the dildo back in her drawer.As she was doing that, Warren heard his mom come back in the room. Both he and his sister turned immediately to see their mom walk across the room to Julie.“Here,” she said, holding out a small, skinny, silver dildo to her daughter. “This should help with….” She paused yet again, finishing, “what we just talked about.”Finally finding her voice, Julie responded, “Thanks.” She took the dildo and placed it in the same drawer as the pink one.As she turned around her mother asked, “So you’re still sore?”“Yeah.”Warren saw a small smile on his mom’s face through the mirror over Julie’s dresser.“Alright, lie down then, I’ll try to help out.”Without question, Julie just laid down on her bed again. Her mom grabbed the lotion and resumed her position straddling her daughter’s knees.“Just try to relax. This is going to feel a bit cold, but I promise it will help.”Julie’s head was to the side again, seemingly not paying any attention to her mom. Warren however watched very closely as his mother squeezed just a small amount of lotion out onto a single finger. He thought he knew what was about to happen, and saw his thoughts confirmed as his mother tried to spread Julie’s ass cheeks with one hand and then slowly lowered her other hand until it was out of Warren’s view.Julie’s head suddenly shot up.Warren couldn’t hold back any more and stopped time.He practically ran out of the closet and over to his sister’s bed. Sure enough, his mom was holding his sister’s ass cheeks apart with one hand while a single finger on her other hand was almost up to the first knuckle in Julie’s ass. She appeared to be spreading the lotion just around the inside of the ring of her asshole.Having never seen an asshole stretched around something before, he was entranced by his sister’s asshole tightened around his mother’s finger. It looked tighter than he could imagine. Better than in any of the porn he had seen. His first thought was how lucky Joe had been to have his dick in there. Then he blocked that thought from his mind, realizing that would mean he wanted to fuck his own sister in the ass. He convinced himself that wasn’t the case, only that he wanted to keep getting back at her for all the trouble she had caused him over the years.As if doing so would prove to himself he was right, Warren turned around and walked back to the closet, closing the door and setting off the stinging in his forehead.“Sorry, Jules,” his mom said upon starting up time. “It may not be comfortable at first, but I promise it’ll not only make you feel better, but it’ll help your butthole heal quicker.”While she was talking, Julie had lowered her head back onto the pillow. In a slow, almost enchanted-sounding voice, she replied to her mother, “It was just the initial shock. It feels great now.”“I’m glad,” was all the response that came from her mother.During the whole conversation, Warren watched his mom continue to twist her arm around, no doubt twisting her finger to cover the entire rim of her daughter’s asshole. Shortly after the conversation ended though, Warren watched his mom pull her finger up and wipe it along her naked calf, as if wiping the lotion off. She started to get up, announcing, “That should do it.”Julie quickly turned her head towards her mother. “Wait, mom!”Her mother paused and looked at Julie.In a pleading voice, Julie asked, “Will you keep massaging me?”Warren couldn’t see his mother’s face, but in a placating voice, he heard, “Sure, your back again?”Julie put her head back down and responded, “How about my legs?”“Sure.”Warren watched as his mother got up and turned around, sitting again straddled over Julie’s lower back, now facing him. Her hands went first to the top of her daughter’s ass cheeks, slowly massaging them as she worked past Julie’s ass to her legs. She used both hands on one leg, again rubbing, pressing, kneading, and twisting. She slowly leaned forward, working her way down the leg, and then back up. Then she switched to the other leg and repeated, finishing by rubbing her daughter’s ass again.She got up and moved to the side of her daughter, saying, “I think that should do it.”Julie rolled onto her side to look at her mother. She was facing away from Warren, so he couldn’t see her face, or her body for that matter, but he again heard the pleading in her voice when she asked, “Will you do my front too?”Before having seen this, Warren would have expected his mom to be surprised at a request from her naked daughter to massage the front of her body. But having just witnessed what he had, he was instead surprised to see the surprise in her. His mom’s eyes went wide and he could just barely see her blush in response to her daughter’s request. In a shaky voice, she responded, “Are you sure?”Even as his sister eagerly responded, “Yes,” Warren could both see in his mother’s face and hear in her voice the hesitation she had towards this request. Warren cringed and stopped time in order to encourage a positive response.Coming out of the closet, Warren walked over to his mother. He pulled up her shirt, got behind her, and sneaked a finger from each of his hands into the cups of his mom’s bra, quickly finding and rubbing her nipples. After spending some time there, he pulled out her shorts and panties again and slid his hand over her V-shaped pubic hair until his finger could rub her large clit. When he felt he had worked her up enough, he pushed in and smoothed out her panties again, then pushed in and smoothed out her shorts, then pulled her shirt down before finally returning to the closet.As he set time in motion again, he saw his mother’s face turn even more red. He was worried though, as for several seconds she didn’t respond or move. However, she finally muttered out, “Alright.”Julie smiled and said, “Thanks,” as she lay back with her head sideways on her pillow, this time with her head twisting towards Warren. Now face up, her body was totally exposed to both Warren and his mother. He could see gravity pulling her large breasts slightly to the side and down her body, as well as her shaved slit visible between her slightly spread legs.Warren’s mother took a quick once over, then moved to straddle her naked daughter’s thighs. As she felt her mother sit down on her, Warren saw a look of relaxation come across Julie’s face. He couldn’t quite put his finger on why, but he felt some anger rise up as he saw the look on his sister’s face. It was as if she was now getting something she wanted, like she always expected to get what she wanted.Before Warren could think much more about it, his mother lifted up one of her daughter’s arms. Resting it on her shoulder, she leaned in so she could reach her daughter’s shoulder, again rubbing, squeezing, pressing and twisting her hands around her daughter’s arm, slowly working her way from her shoulder to her hand, then back to her shoulder. When she finished that arm, she repeated the same process on her daughter’s other arm.As she finished with that arm, Warren watched his mother’s hands drift to Julie’s shoulders by her neck, slowly working their way down. Warren could easily see the hesitation in his mother’s movements, as she slowly worked her hands through the cleft between her daughter’s breasts, but avoiding contact with her breasts as much as possible. She then slid her hands outwards until they were both just beneath Julie’s breasts, but not quite touching them.Watching the scene before him, Warren was torn. He could tell from the look on his sister’s face that she was disappointed that her mother was not reaching for her breasts, and he could tell from his mother’s movements that she was very hesitant to do so. Warren was torn because he wanted to see his mother grope his sister’s tits. But he hated the fact that his hopes fell in line with his sister’s. He hated to see her get what she wanted, even if it was what he wanted to.Making a decision, Warren stopped time. He would turn his mom on, and whatever happened would happen. If he brought up her sexual tension and she still didn’t grope his sister, at least he could say he tried and that Julie didn’t get what she wanted. If she did, he got a show he was not likely to see again, even if Julie got what she wanted. So he left the closet to again go rub his mother’s nipples and clit, just as he had twice before. After doing so, he returned to the closet and started time, ready for whatever happened.For the first several moments, Warren watched as his mother’s hands continued to rub just beneath Julie’s boobs. Then, he saw them slowly rub down to Julie’s sides, then upwards on her body until she was rubbing Julie’s sides just next to her tits, occasionally brushing against them as they were hanging down towards her sides.Then her hands were on her daughter’s tits. It wasn’t an incredibly fast motion, but it was quick compared to the speed at which her hands had been moving before. Warren saw Julie’s mouth open and gasp as her mother began gently pressing and kneading her tits. As Warren continued to watch, his mother continued to work over her daughter’s chest, constantly changing her hand motions from pressing to pushing to kneading to twisting to pulling to pinching and so on. What struck Warren though was that none of her movements ever focused on the nipples. Rather they always worked on the whole boob, pressing the boobs into her chest then twisting her hands lightly in different directions or using her full hand to pull the boobs towards her or push them together, or using the space between her knuckles to pinch the tit flesh between them, but never pinching the nipples. Warren actually thought he saw a look of disappointment in his sister’s face during this, despite her occasional moans. He thought she wanted more, but wasn’t getting it. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought.His mother seemed to spend more time on her daughter’s tits than any other part of the body she’d massaged so far. However, it did eventually come to an end. If his sister looked disappointed before, she looked downright distraught as her mother’s hands drifted down off her daughter’s boobs and onto her daughter’s stomach. As she worked her stomach, Warren’s mother also inched her own body down until she was straddling her daughter’s knees, instead of her thighs.Warren wasn’t sure where this was going. He watched as his mother’s hands slowly worked their way down Julie’s stomach just to the top of her mound. But then, they drifted towards the side, and slowly worked down to the tops of Julie’s thighs, avoiding her shaved mound.Warren could see in his mother’s movements that she was clearly avoiding her daughter’s pussy. Needing to see more, Warren stopped time. He again went out to intervene. He wasted no time getting his fingers working on his mother’s nipples again, rubbing them longer and harder than he had before, hoping for a scene he’d never forget when he was done. He then worked his hand down to her pussy and rapidly rubbed and flicked her large clit. He spent far longer time than he had even planned, unable to hold back his hopes. Finally, he straightened out his mother’s clothes and went back to the closet to start time.The first thing he saw was his mother’s hands move from the front of Julie’s thighs to the insides of her thighs, again with movement much quicker than normal. Then, slowly, she worked her hands up and around the outer edges of her daughter’s pussy lips. She traced her fingers in small circles as she continued up above her daughter’s slit and onto the mound just above. Placing both hands diagonally on her daughter, fingers intertwined on the mound, Warren watched his mother apply pressure to Julie’s mound while her thumbs ran in circles beneath her hands just atop Julie’s pussy lips, causing her lips to gently spread apart. Then she slowly worked her hands down, her thumbs spreading Julie’s lips while her hands slid down and applied pressure holding them open. As Julie’s lips were finally held open fully spread, her mother’s thumbs ran in small circles on the insides of her lips.Warren had been occasionally glancing up at his sister’s face, seeing her in a complete state of pleasure – her eyes closed but eyebrows lifted, her mouth open and letting out the occasional moan or gasp. He didn’t want to see his sister in a state of pleasure, but he was entranced by watching his mother practically finger Julie under the pretense of a massage. He kept trying to focus on his mother’s hands over his sister’s pussy, but couldn’t hold back the occasional look back up to Julie’s face.Then, with no warning, the pretense faded dramatically. Warren watched his mother shift her hands a bit diagonally as, while keeping her fingers intertwined, one thumb began circling around and over Julie’s clit while the other pressed down into the first knuckle into her hole, running circles around the inner rim of it.Warren couldn’t believe it! He really hadn’t expected his mother to go this far. He simply wanted to get her to touch Julie’s pussy, to continue her so-called massage. While she was obviously still trying to make it look like a massage, whether for her benefit or her daughter’s he couldn’t tell, it was obviously more than that.