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It was a sweltering day in southwestern Florida, 86 and humid to be exact, and as you would expect, thunderstorms were rolling through. Despite the storm, the rain was light, and tonight was a very calm night. A type of night where the wind only blew the rain a few inches in any direction. There was something extra beautiful about the way the rain was falling from the sky, and only one person was witness to it.

Anna, standing outside waiting for her dog Rose to take care of things, noticed the rain dance in circles as the light breeze blew around her fenced yard. “I wish Christian was here so that I could show him.” She whispered to herself while simultaneously wishing even more that perhaps he would have noticed first and showed her, had he been there. He was ‘the greatest thing to ever happen to her’, and they have been apart for three weeks. If you asked either one of them though, they would have told you it has felt much, much longer.

These small moments were the engine driving their ability to survive being apart this whole time. Then, a small flash of sunlight peaked through the rainclouds, reminding Anna of a car ride where the sun glazed his eyes like golden brown leaves kissed by a northeastern fall sunset.

The sound of thunder cracked and sent a powerful heartbeat to all of her extremities. There it was. The subconsciously familiar heartbeat. The one he told her that feels like it pulses through his entire body in an instant, flooding him with testosterone, dopamine, and oxytocin at what could possibly be dangerous levels. It had startled Anna just enough to make her snap out of thinking about him. In that quick movement, she noticed a smooth glide in between her legs. “Straight to the pussy.” She chuckles to herself, as she takes Rose back inside for the night.

Tonight, wasn’t just any other night though. As she went to her room for the night and laid in bed, the feelings had stuck with her. She was immediately thrown back into the aroused state she tried to shrug off just moments earlier. Laying somewhat in the fetal position she’s able to feel herself again, throwing her into an intense daydream.


They had just finished having sex no more than 15 minutes ago, and were laying together as close as humanly possible. The rush of good feelings after sex accompanied with cuddles was one of their favorite things. As Christian laid next to her, soaking in the softness of her porcelain skin, he couldn’t help but to notice the way her neck created the smoothest slope down to her shoulder. A subconscious feeling drew him directly to the point where Anna’s neck becomes shoulder. In this tiny spot that looks indistinguishable from the rest, he kissed her. It was a slow and soft kiss, that looked fairly harmless, but the precision of its placement was anything but. Anna let out a moan of surprised arousal, after all, they had just finished having sex, surely, they weren’t about to again.

The sound of Anna’s voice sent a burst of want directly into Christian’s conscious mind. Having realized he had just found ‘her spot’, he took full advantage of it. He kissed her deeply in the same spot, with a clearly intentional fervor behind it. Once again, the sound Anna let out was entrancing, reawakening the fire in Christian to please her over again so that he could bask in the angelic canlı bahis şirketleri resonances of her passion, yet he played it cool. He had a suspicion that she would be willing to take a victory lap of sexual play, but he needed to make sure first. Lining himself up with her so that their sexual centers were barely touching, he asked her a simple question.

“Hey babe, can move your hips for a second?” Christian whispered in her ear as they lay pressed against each other in bed. The moment she moved, she realized exactly why he had asked. “Mmmm, I knew you were wet.” Feeling the physical signs of her arousal, Christian was immediately given his answer. At the same time, Anna felt Christian, and she felt him growing. In a comforting yet firm fashion, Christian grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of Anna’s head and turned her around to kiss him. A slow press of their lips together sent shockwaves throughout both of their bodies. It was immediately clear to both of them where this was going. As they kissed deeper and deeper, tongues pressing against each other in a pattern that is completely unique to them, they began moving back and forth. In a seemingly endless spiral, the two were sensing the others arousal growing deeper and deeper. Christian, growing harder by the second, began rubbing his head directly against Anna’s clit, still spooning her and alternating between kissing her neck and lips. They were both beyond ready for more.

The two never had to think about using outside sources of lubricant, they had such a way with each other that one person was more than enough, but both sources never hurt. By this point, Christian’s dick was filled to the point of bursting. Anna had always turned him on so intensely. He began to ease himself inside her incredibly slowly, ensuring Anna could take it, but making sure she felt every single inch of him on the way in. He was moving slow enough that Anna could feel the faint pulse of his blood flowing within him, keeping him completely hard. After what had felt like minutes, he was fully inside of her. Even though she thought he couldn’t get any harder, he flexed when he was fully in. The feeling made her contract around him, tighter and tighter. Each time she contracted, he flexed. The two, without moving a single muscle, were getting each other off in a uniquely intense way that neither were aware of before knowing each other. With one last flex, Anna began to orgasm, and as soon as Christian noticed, he began fucking her.

He pulled his hips away from hers in the same fashion he had entered, and slid himself out of her until just the tip was still inside. Feeling every single pulsation of Anna’s continuing orgasm, he thrust back into her, this time with an authority that said he was in control of her pleasure. Gripping his left hand onto her hip while his right arm wrapped around her chest and neck, he began to thrust even more vigorously. His arm, locking her into place, gave him all the leverage he needed to continue ramping up his speed and control over the situation. Anna’s small moans turned into screams of pure pleasure, translating to a primal call for more and more. Nearly in shock, Anna realizes the orgasm that she started having at the beginning still hasn’t stopped. Christian kept turning up the intensity at the exact moment each one canlı kaçak iddaa was about to wear off, causing a chain reaction of orgasms that had ceased to stop the entire time.

