The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 4)Dorothy and Leandra stood there silent, then a slate of rock moved down, opening up a way out of the circle of rocks that imprisoned them. “Well theres the way out what do we do Dorothy””I don’t know Leandra, we have to decided before they trap us here forever”Leandra went over and grabbed their things. Picking up their clothes and her bag. She brought them over to the opening and tossed them out. She stood there looking out at the freedom her clothes had, but she still felt trapped. She didn’t want to make the decision. Maybe her and Dorothy could come up with a way to get out. They could leap out together and run for it. But as she thought this stone slabs of solid rock came driving out of the ground. One of the rock boulders talked behind her and Dorothy.”If you are thinking of jumping and running, don’t. We control all the rocks in the mountains. There is nowhere you can hide from us.” Dorothy turned to the talking boulder. “What guarantee do we have that you will let us go after this.”The boulder laughed,”You don’t have any guarantee. But you do have our word and words carry more weight in Oz then most things. But the final judgement is up to you”.Leandra turned back to the opening, giving it one last look. A deep sigh came out her mouth, “I’ll do……”,but she couldn’t finish, as Dorothy pushed her out through the opening. Leandra jumped up and turned around watching the slate of rock, coming back up over the opening.”Dorothy I would have stayed.”Dorothy smiled,”I know but now you owe me….friend”.Dorothy watched as the slate came up over the opening and the last image of Leandra disappeared. She turned around watching as the two rockmen came to life again. She looked down and saw a piece of fabric from Leandra dress and picked it up, using it to tie her hair back into a ponytail. Dorothy walked up to the rockmen and squatted down and grabbed both cocks. She spit on both and jerked them up and down looking up, seeing no face, just blank stone heads with no face. She turned her attention to the stone cocks and leaned to the one on her right and opened. Sliding the cock into her mouth she began sucking. Her lips spreading around his stone smooth shaft,sucking up and down savoring the unexplainable taste. Her hand jerking the other one, both never soft, always hard. She pulled up, turned and slide her wet mouth down the other shaft. Her mouth sucking up and down, spit oozing out her mouth down that shaft. Dorothy pushed over the head, down the shaft, to the base, then pulled off. Strings of spit dangled from the stone cock. She licked up at her spit and slide her mouth down again. Pumping her mouth up and down as the other rockman cock got pumped by her hand. Jerking his stone cock up and down, smearing her spit all over it.She slide her mouth off and turned back to the first cock, and took him in. Carrying spit from one cock to the other, the two connected by her saliva. But as she sucked, she felt his stone hand reach up, grab her hair and push her down. He began to move her head up and down, fucking her mouth. Dorothy moaned, sucking that cock deeper. Her throat opening wider with each push in. The rockman moved her mouth down to the base and held her there. Keeping his cock down her throat, as she gagged. Her mouth choking up spit out the corners of her mouth. His hand let go, and she pulled off his cock gasping for air. But as soon as he lungs filled with air, the other rockman grabbed her hair and pulled her down on his cock.She swallowed his cock. His hips pumping back and forth, meeting her mouth as it came down eskişehir escort on his dick. She closed her eyes choking. She choked hard and spit coughed up out her noise down on his cock. But this didn’t sway the rockman, he just keep going. Then she felt another hand and her mouth went all the way down, her lips pressed against his groin. The two of them had both put a hand on the back of her head, making her deep throat the whole cock. She closed her eyes and felt the air cutting off, about to pass out. Then ,all of a sudden, they let there hands go and she slide off. Gasping for air, getting life back into her body.Their two cocks covered in spit. Strings of saliva hanging off both cocks, like vines off a tree. The one on her left reached down, picked her up and carried her over to the table of rock. Laying her on her back he spread her legs and put his wet cock head on her ass. She felt the warm spit and jumped a little, then bite her bottom lip as he slowly pushed in.His cock pushed her asshole slowly open. She moaned out taking her first cock in her ass.”Oh god fuckkkk.”She heard Leandra voice,”Are you ok Dorothy”.Dorothy breathed in and out trying to catch her breath as he pushed his cock in deeper.”Leandra you really owe me one”.As he pushed in ,the other rockman climbed up on the