“Oh god yes!”The exclamation took Warren by surprise as his eyes shot to his sister’s head, which turned to face the ceiling as her hips pushed up. In the mere seconds that Warren’s eyes took to get back to her hips though, all pretense of a massage was over. His mother had one hand with two fingers extended rapidly running circles over her daughter’s clit. Her other hand had two fingers as deep into her daughter’s hole as they would go. He expected that hand to be pumping in and out, but rather his mother was doing some side-to-side motion, her elbow jerking back and forth slightly as her fingers did whatever they were doing inside Julie.Warren lost track of time watching this. At least he thought he did. It seemed like not even a minute had passed before Julie started moaning out, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Then her head went back and her body arched. Her mom’s hands didn’t stop moving though, and Warren thought he saw a tiny squirt of fluid erupt over the hand with fingers inside Julie. After the squirt, the hands began to slow down, eventually pulling back. Warren watched as his mother stood up.“That’s what you needed.” There was a pause before she turned to walk away. “Now I should go make dinner.”She then started to walk quickly for the door. When she had turned, Warren saw her blank expression fade into a look of pain and shock. He wasn’t sure why, but he was guessing she felt like she lost control and shouldn’t have done what she just did to her daughter.“Wait, mom!”Julie’s exclamation fell on deaf ears as her mother walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Warren looked back and saw Julie smiling, maybe even beaming at the door, then continuing to beam as she turned her head up towards the ceiling. He couldn’t help but feel anger rising as he compared the look on his sister’s face to that which had been on his mother’s.Warren continued to watch as his sister, still beaming, slid both hands to her pussy, apparently just covering it, cupping it with both hands. Then she closed her eyes as she squeezed her hands up into her, her hands still just cupping herself. Shortly after she did this, her body suddenly shivered for several seconds, though Warren wasn’t sure why. He figured there was no way she had another orgasm from simply cupping her pussy.But then he saw his sister slide one hand up her body to her chest, while the other one slid up just enough until her fingers were on her clit and started rubbing.Warren smiled, finally seeing an opportunity to get involved, and hopefully get off as he was horny as hell. He stopped time, stripped, went over to his sister’s face and pulled her eyes open, then took his position at the foot of the bed and began to jerk off, starting time.“Fuck!”Julie immediately stopped masturbating as she cursed.Disappointed, but not wanting to ruin the illusion he was setting up for her, he stopped time and went back into her closet, bringing his clothes with him. He quickly started time.Julie looked pissed off, but her anger faded to a smile, much to Warren’s dismay. Talking to herself, she muttered, “Well, at least I got off.” Then she reached down to her panties and shorts. Pulling her panties out of her shorts, she curled her legs up above her, hooked her feet inside, and began to extend her legs up in the air, pulling her panties down as her legs went up.Warren set off the sting in his forehead. He came out of the closet and walked over to the bed. Julie’s legs were almost straight up in the air, her panties around her calves, her hands on either side of her panties, her upper body curled forward a bit so she could reach up there. In this position, her boobs were hanging slightly onto her stomach, her red asshole was totally exposed, and her wet pussy lips were pressed together between her legs, giving Warren quite the view. He found the position and view incredibly sexy, even if it was his sister, and reached a hand out to touch her.Then he stopped. Despite how horny and hard he was, Warren really didn’t want to give his sister any more pleasure, which would undoubtedly happen when time started again if he touched her. Cursing, Warren pulled his head back. He thought for awhile whether he should just jerk off on her now, needing to get off. After some thinking hard about it, Warren decided to hold off, saving his load for someone at the party he was going to go to in just a few hours.So Warren put his clothes back on, walked back to his room, and started time. He tried to play games, but his mind was completely distracted. Luckily, less than half an hour later, his mom called up for dinner.Warren headed down to the kitchen. His mom was already sitting with a dish in front of her, so he just sat down, followed shortly thereafter by his sister. While eating, Warren’s mom asked him, “So what time are you going out again?” While she was obviously trying to look and sound normal, Warren could tell that something was wrong with her.“Pat’s brother will be picking me up around nine.”Then, without turning towards her, his mother simply asked, “How about you, Jules? Any plans?”“I was going to go to a party tonight, but I really don’t feel like it anymore.” Her answer came out completely happy, as if she didn’t have a care in the world, which pissed Warren off. However, he couldn’t help but wonder if the party she had planned to go to was the same one he was in fact going to. He also wondered whether Julie didn’t want to go to the party because of what had happened the night before, or because of what just happened with their mom.Warren didn’t get much time to think about it as his mother finally turned toward Julie, responding, “Are you sure? It’s a Saturday night, you should enjoy yourself.” Warren could tell by his mother’s eyes that she wanted Julie to go out, and leave the house to her for the night.Julie, smiling back, simply responded, “No, that’s okay. I think I just need a night to relax at home.”Warren’s mom didn’t respond and simply went back to eating. Julie, though, kept glancing towards her mom as if wanting to talk to her more.As they finished dinner, Warren announced he was going upstairs. He left the kitchen, walked up the stairs, then stopped time. He walked back and stood just outside the kitchen, listening in as he started time.“I said no,” his mother stated firmly.“But–,” Julie began to respond.“Not now. If you want, we can talk more when Warren leaves.” There was a pause as he heard a chair move. “I’m going to go up and read. I need you to do the dishes.”Warren stopped time and headed up to his room before starting time up again. Not long after, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, presumably his mother. He sat and thought for awhile, wondering what exactly they were going to talk about. He really wanted to hear it, but then he would have to miss the party. After a short debate in his mind, he justified that the party was going to be more fun.Having made up his mind, Warren killed some time playing video games before showering and getting ready for the party.Shortly after 9:00, Warren heard Pat’s brother pull up. He headed out to them and got in the car. He was the last one to be picked up. As they were pulling out of Warren’s driveway, Frank asked, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”Warren was about to defend the idea, but got cut off by Bob, and then Pat’s brother, both of which thought the party was a great idea. Warren simply smiled and said nothing. There was a brief silence afterwards, but then the conversation quickly turned to video games, and stayed on the topic until they got to Jake’s house.Pat’s brother dropped them off then drove away quickly, leaving them no option for retreat, much to the liking of Warren and Bob, while not so much to the liking of Frank and Pat. There were tons of cars in the driveway, more lining the street, and music was blaring from inside the house. They could hear voices around back, but no one was in the front of the house.Taking the lead, Warren walked up to the front door. Bob seemed suddenly nervous, hanging behind Warren. As they got to the door, Warren reached for the knob. Frank stopped him, asking, “Shouldn’t we knock?”Warren simply shook his head, “It’s a party man, you just go in.”And so they did. Warren opened the door to find a group of people standing in front of it. He walked in and around them, followed by his friends.Now he was confused. He wasn’t sure where to go from here. He decided to head for the kitchen, dodging people as he went.Warren had barely stepped into the kitchen before he heard his name shouted.“Warren, man, I was beginning to think you wouldn’t make it!”Jake ditched the crowd he was with and came over. “These must be your friends.”“Yeah,” Warren replied, patting each friend in turn, “this is Bob, Pat, and Frank.”Jake turned to look at them. “What’s goin’ on guys? I’m Jake.” Jake then turned back to Warren and put his arm around him, saying, “Shit man, you should see all the skirts here. Maybe we’ll get lucky and catch another show!”It was at that point that Warren realized Jake was already pretty close to drunk. Warren just smiled back and said, “Hey man, who knows?”“Yeah man! Who knows is right! Now we gots to get you guys some drinks!”Jake then practically dragged the four over to the corner of the kitchen where the keg was and poured a beer for each of them, himself included as his glass was empty.They stood around the keg for awhile and talked while drinking. At Jake’s urging, they all drank their first beers quickly, soon starting on their seconds.Jake ditched them soon after, leaving the four of them alone in their own little group. Part of Warren wanted to go explore the rest of the party, but his friends were clearly uncomfortable and he suddenly felt bad for them, so he stuck around and talked with them, rather than drag them through the rest of the party.A short while later, Warren felt himself get yanked backwards, his beer luckily being low enough to not spill.“I thought that was you! Warren, right? How the hell are you?”Warren immediately recognized the person who pulled him away as Joe. He started to respond, but Joe cut him off, talking to a random group of guys Warren didn’t recognize at all. “This guy got the best show ever in school the other day!” Joe slapped Warren’s back while saying this, then turned to him and added, “Shit, now that your sister’s not around, you got to tell me all about it!”Warren then began to relate the story of how a breeze must have flipped up these three girl’s skirts the other day and he was just feet away and got to see their camel toes, each of which he described in detail to a round of cheers and occasional high fives from the group of guys he didn’t know, sometimes being pressed for even more detail than he had.While that was going on, Jake came back in the kitchen. Warren didn’t hear the conversation, but after he talked to Frank, Pat and Bob for a bit, he left the room with them in tow.Shortly after Warren finished his story, he told the group he was going to go explore the party, taking advantage of the fact that his friends had been pulled away.More people must’ve shown up, as the house was getting pretty packed. Walking into the next room, Warren saw a large group of girls with just a few guys mixed in. He immediately recognized one of the girl’s as Val, who seemed to be hitting on one of the guys in the room, though the guy didn’t seem too interested. He was surprised to see her without Sarah or Tammy. He recognized that Val was clearly drunk as he inched his way into the room. Just as he was approaching her, another guy said something to the guy she was trying to get with and he turned around. Val apparently took advantage of the opportunity to pull her hair tie out, letting her hair down. Being clearly drunk though, she accidentally launched the hair tie several feet over at someone else.Warren couldn’t help but laugh, and before he realized it, he announced, “Smooth!”Val had heard, and looked at him. She grimaced at him and flipped him off saying, “Fuck you.” She then went over to retrieve her hair tie. She bent over at the hips to grab her hair tie off the floor. Warren immediately set off the familiar stinging in his forehead.He walked up behind Val and, responding to her prior comment, said, “Okay!”Val was wearing a skirt again, and bent over the way she was, it was already exposing the bottom of her panties, though you’d have to look close to notice, as her red satin panties were the same color as her red skirt.Warren was definitely going to take a close look. He pulled up Val’s skirt, exposing her ass to him. He was slightly disappointed she wasn’t wearing a thong as she had been the other day he flipped her skirt up, but quickly got over it. Wasting no time, he grabbed her panties and pulled them down to mid-thigh.The sight before him blew his mind. Warren knew Val was skinny, and could tell through the clothes she normally wore that the girl had next to no ass. Bent over as she was now, she looked like she literally had no ass. Her back just curved up and then back down into her legs. Bent over, her tiny ass cheeks were fully spread, leaving almost no hint of her ass crack. The only major hint that he was staring at an ass was the large pink asshole staring back at him.And he wasn’t k**ding when he said large!Val had the biggest asshole he had ever seen in the middle of her tiny ass. When he had seen his sister in a similar position earlier in the day, her asshole had been tiny and red. Val’s was a gaping pink hole, wide enough and open enough for him to actually be able to look inside her ass, seeing pink wrinkles fade into blackness. Warren couldn’t imagine that such a large asshole was natural, and was guessing that either Val was a slut and took it in the ass a lot, or, like his mom had suggested his sister do, she masturbated with a dildo up her ass. Either way, she was definitely stretched out.Looking down a bit, Warren was glad to see that Val had shaved since he had last peaked at her pussy, showing no signs of any hairs on her pussy lips that were sticking back through her legs. Her pussy lips were surprisingly tiny though, and didn’t quite push all the way together. He could see just a hint of what beşiktaş escort was between them. Squatting down, Warren pulled her small lips apart. He was surprised to find not much more between them. He could make out a tiny clit, and saw just hints of inner lips, barely sticking out around Val’s hole. Her pussy hole, though, much like her asshole, was bigger than he expected, especially in such a small pussy. He did note, however, that her entire pussy was wet with juices, and he could even see a damp spot in the girl’s panties. She was clearly horny! Thinking this, Warren decided it was time to give her what she wanted.Standing up, Warren undid his belt and pants, letting them drop around his ankles. He then pulled his boxers down to his knees and let them fall to his ankles as well. His dick was already mostly hard, as it had never gone fully limp after the episode between his mother and his sister. He stroked it a few times and rubbed the head of his cock around Val’s ass and cunt until he felt it was fully hard. Then, putting his hands on Val’s hips and lining his dick up with her spread cunt, Warren thrust forward.