Things do happen !Janet stretched out on the large towel with a smile. At last; she had been looking forward to some serious sunbathing. That bright sunny morning she had headed for the expansive dunes well before many other holidaymakers had surfaced. After a bit of searching she found the perfect secluded spot, a series of deep hollows hid her from prying eyes and now that the sun had risen high in the sky she could benefit from many hours of uninterrupted tanning rays. She spread out the towel and arranged all the necessities for her session within easy reach. She was wearing her skimpiest bikini but knew that the top was going to be discarded very soon! She applied sun lotion all over her arms, legs and torso. Getting it onto her back was going to be a problem but she’d defer that till the time came. Meanwhile she unclipped her bikini top and folded it carefully. Then she smoothed the lotion over her pale breasts, giving a little cry as the cool liquid hit her skin. She spent some time rubbing the lotion in; she liked the sensation of her palms on her stiffening nipples, after all! And it was prudent to ensure her tender areolae were adequately protected too! Her thumb and fingers worked over those wide suckle-pads; she gave tight squeezes to her hardening teats…Mmmm, if only a man was here to do this , she thought ! Once her flesh was generously anointed she donned her straw hat and sunglasses and lay back to soak up trhe rays. She had brought reading material but decided to just lie back and enjoy the sun’s warmth first. In her little sandy dell the temperature soon rocketed . Hot prickly heat was causing her to sweat copiousy. She sat up from time to time to smooth on more lotion. Her skin was very hot; best not be silly about this. She put her bikini top back on and gingerly headed over the fiercely hot sand towards the sea. She paused to look back, to locate markers for her return trip….all the dunes looked the same. Luckily there was a bit of picket fence on the top of a nearby dune, she could navigate her way back using that! Immersing herself in the cooling waves was delicious and she spent awhile swimming up and down. There were more people on the beach now, a little further away. She walked out of the sea and headed back to her towel, shaking her hair free of water. THe sun’s heat had virtually dried her by the time she reached her hidden place. Time to tan her back !Janet stood drying off what was left of the water from her bathe then stooped to pick up the bottle of sun lotion. She loosened her bikini top and threw it down at the head of the large towel spread out in front of her. Then she reapplied lotion all over her legs, arms and body. Getting the cream onto her back was going to be a problem but she worked at it, her hands snaking awkwardly around her warm skin; only a small area esaped direct application so she improvised by smearing some lotion onto the long bottle and worked that over her upper back. Then she donned her sunglasses and straw hat and sank back face-first onto the towel. Taking her weight on her elbows she started to read one of the magazines she had brought with her. The intense heat soon made her dozy; she was concerned about staying out too long in direct sunlight and resolved to go back to the hotel in ten minutes.She slumped forwards onto her front, her hat shielding her head…just don’t fall asleep, she thought sleepily…When she felt the hand on her back she gasped then froze. Was this a dream, she thought…..she wanted to turn but remembered her top was off. She held her breath and waited…perhaps she had imagined ….then a voice, a man’s voice, quietly said…’I saw you trying to get the sun cream onto your back.’…..She heard the bottle being unscrewed, the sound of the liquid being shook out….’ This shouldn’t be too cold….!’ Then her back was being smoothed with the lotion, it was a pleasant sensation….in another situation it would have been welcome. She hugged herself to the towel. The firm hand stroked, smearing her hot flesh with the soothing lotion. Across her shoulders, down her back, right onto her bikini bottoms then back up. ‘You can’t be too careful…’ ;an English voice, reassuring and non-threatening…yes! Her pounding heart steadied…she should really be acknowledging this considerate act but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to make a sound…perhaps he’d soon slip away as silently as he’d appeared.There were more noises…more lotion on palms. The application continued, this time up over her outstretched upper arms. She was cradling her head on her forearms and her straw hat hid most of that area. This time his hand stroked back down one side of her body. She held still, realising that her full breast was bulging out….then relaxed as he progressed over her back again onto her other side. She wondered if he was a masseur; his firm stroking was very sarıyer escort