table, squatted over her face and proceeded to slide his cock into her mouth. Her lips spread open around his dick, sucking his cock up and down. He reached up and grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs out and back as the other rockman began to fuck her. The two of them working as a team, pumping Dorothy mouth and ass in motion. Her moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. Her asshole spreading wider, taking his cock deeper up her ass. Then they both leaned down and shoved both cocks all the way to there base. Her eyes went wide as her ass took his whole cock. Then they slide out both holes and rolled her over. She bent over the table now, her feet braced against the ground, as the rockman got behind her and slide into her ass. He held her cheeks apart and began fucking back and forth. This time it was easier and she began to enjoy it. The one that was in her ass sat down in front of her, grabbed ahold of her ponytail and pulled her face to his cock. She opened and took him in. Sucking up and down, the taste different this time, but she didn’t have time to think as the rockman behind her picked up his pace.Dorothy placed her hands on the rockman thighs that sat in front of her. Bracing her self,she pushed back on the cock and sucked down hungrey for more. The two rockmen let go of her ass and hair watching as Dorothy moved on their cocks by herself. She slide her mouth off and looked up at the rockman,”Hold my cheeks apart as he fucks me”. The rockman climbed down and standing by her ass, pulled her cheeks apart. The other rockman seeing the opening slide into her ass and began fucking it deep.”Oh fuckkk yes fuck my ass fuck it”. Dorothy spread her fingers out bracing herself on the table as the two of them worked on her hole. She couldn’t believe what was happening. How was it turning her on so much.The rockman slide out gabbed her cheeks, and was quickly replaced. The other rockman slide his cock in, not letting her ass close. Dorothy arched her back, pushing back on his cock. Her hole taking his cock so deep now, able to take their whole cocks with ease. He shoved in deep then slowly slide his whole length out, letting her feel every inch. Dorothy moaned and stood up and turned to face them. “Ok im ready”.The rockman holding her cheeks let go,climbed up on the table eskişehir escort bayan and layed down. Then Dorothy was helped up by the other rockman onto the table. She faced the laying rockman and straddled him. She slowly slide her pussy down on his cock and begin slowly rocking back and forth. Letting her wet pussy feel a hard cock swirl around inside. Then she stopped as the other rockman climbed up on the table and got behind her. She put her hands on the rockman chest underneath her and braced herself as he slide his cock into her ass. She felt his cock enter her ass nice and slow and begin to fuck her. She moaned feeling both cocks as they pushed those cocks in and out both her holes. “Oh god yes, this is amazing. Fuck me with those cocks, make me cum”The rockman behind her grabbed ahold of her shoulders and begin to fuck her harder. Banging his cock into her ass, forcing her pussy to swallow that whole cock. Her body shook and she screamed.”Yesssss im cumming im cummminggg” and Dorothy exploded cumming on his rock hard cock in her pussy. But as she came this did nothing to affect any change. They keep up there motion. slamming away at Dorothy. Dorothy trying to speak as they keep fucking her. “I did what you said, let me go”. The boulder spoke again,”We said when we are done and we aren’t done yet Ms. Gale.” As he said this the ground shock and a third rockman climbed up out of the ground. He shock off the dirt and climbed up on the table. He stood over the one rockman in front of Dorothy and slide his smooth cock into her mouth. Back in her clothes, Leandra stood outside of the ring of stone waiting for Dorothy. She stood listening as ,Dorthy moaned and screamed. She couldn’t see and was starting to get worried when a little old nome came out of a small hole in the wall. He stood about four feet and had a white beard and hair. His beard almost touched the ground and his hair was beyond shoulder length and unkept. He smiled at her with a devilishly evil grin. “Hello Leandra back again to find your fathers belt”.”Hello Kaliko and you know that belt is rightfully mine”.His grin got a little bigger,”Did you tell Dorothy yet, did you tell her that your father was the former Nome King and that your mother…””You leave my mother out of this”.Kaliko walked over the ring of stone,”Would you like to see what Dorothy is doing for you. What lengths she would go for a person she just meet”. He waved at a stone slab and it cracked causing a hole to form. Leandra walked over and peered in. Shock went over her as she watched Dorothy getting fucked by three rockmen. The rockman