“Oh yeah,” he moaned as he entered her. Even in his buzzed state, Warren could tell that Val was looser than any other girl he had fucked since he stopped time, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to pound into her, talking to her though time was stopped, saying things like, “Yeah, I will fuck you, bitch!”After fucking her for awhile, Warren began looking around the room as his dick kept ramming into Val’s cunt. He was surrounded by people, mostly girls. Some, though frozen, were looking straight at him, as they had watched Val bend over to pick up her hair tie. Some of the people were even close enough to touch.Seeing a hot girl barely over a foot to his side, Warren couldn’t resist touching her. Letting one hand slide onto Val’s lower back, holding her in place as he fucked her, his other hand reached over and grabbed the hot girl’s average-sized tit. Squeezing it, Warren moaned and thrust harder into Val. He soon decided feeling the tit through a shirt wasn’t good enough, so he pulled up the girl’s shirt, pulled her bra cup to the side, and squeezed her exposed tit. Warren closed his eyes as he kept fucking Val and playing with the hot girl’s tit, squeezing it, rubbing it, pinching her nipple.It wasn’t long before Warren felt himself rising towards his climax. Not wanting to finish quite yet, he dramatically slowed his strokes, and let his hand slide down the hot girl’s body until he was grabbing her ass through her jeans. Feeling that girl’s firm ass, he knew it was time he fucked Val in the ass.Letting go of the hot girl for the moment, Warren pulled his dick out and quickly lined it up with Val’s large asshole. Wasting no time, he pushed it all the way in. It was a different feeling than fucking a pussy, it felt like there was more muscle around his dick. As he started thrusting harder, Warren returned his one hand to the hot chick’s ass. Then, after looking around, he saw another girl, not quite as hot with a bigger ass, but within grabbing distance a little behind him on the other side. Letting go of Val completely, he grabbed that girl’s ass too. This left him humping away at Val’s ass while grabbing two other girl’s asses.Lost in lust, Warren began pounding harder into Val with his hips. Soon though, her ass felt totally loose, almost as if he was just thrusting his dick into a hole in a bucket. He tried to keep going, but decided it wasn’t enough.Letting go of the other two girls’ asses, he pulled out his dick and looked down. He immediately noticed two things. First, Val’s ass was now just a gaping hole. It seemed to have been stretched beyond the width of Warren’s dick and was stuck gaping open, frozen in time. Second, he noticed that while fucking Val he had knocked her forwards to the point that if he started time, she definitely would’ve fallen forwards.Curious about his first observation before taking care of the second, Warren squatted until his face was level with Val’s ass. Looking in, he could clearly see the walls inside her ass pushed outwards farther than her asshole was spread. Apparently his dick had pushed her walls apart in different directions until her insides just looked like a small cave. In fact, she was so spread out inside her that Warren could actually push two fingers inside her without touching the ring of her asshole or any of the muscles inside. He could get three in without touching any of her insides, but they did have to brush lightly against the ring of her asshole.While briefly struck by amazement, Warren soon found himself laughing at how big a slut Val really must be to have such a big asshole. His view soon dropped to her cunt, still spread open from when he had fucked her there. While not spread as wide as her ass, it was certainly wider than either Sandy or Ms. Burkhart had been. He could also see much deeper into her. His hard dick jumped in response to the sight he was seeing.Laughing, Warren stood up again and pulled Val back up to the position she had been in. He lined his dick up with her already open cunt and began pounding at a rapid pace into her, one hand again on her lower back holding her in place while his other hand again drifted to the hot girl’s exposed tit.Even though it was looser than any of the other girls he had fucked, Val’s cunt was still tighter than her asshole. On top of that, Warren was incredibly horny and desperate to get off. Thus, it wasn’t long before he felt his balls begin to churn. As he slammed his dick deep into Val for his final thrust, feeling his dick begin to shoot, Warren screamed and squeezed hard on the hot girl’s tit in his hand. He continued to scream as shot after shot went off deep into Val’s cunt. He was surprised at how long and hard he came, being one of the longest orgasms of his life. As he came down, Warren assumed the length of his orgasm had been directly related to how worked up he had gotten watching his mom and his sister without getting off just hours earlier.Finally, feeling his dick begin to go limp, Warren pulled out of Val. He squatted and looked inside her, and was surprised that, unlike with Sandy or Ms. Burkhart, he could clearly see his cum covering her insides, and there was a lot of it! He laughed and began to get up, but stopped soon after looking into Val’s ass again. For no other reason besides the fact that he could, Warren coughed up as big a loogie as he could and hocked it directly into Val’s wide open ass. He just found it too tempting to avoid doing. Then he finished standing up, pulling his boxers and pants up with him.Warren pulled Val’s panties back up, but only pulled her skirt half down, leaving the bottom half of her ass and her bent crotch exposed, including the wet spot on her panties. He lined Val up as straight as he could then walked over to the hot chick he had groped while fucking Val. Her exposed tit looked deformed, frozen in the position Warren had squeezed it. He tried to straighten out her tit, make it look normal, but to no avail. So he simply placed the bra cup back over it and pulled her shirt down.Then he went back to where he had been walking when he had stopped timed and cringed, setting off the sting in his forehead.Three things immediately happened.First, the other girl he had grabbed the ass of while fucking Val in the ass gasped and jerked her hips forward, as if someone had just pinched her ass – little did she know.Second, the hot girl he had groped screamed and grabbed her tit with her free hand while her other hand which had held a beer jerked and splashed a ton onto her shirt.Third, Val fell forwards. Warren apparently had not gotten her back into the right position. She caught herself with her hands, but not before her skirt flipped up in the back, giving everyone a full view of her ass and wet crotch, with even more attention drawn to it because of the hot chick’s scream next to her. Warren also thought he saw the wet spot on Val’s crotch expand, possibly from either his cum leaking out of her or her own juices flowing more.Several people turned and laughed, but Warren was surprised to see the guy Val had been talking to, who had seemed uninterested before, suddenly seem to care about her, helping her up. Perhaps because she was drunk, Val didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed, accepting the guy’s help. He then walked her out of that room. Warren wondered if he had seen the wet spot on Val’s panties and decided he wanted some, knowing she was a sure thing, and wondering if he was going to fuck the cunt or ass, or both, that he had just fucked. He couldn’t help smiling to himself at the thought of the guy unknowingly getting sloppy seconds.Warren finally continued walking through the room and into the next. From this room he could see through an open sliding door out onto the covered back porch where there was a beer pong table set up. In the room, a few feet in front of him, was a couch facing away from him towards a wall with a large screen TV on it, though the TV was off. On one end of the couch was a couple making out. On the other end he could clearly see the back of Frank, Pat, and Bob’s heads. Curious what they were doing, Warren slowly walked towards the side of the room, not wanting to get caught by them so he could continue exploring the party.As he got around the couch at the side of the room, Warren stopped time. He walked forward to confirm what he thought he saw. There were seven empty shot glasses on the coffee table in front of the couch, and one empty in Frank’s hand. Next to the empties on the table was a nearly empty bottle of vodka. Obviously, there were more shot glasses than for just his three friends. Nonetheless, he wondered how much they had drank, as it appeared to him that they were now drunk. Even frozen in time they appeared pretty drunk, eyes half open and laughing hard. Warren backed up to where he had been and started time.Warren tried to hear what his friends were laughing about as he backed up a little behind the couch, thinking they were less likely to see him this way and force him to spend the rest of the party with them. Unable to hear from against the wall, Warren walked forward, trying to look as natural as possible in the somewhat crowded room.As he got closer, a sudden movement caught his eye. Looking over, he saw Alasia walking rapidly toward the couch. She must have just come in from the porch. As he watched, Alasia quickly got to the couch and grabbed one of Bob’s hands. “You’re coming with me,” she said angrily, though slightly slurred. She barely looked at him while pulling him off the couch.He heard Bob mumble out, “Okay,” as he was jerked forward off the couch. Bob looked behind him towards Frank and Pat. For a brief second, Bob saw Warren and their eyes met. A look of fear and surprise was on his face as he walked quickly to keep up with Alasia dragging him behind her.As they rounded the wall and disappeared out of sight laughter erupted across the room. Frank and Pat turned and stared at each other. And then with sudden intent, Warren turned and rapidly walked out behind him the way he had come in. He started looking for somewhere empty, but the house was crowded with no unseen areas. Having an idea, he walked as quickly as he could without running towards the front door. Outside, there was no one. To his side was a large hedge with just a tiny area between it and the wall of the house. Stepping into that area, hoping to hide from any possible eyes hidden in the night, Warren stopped time.With time stopped, Warren rushed back into the house. Though he really didn’t need to rush as time was stopped, he did anyhow, worried about his friend. He ran back to the room Frank and Pat had been in, then walked out the side that Alasia had dragged Bob through into a hallway. He looked around, but didn’t see them. He popped his head in a couple rooms down the hall, but again did not see Bob or Alasia. Toward the end of the hall, there was a staircase that led to a platform that then turned and went up more on the other side.Guessing whatever Alasia wanted Bob for she wanted to do in private, otherwise she would’ve just kicked his ass while on the couch, Warren went up stairs. At the top of the stairs, Warren could see several doors, all shut save one. At the far end of the hall, he could see a black arm through a half open door. He rushed down the hall and slid through the door.Alasia was in the process of closing the door behind her, but she was facing Bob, who was standing a few feet in front of her, with an angry look of intent on her face. Bob was looking back at Alasia, his eyes wide in fear.Getting into the room, Warren looked around. He concluded it was the master bedroom, Jake’s parents’ bedroom. There was a private bathroom and a walk-in closet off to one side. The bathroom door was open, while the walk-in closet was mostly closed. He headed into the dark walk-in closet. Closing it only as much as it had been before he entered. Before starting time, Warren checked how much he could see, moving around in the closet. He had a perfect view of the front of the room, where Bob and Alasia currently were. He had a decent view of the middle of the room, and if he edged around the open door, he could see the far end of the room, though that left him partially exposed.Not worrying about that at the moment, Warren took up position to watch the front of the room and started up time.The door suddenly slammed, and Warren could hear the lock being pressed. For several moments, Alasia and Bob simply stood looking at each other, Alasia looking angry, Bob looking scared. Surprisingly, Bob was the first to speak.