The Wife’s Wild Ass Chapter 6Chapter 6Perhaps Caroline was not really jealous of Helen Ramsey as far as Darleen was concerned, but she would sure as hell have been jealous if she had known what had inspired her husband’s rare morning hard-on, and more jealous yet if she had realized that such a morning hard-on was not, in fact, rare at all, but that he usually saved it for his secretary. The sight of naked Helen Ramsey, doing her morning exercises, had been responsible for a lusting in his heart–but the lust that he had for Brenda had nothing whatsoever to do with his heart, except that his heart beat a bit faster when he was fucking the girl.His prick was already hard when he arrived at the office.He had had to smuggle his cock past the receptionist like a piece of industrial espionage.In the elevator, he had to face the wall to conceal the jutting rod from the elevator operator, pretending that he was having a coughing fit and had politely turned away, as the elevator smoothly rose and his prick stayed risen.Marching down the corridor, he encountered the janitor bent over his broom, and Jonathon had to bend over his rampant prick, hands thrust into his pockets, to hide the prominent outline by his slumping posture. The janitor figured that Mr. Stephens must be working too hard, for he seemed bowed under the burden of his job.But entering his own office, Jonathon made no attempt at all to hide his potent tower.Brenda was already there, making coffee at the sideboard, the only real duty that she was able to perform very well, as far as the office tasks were concerned.She looked up.Jonathon gave her a big smile. The willowy girl’s gaze moved down to the tented front of his trousers. Her eyebrows went up and her lips turned into a grin. Usually, by the time that Jonathon reached the office, his prick had diminished somewhat from his waking-up hard-on–although his balls remained bloated–and Brenda was delighted to see that he had arrived today already prepared. Brenda was not a girl who required foreplay. She was always ready to fuck. She had a ready cunt and an insatiable mouth, and the few moments necessary to get his prick to harden and rise seemed like a waste of time to such a secretary.”I can see it’s gonna be a hard day at the office,” she said happily as she eyed the only piece of office equipment that she was properly equipped to handle.Jonathon moved past her to the inner office.She followed him in and closed the door.”You have an appointment at eleven,” she said.Jonathon had remembered that and knew he had to get his cock and balls well drained by that time. He was meeting a buyer from Chicago, an aging spinster with blue hair and a prudish bearing, and it would not do to greet her in a state of urgency.But with such an efficient secretary, the emptying of Jonathon’s cock and balls presented no problem.He moved to his desk.Brenda was already removing her clothing.She always took all her clothes off, even when she was giving head instead of pussy. She didn’t have a lot of dresses and didn’t want to risk getting them stained by cum. She swallowed the stuff, to be sure, but Jonathon poured it out in abundance and sometimes she could not gulp it all down fast enough. Cum might overflow her lips and run down her chin and splash on the front of her dress if she were clothed. Then, too, she was an enthusiastic cocksucker and when she was going full tilt she sometimes bobbed up a bit too high and her lips slipped off his cockhead. If he happened to shoot at that instant, she was liable to get the whole dose soaking her garments. Brenda was randy and eager about sex, but she was smart enough to take such precautions.Jonathon watched her disrobe.He was wishing that she were Helen Ramsey, for he was still excited by the thought of that ultra-sexy redhead, naked as she stretched and jerked at her exercises.Still, in a different way, Brenda was almost as attractive.Her body was slender and her bushy cunt looked delicious. Her dark, curly cunt hair spread out in a wide triangle at the base of her torso, the wedge extending almost out to her hipbones at the sides and silken hair running up as far as her belly button. Her tits were small but her nipples were huge bullets of pink flesh pushing out from areolas as big as half dollars. As she stripped, her whole lithe, nubile body swayed–not like a stripteaser so much as like a palm tree in a warm tropical breeze.Jonathon was watching her and she was looking back, watching him watch and taking a pleasure out of the way desire glowed in his eyes. Brenda knew that she was a very lucky girl. She had this excellent job, for which she was not really qualified at all. Her boss was kind and generous and understanding when she misspelled a word or lost a document somewhere in the maze of the filing cabinets or got cuntjuice on his appointment book. He even allowed her to keep her spare dildo in the office, for such times as he was not available–although she really couldn’t master the filing system and could never remember if the damned thing was kept in the D drawer, for dildo, the V, for vibrator, or if kurtköy escort she had filed it