accomplished and enjoyable. Another shake of the bottle…he’d be finished soon….then his hands were smoothing over the backs of her thighs and calves. She managed a low murmur of appreciation. Then she realised his hands were spreading her legs…definitely time to protest now ! She even managed to rise onto her elbows…Then his palms were on her bumcheeks. The cut of her bikini bottoms exposed alot of that soft white flesh. Did she just hear a moan of delight? His hands spent a long time there, working, cupping….too intimate surely! Inch by inch her thighs were being eased apart. She twisted, trying to counteract his insidious pressure. Then his hands were all over her inner thighs, fingers pinching at her tender skin, worming higher into the apex of her sprawled legs. Her face was blushing fiercely now but this was hidden from him by the straw hat. Finally he was really stroking over her bikini bottom, his thumb pushing onto the gusset. She realised he was now kneeling, straddling a thigh…holding her legs wide to allow his hand full access there. The thin material of her bikini was being pushed into the hidden crease of her pussy…His thumb and fingers gripping at the plump folds….she wanted to scream out but lay there, frozen with fear. The torment continued….Janet lay as still as she could, hardly daring to breathe as those attentive hands explored and probed her bum and crotch. Then she felt deft fingers loosening the tie-sides of her bikini bottoms…a palm smoothed down over her trembling buttocks…and the triangular flap slid completely down; her thighs strained to close up but the man’s leg was still wedging them apart.Then his palm was on her bumcheeks, stroking, smoothing in more lotion. Fingers pointing downwards he eased his hand onto her defenceless crotch.Janet’s hips gave a little shudder, a mark of protest but ineffectual. Fingertips traced lightly over her puckered anus then passed onto the puffy shapes of her pussy.Slick with all that suncream the fingers slid and probed her delicate folds . No pink fissure was missed…Janet squirmed, her palms gripping the towel. Then the fatter shape of his thumb was stroking along the split of her pouch, each caress driving it deeper between her labia until she felt her inner lips being teased apart. This time the lubrication was coming from within, in spite of the situation Janet was juicing up nicely. The worming, working thumb had penetrated her vagina and was stroking over her g-spot.Involuntarily, Janet worked her hips up and down, almost riding that thrusting thumb. The man caught that subtle signal and continued. Janet’s thighs lost their tension and easily parted some more under the man’s guidance. Little juicy noises could be heard as her pussy was probed and worked. The thumb was withdrawn completely; Janet’s stomach lurched as she realised the man must be sniffing it, licking it even. Then her pink slit was penetrated once more, this time by two of the man’s fingers. They twisted and thrust in, a bit roughly at first…her tender labia were squeezed and pushed inwards. Janet’s bum bounced in protest. Then her slippery sheath clung and accepted the invasion. The man’s free thumb was now stroking over her tight anal rosebud. Slick with all those juices and lotion it sank easily between those pink fissures. She gave a startled gasp, pressing the side of her face into the rough towelling. It was awful…but so incredibly arousing. Her open mouth drooled a string of hot saliva….The muscular hand worked and pleasured her…Oh yes, it was pleasure now…! Her body jerking like a freshly-landed fish, Janet surrendered to her delicious climax. The man’s hand lifted off her back and she heard his movements behind her. Her palms clung to the towel beside her half-turned face.Grabbing her hat by the rim she flicked it away from herself then ventured to open her upmost eye. The blinding light caused her to wince. But she had caught the dark shape close above her. She held her breath as she felt his hands on her spread thighs. He stroked gently then moved his palms onto her soft bumcheeks. These were forced wide; his tongue was flickering onto her crotch. Deep wet licks hooked over and into her gaping cunt….Janet shuddered…any more of that rasping over her drooling slit and…..!! Then she was being gripped by her hips, the man was pulling at her prone body. She got the message and shuffled her knees over the towel. It wasn’t easy rising as the sand beneath her kept shifting and resisting a firm kneeling stance. Eventually they both managed to manoeuvre her hot sticky body onto her hands and knees. She felt his palm over her sex; she tried keeping her thighs apart for him. This was it …and she couldn’t wait!Through esenyurt escort her half-opened eyes in her hung-down head Janet could see the man’s knees on the towel between her parted legs. She watched his thighs nudging against her own….She leant