The WEEKEND 2The Elgins and Taylor’s were on a weekend fishing expedition to Cottonwood Lake, eastern South Dakota in mid August, 1959. While our fathers drank beer, bullshitted and watched the fishing lines, our mothers drinking coffee and watching lines now the youngest k**s slept soundly in sleeping bags on top of camp cots in the Elgins, family tent, trying to avoid the annoying mosquitoes that a stiff breeze was keeping most away, repellant hopefully keeping the braver ones away. Sandra a year younger than me at f******n she loved to have sexy games with me. She,d beat me off a few times as I,d played “stinky finger” with her in a dark corner at the rear of the tent with the adults all preoccupied. Sandy kept telling me she,d let me fuck her, but we,d had no opportunities yet as we had no where to do the deed. I,d also heard rumours at school that she liked to suck cocks, but so far it had only batman escort been hand jobs as she feared she,d be caught giving me oral. She,d also told me she,d only suck me if I ate her pussy which at that age I hadn,t done. In fact at that age I,d only had one pussy and that was a college student four years my senior who was very drunk at the time and not much of a fuck at all! Ut as the saying goes “Any pussy is better than No pussy!” Sandy had crawled into her sleeping bag to listen to KOMA radio on the ear phones on her transistorvradio and fell asleep doing so while I watched my line for awhile catching a far five pound walleye before my eyes began to grow heavy and I climbed into my sleeping bag. I awoke to the smell of cooking bacon and was soaked to the skin as soon as I left the tent to visit the public toilet only yards away as rain was lashing down. “Ma Irene Elgin was dressed in a plastic escort batman rain coat as she tended the fishing lines as the men slept soundly now having stayed awake most of the night fishing, the youngsters now helping prepare breakfast. Once breakfast was eaten Sandra and I helped clean up then went out to play with the younger k**s now the rain had moved on and the clouds were starting to clear, a hot sun now emerging to dry everything quickly and except for puddles it was hard to believe it had rained so hard only an hour before. Before lunch we all went for a swim except the men who still slept on early afternoon they awoke and went for a swim to wash and wake up to. The adults continued to drink beer while us youngsters drank soda pop and we kept catching fish, one complete cooler now filled. We had a early supper so we could enjoy it open air then the adults announced they were batman escort bayan off to town for a few hours and they trusted us to get the youngsters to bed in time. I was Amased they trusted us as they must have known we couldn,t keep our hands off each other. We roasted weiners and marshmallows over the fire before getting the youngsters in bed at 9pm and they fell asleep quickly in the fresh air. “We now have At Least two hours to Fuck!” I told Sandra. “Yes. We must,t waste them, but get a couple sleeping bags and some blankets. I won,t do it in here in case the k**dos wake up and flip out!” “Doubt my brother would rat on me!” I boasted. “No but mine would in a minute!” she warned. Once the picnic bench was made a bit more comfortable we both stripped naked and sprayed each other with mosquito repellent. “Went skinny dipping with Hannah and Robin at Twin the other evening and the skeeters ate my poor pusy so much I was scratching blood two damned days,” she sighed as she lay on the sleeping bag covered picnic table and spread her legs ,”Dinner is served! Chow down, Joe!” she laughed and wiggled her shapely bum provactively. TBC



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