“What do you want?” The question came out shaky, both from fear and drunkenness.Alasia didn’t answer. Rather, she dropped to her knees and started unbuckling Bob’s belt, surprising both Warren and Bob.Bob jerked back a bit, though Alasia didn’t let him move far. “What are you doing?”Alasia, seemingly experienced at doing such things, had Bob’s pants undone by the time he asked his second question and jerked them and his boxers to his ankles, exposing his large flaccid dick.“Holy shit,” Alasia exclaimed, staring at Bob’s dick.Bob moved his hands in to cover his dick, but Alasia slapped them away, announcing, “Let’s see what that monster looks like hard!” Then, with no warning, she lowered her head and slurped Bob’s entire dick into her mouth.Warren was shocked. He didn’t know what he had been expecting, but he hadn’t expected this! Bob also was shocked, but suddenly didn’t seem to care any more, simply closing his eyes and moaning.Warren couldn’t quite see what Alasia was doing. Her head wasn’t bobbing, but she had Bob’s entire limp dick in her mouth and seemed to be moving it around inside her mouth. As she continued to do so, more and more slid out of her mouth, the part outside her mouth wider and harder than what she had put into her mouth. When there was about five inches of fat hard cock outside Alasia’s mouth, she finally pulled off.Alasia apparently couldn’t believe her eyes, though in all fairness neither could Warren. Bob’s dick was at least nine inches long, maybe ten, depending upon how much was hidden in his thick pubic hair. His dick was also very wide around, Warren estimated just short of twice the width of his own.Staring at it, Alasia started to talk, though whether to herself, Bob, or Bob’s dick he wasn’t sure. “I imagined this was big yesterday, but I never would have guessed….”Alasia faded off as she stood up. Looking Bob in the eye, she said, “You are going to fuck me with that thing.”Bob just nodded in response.Then Alasia ripped her shirt off over her head, exposing her black torso. As she reached behind herself to undo her bra, Alasia looked at Bob and said, “What are you waiting for? Strip.”Needing no more encouragement, Bob bent down and pulled off his shoes and socks, then stepped out of his pants and boxers. By this point Alasia had her bra off and her shoes – she had no socks – and her large tits were jiggling heavily as she was pulling her tight jeans down her legs. Bob pulled off his shirt, leaving himself naked, and watched as Alasia stepped out of her pants, then ripped her panties down her legs and threw them across the room, revealing her large black ass and a huge hairy bush covering her pussy.Bob simply stared as Alasia walked around him to the bed. She climbed to the middle of the king sized bed, laid back on the pillow, reached up with her arms to grab the head board, then bent her legs up to either side of her. Warren had to lean slightly beyond the door to see Alasia, but she was staring at Bob, not at the closet, so he wasn’t too worried. He was amazed that even with her legs spread as much as they were, he still couldn’t see a hint of her pussy because of all the hair she had covering it. He also noted Alasia’s large ass sticking out the side of her body beneath her, as well as her large breasts leaning towards the side of her body, kind of like his sister’s had earlier in the day, only much more dramatically as Alasia’s were much bigger.Warren soon found he wasn’t the only one staring as Alasia announced, “Stop looking at me and fuck me!”Warren watched as Bob climbed up between Alasia’s legs, lowering his gut onto her, reaching between his legs and aiming his dick at Alasia’s hairy cunt. He began to slowly push in, but Alasia interrupted him.“Don’t be gentle, I said fuck me!”Warren couldn’t see Bob’s facial reaction, but he immediately thrust his entire length into Alasia, who screamed out in pleasure. Wasting no time, Bob pulled out and began rapidly thrusting repeatedly into Alasia. In no time, she was screaming and yelling things like, “Fuck me with your fat dick,” “Pound my black cunt,” and “Tear me open,” all while continually begging for him to fuck her more and harder.With no warning, Alasia’s body suddenly arched in orgasm. Bob slowed down, only to be yelled at to speed up again. Shortly after that, Bob dropped his head to Alasia’s chest and started sucking on her black nipple. This caused Alasia to moan out, “Fuck yeah, milk my fat tits while you fuck me with your fat cock!” Bob needed no encouragement though, and continued pounding into her as he sucked on her nipple.While Warren watched, he saw Alasia peak two more times before Bob gruffly yelled, “I’m cumming!”Alasia looked straight into his face, moaning out, “Yeah, fill my black cunt with your white jizz!” She added more comments while Bob was pushed as deep as he could go inside her, moaning in spurts that Warren guessed coincided with his cum spurts.Bob stayed on top of Alasia for awhile, deep inside her. They both shut up as they came down. It was quiet until Bob finally rolled off of Alasia, his half-limp dick making a popping sound as it broke free of Alasia’s cunt. Almost the second he was out though, Alasia announced, “Don’t you be thinking you’re done yet!”With that, she slid down the bed and rolled onto him, taking his dick in her mouth again. She sucked for awhile, then pulled off and said, “You best get this up, we’re gonna fuck again, this time I want you to take me from behind.” She paused, then added, “And this time I want you to talk dirty to me while we do it.”“Okay,” Bob replied.“Don’t okay me! Tell me to suck your dick!” Bob jerked at Alasia’s yell.“Ummmm… suck my dick.” It came out meekly, and sounded more like a question than a demand.“Say it like you mean it! Call me a slut!”Bob smiled, and announced somewhat stronger, “Suck my dick, slut!”Alasia smiled up at him. “Come on, you can do better than that!”In a voice Warren didn’t recognize, Bob yelled, “Get your mouth around my dick you cock-loving whore! Get me hard again so I can fuck your hairy black cunt with my fat white dick!”Alasia smiled, saying in a calm tone, “That’s better!”Bob smiled back, grabbing her head and forcing it onto his dick. “I said suck it you dumb black bitch!”Warren stopped time. He wasn’t sure why he had watched as long as he did. He felt guilty that he had watched his friend, but justified that he thought Alasia was going to attack him. However, what was happening now was too much for him. He was glad Bob was enjoying it, but he certainly didn’t want to see any more of his friend. He left the closet, left the room, making sure the door was locked behind him, then went downstairs and looked for an empty place to start time up again. A door was open that obviously led to a basement, a couple guys were in the hallway outside obviously having just carried a keg up from down there and towards the kitchen. Warren walked down to the basement to find it empty. He started up time and walked up the basement stairs, closing the door behind him.After spending a couple minutes to compose himself and push what he had just seen out of his mind, Warren went to check on Frank and Pat again. When he got to the room, he was surprised to see a small crowd around the coffee table in front of the couch his friends had been at, as well as some people standing behind it. Warren knew some of the people on the floor around the coffee table by name, but knew none personally. He guessed Frank and Pat had moved on, but he decided to walk over to the side of the room to check, not wanting to seem awkward walking into the group of people.As he got to the side of the room, Warren looked at the couch. The couple that had been making out was gone. But Frank and Pat were still on the couch. However, on the couch between them was Jake with Sarah and Tammy on either side of him, an arm around each. It looked to Warren like Sarah and Frank were talking on one side of Jake while Pat and Tammy were talking on the other, despite Jake’s arms being around both girls. Warren also saw that the vodka bottle was now empty and sideways, and there was now a bottle of bourbon on the table too, almost a third empty, along with several more shot glasses.“Warren man, get over here!”Apparently, Warren hadn’t been as subtle as he had hoped. Jake had drunkenly caught him and called him over. Warren walked over to the table and opened his mouth to talk, but Jake spoke first, drunkenly slurring out, “Warren man, I was just telling everyone here how we got flashed by these hot girls here!” As he said that, he slapped both Sarah and Tammy on the shoulder. Tammy didn’t even react, still talking to Pat, who seemed very interested in what she was saying, but Sarah grimaced, though she did lean more in towards Jake as she seemed to not like Frank.Warren was surprised Jake was talking so openly about the girls skirts going up in front of them, but he simply blamed it on how drunk he was. He also assumed the girls were drunk and thus didn’t care what he was saying, and that if they were sober they wouldn’t be happy with Jake talking about them like that while his arms were around them.Jake pulled his arms off of them and leaned forward as he finished talking, causing Sarah to nearly fall behind him. Looking at the other people around the couch, Jake pointed to Warren and announced, “This here is the man! Warren was there and got the best view of the show! He can give you more details than I can.” Sarah angrily grimaced, but Warren wasn’t sure if it was aimed towards himself or Jake. Jake turned to look at him, and started repeatedly pointing his finger at Warren. “Warren man, you gotta do a shot with us! We’re gonna do a shot and you’re gonna do it with us! You’re going to do a shot, right?”Warren couldn’t help but laugh at Jake’s obvious drunkenness, replying, “Yeah, sure.”Jake slammed his hand into the table. “That’s right! Warren’s doing a shot with us! Who else is drinking? Somebody pour them!”Jake then fell back into the couch, throwing an arm back around both girls, as conversations erupted around the coffee table. A few people started talking to Warren, asking how much he remembered about Sarah’s and Tammy’s panties when he got flashed. There were even girls asking him about it now, giving him winks and nods as they pointed out that he sure remembered a lot. Sarah leaned in and put her hand on Jake’s chest while Frank still tried to talk to her. Tammy meanwhile was still deep in conversation with Pat, seemingly not noticing Jake’s arm on her.Someone started pouring shots, filling up all empty shot glasses on the table. Warren didn’t count how many there were, but it looked like at least twelve. Jake again leaned forward, pulling his arms off the girls, and started handing out shots. He gave the first to Warren, then to Tammy and Pat, then to Sarah, who refused despite Jake’s urging, then to Frank and several others around the table.When they were all out, Jake raised his shot glass and toasted, “To being in the right spot at the right time!”Everyone else repeated it as they all downed the shots. Warren grimaced at the taste, as did several others around the table. As Warren placed his shot glass back on the table, Jake slammed his down, looking around and announcing, “Alright! I need another beer! Who else needs one?”Three people responded in the affirmative, handing Jake their cups. Jake turned towards Warren. “Warren man, you need a beer!” Jake stood up. Sarah leaned forward as if to get up too. Jake turned around towards her and Tammy, who was now looking up at him. “Don’t move ladies,” he slurred out, “I will be right back!” Jake then stepped over the coffee table towards Warren, put an arm around him, and said, “Let’s go get some beers, Warren man!”Laughing at how drunk everyone was, and starting to feel it pretty bad himself, Warren went with Jake towards the kitchen. He thought Jake was walking impressively well, considering how bad he was slurring. Jake kept asking how Warren liked the party, and if he was going to fuck anyone tonight. Deciding to try and stay low, Warren said he liked the party, but wasn’t planning on fucking anyone. The rest of the conversation consisted of Jake trying to get Warren to fuck someone and talking about how he was going to fuck those two girls back on the couch.Getting to the kitchen, there was a line for the keg, giving Jake more time to talk about fucking. When they finally got to the keg, Jake worked the keg while Warren held the cups. While pouring them though, the owners of said cups came into the kitchen, wondering why it was taking so long. Warren handed them off as they were filled, finally getting a beer for Jake and himself.Jake and Warren headed back towards the room they had come from. But just as they entered, shouting and cheering erupted out the other side of the room on the porch and someone yelled, “Who wants to take on the champion?”Jake, totally forgetting about the girls on the couch, shouted, “I’ll take you!” He jogged across the room, pushing people aside and spilling his own beer as he rushed to the beer pong table. Warren, who had turned to the couch, watched as Sarah turned her head following Jake across the room with her eyes.Frank had been talking to Sarah the whole time, though she clearly wasn’t listening. As she stared into the porch area after Jake, Frank leaned into her ear and whispered something to her while taking his hand from the side of her thigh and gently running it down one of Sarah’s breasts. Warren was shocked watching this, wondering what had happened to the shy Frank who hadn’t wanted to come to the party. Sarah’s eyes went wide and suddenly got angry, though whether that was because of Frank’s touching or what he said