in Dorothy mouth grabbed her hair and pumped her face. Making her gag on his cock, spit spilling down his shaft and onto her big 34DD tits. The stone man under her reached up and smeared the spit onto her tits. Pinching at her rock hard nipples. Dorothy eyes rolled back, taking all three at once. Her pussy, ass, and mouth filled with hard cock deep in all three. Then the rockmen suddenlyslide out of her holes and got her on her hands and knees ,on top of the table. The rockman in her mouth got behind her and slide into her ass and began fucking her deep. She spread her knees and braced he hands taking his cock.”Oh fuck fuck fuck”.Dorothy took that cock with ease, down to the base. Then he slide out and before she could say anything the next rockman shoved in. Pushing her asshole open again, pumping his hips back and forth fucking her on that table. Kaliko smile up at Leandra,” Look what she’s done for you, look what she thinks of her new friend.” Kaliko waved his hand and rockman escort eskişehir slide his cock out and pulled Dorothy ass to the side a little so Leandra could see. He spread her cheeks, showing Dorothy gaping asshole. Then he moved and the third rockman got behind Dorothy and slide in. He fucked her harder and she shook again and came again. Cumming as his cock shoved in her ass and stayed there grinding around her gaping hole. Kaliko waved his hand and the slab of rock sealed up. He stepped back looking at the shocked and angered face of Leandra.”Dorothy has turned into our plaything all because of you. Thank you Leandra for allowing her to come along. We never would have thought that the legendary Dorothy Gale of Kansas would be turned into a slut for out amusement.”Kaliko walked to the hole he came from and stopped. “We will be done with her in a little bit. I do wish it would have been you in there, but I have plenty of time. By the way after she gets out, do you think you’ll tell her how your father is the former Nome King and your mother was the witch she killed.”Kaliko laughed as he disappeared into the hole, his laugh echoing through the mountains.As he disappeared, the ring of rock began to crumble and fall. Leandra stood there as she saw Dorothy on top of the table riding one of the rockmen as the other two stood on either side. She went back and forth sucking one cock then the other. Leandra walked up,”Dorothy we are free to go. Dorothy can you hear me.” It was no use, Dorothy was so into it. Then with relief Leandra watched one of the rockmen disappear. “Ah what the hell”,Dorothy said as he disappeared. She turned her head and saw Leandra,”Oh my god Leandra what have I done”. “Its ok but its time to go”.Dorothy climb off the table and the one rockman who was standing turned back into dirt leaving just the one laying on the table. Leandra pointed Dorothy to there things,”Your clothes are over there go get dressed.” Dorothy stumbled to her clothes, her legs barely able to keep her upright.As Leandra was about to leave, the boulder by her feet began to speak. ” Kaliko says he will help show you the way to your fathers belt but you have to suck the rockman cock that was in Dorothy.”Leandra looked down at the rockman laying on the table and got between his legs grabbed his cock and opened. She slide her mouth down his cock then back up. Sucking up and down. Her dark black lips wrapped around that shaft as she deep throated the whole thing. She slowly pulled up tasting Dorothy all over his cock. She held his cock in her hand looking back seeing how Dorothy was. Dorothy slowly putting on her clothes, Leandra licked her lips tasting Dorothy sweet pussy and ass. She turned back to the cock and leaned down and devoured it. He sat up, grabbed her hair and began to pump her mouth. Leandra mouth sucking up and down, her appetite for the taste of Dorothy was vigorous. Her mouth wanting all of it, not wasting a inch of his cock. Leandra slide her mouth off and kneed down. She looked up at the rockman,”Fuck my face”. He slide off the table, stood up and pushed into her mouth. His hand gripping her hair he fucked her mouth harder and deeper. Her face pounding up and down pushing against his groin as her throat took that cock. She reach under her dress fingering her pussy loving the taste and pumping of her face. She pushed two fingers in and moaned coming as the rockman slide his cock out making her lip his tip. Leandra looked back at Dorothy and saw she was passed out laying on they’re things. Fast asleep. Leandra turn back around to the cock and open and took it again. Sucking his cock up and down. His rock hard cock fucking her green skinned face. She sucked it hard and slide off gasping for air. “I have to stop”. She pulled herself away and watched the rockman disappear. She stood up and walked over to Dorothy, fell down and passed out.



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