under R, for rubber prick. Despite the obvious drawbacks in having her as a secretary–Jonathon had to do his own typing, for instance–he seldom complained, and he had even given her a raise.And he had a great big prick to boot.Brenda had never gone without plenty of prick, being a promiscuous and fuckable sort of girl who had started fucking when she was a k**, and she had sucked her first prick the same night she had had her first fuck, although the prick she sucked was not the same prick that fucked her. Brenda had started out with a bang and had never looked back. At the moment, she was living with three men, two of them brothers, and she usually got fucked at least once, by each of them, during the course of the night. So it wasn’t as if Brenda needed Jonathon’s big cock.This made her an undemanding lover.She never wheedled him to lap her cunt, nor insisted that he make her come before he did–although she usually did–and she was always game for whatever Jonathon wanted. It was a part of her job and a perk of her job and, since he was her employer, Brenda did not even think that she was cheating on her three boyfriends.Naked, now, she advanced on Jonathon, her slim belly rolling and her hips pivoting. He noticed that a creamy ribbon of cuntjuice was already curling down the inside of her lean, shapely thigh.Jonathon usually only came once a day with Brenda.He was a thoughtful fellow and sometimes felt selfish when he asked for a blowjob instead of a fuck, but today he was not troubled by such considerations.He was in the mood for plenty.Brenda stood before him, reaching down. She was almost as tall as he, and they looked into each other’s eyes as her deft hands began to open his fly. She drew the zipper down with tantalizing slowness, pulling it back up an inch, lowering it two inches, until finally she had it all the way down. His prick was stuck inside his white cotton shorts. His cock dragged those shorts out as the prickshaft poked through, so that it looked like the ghost of a cock wearing a sheet.She unbuttoned the top of his fly and unbuckled his belt.His pants fell open in a wide vee.His prick thrust out, throbbing, dragging the elastic band of his shorts out from his belly so that, looking down, she could see his naked prick in the shadowy confines. His cock looked, she thought, even larger than usual. She cupped his balls with one hand, palm upwards, through his shorts. They felt pleasingly solid and deliciously full of cum. With her other hand, she pulled his shorts out away from his cock, then dragged them down so that the elastic was under his balls and all of his fuck equipment was bared.She leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.The head of his prick pushed into her belly.Her tongue glided across his lips and, speaking into his panting mouth, she said, “Heads or tails, boss?”Jonathon grinned.”I think both, today,” he told her.”Ooooh! Overtime!”She began frigging his prick slowly up and down, her hand loose and just skimming. Then her grip tightened and she skinned his loose sheath up and down the rigid cockshaft.He leaned back against the edge of the desk, taking his weight on his hands and pushing his loins out.Brenda gracefully sank to her knees in front of him.She was licking her lips, her hot pink tongue slowly gliding back and forth across her mouth, but she didn’t go down on him immediately. Brenda was a girl who appreciated sex in all its aspects and one of them was the visual. Sometimes she could get her rocks off by just looking at a shapely and sizable prick and imagining what it would be like stuck up her. The sight made her cunt smolder and made her mouth water. That attention was affecting Jonathon as well. It was as if she were caressing him with her eyes, he could almost feel her gaze burn into his throbbing cockmeat. He stared down at her as she leaned in close, going cross-eyed as she turned her vision inwards. He made his cock muscles pulse. Brenda gasped as she saw the fat, dark vein throb up the underside of his prickshaft and the fat cockhead expand and darken.She blew her warm breath on his prick.Jonathon shuddered and moaned.He pushed his cock out closer to her face and Brenda met it with her tongue, the first lick a long, slurping one that ran up his prick from balls to crown in one smooth, fluid stroke.”Ummmmm, your meat is delicious,” she purred.She said it because she knew it would excite him to hear such erotic words–but it was true, anyhow. The succulence of his cock tingled on her taste buds. She took a second long slurp up the prickshaft and fluttered her tongue against the sensitive point where his cockhead flared out from the stalk and the fat vein blended into the delta on the underside of his hot purple prick-knob.He shifted his feet and braced his ass against the edge of the desk, jamming his pelvis out. But she wasn’t ready to take his cock into her mouth yet, since she liked to tongue a prick for awhile before sucking upon it. Sometimes she even liked to do it all with her tongue, aydıntepe escort licking a man off instead of sucking him off. That way she had the pleasure of seeing the cum squirt