to her, Warren had no idea.Sarah shoved Frank’s hand away and stood up. She turned to Tammy and grabbed her arm, announcing, “Let’s go.”Tammy, who had been talking to Pat, turned towards Sarah. She very drunkenly slurred out, “You’s can go if you wants to go! I’m thinkin I is… am going to sssss… not go.” Then she turned back and talked to Pat some more. Sarah stared in shock and anger at Tammy for a little bit, then turned and walked out onto the porch.Frank didn’t even seem fazed by Sarah’s abrupt rejection of him and her departure. He sat on his side of the couch for awhile, staring at the TV that wasn’t on. Then he drunkenly yelled, “Shots!”Frank sat up and moved to the center of the couch. He leaned forward and poured first three shots, then four more as people had come over who had heard his yell. He handed them off to everyone as he poured. Tammy and Pat weren’t paying much attention to him, but he took Tammy’s hand and put a shot in it. Frank then went to hand one to Pat, who smiled and said something quietly Warren couldn’t quite hear, but appeared to be a refusal of the shot. But Tammy turned to him and loudly said, “Come on, take the shot with me!” She placed her hand on Pat’s leg as she said this. In no surprise to Warren, Pat immediately grabbed his shot.Frank lifted his shot and was clearly about to drink it when a girl that had come over for a shot stopped him and scolded him, “Not yet! What are we toasting to?”Frank lifted his head up to look at the girl and drunkenly said, “I don’t know.”The girl responded, “You poured, you call the toast.”Frank’s eyes roamed down the girl’s body, clearly stopping at her chest, which in the tank top she was wearing showed a fair amount of cleavage. Frank smiled and pointed at them with his free hand, then raised his shot glass and yelled, “To boobies!”The girl laughed, raising her shot glass and following, “To boobies!”The rest of the group followed, raising their shot glasses and saying, “To boobies!” Pat waited until Tammy did it. Tammy smiled at Pat as she said it, he smiled back as he was the last to say it.As the group was about to take the shot, some guy across the room raised his beer and yelled, “To boobies!”Then an echo of it went across the room, as people around the room, guys and girls both, began raising their beers in the air and shouting, “To boobies!” Even Warren felt compelled to join in.Frank looked around the room smiling and laughing. When there was a silence for a few seconds, Frank took his empty hand and shoved it in the air in a fist, then immediately took his shot. At about the same time, everyone with a shot took it also, and everyone with a beer took a sip.Warren wasn’t sure what the fist in the air was about, but he watched as Frank cringed at the shot, dropped his shot glass on the table, and sat back in the center of the couch. The four people that had come over for shots wandered back off to where they had been before. Pat and Tammy sat back against the couch, facing each other and resumed talking.Warren felt bad for Frank, having been ditched by everyone, and started to head over to him. He stopped though, as Frank turned towards Tammy. Slowly, he ran a hand up and down the side of her leg. Tammy didn’t react, continuing to talk to Pat. Frank then slid his hand up to Tammy’s ass, rubbing the side of it and pressing gently beneath the cushion. Still no reaction from Tammy. After some time of this, he slid his hand up Tammy’s side, and as it slid up the side of her boob, he stopped. Resting his hand against the side of her boob, he leaned in and whispered something in Tammy’s ear.Much to Warren’s surprise, Tammy smiled. She turned and smiled directly at Frank, then grabbed his hand on her chest and held it in her own. Then she turned towards Pat, who looked dejected, though not really offended. Tammy slid her free hand down towards one of Pat’s. This made Pat smile, though Frank was confused. Tammy then stood up, and pulled both her hands, getting Frank and Pat to stand also. She then turned and started walking away, pulling them behind her. They walked right by Warren, but neither Frank nor Pat seemed to notice, both following Tammy like puppies.Warren turned and followed them until he saw them start up the stairs. His curiosity growing, he quickly walked to the basement again. He closed the door behind him and went down to find it empty. Now that no one was around, he cringed, focusing anger on the inside of his forehead and feeling the stinging sensation.The loud party above Warren was suddenly silent. He went back up to the first floor, worked his way towards the stairs, and headed up to the second floor. Tammy had let go of both boys and was heading down towards the master bedroom, Frank and Pat following. Thinking Bob was still in there, he worked his way down the hall, avoiding the three people. He tried to open the master bedroom door, only to find it locked. He exhaled a sigh of relief. He turned around and wondered where they would go instead. Not sure, he worked his way back to the other end of the hallway and walked into an open bathroom. He then started time up again and listened.The music and chatter from downstairs was loud, but after several seconds, Warren heard Tammy exclaim, “Damn it!” He guessed she just found the master bedroom locked. He couldn’t look out into the hallway though, because she would’ve no doubt turned around and would be facing the direction he was in. Standing just to the side of the door, he listened hard for the sound of another door opening. But that wasn’t what he heard.“Get the fuck out!”Warren recognized the voice and immediately stopped time. He walked into the hallway and saw Tammy half in the first door back from the master bedroom. Frank and Pat were just behind her staring in. Frank had a giant smile on his face while Pat appeared to be in shock. Warren walked down towards them, and had to crawl under Tammy’s arm still on the door knob to get in.He couldn’t help but laugh at what he saw.Sure enough, he had recognized the voice as Val’s. She was lying naked face down on what looked to be Jake’s bed. Her head was turned and looking back at Tammy, an angry look on her face, though her eyes were shut and her mouth was open in mid-yell. Between her spread legs were the naked legs of the guy she had been hitting on earlier in the party. The guy’s body was arched upwards, balanced on his arms, a look of ecstasy on his face, his dick clearly pushing into Val’s ass.Warren couldn’t help but laugh for several reasons. First, seeing Val fucked in the ass was just a funny image in general. He was surprised at how much the guy seemed to be enjoying it given his experience earlier fucking Val’s ass while time was stopped. Warren imagined it just must be better in real time as opposed to stopped time.He also found funny the fact that Val’s yell was for Tammy to get the fuck out, rather than aimed at the guy to get the fuck out of her ass, which he imagined most girls would be yelling for in that situation.The looks on the faces of Frank, Pat and Tammy also was funny. Frank looked like he was seeing the greatest sight of his life. Pat looked like he was seeing something he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams. And Tammy simply looked like she walked into the wrong room, ignorant of the scene before her.Warren then faced a small dilemma. Did he want to hide in a closet in Jake’s room and see how Val and the guy fucking her ass reacted, or did he want to go back to the bathroom and hear how Tammy, Pat, and Frank reacted?After a short deliberation, he decided on the latter, not wanting to risk that group going into another room and locking the door behind them. Warren crawled back under Tammy’s outstretched arm, went back to the bathroom, and started time.He heard a door slam, followed by Tammy giggling and saying, “Oops.” He couldn’t hear any audible reaction from Frank or Pat, if there even was one. A little later, Warren heard the creak of another door opening, one much closer to him. After he waited a few seconds and didn’t hear a scream or the door slam, he stopped time again.Walking out of the bathroom, Warren could only see Frank in the hallway still, and he was halfway into the next door down from Jake’s room, not far from the bathroom. Warren walked towards the room, and slipped in besides Frank.And then he just stared.Warren was guessing Jake had a younger sister.A much younger sister.The room he had just walked into was almost blindingly pink. There were Disney Princess posters over the walls, and dolls and stuffed a****ls all over the room. The comforter and sheets on the bed were even Disney Princess themed. There were two closets, one just behind the door and one next to it, mere feet from the bed. The closet close to the bed was completely open, with a variety of dresses and dolls in it. The one behind the door was closed.Thinking it would be too obvious to suddenly close the doors of the open closet, Warren opened the closed closet just behind the door. He had to push some clothes and dolls aside to fit himself inside before he closed it, leaving just a crack open through which he could see most of the room. Then he started time.After Frank walked in, Tammy closed the door, making sure to lock it after having just walked in on Val getting ass fucked. She then giggled drunkenly, slurring out, “This is sooooooo cute!” Warren watched from the closet as Tammy spun around staring at the room. When she stopped, she looked straight at Frank and Pat, who both seemed to be staring at her in shock. Still smiling like she was about as old as the person whose room this actually was, she grabbed Frank and Pat’s hands and pulled them towards the bed. She pushed them both back towards the foot of the bed and said, “Sit!”They did.Then Tammy walked over to the dresser in the room, and turned on a small stereo on top of it. She set it to the CD function and hit play. What sounded like some random Disney teen pop star started to play. Tammy jumped up and down, clapping her hands as she announced, “Perfect!”Apparently knowing the CD, Tammy hit skip a few times, stopping on a song she seemed to know. Warren thought it sounded vaguely familiar, he might have heard it on the radio at some point, but didn’t really know it. Tammy though, started swaying her hips and dancing to the happy pop music, singing along with it.Warren, along with Frank and Pat, watched Tammy’s every move as she began rubbing her hands up and down her body, sometimes pulling her shirt up a bit or her pants down a little, giving a hint of her panties. After about a minute, Tammy started stripping. First she kicked her shoes off. Then bringing each foot in turn up behind her, she pulled her socks off. Still dancing, she pulled her shirt over her head, swung it around a few times, then threw it across the room. Next she undid her tight jeans, slowly inching them down her legs as she continued to sway and sing to the music. After stepping out of them, she swung those around over her head and tossed them across the room too.For the next minute or so, Tammy danced and sang in just her bra and panties. But then she reached behind her and began pulling her bra off. Once off, she tossed it into Frank’s lap and shook her chest, making her boobs shake with the music. Pat was clearly jealous that the bra hadn’t been thrown at him, but he continued to watch the show. Tammy then turned away from the boys and bent over, pulling her panties down and stepping out of them. Still dancing and singing, she turned back and slowly walked up to the boys, showing off her shaved pussy. She then straddled Pat’s legs, sitting on his lap, brought her arms up and pulled her panties down over his head. Laughing, Tammy got back up and started singing and dancing to the song again.In the closet, Warren couldn’t believe that one of the most popular girls in his grade had just done a strip tease for two of his nerdy friends, no matter how drunk the three of them were. Nor could he believe that she was still dancing naked for them. Warren pulled his eyes off of Tammy to look at his friends. Frank was staring at Tammy, eyes wide, mouth open, practically drooling over her. Pat pulled the panties off of his head, then brought them down to his face and sniffed them, the whole time never taking his eyes off of Tammy, who was staring back at him sniffing her panties. She continued to dance while Pat brought her panties down, sneaking them into his pocket.When the song finally ended, Tammy announced, “That was fun!” She then grabbed one of Frank’s and Pat’s hands in each of hers and pulled them up and away from the bed. Turning them back to face the bed, she sat down still naked on the end of her bed, her legs spread a little bit, her upper body leaned forward in anticipation as she announced, “Now it’s your turn!”“What?”The question had come from Pat.“Now you guys strip for me! Come on, the song’s already started!”For the first time since this whole thing began downstairs, at least the first time Warren witnessed, the two guys looked at each other. Pat had a look of horror on his face while Frank just seemed to be in shock.Then, with no warning, Frank smiled, turned back towards Tammy, and started swaying and pulling his shirt over his head. He was nowhere near in tune with the music, but Tammy laughed and clapped her hands. Throwing his shirt aside, Frank wasted no time pulling his belt out, waving that around his head a few times before tossing it aside, quickly going to work on his pants.Tammy, beylikdüzü escort who had been watching Frank intently, turned towards Pat, who had done nothing yet. “Come on, Pat!”“I don’t know,” he mumbled in response.