This is for Carole Pt4Adam and Horace, our two new friends where horny as fuck when they stepped into the bedroom to find Jizel and Roo cuffed together and Roo ass up and Jizel legs spread and pussy dripping, especially after Carole and me had pre prepared them with a quick suck to ensure they were really ready to have fun with our two hussies …Adam immediately went to the top of the bed and waved his 8 n half inches infront of them, but of course they were both blindfolded and couldnt see the pleasure they were about to recieve. so he took hold of his big fat black cock and put it to Jizels lips and then to Roos and they both gasped and opened their lips to start to suck, but clever boy, he drew back and started to stroke Roos back and then between them both. playing with their nipples and then back again teasing them both with his rampant manhood….. mean while Horace was stroking Roos ass and Jizels thighs and teasing them both. stroking his fucking amazing cock. Carole and I were in amazement the amount of pre-cum oozing from his shiny purple throbbing mushroom,Ilooked at Carole and with a nod (I knew the cameras were running) we dediced to take control of the boys. grabbing Horace. I positioned anadolu yakası escort his cock at Jizels pussy lips and biting on his nipples I whispered …drive baby…drive deep and slow. and stroke the ass that is waiting for ur cock when it is covered in pussy juice … looking at Carole she had hold of Adam and was making them both kiss and suck on his hardness…. both of them bucking and sucking and trying to get more and more … I let go of Horace and he exploded into Jizel and she screamed as Adam exploded in her lips and Roo just groaned and moaned as if …fuck that was all mine …..but we would not let her down….in started to wank Horace so he would not soften and Carole had hold of Adam doing the same …leaning down I just had to taste him (and Jizels pussy juice) and started to let him fuck my throat and boy did he xx that rampant bastard just wanted to fuck and fuck xx so I had to let him ……Fuck Roo that is I positioned his cock at her tightness and with all the juices he had …he slipped in … Roo almost screamed but bit her lip and then pushed back, accepting him all the way balls deep and then Adam…his ataşehir escort hard cock ready for sucking …she was spit roasted ….Ummph Grummmph mm Oh Fuck between breaths and then ….Aarrrgh I’m Cumming ….I’m Cumming ….from Roo and then both men …Fuck wait … I am too …and the 3 of them had earth shattering. ball blasting, erupting Cumms …. Carole and I both clapped our hands and hugged with glee … Happy Birthday darling ….fuck that is the best and then ….. Ahem …can I join in ???? Jamie made it ….all the way from Mid America ….her beautiful blonde tresses flowing down her shoulders. her nylon encased legs looking splendid and ….the bitch …nothing else but her cute clitty cage and a little bell that went ‘ting-a=ling’ as she strolled towards us …..omg Jamie u hussi says I (know her from miles across the pond for about 5 years) and there she is in person ….Jamie meet …oh shut up Kaye ..lets dance …no lets not…who are those beautiful studs …oh meet …shut up again she says and drops to her knees and grabs Horace and stuffs his manhood between her lips and starts to suck ….mmmm more …so Adam steps forwards ümraniye escort and there she is ….two cocks rampant and she is sucking them both …..Roo is spent …Jizel is fucked…Carole and me are still horny so I make a grab and we end up in a 69 position but both of us are glancing across at Jamie on her knees having a blast and occasionally hearing her little bell on her clitty cage tinkle out now and again as her hips move along with her lips …she is sucking so well …we can hear the groans and moans from the guys and that spurs both Carole and me to suck each other deeper and ….fuck magical xx as I see Adams hips thrust harder …I’m cumming and then as I cum so does Carole and then we see Jamie oozing her pretty white creamy cummies out of her cage and then Horace grabs Jamie and throat fucks her so deep …I worry …she gags and spits and then swallows …all of him. all of that big black throbbing muscle and I see her looking longingly into his eyes …. a sweet special moment between two lovers … oh fuck …. Carole … you better have all of this on camera …… lets go and sit and find out and rest ….. spent as I am I can only agree and so does everyone else …so there we are … 4 gurls 2 men and 1 gurl sipping a drink or 3 and watching what we did (and missed) on the big screen ……….. Omg …. Awesum ….have we time for more ???? What do you all think ….. should we play some more … or is this enough ??? Kisses to Carole, Roo, Jamie and my old friend Horace for such inspiration …I love you all xx Kaye



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