Come into my web said the spider to the fly, he thought as he walked to her apartment for the first time. He had asked her out after talking to her, almost three weeks to the day after opening the door for her at their first meeting. He had watched her look for him for a couple of days. He knew she would deny it if he asked her. At their second chance meeting, he asked if she had read any good books. They talked for over an hour about the books that she had read. He had listened intently, making mental notes. A couple of days later they discussed another book over a coffee. Then he went for the kill, asking her if she wanted to go out on a date.

She was reluctant at first, while they had talked and she had found out some about him, she was still not sure about this strange man that she was drawn to. She agreed to meet him at a restaurant for supper. She had told him that she would not come over to his place until she knew more about him. She was not going to let him anywhere near her place until, maybe date 4 or 5, if it made it that far. He laughed when he heard her say it out loud.

She was smitten with him and tried to hide it. What she did not tell him was she would let him in on date 2 and probably on date 3 they would not leave the apartment, whether it was hers his. He was charming, educated, sweet and kind. He said all the right things at all the right times. She wants to know more, a lot more. Why he was not with someone. He was a catch, or so she thought, it would be years later before she knew the truth about him and what he was doing to her.

His plan working flawlessly. She was putty in his hands. His mere suggestions of what to eat or drink caused her to order whatever he said. It would be a while before he could get her to do things she had said she would never do, past experiences had showed him that. He felt a little guilty for what he was doing to her. It was her beauty that had drawn him to her, made him chose her. It was now time to take it to the next level.

Tonight he knew he was going to make love to her. It was the first time he was nervous about it. With the others he had done this with it was sex, pure, unbridled sex and nothing but sex. They were toys, girls and ladies he had honed his skills on, Melissa would be so proud of him. Angela on the other hand was different. He felt something when he was with her, the attraction was more than sexual, she stimulated him, his mind, his body, his soul. He hoped that neither of them would be disappointed.

When he arrived she greeted him at the door with a smile. The plan was working flawlessly. She was bubbly like she was a teenager. Jessica kissed his cheek and hugged him. He as actually excited, too. She was dressed in his favorite outfit. He could not believe it. He had only mentioned it a few of times, in a subtle fashion and there she was standing in front of him wearing it. OH MY GOD, he thought. She was gorgeous. She was wearing faded blue jeans, a white man’s dress shirt with 3 buttons buttoned tied in a knot at the waist and brown suede cowboy boots. He was blown away when he saw her.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked at him. Her blonde hair was perfect as was her makeup. Everything was flawless. He could not believe how fast she had responded to all of his suggestions. She had fixed his favorite meal, chicken fajitas and dessert, key lime pie. It was going 10 times better than he thought. She took him by the hand, skipping as she led him through her apartment to the dining table. She had candles burning throughout the house. She had done everything he had suggested, without question or hesitation. She was his puppet and he was her master. His program was now perfect.

After supper he led her over to the couch where they snuggled and cuddle to watch her favorite movie, a romantic-comedy. When she looked at him during the movie he pulled her face to his, gazing deep into her beautiful eyes. He could not get over how well the evening was going. While they had kissed before, this time was different. It was passionate, deep, sensuous. It was nothing like any kiss he had experienced before. Their mouth connected as his tongue delved into her. HE did not push or press as he had before, with his previous liaisons. He just let it happen. She responded meeting him, her kisses were sweeter than he had remembered. Their tongues slid around each other, darting in and out and around each other.

He rolled her over on the couch so that she was under him. He gazed deeply into her eyes, taking her all in. His plans for her had definitely changed. He had her now bahis firmaları and he wanted to keep her all to himself, or so he thought. He kissed her again with the same passion as before. He kissed her face, starting at her forehead and working his way to her neck, biting and nibbling her neck as he went. She responded with a low moan. HE continued down from her neck to her chest. He took his time, enjoying every moment as he worked his way down her body.

He did not hurry has he unbutton her shirt, undoing each button as well as the knot slowly as he grazed into her eyes, watching her smile. Beneath her blouse was a lacy green bra, his favorite color. Her shirt had hidden her bra from him very well. He smiled at what he saw before him, a beautiful woman dressed his favorite clothes from head to toe. He kissed her stomach as he squeezed her breasts. Her nipples were erect. She moaned low as he moved up her stomach to her breasts. Taking one nipple into his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on it, so as to cause her some pain as well as excitement, as he squeezed the other breast. He alternated between her supple breasts, nibbling and sucking. Her moans were becoming longer, deeper. Her breathing had quickened. She arched her back again, letting out more animalistic moans. He took off her bra and started kissing down her belly. As he reached her jeans, she lifted her waist. He undid her jeans, pulling them down to reveal a pair of matching lacy green boy style panties. She had removed the cowboy boots before they had laid down on the couch. She quickly slid out of her jeans and socks.

