The sunlight filtered through the shades of the bedroom window, giving the room a golden glow. Shona and Barry began to stir together. She opened her eyes, her face right up against Barry’s. Shona smiled sweetly, kissing him gently on the lips. “Good morning, lover,” she said softly, “I hope you slept well.” Barry smiled back. He felt Jane snuggling against his back, slightly grinding her mound against his backside. Barry wrapped his arms around Shona, holding her tight, her firm breasts rubbing against his bare chest.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Shona moaned, putting one of her legs on top of Barry’s, letting him press his thigh between hers. She looked longingly into his eyes, then kissed him, this time more deeply. Barry pressed his thigh harder against her pussy, rocking back and forth as their tongues whirled around inside her mouth.

Barry was surprised at how quickly his cock sprang to life after the beating it had taken just a few hours ago. He slid his hand around Shona’s arse, pulling her firmly against his pressing thigh. She moaned louder, rocking her hips harder against him.

Shona was also surprised at her desires. The night before, she had fallen asleep more satisfied than she had since coming to the States a couple of months ago and now she was wanting more.

From behind, Barry slipped his fingers into her already wet pussy as she rocked against his thigh. “Ooohhh God, Barry,” Shona moaned, trying to keep her voice down so as not to wake her sleeping friend.

Barry plunged his fingers deep into Shona’s cunt, frigging her hard. All sense of foreplay was already lost, her body trembling, wanting to be fucked again. Barry slid his tongue down her neck, sucking on her sensitive breasts. He took her large, hard nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting the stiff piece of flesh.

Holding Barry’s head to her breasts, Shona was losing her composure quickly. She bucked her hips against his digging fingers, fucking his hand. “Ooohh fuck, I can’t believe how quickly I’m cumming,” she groaned, her eyes closed as the orgasm built from within.

Shona rolled Barry onto his back, straddling his hips. Looking down at him, she grabbed his thick cock, rubbing it against her pussy. “I want you to fuck me now, Barry… I can’t take any more of this.”

Shona slid the hard rod into her wet pussy, letting herself fall gently onto his hips. The thick cock split her lips, plunging deep into her tunnel. Reaching up, Barry groped and squeezed her firm, large breasts, toying with her poking nipples.

“Gggdddd you are hot, Shona… I could fuck you all day,” Barry said, thrusting his hips hard against her arse, driving his cock ever deeper into her.

“What about me, Barry?” a voice said next to him. Barry kept thrusting, driving his cock in and out of Shona’s tight cunt. He turned to his left, seeing Jane’s beautiful, sweet face next to his.

Talking in a staccato voice, Barry said, “That goes without saying, Jane.” She kissed him, then rubbed her equally large tits in his face as he continued to pound away at Shona’s quivering cunt.

Jane rolled around, her legs on either side of Barry’s face. She lowered her pussy onto his waiting mouth, her hands caressing her best friend’s breasts. Jane and Shona kissed, or at least kissed as best they could considering the situation. Barry grabbed Jane’s firm arse, pulling her pussy hard against his mouth, digging his tongue into her. Shona rocked her hips hard, rubbing her clit against the thick, hard shaft that was plunging into her cunt.

All three were on the verge of cumming. Shona gripped Barry’s cock with her pussy, adding to the sensations that both of them felt. Jane loved the feel of a talented tongue on her pussy and Barry was very talented. She rocked back and forth, fucking his mouth. Shona sucked on Jane’s overly sensitive nipples, bringing her to the edge of her orgasm. Jane felt Barry’s hands groping her arse, his thumb pressing against her tight hole. She jerked instinctively, then pressed her arse against his thumb, telling him that it was all right.

Barry ate Jane’s cunt hard, his tongue diving deep into her. He pressed his thumb against her arse, working it into her puckered rear hole.

“Oooohhhhh ffuuuucckkkk”, Jane screamed as the thumb slipped into her arsehole. Barry worked it around as she squirmed against his mouth and finger. Jane came hard and quickly, her body shaking wildly. Barry licked and sucked on her cunt, taking all he could, thrusting his cock harder into Shona.

Shona had, by this time, worked herself into a frenzy, rocking and bouncing on Barry’s thick cock. She ground her hips so that her clit rubbed hard against him. Hearing her friend come, Shona came too, her body convulsing uncontrollably. Her cunt gripped his cock, holding the thick tool deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

Shona held onto Jane for support, her body shuddering from her climax. Jane kissed her neck, their breasts rubbing against each other. erenköy escort Shona held onto her friend, catching her breath, her pussy squeezing hard around Barry’s wonderful cock.

Barry sucked on Jane’s cunt, tasting her juices as his hips kept thrusting his cock into Shona’s tight cunt. He felt his body jerk, ready to let loose his seed.