expectantly on her outstretched arms. The man’s hairy thighs pressed against her inner thighs. She shut her eyes, pushed her head upright and waited.His hands settled at the base of her spine, lightly stroking fingers making her shiver, then in two long torso-hugging caresses they had travelled around the sides of her body until his open palms had scooped up the fulsome shapes of her hanging breasts. ‘Oh yes!’, his low moan of approval as he tested their weight, his kneading paws glorying in the smoothness of her skin. Janet’s nipples distorted, flattened under that eager pressure, his hard thumbs dragging her teats until they escaped, the rubbery stalks flicking erect in the shade of her heaving chest.He was having to lean his hips against her bum now; she had to thrust back on straightened arms or they’d both be collapsing onto the towel.He took some of his weight on her back, arching himself over her as his arms hung free to play with her breasts.His eager caresses explored every inch of her, squeezing, pulling, releasing , his hands crossing back and forth between those sexy shapes. Occasionally he’d slip a palm down onto her belly and allow fingertips to pet onto her mons but not for long. Now his fingers and thumbs were seeking out the turgid forms of her nipples, light grips and squeezes interspersed with twisting, pulling and milking motions that set Janet’s loins aflutter. She now felt his stubbly chin on her shoulder blade , so far over her was he bending. Her arms were beginning to ache, she wished she could just collapse forwards under his body….maybe his cock would ram up inside her then…but no! He continued his breast-worship, thankfully with skill, varying the type of pressure and stimulation. He slid a more meaningful paw into her crotch. His fingers traced up and down eiither side of her open slit then settled to frig her clit. Janet responded , her hips moving languidly in time to his subtle caresses…The man’s caressing hands were all over Janet’s body…not just on her breasts, but also on her upper body,belly, back and thighs. He was leaning his weight more and more on her back, covering her like a prize stallion at the stud. Janet’s head sagged downwards, not just with tiredness of the position but the rising passion his attentions were stoking made her slightly disorientated.She realised that she was moaning too; perhaps he would pick up on that and move things along…her arms were trembling with the strain!A hand was back between her thighs again , this time more purposefully searching out her gaping pussy, a fingertip stroking at the apex, rubbing around her clit hood.Janet’s knees shifted on the towel, threatening to give way..Get on with it !, she screamed inside ….was she going to have to beg him?! She squirmed, not only moaning but panting too ! She felt wet lips on the nape of her neck, a low growling in the man’s throat as her arousal spurred his on. A few more firm breast squeezes then he straighened up and fumbled with his shorts. Janet momentarily sank forwards onto her elbows, relieved to get into a different position. She felt the man’s shorts slide down against her inner thighs and one of his hands reached to grip the junction of her shoulder and neck, hauling her back onto straightened arms. Seconds later she felt the glans of his penis stroking up onto her labia; he was using his other hand to play his cock all over her pussy. She gasped as a firmer lunge lodged the fatness of his knob in her entrance, then it swished away, a coating of her juices being smeared over the plump folds of her sex. The man’s own precum was also adding to the slipperiness. His fist worked, stirring and rubbing his bloated bulb all over her excited puffy lips and clit.Janet responded, her hips grinding and boring against his flexing snake. The man shifted his kneeling stance. Then with a hand on her lower back he jabbed meaningfully upwards with his hips. Janet froze, her cunt being pierced in a series of mini-fuckstrokes. The man paused, breathing heavily. Her tightness was obviously pleasurable and he wanted to savour it. Both hands were on her hips now, no need to guide his cock now. Janet sensed a lessening of pressure…his hips withdrawing fractionally. Then he leant forwards over her, his gripping hands painful on her hips. With a loud gasp he thrust, withdrew quickly then thrust again. The flare of his knob ploughed relentlessly into Janet’s tight ‘O’; she panted and squirmed, her hands gripping onto the towelling. He kept up the assault, moving his cock in and out in urgent jabs. Janet tried to relax into each avrupa yakası escort painful thrust but it wasn’t easy. Eventually more and more of his rigid shaft was inside her and every thrust and withdrawal achieved with more ease. He paused, lying over her back once again. His palms stroked her upper body as if trying to soothe her, reassure her that it was all OK. And for him it was…very OK !