He was now positioned between her legs. He lifted up her right leg and positioned it on his shoulder, then he placed her left leg on his other shoulder. He began kissing her thighs, moving towards her wetness. Her moans were becoming more and more guttural and deep. They were also becoming longer and louder as well. He smiled to himself. It was even better than he thought. He continued kissing up her thighs. Now he could feel goosebumps forming on her smooth, freshly shaven thighs. They had felt smooth against his face and beard.

She was responding with more intensity than his previous conquests. Her back arched as she again let out another guttural, animalistic moan. He was in total control now. She was his puppet. He was her master. She would respond to his every command.

He slid her lacy panties to the side and slowly inserted one finger. It slid in easily. She let out a little squeal sending herself to meet him. As he continued to nibble and kiss her thighs he inserted another finger. She responded with another faint squeal. He rubbed his thumb against her clit. This was more than she could stand. She let out another very loud, low moan trying to quite herself by biting her lip. Her orgasm was intense, her whole body responded to his touch. She pushed herself against his hand trying to get all of him inside her. She ground herself against his hand. She was now flowing as she continued to cum.

“Oh my God!!” she exclaimed.

She tried to squeeze his hand between her thighs, his head prevented this from happening.

“May I remove your panties?” he asked.

She was almost out of breath. Breathing hard, she responded with an almost breathless yes.

He pulled them off and dived into the warm wetness that lay in front of him. Instead of letting out squeal as she had previously, her mouth responded with a deep gasp, almost as if all the air was being sucked out of her. Again her back arched, she grabbed his head pushing it into her, she wanted all of him inside her. He drove his tongue deep inside the dripping warm cavity in front of him. She met him with herself again.

Within seconds she came. For a moment he thought that she had faked it. Never had a woman, any woman young or old, orgasmed as quickly has she had. He flicked her clit with his tongue and she jumped. He knew then that she had not faked it. Her breathing had increased. She was taking short breaths, almost gasps, as she orgasmed again.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH MY GOD!!” she loudly moaned. He raised up to look at her, like a wolf standing over its prey. Protecting it from others that may come to take it away from him. She was his now, his and his alone. She was rubbing her breasts squeezing them, grabbing and pinching her nipples. After a couple of minutes, she caught her breath and swallowed hard. “You are amazing,” she gasped. He smiled as he watched her. Yes, she was now his. It was time to proceed with part two of the night. She begged him to let her go down on him. He refused kaçak iddaa be telling her that he was not done yet. He was not finished pleasuring her. He told her his goal was to see if he could make her pass out from pleasure.

That had always been his goal to see if he could make a woman cum so hard or some much she would pass out. So far he had not been able to make it happen. Now he thought he had found the person to make that dream come true for him. Not tonight though. He did not want her to do that. Not yet.

He stood up and started getting undressed. He stripped down to the briefs which did very little to hide his excitement of the night’s events. He was feeling like a teenage making out on his parent’s couch while they were not home. He looked at her, his prize. He had her and it was time to continue her night of pleasure. Tonight it was all about her. He would get his pleasure later; he was content to pleasure her as long as he could. Later, though, it would be all about him. She was so beautiful lying there on the couch naked.

After she caught her breath, he picked her up in his arms, kissed her deeply again and carried her to her bedroom. He laid her on the bed and proceeded to devour her again oral. He loved going south on a female and he took every opportunity he had to do just that. A friend once told him, you so me a man that does not gnaw on that thing. I will show you how to take is wife away from him. Again she let out a loud squeal and arched her back. This time grabbed his head and tried to put it as far inside her as she could. She came again with great force. She was successful in pushing him away so she could orgasm in peace.

He finished stripping down, grabbed her and rolled her on to her back. She gasped as he entered her. He slid inside slowly, wanting her to fill every inch of him, every vessel. He wanted to make love to her this time, may be next time, too. He would fuck her later. Tonight he wanted to take his time and pleasure her as much as humanly possible. She moaned again when he was fully inside her. He pulled it out slowly wanting to tease her with his head before he entered her again. He used his head to tease her clit before inserting himself deep inside her again. She pulled him closer, raising her legs so he could go further inside her.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” she loudly screamed. She came hard this time, grinding her body into him. She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. She wanted to be the aggressor but she was not able. She was not in control. He was in control, confident and in control of her. He was totally controlling her pleasure. She could not believe what was happening to her. He was deep inside her, filling her completely, taking her breath away. They continued to kiss and they continued making love. She kissed and bit his neck and chest when she was not having an orgasm.

