The Twin, Again5th in a seriesMy life had changed in a few months when myself and my widowed Aunt “T” began a sexual relationship…I has always been attracted to her even as a youngster and she had always had plenty time for me. In the late sixties times were changing and when she overcame her grief over her mate’s passing I began to compliment her body and that must have got her to realize maybe her world hadn’t ended with my uncle’s death. A job in our small town and a co-worker that was was somewhat promiscuous seemed to liberate “T” from her life as a farmer’s wife. She confided to me that our relationship, though frowned upon by society, was more comfortable for her than getting involved with a man more her age…fine with me I was 18 at the time and she 50-ish. Her isolated farmhouse made it easy to keep our deal discreet. I had always been drawn to her 5′ 2″ 135# mini-BBW body…shapely legs, stout thighs, somewhat broad hips and 34B titties!Saturday mornings became our usual time together, to help her with yard chores and maybe “The Chore” later. Today was no different other than busy schedules had kept us apart for a few weekends. I let myself in the back door…”Lock it behind you,” she reminded. “Sure,” I said. That was a sign things my be interesting right away. “Go ahead and sit at the counter, I have coffee for you there,” was her reply. Her home had a lot of windows including two large picture windows overlooking her vineyard, fortunately there were sheers over the windows along with d****s or shades…no one could see inside in daytime. I enjoyed my coffee while awaiting her appearance. Soon she walked through the living room door…with nothing on but a welcoming smile and her highest heels! “I remember how you said my calves tightened up and my hind side tightened too when I walk in heels and you like that, don’t you?’she asked. “I love your legs for sure and everything else you show this morning,” I offered. She strode up next to me on my right side…I set my coffee cup down to prevent spilling and place my arm around her as her left breast found a resting spot on my chest. My hand just rubbed he back to as to avoid touching that beautiful behind and becoming too aroused too soon. We kissed a few times and then she said to me how she really enjoyed being complimented about her body. “You really like this old weathered body and its imperfections that have happened over time…I’m not young anymore,” she lamented to me. I tried top ease her concern by saying, “You know, a sculptor works for months or maybe years to create a masterpiece to show outdoors…people flock for years to admire bakırköy escort it as it weathers and maybe acquires a scar or two along the way. You can’t stop the passage of time but believe me part of what attracts me to you is that you seem comfortable to show me and I am super comfortable to view and touch your masterpiece!” “T” turned and hugged me tightly squeezing herself into my realm..,”You always say the right things, you were a fun c***d and now are a pleasant, although horny, young man,” she observed. With that she released her grip on me and started to walk away into her living room while I sipped the last of my coffee. A few feet into the living room she stopped and bent over to pick up a piece of lint the vacuum had missed…I gazed towards her and was blindsided by a glint of light…from a chrome plated butt plug of all things placed into the very thing I had touched the last time we were intimate!!! I literally shook with surprise AND desire…I never thought this would have been part of her previous sex life and it was barely becoming known now at the dawn of the free love age. My world was about to change, I thought.She led me into her den, a room we had yet to experience our dalliance, and instructed me to sit on the couch, conveniently covered with a large towel, after I had removed most of my clothes. I sat back while she sat on the edge of the cushion and started to explain things. I interrupted her asking, “Isn’t that thing uncomfortable?” I asked. “Well, yes, but it is necessary to kind of stretch me out so you will fit in, did you know that?” she asked. “I am new at this but have read some so I am not totally in the dark,” I answered. I wondered to myself about how “clean” this was to be, but she assured me she had taken care of that also earlier in the day. Also I queried her on why my touching her brought about the urge to have anal sex…she told me it went back nearly 30 years and just wanted to try it again and have me experience it with her. One thing that piqued my interest is that her mother told her sometimes there was that occasion a woman needs some pain with her pleasure. What a non Auntie-like statement, I thought. Hugging, kissing and fondling went for a awhile along with her instruction for me to lube my dick with a tube of stuff she provided. She broke free from our embrace and proceeded to position herself on her knees and elbows with her face on a pillow. My,my, I thought to myself…her beautiful behind on display for me as never seen before, the soft, inviting shape of the twin cheeks, pale in appearance, the deep cleavage beşiktaş escort opened up supported by her wonderful thick thighs! I saw her pussy beckoning me as never before, almost disappointed