…he loved the tightness of her cunt….that hot wet sheath now squeezing around his plugging cock. He’d rest a moment…fully savour her…then he’d fuck her long and hard….fully embedding his length in her till they both came. Underneath their mated crotches his heavy sac swayed, it cargo of oily white seed primed and juicily readied!Janet’s body shuddered under the energetic fucking now; the man was lain over her back, letting her take his weight. His knees were lifting off the rumpled towel as he rutted and bore into her. At first his hands were on the sides of her shaking body but now they were around her, his palms grasping and kneading her quivering breasts. Her stiff nipples were stroked and pinched then his gripping fingers on her bruised tits gave him purchase for his relentless hammering fuckstrokes.Eventually the intensity of his fucking eased off and he straightened his back, relieving Janet of his full weight. His hands stroked down her back onto her bumcheeks. Janet felt fingers slide over her arsehole then continue down to stroke the rim of her stretched cunt. Murmurs of appreciation from the man as he hooked a finger onto her swollen clit. Janet couldn’t resist those pleasurable caresses; her hips ground and screwed herself onto his burying cock. She slid one of her hands back beneath her belly. Her fingers met his at the apex of her sex. She excitedly explored the taut rim of her cunt; her slippery lips distended by his invading shaft. She rubbed onto the veined underside of his cock, feeling it kick and throb . Then she reached further back, her cupping fingers finally caging his fat scotum. Its bloated heat filled her palm. She gently twisted amd pulled on it to the man’s obviously delight. All the while his hips had been languidly easing his cock in and out of her but this new stimulation galvanised him into a series of harder thrusts. Janet fought to keep her balance, already her upper body was twisted and her head and one shoulder now pressed onto the towel. With those firm hands on her hips Janet was shagged frenetically. She slid and squirmed on the towel and reluctantly had to release her grasp of the man’s balls.With her bum raised up high the man’s fuckstrokes juddered into Janet. His hard cock sawed over the reddened lower rim of her cunt. At each the end of hard thrust Janet felt his hairy ballbag smack over her clithood and smooth mons. He was shagging her relentlessly, timing his hip-thrusts to his yanking back of her body. Janet managed to shifted her position and now cradled her head on her folded forearms; still her body was jolted, shuddering under the ever more frantic fucking. The man’s penis seemed massive inside her violated cunt. Her streaming inner walls clenched and milked at his pistioning shaft. Sprays of their mixed juices squirted out onto Janet’s inner thighs, over that swaying scrotum and onto the crumpled towel. Fingers were once again on her clit peeling back the flap of swollen skin, mercilessly frigging her. She gasped and drooled , her face mashed against the coarse towelling….her groans mounting to a series of snorts…He was taking her so close now. He sensed an increasing pressure around his thrusting cock. He made each stroke long and deliberate, screwing his hips to excite every millimetre of her inflamed cunt. Janet convulsed, rising quickly onto her hands again to savour the final release. He was lying back over her again, his mouth seeking the sweaty nape of her neck, he wanted something of her to kiss and bite. His passion was all-consuming. His hand flickered over her hanging breasts, her belly…a few more thrusts…Janet’s cunt convulsed; her quaking thighs strived to clamp shut but his weight was forcing her into an a****l-like squat. Yes, he was serving her like a stallion, his thick potent hose ramming in and out. Janet’s hands gripped at the towel, dragging it this way and that as her crisis exploded. The man felt the intense spasms around his pistoning cock; he let out gasps of pleasure. He had to grip Janet’s shoulders as he let rip to his hammering hips. Legs astride he lanced and thrust his cock with maniacal fury, threatening to topple their joined bodies forwards. Somewhere deep inside Janet’s belly all that frantic fucking tripped the man’s trigger…He wailed and redoubled an already impossible rate of fucking. Then the violent squirting was unleashed, an unstoppable fountain of bubbling hot cum erupted over Janet’s cervix. Red-hot skewers seemed to pincushion the man’s balls as all his spunk wanted to pump up his tender tube at once. The white magma shot out of his red-eye in heart-stopping pulses. He jammed his shaking thighs against Janet’s, delighting in the intensity of their joint cum. He hugged down onto her, murmuring incoherently as his pulsing cock and balls continued to seed her.



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