He was enjoying her squeezing him tightly. The next time he withdrew, he told her to roll over on her knees. She did as she was told getting on hands and knees immediately. He entered her again, this time he drove his point home. He did not want to hurt her, only increase the intensity and passion. The new position just intensified her pleasure. She continued to squeeze him tightly, burying her face into her pillows to muffle her pleasure. She was sure the neighbors were listening to her screams and moans now. What could she do, she loved every minute of it and did not want it to stop. She was covering him with herself after every orgasm. Her body was contracting and squeezing him every time he went inside her. It was becoming more than he could stand.

He fought cumming from the moment he entered her. She was milking him, gripping him tightly. At times it was more than he could stand. He stayed focused on pleasing her and making her cum. He wanted it to be a night they both would enjoy as well as never forget.

He was unable to contain himself. At that moment he told her he was going to cum. No sooner had the words left his mouth; then he exploded inside her with an intensity that she felt. He had tried to prolong as long as he could to increase the force. He had focused on different things he saw around the room. They collapsed in a sweaty, hot heap on her bed, spent.

While she had not passed out, she was extremely satisfied and exhausted. He looked at her as they laid there in the silence and darkness. Things were going EXACTLY as he had planned, he said to himself and smiled.

She was fast asleep, the sweat on her body glistened in the moonlight that filtered through the kaçak bahis curtains. He kissed her back up to her neck. He felt her skin soft skin against his lips. He felt her twitch and saw the goosebumps form as he continued. She left out a soft sigh and snuggled against her pillow. He laid beside her for a few minutes more until he knew she was asleep.

He climbed off the bed, then covered her with a blanket, as a cool breeze blow through the curtains into her bedroom. He walked into the master bath and looked around, taking a mental inventory of what he saw. Everything was in its place. A typical woman’s bathroom he thought, they must take a class. Quietly he went through the cabinets and draws as trying not wake her. For the plan to continue he needed to know everything about her. No stone was to be left unturned. He froze when he heard her stir. The plan also required that he not get caught.

He glanced out the door and saw that she was still asleep. Gathering himself back together he got in the shower. He too was sweaty and smelled of her. While he did love smelling like her, it was time to get cleaned up. He did not know if he would spend the night or not. Unlike some of the others that had came back to his place and did the walk of shame in the morning, he was not to part take of this tonight. If he left is was going to be after he showered and dressed. He surveyed her shower and turned on the water.

As he showered he did not hear or see her come in. His back was turned to her while she watched him. She had never seen him completely naked until now. She watched him as he washed himself. He was fit and toned, not too muscular. While she was not a fan of long hair, she likes his. It was not too long, shoulder length and it framed his face.

She watched the him through the shower door trying to decide what to next. Should she wash his back for him and help him finish his shower? Should she leave him and let him finish by himself? Should she pleasure him as he had pleasure her? She was torn.

One thing for sure she was not going to let him go. So far, he was saying all the right things, doing all the right things. He made her laugh and feel good about herself. He made her feel special. No one had made her feel that way, lately.

He turned slightly; she dropped to the floor with a thump. Please do not let him see me she thought, as she crawled back to the bed. Was he going to leave or spend the night? She really wanted him to spend the night.

She did not care what any one of her neighbors thought. He was nice; he was sweet and easy on the eyes. She liked everything about him so far. Best of all he was AWESOME in bed. She would still keep her guard up though. One thing was for certain, she considered him a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The bed still smelled of him. She liked the smell, a pleasant smell of him, her, sex. It made her tingle all over. It was a smell that excited her. It was intoxicating her and she could not get enough of it. She buried her head in the sheets taking it all in as he finished showering.

She quickly unwrapped herself from the sheets when she heard the water turn off. She snuggled down on her side of the bed and waited for him to return. She hoped he would return. She longed for him to return and snuggle with her as she slept.

She wanted to feel him against her. She wanted his skin on her skin. She wanted to feel his body against hers. She wanted his arms wrapped around her holding her tight and keeping her safe.

She heard him turn off the night and come back into the bedroom. She counted his steps as he walked to the other side of the bed. She waited, hoping, praying he would climb back in the bed. She felt the sheets move; she smiled. He crawled into the bed and slid next to her. She was on her side and stomach. As he got close, he conformed his body to hers. She felt him kiss her shoulder.

She let out a sigh that came out more as a moan. She could not believe that he came to bed. She could not believe that he snuggled up with her. She felt sure he going to leave and head back to his place. Her body tingled inside. She tried to be as still as possible, trying to hide her excitement. She felt his breathe on her back.

She continued to pretend that she was asleep. She was afraid he would leave if he knew she was awake. Soon she heard a faint snore. She pushed herself against him so that she could feel more of him against her. She glance at the clock. It was a little after one in the morning. Now she would let herself fall asleep.

For once, she felt safe with a man she had just met. The slight breeze coming through the window caused her to shiver just a little. As he felt her move, he pulled her closer to him. She nuzzled herself into his arms and fell asleep. She did not want him to leave.



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