out of his prick and then lapping it up afterwards. She tilted her head from side to side as she tongue up the cockshaft. She dipped down lower and licked his balls for awhile. Ball meat was subtly different from cockmeat in both taste and texture. It was musky and spicy, and she adored his balls because they held such a delicious load. She could feel his swollen balls shift under the hairy bag as her moist tongue curled and coiled over him. She lifted his balls and licked underneath. Jonathon was groaning at this stimulation. He was grating his teeth and his face had contorted with such desire and passion that he looked demented and depraved as he swayed before the kneeling cocklapper.A thick blob of pre-cum oozed from the parted cleft in the tip of his cock and began to run sluggishly down the prick-knob. Brenda drew back, watching that quicksilvery nugget descend, glistening with a milky and pearly hue against his dark cockmeat. She waited until it had slipped down onto his prickshaft and was trickling down along the fat vein, then she pushed her tongue out and gathered it up.She let it slip around on her taste buds for a moment, whetting her appetite and causing her tongue to tingle.Then, with that cum nugget still there, she pushed her tongue out so that Jonathon could see his spunk glistening on the hot, pink flesh. He whimpered at the sight.Then Brenda swallowed it down.”Yummy,” she purred.Another thick blob oozed out.Brenda tongued it up. Then she began licking the head of his prick, very thoroughly. Her tongue laved and lapped all over the smoking slab of purple cockmeat. More spunk bubbled out, streaked with her saliva, foaming down the prick, and she swooped down after it and lapped it up. By this time Jonathon was whimpering in a torment of desire, his whole body trembling. He kept pushing his hips out, thrusting his cock at her face but she kept turning away so that his prick slid along her cheek, then tonguing his long cock as he drew back again. But now she decided that it was time to get down to cocksucking in earnest. Those few drops of cum she had drunk had really given her a hearty appetite and she was ravenous for the rest of that sweet load of ball juice.She craned her neck and kissed the tip of his cock. Then very slowly she let her lips part and fed his prick into her mouth.Jonathon moaned with pleasure as her lips collared his cockshaft, behind the prickhead, and her cheeks hollowed in as she began to suck lovingly on that hot mouthful. She only had the cock-knob in her mouth at first, sucking and slipping her tongue around against the underside while she played with his balls with one hand and frigged the root of his prickshaft up and down with the other. But then she stroked slower, then stopped. Brenda didn’t want to jack him off in her mouth, she wanted to suck him off without any assistance from her hands. She just held the hilt of his prick steady as her mouth worked on the cock crown. Her head began to bob up and down, as if she were ducking for apples in a barrel, going down a little bit lower with every descent as she fed more and more of his prick into her face. Her lips were compressed, really working on his cockmeat. Saliva poured down his prick.She twisted her head from side to side so that her mouth rotated on his cock, fairly screwing his prick into her face. She was taking almost all of the big hunk into her mouth by this time. His cockhead lodged in her throat, then wedged down her gullet and her lips sank all the way down to the root of his prick, her nose nestling in his wiry pubic hair and her chin brushing against his bloated balls. Her tongue was still working on him, too, flashing and flaring against his cockhead and stalk as she took his prick in, then slurping as she pulled back up the big cock. Her lips were almost turning inside out as she pulled up, sucking hard. Her cheeks went in and out. She was blowing as well as sucking as her head went up and down in the steady rhythm that she knew was going to bring him to the crest soon, desperate for his hot, thick load now, hungry for his cum.She pulled up until only the tip of his prick was still stuck in her pliable mouth.”Come,” she purred into that meaty microphone.The word coursed down his cock and hammered his balls so that he felt it, rather than heard it.”Come,” she pleaded, again. “I want you to shoot in my mouth. I want to drink your hot jism!”Jonathon groaned.His hands slid down onto her shoulders, holding her steady as he humped, fucking into her mouth. As he pushed forwards, her head went down to meet him, engulfing all of his cock, so that he was buried to the balls in her sweet sucking mouth.His balls expanded mightily.Then they exploded.She gave a little gasp when she felt his cock pulse as the hot, thick fuck juice rushed up his tube. His cockhead flared wildly. Then he was coming, and Brenda wailed with ecstasy as she felt him hose her throat tuzla içmeler escort and whitewash her tonsils. Her head flew up and down. His jism kept jutting out. The thick stuff was filling her mouth so fast that she couldn’t manage to swallow all of it. It overflowed her pursed