“Come on,” Tammy said again, this time more seductively. She leaned forward, put her hands between her legs, and squeezed her arms on either side of her breasts, making them seem bigger and push out. She shook her body just a tiny bit, forcing her breasts to wiggle as she added even more seductively, “Won’t you do it for me, Pat?”Warren, couldn’t quite see the look on Pat’s face, but Tammy’s act had worked. Pat started moving his feet from side to side. Not really dancing as much as moving, he pulled his shirt over his head. Tammy cheered and clapped.Frank, in the meantime, had already pulled his shoes, socks, and pants off while Tammy had been talking to Pat. He was now dancing, if you could call it that, in just his boxers, which were visibly tented out. Really, it looked more like random shakes and jumps then dancing. During one of his jumps, his dick popped out through the fly of his boxers. Tammy immediately turned towards him and whistled. In response, Frank started whipping his hips in all directions, making his dick bounce up and down and jerk side to side, much to the amusement of Tammy.Pat was soon down to his boxers too, and in an effort to get Tammy’s attention back on him, he pulled his boxers off, waved them around his head and threw them at her. Tammy fell back laughing and cheering while encouraging Pat.Frank, not wanting to be shown up, quickly pulled off his boxers and threw them at Tammy also. Tammy sat back up and waved the boxers over her head, one in each hand, as she shouted, “Dance boys! Dance!”Warren could see that Frank and Pat were quickly losing any inhibitions they had left. Frank turned around and bounced his ass back and forth in Tammy’s direction while Pat whipped his hips from side to side, making his his hard dick slap against his sides, making a sound each time it slapped against him.Then, with no warning, Tammy got up and started dancing with them. She went over to Pat and started grinding against him, her hands on his ass. Pat, not much of a dancer, just started thrusting his hips against Tammy, causing his hard dick to rub up and down her stomach. Frank, meanwhile, came up behind Tammy, grabbed her hips, and starting grinding his hard dick against her ass. Tammy made no objections to Frank as she grabbed Pat’s hands.“Don’t be shy,” she whispered, pulling his hands up and placing them on her tits. Then she leaned forward and started kissing Pat. Pat began rubbing, cupping, and squeezing Tammy’s tits as she kissed him, still humping his dick against her stomach. Frank continued pushing his luck behind her. He bent his knees a little, and using one hand pushed his hard dick between Tammy’s ass cheeks. Returning his hands to her hips, he began thrusting up into her ass cheeks. In response, Tammy began pumping her own hips, helping to fuck Frank’s dick with her ass cheeks.Warren watched in shock from the closet as one of his shy friend’s made out with Tammy, feeling her tits and humping against her stomach, while another of his shy friend’s rubbed his dick up and down between her ass cheeks. The show continued with no signs of stopping for another minute and a half.Then the song abruptly stopped.And just as abruptly, Tammy pulled back from Pat and stepped to the side away from Frank.“That was fun,” she announced, bringing a hand down to grab each one’s hard dick. She looked down at them, turning her head back and forth between the two as the next song on the Disney pop CD started. “Let’s see,” she began, staring down at them. Stopping to look at Pat’s dick, she pulled forward on it and said, “I want you to fuck me.” A look of pure excitement appeared on Pat’s face while a look of shock and disappointment came across Frank’s. Then she looked over. to Frank’s dick and pulled it forward, “And I want to blow you.”The look of disappointment faded from Frank’s face, changing into a similar face of excitement. With Tammy staring down at their dicks still and slowly beginning to jerk them off, Frank and Pat looked at each other. At first, they looked away, seeming awkward. But almost simultaneously, they turned back towards each other. As they looked at each other, a big smile appeared on each of there faces.“Well, let’s go boys,” Tammy announced, pulling Frank and Pat forward by their dicks. She pulled Frank towards the foot of the bed, turning him to face the bed. “You stay there.”She then turned to Pat. She kissed him on the lips again, then pulled back and whispered, “And you get behind me and fuck me.”Having said that, Tammy climbed onto the bed and got on all fours facing the foot of the bed. She leaned forward and took Frank’s dick into her mouth, eliciting a moan from Frank. As she began to move her head back and forth on his dick, Pat climbed up on his knees behind her. His shyness suddenly gone, he lined his dick up with Tammy’s cunt and thrust all the way forward. Tammy moaned around Frank’s dick as Pat grabbed her hips and began fucking her, pulling her body forward and back onto his dick. This movement pulled her head back and forth along Frank’s dick as well as her cunt back and forth along Pat’s. Frank reached down to grab and fondle Tammy’s hanging boobs while she blew him, gently thrusting in and out of her mouth.Warren watched in awe as this went on for a few minutes. At some points, Frank and Pat locked eyes, which was practically unavoidable as they were facing each other fucking the girl between them. The first few times, they looked away, but on one of them, Frank smiled, letting go of one of Tammy’s tits and raising it for a high five. Pat reciprocated the smile, letting go of Tammy’s hips with one hand and slapping Frank five. After that, neither seemed to have a problem looking at each other as they continued to fuck Tammy.When the song suddenly ended, Tammy pulled her head back off of Frank’s dick and yelled, “Switch!”Frank and Pat looked at each other, shrugged, and changed positions. As the next song started, Pat started thrusting into Tammy’s mouth and m*****ing her tits while Frank began rapidly pounding into Tammy’s cunt from behind. They continued like this for another few minutes. Then the song changed and Tammy demanded another switch.Halfway through the next song, Pat suddenly sped up his thrusts into Tammy’s cunt, moaning out, “Oh fuck!”Tammy pulled her head off Frank’s cock and shouted, “Don’t cum yet!” Pat quickly stopped. “I want both of you to cum in my mouth at the same time!” Pat and Frank gave each other a strange look, though Pat pulled out and walked around to the foot of the bed. Tammy looked up at Frank. “You ready to cum?”Frank responded to the question as normal sounding as possible, sounding as if his mother had told him to get out of bed in the morning, saying, “I need a little more time.”Tammy moved around until she was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the two guys. She reached up and grabbed both of their dicks. Looking up at Pat she said, “I’m going to jerk you off slowly to keep you on the edge, tell me to stop or slow down if you think you’re going to cum.”“Okay,” Pat responded, following her every direction.Turning back towards Frank, Tammy simply stated, “Tell me when you’re ready to cum.” And without waiting for a response, she shoved her head back onto his dick, rapidly going up and down his dick while holding the base with her hand. As she did this, she moved her other hand at a much slower pace on Pat’s dick.Over the next minute and a half, Tammy continued this action, though never failing to slow down or stop her hand when Pat told her to.Then, Frank suddenly moaned out, “Fuck, I think I’m ready!”Tammy quickly pulled Frank’s dick out til just the head was in her mouth. Then she pulled Pat’s dick forward so hard he almost fell stepping forward. She shoved the head of his dick into her mouth right next to Frank’s. Neither guy had time to react as Tammy suddenly jerked both their dicks rapidly with her hands as they stood hip to hip with both their dickheads in her mouth. In seconds, Frank moaned, “Oh yeah!” Seconds later, Pat started a series of gasps.From the closet, Warren was shocked at the show before him. Tammy, one of the most popular girls in his grade, was jerking off two of the school’s biggest nerds into her mouth. Warren could tell from the moaning and gasping that his friends were both shooting their loads simultaneously into Tammy’s mouth. He wondered what was going through their minds as this was happening, but couldn’t even imagine anything they could be thinking.After a little time passed, Tammy stopped jerking the boys dicks and slowly pulled one dick out of her mouth, than the other, keeping her lips locked the entire time. Then she looked up at the boys, twisting her head up as far as she could, and opened her mouth.Seeing the looks on Frank’s and Pat’s faces, Warren had to stop time. He came out of the closet and looked down into Tammy’s mouth. His face soon reflected the same shock that Frank’s and Pat’s did. Her mouth was filled to the brim with cum, a mixture of both Frank’s and Pat’s loads. It looked like an incredible amount of cum. Curious what she was going to do with it, Warren quickly went back to his closet and started time again.Tammy soon started making almost a gargling sound, and a couple small splashes of cum popped out of her mouth and onto her face, chest, and legs, as well as the bed beside her. Then, slowly, a large bubble formed between her lips.Tammy was blowing a cum bubble!Warren watched in awe as Pat and Frank started laughing. Then, Warren saw Tammy’s throat move, along with a dash of her head. She appeared to be swallowing, but without closing her mouth. And as she was doing that, the bubble sticking out her mouth was slowly lowering in size, until it disappeared back into her mouth. Finally, she brought her head down and did one final swallow, sticking her tongue out and showing Frank and Pat that her mouth was empty. Then she asked, “Like that boys?”Pat was the first to respond. “Hell yeah!”“Oh my god,” Frank began, “how’d you learn to do that?”“Oh, it’s just something I picked up,” Tammy responded. Then after a pensive look crossed her face, she added, “I’ve never done it with that much cum before though. I had to swallow some of it while you guys were cumming, there was too much for me to hold.” There was a brief silence before she added, “I’ve never done two guys at once before. I’ve tried, but most guys won’t do it. They think it’s gay or something to see another guy’s dick, yet they see no problem doing two girls at the same time.”There was an awkward pause before Pat responded, “Well we’re not most guys.”Frank turned and smiled at his friend. “That’s right.”Tammy smiled up at them, then simply said, “Thanks.”There was an awkward silence for a bit as no one moved.Then, Tammy suddenly broke the silence. “Alright, so this is what I want to do next. I want one of you to eat me out while the other makes out with me”Frank quickly responded, “Whoa, no way, I’m not kissing your mouth that just had both our cum in it!”Tammy’s face drooped into a frown. She looked down and was silent for a little while. When she looked back up, she had a small smile on her face. In a conceding voice, she said, “If you do this for me, I’ll let you both fuck me again however you want and you can cum wherever you want.”Frank’s face opened into a broad smile. “Anywhere?”Tammy looked at him, before adding. “Well, you can’t fuck my ass. I’m not Val.” She smiled at her little dig, as did Frank and Pat. “Besides that, I’ll do whatever you want.”Frank looked at Pat, but Pat didn’t turn back towards him. Instead, he simply responded to Tammy, “Okay, we’ll do it.”Tammy smiled, saying, “You guys are the best!” She then turned around and climbed back on the little girl’s bed, laying down with her head rested on the pillows and her legs spread.Pat finally turned to look at Frank. “Look, it’ll totally be worth it–”“I know,” Frank whispered back.Pat smiled. “I’ll kiss her first. You go to work on her cunt. But you have to switch when I want to.”Frank nodded his head in agreement, and they both turned towards Tammy and climbed onto the bed.Warren stopped time. This was now too much, even for him. Without looking back, he left the closet, closing it behind him, then left the room, making sure the door was locked behind him. Then he headed back to the basement, where he started up time again.Having seen all of his friends have sex, even if it was somewhat awkward sex that they were having, Warren felt he should try his luck and have sex in real time. Coming out of the basement, Warren went to the kitchen to grab another beer. From there, he walked around Jake’s house, looking for someone who he thought was drunk enough to fuck him. He noticed that the crowds seemed to be dying down a bit. Either people were locking themselves in rooms and fucking, or people were leaving the party. He also found that any female he came across was already talking to a guy, or more often than not, several guys, each of which trying to be get with the same girl.Warren walked into the living room with the couch Bob, Frank, and Pat had been on some time ago only to find the couch, along with the area around the coffee table on the floor, full of people in some state of undress. He could see cards, and was guessing they were playing strip poker. There were shoes all around the table, along with some socks, a couple jackets and sweaters, and a few shirts. Only one girl was down to a bra, though she didn’t have much to hold up with it. Two of the guys didn’t have shirts on, though both still had at least a sock on, so that seemed to be intentional on their parts. There was a small audience watching the game of strip poker as Warren looked on.Then across the room, Warren saw Sarah