The Villa – Chapter 7Chapter 7 – The Secret CoveThe bed shook and I came awake with a jolt. “Come on lazy,” you whispered in my ear, “I have the whole day mapped out.” I lay there, slightly shocked, but with a smile on my face and a massive question mark hanging over me. “What the hell has she planned?” I thought. So up I get, all the usual morning stuff and then it’s dressed and out. “Sorry,” you say, “First we have to do some shopping.” oh well, good things come to those who wait. So it’s off to the local supermacardo and stock up with all sorts of food. “Picnic,” I think, “But where?”Back we go to the villa and you usher me outside. “Go sit by the pool and read a book or something.” As if I brought a book! So I wait, and wait, and wait. Then out you come. All changed, smiling, telling me to go get my swimming things on. Then it’s into the car and off we go. Just about to pull out the drive and you say “No, silly, the other way.” “But that’s a dead end.” I tell you, but you just look at me. Ok, your the boss, off we go. 5 minutes later the road runs out. “Ok,” I say, “Where too now.” “Straight on.” you say. So off we go. Just a dirt track, but then widening out into a large flat area, ahead of us the sea. I pull up at the end of a beach, to the left a 150 foot high cliff, to the right a mile of glorious sandy beach. I’m just about to turn right when you stop me and point the other way. Ok, your still the boss, off we go. Within 30 seconds I’m face to face with the cliff. “Park here.” you say, and out we get. You start unloading the car and heading down the beach. “But there is nothing here” I think to myself. She obviously knows where she’s going but as you walk into the water holding things above your head I begin to wonder. “Oh by the way,” you call back “Pick up one of those rocks and bring it with you.” “What!” I think, “She’s lost it.” But I continue to follow, rock in hand.Out into the sea hugging the side of the cliff we go. Up to mid waste. Then you turn left and are gone. I hurry to the point where you disappear, slowed by the water and there you are about gaziemir escort 10 feet in front of me. On my left there is a ledge. “Put the rock on there” you instruct. Now nothing would surprise me so I do it. Then I just follow. As we wade along the edge of the cliff I look up marvelling at the size of it, straight up. No other ledges except the one I put the rock on, no hand holds, un-climable. I look back towards you. “She’s done it again,” I think to myself, “Nowhere in sight.” so I hurry forward again and there you are again. A gap has opened up in the cliff about 50 feet wide. Inside you’re wading towards a beach. I follow and look around. Amazing, the cove is about 150 feet across, totally circular. Then it hits me; it’s a larva tube. Formed during the last eruption, spewing larva out of the earth and into the sea. The side of the tube had collapsed forming the opening. After the eruption the water had rushed in, cooling the rock. Over the centuries sand had washed into the void forming this perfect little beach. I just shake my head in wonder and follow.”How the hell did you know about this place?” I ask. “Maria told me,” you say, “Apparently it’s a bit of a village secret.” “And the rock?” I question. “A sign that The Secret Cove is occupied.” you say with a smirk on your face. I’m totally stunned.”What else have you and Maria been discussing?” I think to myself.We lay out the rug and get out the food and drink. What a wonderful spread you have made. Everything perfect. The food, the location and the company. We eat just about everything you brought and after tidying away we lay back and enjoy the sunshine. So peaceful. So wonderful. We decide to explore. Amazing that so few people had found this place. Obvious by the lack of man made objects left behind, that was one other instruction from Maria, what ever you take in, you take out. It was obvious that this had always been done. We wandered around then back to the rug.You lay on your back looking up at me, and I look down at you. I dropped to my knees next to you, lean down and kiss you tenderly escort gaziemir on the lips. Your arms come up and curl around my neck, pulling me towards you. Your swim suite is held together by half a dozen little bows. Slowly I tug at each one; as I do this the material falls apart exposing your wonderful body. In less than a minute there is a small pile of material alongside you. My eyes slid down your body, examining every last inch of you.”Now what have I told you about having too much clothing on.” you say. I give no answer I just slide out of my shorts and lay beside you.The warmth of the summer’s day caresses our bodies as my fingers gently caress your skin. Slowly sliding down your body, brushing over your nipples, they harden even further. Then down over your stomach, down towards your legs, they part, but I don’t touch you. A slight moan of disappointment escapes your lips. My hand is otherwise engaged behind me. I slip it into my bag and pull out your vibrator. Then just before I press it to your clit I switch it on. A major groan escapes your lips and this echoes around the cove. Your eyes open wide startled by the echo. You realise what it is, and close your eyes, smile and just enjoy the sensations coursing through your body.After a few minutes of this your hand goes down to mine and you say “Stop, wait.” You look around. “Ah! there it is,” you say, “Come on.” You get up and walk towards a strange shaped bolder. Its about the size of a table and has a flat top that is about three feet across. You d**** across the top of the rock a towel that you picked up and then lean your back against it.”Another tip from Maria” I think to myself.We put our arms around each other and kiss long and hard. I lift you up and put you down on the edge of the rock, your legs open, inviting me in. I start to kiss your body, first your neck then down to your breasts, sucking at each nipple in turn. You slowly lay back like a human sacrifice on an altar, hands over your head. Further and further I go, down your body. Then my tongue rests on the hood over your gaziemir escort bayan clit. I start to flick at it and then up and down your inner lips. I lift your legs, holding them behind your knees, and open you wide. Your pussy opens to me and I plunge my tongue into you as far as I can. Your groans echo off the walls again as you scream for me to fuck you. I stand up, looking down at my sacrifice and plunge into you. Hard and fast, again and again, up to the hilt. My balls slapping at your ass as I fill you again and again. You scream that you are cumming and I increase my speed. Your legs wrap around me as you cum, bouncing up off the rock, forcing me even deeper into you. You collapse, gasping for air. Your legs let go of me and slide down my side. You lift your head and look at me. “I want you, in my mouth, now.”I move around to the other side of the rock. Your head is hanging over it and I stand directly in front of you. Your hands come up and grasp my throbbing wet cock and you pull me towards you. Your mouth opens and you feed me into you. You slide your hands around to my ass. I feel your nails dig into my flesh causing me to thrust forward, pushing myself further and further into your mouth. Inch by inch I slide deeper into your mouth and your nails keeping up the pressure. I’m all the way in, so deep, my head swims, knees tremble as I explode down your throat. Thrusting again and again as each tremor wracks my body. I pull back, turn around and slide to the ground. Our heads resting against each other. Both of us gasping for air. It feels like a good five minutes before either of us can move.We help each other up and walk into the water to wash the sweat from our bodies. Then its back to the blanket and collapse in each other’s arms.How long we slept I have no idea but the sun had moved on and now the cove was mainly in shadow. We dressed, you cursing under your breath for having to redo all those bows. Pack up, then a quick look round and we head back to the water. I glance at the rock that had given us so much pleasure and wonder how many of the local c***dren had been conceived there.Out through the gap and return the way we came. One last thing to do. When we pass the ledge with the rock on it I pick it up and hurl it into the ocean wondering how many rocks there are out there that have had the same fate.



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