lips. She gulped down mouthfuls of the delicious spunk and kept greedily sucking on his spurting cockhead, pulling more of the precious nectar out of his cock and balls. Cum was running around in her cheeks, coating the roof of her mouth, soaking her teeth and gums. Her tongue was floating in a river of the stuff. Ribbons of slippery slime poured down her gullet and creamy strands escaped her lips and flowed down onto his balls.At last he stopped coming.A few last drops oozed out.Brenda kept sucking, milking him dry. His prick began to soften in her mouth. She drew her lips from his cock and used her nimble tongue to gather up the errant drops that had run down onto his balls. Semi-hard, his cock swayed up and down in her face and she mouthed his prick again, snapping up his cockhead like a frog catching a meaty insect. She had drunk a huge load of spunk but she wanted more. His cockhead flared, going up and down, swelling and diminishing and then, as she kept licking and sucking on the tasty slab, his prick started to swell and harden all over again. Brenda knew how to keep a prick stiff. She sucked him back to full hardness, then drew her mouth away and glanced up at his face from under her fluttering eyelashes. She was giving him his choice, quite willing to suck him off again, but equally willing to have him fuck her cunt if he chose.Jonathon drew her to her feet.He stepped aside and Brenda leaned over the desk, her tits bobbing under her, her ass hiked up, her feet widespread on the floor. He moved in behind her. Her cunt was soaking and steaming. She tossed her head, a happy smile on her cum-stained lips, her eyes narrowed with lust. Jonathon wrapped his hand around the root of his prick and guided the bloated cock-knob into her wet pussy. He began to move his prick around in her cunt slot, stirring her creamy pussy with his meaty cock. Her pussy was sucking, trying to draw him up the hot channel. She squirmed and her ass churned. Jonathon grasped her by the hip bones, the handles of her loins, and braced his feet. His ass tensed. Then he fucked the full length of his prick up her pussy.Brenda wailed with joy.She squirmed around that cuntful of swollen cockmeat, grinding her ass back against his belly.He drew out.His cock was soaking with cuntjuice, and his prick steamed as the hot fuck fluids evaporated in the air.He fucked in again.His cockmeat hissed up her hole like a heated crowbar dipped into a cooling tub. His prick expanded, spreading her pussy out. Her cunt muscles dragged and pulled on him. He began fucking faster and harder, fucking his big prick into her, pulling out against the suction of her cunt, then fucking back into the depths of her pussy. His ass and hips jolted as he pumped the prick into her. She was trembling wildly, her whole body beginning to tremble as he fucked in and out of her cunt. His balls swung in and out, slapping against her crotch. A mist of cuntjuice drifted out as his big cock filled her cunthole to the brim. He dragged her back by the hips as he fucked in, pulling her pussy onto his prick like a tight fitting boot onto a club foot.Her cunt started to melt around his cock.Jonathon dipped from the knees and fucked his prick in with underslung strokes, so that the full length of his cockshaft was running across the girl’s frenzied clit. The thrill darted up her long, smooth, trembling thighs, meeting the sensation that was already crashing across her belly. A great tide of feeling surged through her hot loins, each successive wave coming higher and faster.Brenda had begun a constant wailing now. Each time he slid his cock up her, she gave a short, sharp exclamation as if she just could not believe she was getting such a welcome load, as if he was surprising her again and again each time he fucked into her pussy.Then, as he withdrew, his prick coming back out of that steaming gash, dripping and smoking like a poker from a fire, she repeated the sound, but longer and softer and more drawn out, quavering.Slamming home to the hilt, Jonathon grunted.His jism squirted into her, hosing her pussy with a hot stream, under such pressure that her limber pelvis was tilted and her ass jumped. He poured dose after dose of thick fuck juice into her, and her pussy responded with a great deluge of cunt nectar as they glided wildly together, working off their simultaneous orgasms.Brenda slid across the desk, arms and legs spread out, a huge smile on her face.Jonathon drew his prick out of her foaming pussy.He was mildly surprised and not at all displeased to find that, despite his two recent climaxes, his cock remained rigid. When she twisted around and looked back and noticed this, Brenda was even more pleased than Jonathon. She didn’t wonder why her boss was so particularly horny today. Brenda was not a girl who looked for motivation and, if she got plenty of prick, she didn’t wonder why such potency had been inspired.If she had realized, she wouldn’t have cared anyhow.Brenda was not the jealous type.But Caroline was suffering a sort of jealousy and wondering what she should do about it.



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