out on the back porch through the open door, staring at what he guessed was the beer pong table and frowning, clearly unhappy. As he looked at her though, she turned her head towards him and after a short freeze, smiled. For a moment, Warren thought she smiled at him, but quickly dismissed the idea. Not moving, he looked back and forth over the room, trying to figure out what to do next.As his eyes crossed over Sarah again though, he saw her waving a hand above her. She really looked like she was waving at him. Warren turned and looked behind and around him. He saw no one else looking at Sarah. When he turned back, she was now pointing at him. Warren’s eyes raised as he finally accepted that Sarah was indeed motioning towards him. Seeming to sense his response, Sarah started laughing and nodding her head.Warren, not wanting to waste the opportunity but not wanting to seem like he was too desperate, slowly walked around the crowd watching strip poker towards the porch door. In this short time, he wondered why Sarah was motioning him over. Was she just going to make fun of him when he got over? They hadn’t really spoken in close to four years, before middle school started, and most recently, she seemed to love making jokes at his expense.But maybe she was drunk. She certainly had not been the last time he had seen her earlier in the party, but it was possible she had drank a lot since then. Maybe she felt bad. Maybe she was going to apologize for how she treated him. Maybe she was just horny and wanted someone she knew and could hopefully fuck. Maybe she wanted to make up for the way she treated him recently. Sarah really wasn’t at the top of the list of girls he would want to fuck, not because she wasn’t hot, which she was, but because she had been such a bitch to him. However, he just wanted to have sex right now, and he didn’t care who it was with.As Warren walked into the porch, he saw Sandy on the far side of the beer pong table, in the corner of the room, staring in an emotionless daze as the guys on either end of the beer pong table, one of which was Jake, tossed ping pong balls back and forth, missing the few remaining cups horribly.Without thinking about it, Warren turned away from Sarah and walked around the pong table towards Sandy.“Hey,” he said simply as he stood against the wall next to her. As he leaned against the wall, he caught sight of Sarah across the room, glaring at him in obvious anger.Sandy turned her head to look at him, then looked back at the game, simply repeating back, “Hey.”“You don’t look too happy here. Anything I can do to help?”Sandy turned towards Warren. Her eyes suddenly shot daggers back at Warren. In a tone of disgust, she threw back at him, “Look, I’ll tell you what I told the other guys – I’m not going to fuck you. Go try your luck on one of the other whores around here!”While a tinge of disappointment shot through Warren, he raised his hands up as if in defense, though one held a beer, and without thinking responded, “I’m not looking to fuck you. I just thought you could use some cheering up.” Warren was surprised with the sincerity with which he said that, wondering if he actually meant it, despite his goal of finding a girl to screw.Sandy looked at Warren for a bit. The tiniest hint of a smile appeared at the corner of her lips before she turned back towards the game. Then she simply said, “Unless you can get me a ride home, then don’t expect to cheer me up.”“Yeah, I could go for that too,” Warren responded, again surprised at how easily he was conversing with Sandy. He hadn’t thought he wanted to leave, but at the suggestion of the possibility, it suddenly seemed like a good idea. He didn’t like the party anymore. His friends had all ended up getting some, and while he had fucked Val with time frozen, seeing his friends really fuck girls had made him want to have sex in real time. Warren added on to his comment, “I’ve actually got a ride, a friend of mine’s brother is picking us up. But I have to wait for my friends before we can call him. I’m sure he can give you a ride if you want.”Sandy suddenly perked up, turning back towards Warren. “Really?”“Yeah,” Warren said emphatically, enjoying the sudden happiness in Sandy’s voice. “I don’t see why not, though it might get a bit crowded with four of us in the back seat.”“That’s okay, as long as you can get me home.” Sandy seemed to have a genuine smile on her face.Warren, not wanting the conversation to die, asked, “Didn’t you have a way to get home when you got here?”Sandy rolled her eyes and shook her head. “One of my older friends drove a few of us over. I thought that meant she would drive us back. But for the past half hour I haven’t been able to find any of them. One guy said he thought he saw them all leave. Which leaves me stuck here.”“That sucks,” Warren replied, not knowing what else to say.There was a silence after this. Both Sandy and Warren turned to watch the still-going beer pong game. Jake only had to hit one more cup, while his opponent had two more.After watching for a bit, Sandy asked, “So how long are your friends going to be?”“I don’t know,” was Warren’s honest response.“What’s keeping them?”“They’re,” Warren began before pausing. He tried to think of what to say, before finishing, “busy.”“Oh,” Sandy replied in a knowing tone, but sounding more amused than angry. After a short silence, she asked, “And why aren’t you ‘busy’?”Warren felt himself blush. “Well,” he began. Again, he had to stop and think of how to respond. “I’m not usually like that.” Then he thought about what he said and rushed to add, “Not that I don’t like that, it’s just not how I am.” There was another pause before he added, as if talking to himself rather than Sandy, “In fact, I’m kind of surprised they are like that, you know, tonight. They aren’t usually, well, let’s just say it’s unusual.”Sandy laughed. “Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m glad you’re here, rather than being ‘busy.’” She continued to laugh as she asked, “Do I have to worry about anything on the ride home?”Warren laughed, albeit slightly defensively, quickly responding, “No way! I’ll make sure you’re safe.”“Oh, my knight in shining armor,” Sandy replied sarcastically, though with a smile.Warren blushed with embarrassment, but played along. “Yes, ma’am. Sir Warren at your service.” Warren made a formal bow as he did this, eliciting more laughter from Sandy.“I thank you, Sir Warren, for being the safe escort home for myself, Princess Sandy.”The conversation then continued as Warren said he already knew Sandy’s name from school, to which she responded she already knew his name as well. This led to talk about school, their current teachers, and even their middle school years.At one point, Sandy abruptly asked, “Am I crazy or has Sarah over there been glancing over here like she is going to kill us?” As she said this, she nodded her head in the direction of Sarah without looking at her.Warren chanced a glance over, and sure enough Sarah was staring over in clear anger at him and Sandy. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, that’s my fault. She waved me over from the next room and I started to come over. But when I got in the room, I saw you and walked over to you instead.”Warren relayed the story as if reciting facts, but Sandy’s eyes went wide. “Wait, so you had the choice between Sarah and me – the Sarah who is one of the most popular girls in our class – and you chose me?”Feeling himself blush again, Warren shyly responded, “Yeah.”Sandy turned and looked straight at Sarah, who at the moment had looked back towards Jake who was continuing to ignore her. While looking at her, Sandy added, “You could probably be ‘busy’ with Sarah right now. You know you won’t be ‘busy’ with me. Any regrets?”“No,” Warren answered quickly, though still feeling embarrassed.Sandy looked back at Warren. “Why?”Warren cocked his head in confusion. “Why what?”“Why me over Sarah?”Warren thought for a little while before he responded. He thought about telling Sandy he used to like her in middle school. That while she may not have the stereotypical good looks of Sarah, he still thought she was beautiful and hot. That he would much rather be with Sandy any day over Sarah.But instead he just related the story of how he used to be really good friends with Sarah, how she stopped talking to him in middle school, and how she made jokes at his expense this year seemingly just to fit in with the popular group. Perhaps because he was a bit drunk, Warren even related the story of how he’d gotten a boner during his sixth grade physical with Sarah’s mom as the nurse, to which Sandy laughed, but responded she was sure that happened to tons of other guys too. Warren laughed back, saying that’s what he thought, but that no one else seemed to agree.While they were still talking about this, Jake finally made the last cup in the pong game. He cheered and grabbed both cups still on his side and raised them over his head in celebration. As he did so though, what must’ve been about half of the beer in one of the cups flew out behind and to the side of him, landing on Sarah’s head, face, and chest. Sarah made a sound of shock and disgust, then screamed, “Fuck you,” while throwing what remained of her beer at Jake, who tried to apologize through laughter. Sarah ignored it and stormed out of the porch, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room.Slowly, the porch emptied out as no one picked up another game of beer pong. Deciding to go look for his friends so they could finally leave, Warren walked back towards the living room with Sandy just behind him.“Warren! You won’t believe what these two–”Warren had recognized Bob’s voice the second he walked into the living room. But just as suddenly as it had started when Bob had recognized Warren, he cut himself off as Sandy walked around next to him.Warren turned to look at Sandy, who had a knowing smile on her face. “It’s okay, I won’t be offended.”Bob, along with Pat and Frank who had been standing in the corner of the living room not far from the porch door, all stared at Sandy. Bob was the first to look back at Warren, who laughed and replied, “I won’t believe that these two what? Fucked Tammy?”All three stared back in disbelief while Sandy even turned to look at Warren with a look of surprise on her face. Frank, in obvious drunken shock, replied, “How’d you know?”“Call it a lucky guess,” Warren replied. “I did see her drag both of you upstairs.”Before any of the guys could respond, Sandy turned towards Frank and Pat. “Wait a second, you two both fucked Tammy? Popular Tammy? Both of you? In the same night?”Bob, Frank, and Pat stared back at Sandy, obviously not used to being questioned about their sex lives – which prior today had been nonexistent – at all, let alone by a girl.Acting dumb, Warren said, “Well? Is that what happened?”Frank and Pat looked at each other, then just shrugged their shoulders, but both kept quiet. Bob had turned around to look at them. Seeing their lack of response, Bob turned back, looked at Sandy for a second, then smiling at Warren began, “Shit, if they won’t tell you, I will! Yeah, they both fucked ‘popular Tammy,’ but not back-to-back – they did at the same time! They said she blew one of them while the other fucked her doggy style, then switched! How crazy is that? They said more happened to, but neither would tell me.”There was a brief silence while Warren tried to think of what to say. Before he could say anything though, Sandy burst out laughing. In the midst of her laughter, she exclaimed, “Wow, what a slut! That’s awesome for you guys, making one of the bitchiest, most popular girls in the school into your own personal slut! Oh that’s great!”At first, Frank and Pat looked worried about Sandy’s reaction, then they both got huge shit-faced grins. Then the whole group started talking freely. Warren explained that Sandy needed a ride home. No one had a problem with it, and Pat said he had already called his brother who should be showing up soon and that they had just been waiting around for Warren. The whole group then walked outside to wait for Pat’s brother. On the way, Sandy tried to press for more details about what else happened with Frank, Pat, and Tammy. They talked about her strip tease – though Warren noticed they didn’t mention theirs – and Pat even pulled out Tammy’s panties that he had kept. Sandy took them and stretched them out before her, looking at the front then the back. “Not bad,” she commented, handing the panties back to Pat, who returned them to his pocket. Sandy pressed for details about what else they did with Tammy, but they didn’t share.Pat’s brother was waiting in the road across the street. Warren was surprised when Pat didn’t take the front seat next to his brother. Instead, he got in the back with Frank and Bob leaving Warren and Sandy in the front seat. Warren squished onto one side trying to give Sandy room, but after trying to sit down, and barely fitting, she announced, “Fuck it,” and dragged Warren into the middle of the seat and sat on his lap. She then grabbed his arms and wrapped them around her stomach.As they drove home, Warren asked Bob what happened when Alasia pulled him aside. Bob, who had openly shared Frank and Pat’s sex story, was much quieter about his own. Eventually though, he shared that she had pulled him aside solely to fuck him. When pressed, he wouldn’t explain why, but when Warren asked if it was because he had a huge dick, he simply blushed and nodded. Pat’s brother, who had initially tried to stop the conversation because they had a girl in the car but was shut up by none other than Sandy herself, burst out laughing at Bob’s shy acknowledgement of having a