I would not be entering it this time…”Well, aren’t you going to remove the plug? Be gentle please,” she instructed. With my left hand resting on her ass cheeks, my trembling right hand began to gently twist and pull the plug from her ass. I took a little more force than I expected causing me to apologize for my clumsiness. I noticed her slightly agape rosebud opening had some lube left from the plug so I quickly slathered some lube on my stiff dick and moved toward my goal. I placed both hands on her waist and moved forward as she moved herself back to meet me. “Easy now at first, we have all morning,” she stated. My rod touched a place long thought was forbidden…what do I know now? “Easy now, it will slide in,” she assured me. A few more gentle thrusts and I was in! I stroked slowly chuckling as I did at the “farting” sound caused by my displacing air. The grip of her sphincter muscle was tight around my manhood…I was turned on like never before…I gazed across her back as I gripped her waist…also I noticed when she rose up off her forearms, her breasts began to swing provacatively, becoming round and full as they stretched hanging on mightily to her chest…another reason middle-aged women are titillating! I reached to cup a breast in my hand…its hard nipple turning me on all the more…how could all this happen at once, I wondered! “T” again moved down on her forearms, moaning with pleasure as she let out a few syncopated words in Swedish as she was apt to do engaging in sex. “OMG it feels so good,” she exclaimed, “go faster, it’s OK!” I obliged, further enjoying my good fortune.My mind wandered back to my youth, sitting in church between her and my Mom…”T” would rub my arm or pat my knee, winking at me as she did…I was drawn to her even then so innocently…and now 10 years later here I am, my swollen dick in her pert little asshole…my we had come a long ways, certainly in the few months since our oh, so tentative first encounter in her barn. We had given in to our wants and needs…I was proud as a peacock bedding a much older women compared to my friends trying to score with schoolgirls…I felt so much more accomplished. Alas. we had a pact not tell anyone of our actions, and that was fine with me…maybe no one would believe me anyways.As I continued gently pumping my dick into her most private of orifice and watching that afore mentioned layer of beylikdüzü escort jigglie softness beneath the skin of most middle-aged women, I felt my balls begin that pressing need to evacuate their bounty…at nearly the same time “T” was moaning and almost crying with I assumed to be a combination of pleasure and pain…”Do you need me to stop?” I asked. She answered in a plaintive sounding, “Nooooo, but it hurts so good right now, are you ready?” “Yes I am, here it comes!” I almost shouted. “Ohhh, let it flow, fill me up back there,” she pleaded. And let go I did, perhaps my best performance yet as my gooey cum flooded her dirty hole! Wow, I thought, I just fucked my Mother’s fraternal twin in the most forbidden of places…that just made me shudder with pleasure and accomplishment all the more! I slowly extracted by lube and cum covered dick from its newly found playground…I backed away giving her room to turn towards me. I noticed her eyes were red from some tears, yet she was smiling with satisfaction…I hoped anyways. An arm’s length away she crouched…”I’ve learned that some guys like to watch their load escape from where they put it,” she surprised me by saying as she handed me a face cloth to presumably catch it with. Sure enough a ropey stalagmite of my jizz began to dribble forth from her ass. I pushed my cloth covered hand up to meet it and stop any further flow. “Oh what a nasty boy you have become,” she said. “Well, I seem to have a good teacher,” I retorted. I kept my cloth covered hand between her legs as she maneuvered to place herself sitting on my lap, her arms around my shoulders and her face showing a contented smile. “You know we are going to have to get dressed sometime,”she suggested. “Well, I guess so,” I answered, “then we can look forward to nest time.” “Good thinking,” we agreed.She hobbled off down the hallway to the bathroom, the wash cloth taking place of the butt plug that was so prominent less than an hour ago. I cleaned up and got dressed and “T” emerged dressed also in her weekend garb of loose denim pants and a button down blouse making her a truly different woman than a short time ago. “Have you time for a cup of coffee?” she asked. “Of course.” I replied. We sat on the corner from each other as close as you could get, her leg rubbing mine. “You know we used to sit on opposite sides, until not too long ago,” she recalled…”sure is different now, I like it.” “Me too, I agreed. While we talked over coffee, I asked if some of her co-workers stories were played out between the two of us. “Maybe,” she answered coyly, but I sure wouldn’t let her know what you and I are doing…I just play dumb and say uh,huh.” She sat up straight and leaned toward me and offered that her friend said she performed oral sex often on one of here former husbands…”would like if I did that to you?” she asked. “Sounds like fun!”I said. Hmmmm…next story might be “Fellatio Friday”



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