With each passing minute the sex became more and more aggressive. His hand, which was once holding her breast and locking her into place, had now moved to her neck. As soon as his fingers wrapped around her throat, she smiled in a way that told him, I am here solely for your pleasure, as Anna is one who gets off on pleasing her man. The sights and sounds and feelings of her were so intensely pleasuring that Christian has felt on the brink of cumming the entire time, but he would never, not before her. Not before he’s sure she’s had enough, and that she was to the point of begging him to cum for her. Yet, the feeling became too intense, and he pulled out of her, but only long enough to reposition her. Bent over the bed and unaware Christian had just taken a small stamina break, he drives himself back inside her completely. Grasping both hips tight enough that nail marks would show, he plows his way into her again, holding her hips tightly against his so that Anna could feel the full extent of how big he is today. After soaking in the feeling of Anna’s tight pussy wrapping itself around him for an entire minute, he quit clenching her hips, but only to free up his hands. With a strong smack, he spanked her, sending reverberations through her pelvis directly to her clit. Reaching his long vascular arms up her back, he grabs another handful of hair while continuing to fuck her. He puts two of his fingers into her mouth, then proceeds to drag his nails from her neck, down her chest and stomach, and to her clitoris.

Anna is on the brink of having an out of body experience at this point. The combination of Christian’s rock-hard dick inside her, the pleasurable pain of having her hair pulled, and the perfect light pressured semi circles his other hand was doing, were almost all too much to handle. With each passing rotation, Christian could feel Anna getting tighter and tighter, getting closer and closer to the brink. Another smack on the opposite ass cheek seemed to signify the grand finale was nearing. His speed and force had ramped up to the point where each thrust sent shockwaves through her entire body. He knew Anna loved to be fucked like this, she was submitting to his every move, taking every inch of him over and over, harder and harder.

“Cum for me, baby.” He said quietly into her ear while the heat of his breath shot chills down her spine in the best way possible. In that moment, Anna blacked out from pure pleasure, having not only the biggest orgasm of her entire life, but having one that she thought was not even possible. Both her pussy quivering, and her clit pulsating at the same time, orgasming from multiple sources simultaneously. The pleasure was too much to be isolated to just those parts of her body. Her legs quaked violently, trying to dispel the overwhelming sensation that had just washed over her while Christian held himself deep inside her, embracing every echo of pleasure resonating within her.

Christian loved this part. Admiring his woman, watching her experience something so powerfully intense that he couldn’t help but feel he did exactly what she wanted, but it was his turn. After embracing the full canlı kaçak bahis aftershock of Anna’s orgasms, he flipped her onto the bed on her back. Christian walked around the corner of the bed so that his cock was right next to Anna’s head. She knew exactly what was coming next, and she couldn’t possibly be more thrilled.

Anna was just like Christian in the sense that she loved making him feel amazing as well. She repositioned herself so that he could put himself deep into her mouth. Grabbing her by the hair, Christian patiently slid his dick into her mouth, putting the whole thing into her throat for a brief second. He began slowly fucking her face, pushing her limit, but never too far. While doing so, Anna looked him straight in the eyes, stopping him in his tracks. Even in the midst of aggressive sex, he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. As his heart beat, his dick throbbed, and he noticed a certain look in her eyes. It was her turn to take control.

Pulling Christian onto the bed, Anna mounted him over his thighs, kissing down his body while slowing jerking him off. The anticipation was something Anna was a mastermind at, she always knew the exact moment it would be best to put him back inside her mouth. With one last kiss and stroke, she let him in. She wrapped her desirable luscious lips around him, noticing that he was somehow bigger now than he was before, once more she looks up at her man. This sight alone is enough to make Christian want to erupt, and he almost did, but Anna was in control now, and she knew exactly how to make the eruption earth-shattering. Each time she felt he was on the brink of cumming, she would stop and focus on another part of him, ones that felt amazing as well, but areas in which she knew she could keep edging him. This was her secret, getting him as close as possible over and over, to the point where he literally begs her to make him cum, but it’s her turn to please, and she doesn’t listen to his cries. At this point Christian cannot possibly get any harder, he has been on the brink of cumming for what feels like an eternity, and has no idea when it’ll happen. Yet, he knows it will happen, when Anna is ready.

Her lips sliding up and down his massive cock, her tongue pressing against it inside her mouth, the slight suction applied, pulling the orgasm out of him from deep within his bones. He was on the brink once again. This time, Anna was ready though. She knew she had brought him to the brink enough times that she could make him quiver the exact same way he had just done to her. She gives Christian another glance before speeding up. He realizes exactly what time it is by the change in pace, and the thought alone makes his dick fill to the brim. Up and down, up and down, her hand squeezing his shaft and following the motion of her mouth. Her other hand massaging all around the base of his dick and balls. She takes him out of her mouth to say one last thing, “Cum for me, baby.” There it was, the magic words right before the sweetest of releases. Anna goes back down on him, going faster and faster until the sensation consumes his every thought. The pressure building up inside of Christian was immense and uncontainable. A tsunami of pleasure swept across his entire body as he erupted inside her mouth, filling her throat with evidence that she had just rocked his entire world. If that wasn’t evidence enough, his legs jolted with the metaphorical lightning that coursed through his being. What had just happened wasn’t your typical orgasm for either party, they were thunderstorms.



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