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The visitSometimes my mind wanders and I begin to day dream about the days we used to hang out. It sort of always started like this: A knock at your door alerts you that I just arrived and was waiting at your front door. You open and receive me with a warm hug as our minds begin to race with thoughts of what might happen this evening. Your embrace as well as your sweet voice all point to the signs that you are happy to see me. We both find our way to your living room couch and talk for a few minutes, usually about one another and what we have been up to. You offer me a cold corona because you know the latin guys prefer and I oblige. As you step towards the kitchen I begin to wake up the b**st inside of me. pendik escort With just the thoughts of having your sexy lips wrapped around my long cock wakes it up. I feel my cock getting larger as you bring me the corona. I glimpse at your hands tightly wrapped around the beer and imagine my dick instead. You ask me if I want to play some cards and I accept. As we begin to play I slowly place my hand under the sofa cushion where the cards are placed and unzip myself. You notice and soon after, your hand finds it’s way down my pants and grabbing my cock. The slow stroking of the long hard dick drives me wild but yet we continue to play our uno game. Knowing the freak that you kartal escort are, you decide to see for yourself and lift the cushion exposing my cock. As you stroke and expose the mushroom head you also are aware that we are not alone. The risk of getting caught also drives us wild. I begin to position myself and you start to realize that your mouth is about to receive a hard dick pulsing with vengeance. Your mouth starts to water and the saliva becomes a warm blanket that fills my whole cock. I stand in front you with my hard dick going in and out of your mouth but I want more. You tease me with a couple of deep throat attempts but I grab the back of your head and shove maltepe escort my cock down your throat as I hear you gag and see your reflex. My goal is to hear you choke so I begin to slowly face fuck you and you just give up control and let me. Assuming that eventually I going to unload my cum down your throat, you accept this as your fate and glimpse up at me. As my cock starts to pulse you gasp and continue servicing that long, hard, juicy magic stick and realize that I am not going to unload down your throat. Instead, I pull out just when I’m about to cum and stroke my dick while standing in front of your face. As I look straight up to the ceiling pointing my cock directly at your face; that dick starts to spit cum once, twice and three times. I look down to access the damage and hoping I gave you a warm facial I instead painted the wall behind you. Ever since that day, when I visit, you mention that the ways need painting and that is our little secret around the presence of others.



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