large dick. Sandy tried to tell Bob it was nothing to be ashamed of, and if he spread word around, he could probably get a lot of girls who just want to try out a large dick.During the conversation, Warren couldn’t help but get hard. He tried to control it, to keep it down, but to no avail. He got worried when he felt it press up into Sandy’s ass on his lap, but as far as he could tell she didn’t notice, continuing to talk with the boys in the back.While it was slightly out of the way, Pat dropped Sandy off first. As she got out the door, she gave Warren her phone number, saying he should call her the next day and that they should hang out again. Then she looked into the back of the car and said she wouldn’t mind hanging out with all of them again, saying they were a funny group. Then she said goodbye, placed a quick kiss on Warren’s lips, then turned and closed the door.As she walked up to her house, Pat’s brother pulled away while everyone laid their congratulations on Warren. Frank pointed out that while the rest of them had lost their virginity that night, Warren was the only one with a phone number, and for an awesome girl at that. Warren laughed, not really feeling bad that he had not gotten to have real sex that night, taking comfort in the fact that he did in fact have sex, even if it was while time was stopped, and had in fact been having sex like that for three days, with several different girls now. However, he did ask if any of the guys in the back would’ve passed up the sex they had had that night for a girl’s phone number. The car went suddenly quiet. Warren laughed and responded, “That’s what I thought!” Soon, seeing Warren wasn’t mad with them, the other guys in the car started laughing too.Warren was the next drop off. He thanked Pat’s brother for the ride and congratulated all his friends on losing their virginity. He also emphasized that going to the party had been his idea and that they should be thanking him for talking them into it, which they all readily did. Then, while laughing, Warren turned around and walked towards his house as Pat’s brother drove off.All the lights were off in his house. Warren went straight to the kitchen and drank some OJ straight from the container to try and settle his stomach after all the alcohol he had drank, which was much less then his three friends had had, and wasn’t quite enough to get him fully drunk, though he was certainly very buzzed. As he drank, Warren’s free hand moved to rub his dick, which still had not gone fully limp since Sandy left. Warren stopped drinking, put the top back on the OJ and put it away. He leaned against the counter and rubbed his dick through his pants.A thought suddenly burst into Warren’s mind. He could’ve stopped time at any point – while they had been on the porch, while they had been outside, even while she had been on his lap in the car – and fucked Sandy, relieved the tension in his balls. But the thought had never even crossed his mind. On the one hand, he was proud of this, he had gotten a girl’s number – and one he liked at that – without using his ability to stop time. Yet on the other hand, would it really have hurt to have stopped time and fucked her? It wasn’t like it would’ve been the first time he had fucked the girl by taking advantage of his powers.Warren had barely spent time thinking about it when his cell phone went off. He grabbed it from his pocket expecting a call, perhaps some comment from Frank, Pat, or Bob that they hadn’t thought of until they had driven away.Instead, he found it was his alarm. It was two in the morning. Time to jerk off on his sister’s face.Warren smiled as he shut off the alarm, having found his way of relieving himself before getting to sleep. Cringing, Warren set off the sting in his forehead that stopped time. He didn’t want to make any more noise, beyond his cell phone ringing, as he went upstairs. Before heading to his sister’s room, Warren wanted to make sure his mom hadn’t woken up when his cell had gone off downstairs.Opening the door, Warren saw his mother curled up on her side on the bed, her legs bent into her, clearly asleep. However, she looked strangely fat. Walking closer, Warren could see that there was clearly something under the sheets with his mother. Pulling down the sheets to her waist, Warren found it was simply a pillow that his mother was hugging into her chest with one arm. However, something else caught Warren’s eye. There was a slight break between the bottom of his mother’s shirt and the top of the fold of the sheets as far as he had folded them down. In that slight break, he saw nothing but skin, which was strange as he thought the shorts she normally slept in should have been there. Warren decided to explore further and pulled the sheets all the way down.Warren was shocked to find his mother naked from the waist down. Having pulled the sheets down, Warren exposed the shorts and panties she had been wearing earlier in the day lying next to her, having been hidden beneath the sheets. Between those articles of clothing and where her mother was lying now was a small wet stain in the sheets, exposed because she had rolled over. On the other side of her, also having been hidden beneath the sheets, was a large blue dildo. Upon closer inspection, Warren found it was a vibrator with a long blue cock on it with a tiny plastic branch reaching off the top.Warren placed it back down, laughing. His mother must have just finished getting off before falling asleep. He wondered if she did this every night, or just did it that night having gotten turned on from getting off his sister. Looking his mom over, he could see that while she had one arm hugging the pillow, her other arm was reached down between her legs. While her hand covered her pussy from between her legs, Warren was given a clear view of his mother’s asshole in the position she was in. It was pink with a slight brownish tinge, and seemed small, though that might have just been in comparison to seeing Val’s huge asshole earlier in the day. Warren felt his dick jump looking at it.A sudden guilt washed over Warren as he realized he was getting turned on looking at his mom’s naked asshole. He quickly pulled up the sheets and covered his mom again, along with her vibrator, shorts, and panties. He left the room, closing the door behind him and headed to his own room. In his room, Warren stripped, then left and headed for his sister’s room.Warren found Julie lying on her stomach on her bed, her head twisted to the side and her sheets up to her neck. Warren knew he had to roll his sister onto her stomach, but to do that, he needed to get the sheets off of her. Wasting no time, he grabbed the top of the sheets and pulled them to the foot of the bed.And found his sister naked beneath them.Warren wondered if his sister had gone to sleep in the same state of horniness that he thought her mother had gone to sleep in from their activities earlier in the day. Then he wondered if his sister had gotten off just like her mother had apparently done before getting to sleep. The thought pissed off Warren, as he had been trying very hard to not let his sister get off unless she was thinking of him, his own form of torment to her for how she had treated him over the years. But thinking it over, Warren decided that even if that had happened, it was still worth letting happen so that he could have gone to the party he went to. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fucked Val, he wouldn’t have seen his friends get laid (and who knows if they would have even gone without him), and he wouldn’t have gotten Sandy’s number. Thinking about Sandy, Warren stared at his naked sister’s ass. Her cheeks were clenched, so he couldn’t see her asshole, but her shapely ass itself was on full display. He felt his dick jump looking at it.A similar guilt to the one when he had gotten turned on looking at his mother ran through Warren. However, this time Warren justified it. First by saying he was getting turned on to thoughts of Sandy, and he was imagining his sister’s ass was Sandy’s – even though Sandy’s ass was noticeably larger. Even if he was getting turned on by his sister though, he was doing it for the sake of tormenting her, getting his own type of revenge on her for the years she had tormented him.Deciding to move things forward, Warren slowly and gently rolled his sister onto her stomach. Looking at his sister rolled over, Warren again felt his dick jump, although without the guilt he had felt before. Julie’s tits were pressed in against her from having been laying face down, not regaining their normal form while time was stopped. Her nipples were clearly hard, though pressed mostly flat. More interesting to Warren though was that there were juices leaking from between his sister’s large pussy lips. There was a slight wet spot on the sheets where her pussy had been before he had rolled her over and some covering her pussy lips, making them shiny in the dim light from his sister’s clock. Warren didn’t know whether this was from masturbating before she went to sleep or whether she was having a dream that was turning her on. He was hoping for the latter.Trying to keep things moving, Warren pulled his eyes away from his sister’s wet pussy and reached for the sheets to pull them back over his sister. He was going to pull it all the way up her body, but decided to stop mid stomach, leaving her chest exposed. Warren smacked his sister’s foot so that she would wake up when he started up time before he climbed onto the bed, straddling Julie’s torso.Though he was already hard, Warren rubbed his dick over his sister’s naked tits a few times, making small circles around her nipples. Then he started rapidly wanking while aiming at his sister’s face. Feeling his orgasm approach, he decided to start time a little earlier than he had in previous sessions.While Warren continued jerking off, Julie’s eyes opened, showing no surprise. Rather, he heard an exasperated sigh escape her. Then, to Warren’s surprise, she announced to herself, “Oh well,” and opened her mouth wide.Not missing the invitation, Warren aimed his dick at his sister’s mouth. The fact that she had opened it for him had pushed Warren to the edge and he was soon shooting spurt after spurt of cum into his sister’s mouth. The first had missed and hit her upper lip, but the next several went straight in. Warren was shooting off well more than he had the past couple nights before, having been very turned on from watching Bob and Alasia, then Frank and Pat and Tammy, then from being with Sandy, all the while never getting off. His sister closed her mouth to swallow at one point, but Warren kept shooting, letting a couple spurts land on her chin before she opened her mouth to catch the last remaining spurts. As she opened her mouth, a string of cum stretched from her bottom lip to her top lip while Warren shot what was left in his sister’s mouth.Warren had been staring at his sister’s mouth the whole time, but looked up to her eyes as he finished. He was surprised to see a confused look on her face as she swallowed the last of his cum in her mouth. Then he suddenly felt her hand move at the side of her body.With the fear of getting caught suddenly rushing over him, Warren cringed and focused anger on the inside of his forehead. He quickly felt the sting and opened his eyes to see his sister frozen. He rushed unnecessarily to the bathroom to grab tissues and clean off his sister’s face. Seeing his sister’s mouth open, he looked inside, and saw a little cum on her tongue. He stuck his finger in and dragged it off her tongue and out of her mouth. He then put his finger back in to feel for anymore cum, but found none. He ran the tissues back to the garbage, then hid in his sister’s closet as he started time.Warren watched as his sister’s partly raised hand moved to her face. She rubbed it briefly on her chin then raised it above her looking at it, apparently expecting to find something. Not finding anything, and not satisfied, she brought her other hand up and rubbed her face with both hands, then looked for signs of anything on them. She even stuck her tongue out and ran a finger along it, but again found nothing but saliva.“Weird,” he heard Julie say aloud. As Warren watched, she dropped her arms back to her sides and stared at the ceiling for a bit. Then she muttered out, “Maybe she’s right. That wasn’t as bad, and it seemed quicker.” Upon saying that, she rolled her head to the side, then grabbed her sheet and pulled it up over her chest, though she kept her arms over the sheets and left her hands resting on her chest. It seemed like mere seconds later that Julie’s breathing changed to that of a sleeping person.But even though she sounded like she was sleeping, Warren didn’t leave the closet. He stayed there, thoughts rushing through his head as he hoped his sister would wake up and talk to herself to explain her last comment. Maybe who is right? Did she tell someone she was seeing her brother while masturbating? And why did him cumming into her mouth seem less bad than when he shot it all over her face? And this had definitely been his longest session cumming on her, why did it seem to be quicker? Yet these questions remained unanswered as Warren stood in the closet, his sister drifting further and further to sleep.It wasn’t until he felt himself begin to nod off in her closet that Warren decided he needed to go to his own bed, rather than risk falling asleep and getting caught in his sister’s closet. Stopping time, he went to his bedroom, pulled on his boxers, climbed into bed, and started time. He barely had time to think before he was fast asleep.



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