“Oooohhhhh Ggggdddddd,” he groaned, his cock throbbing inside Shona. Shona slipped off his prick. The girls both opened their mouths, tonguing and sucking his hard cock, wanting to taste his cum. Jane engulfed his cock, tasting Shona’s juices on Barry’s shaft. The feel of Jane’s hot mouth sent Barry over the edge. His hips bucked once, then twice. He came hard, shooting a thick stream of hot cum into Jane’s waiting mouth. Jane swallowed the first load, then pulled her mouth away, stroking his cock with Shona. Barry came again and again, filling the air with his cum. It splattered on the beautiful girls’ faces and breasts, their mouths open, trying to catch what little they could. Shona rubbed his cock over her face, sucking the cum that was still on his shaft. Jane wrapped her large, firm breasts around his cock, sliding up and down, tonguing the tip as it neared her mouth.

Barry fell back, exhausted, watching the two sirens making love to his cock. Jane and Shona then kissed each other, licking his cum from each other’s face and breasts, falling back onto the bed, laughing and cuddling each other.

“Ooohh Gggdd, that was wild!” Barry laughed, still trying to catch his breath. The girls giggled, holding each other, lost in their feelings for each other. A few moments later, they cuddled on either side of Barry, rubbing their bodies against his. “Y’all are going to kill me!” he said laughing, “but what a way to go.”

Jane and Shona cuddled with Barry, drifting off to sleep for about an hour before getting up for the day.

After a good breakfast and a quick shower, the trio looked through some brochures for something exciting to do. They decided to drive for several hours further west to another camp site where there was supposedly a beautiful waterfall and a stream for swimming.

“This is so lovely,” Jane said to Barry. “This is a beautiful country… and so big.” Barry smiled, thinking of the time it had taken him to cross the continent and all the people he had met along the way.

It was a warm day so Shona and Jane wore thin T-shirts. It was painfully obvious to Barry that neither of the girls was wearing a bra. Barry had a difficult time keeping his eyes on the road. With every bounce the camper took, he turned to watch the girl’s large breasts bounce. Jane and Shona knew what he was doing and giggled, sometimes adding an extra jiggle to their bounce.

After a few hours, Barry pulled the camper into the camp site and found a spot on the edge, away from the other caravans and campers. They readied a picnic lunch and headed out to the falls. Even though it was a little cool to Barry, Jane and Shona found the air warm, especially compared to home. They wore very short, tight hiking shorts as well as their T-shirts, each with a light jacket wrapped around their waists. Barry smiled as he noticed the other guys watching them as they walked past, their pert arses swaying to and fro.

The waterfall was spectacular, three small streams converging, then fanning out to form a wide fall, the waterfall tumbling hundreds of feet to a small pool. The sunlight struck the mist, forming a multitude of rainbows. The three of them just stood there in silence, listening to the roar of the falls. The mist blew across the area, giving the lightly clothed girls a chill. They both snuggled against Barry who wrapped his arms around their shoulders, warming their arms.

“That’s incredible,” Shona said softly, not wanting to disturb the moment. Jane and Barry nodded in agreement. Several minutes later, Jane said it was time to hike to the lake and have lunch along the way. After walking for an hour or so, they decided to eat lunch. Barry found a small group of trees a few hundred yards off the trail. Jane and Shona decided that they needed some sun on their white British skin. They stripped off their clothes, enjoying the warm sun on their flesh.

“Barry, would you be a dear and put some lotion on my back?” Jane cooed, smiling at Barry. Barry smiled back, rubbing the lotion into her soft skin as she lay on her stomach, flattening her breasts to the sides. Barry’s fingers slid along her sides, sending waves of electricity through her body. Barry then worked the lotion into her firm arse and down her thighs and legs. Jane melted into the ground, loving the touch of his hands on her bare body.

“God, Barry, you are driving me wild without even trying,” Jane laughed.

Barry turned to Shona next, using his hands to bring her close to the edge, too.

Barry ate his lunch, enjoying the view of the two naked young women as etiler escort much as the majestic scenery. The heat began to have an effect the girls, their bodies twisting and squirming. Jane leaned over to Shona, kissing her gently on her cheek. Shona responded instantly, pulling Jane to her, kissing her deeply and passionately. Barry leaned against a tree in the shade, watching the scene unfold before him.

Shona looked up at him, smiling, “Sorry, Barry… this one is for just Jane and me.” Jane winked at Barry, then returned to Shona. Their hands caressed each other as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Barry could hear their moaning as they ground they bare pussies against each other. They knew exactly what each other loved, bringing each other to a quick climax.

Barry made a note of what each girl liked, storing it away to be used later in the day. Shona pulled Jane on top of her into 69. They hungrily attacked each other, tonguing and licking each other’s pussies.

Barry wanted to join them so badly, but he sat there watching this incredible show. He rubbed his cock through his jeans as both girls began moaning louder. Their bodies shook and trembled as they brought each other to an orgasm together, both cumming hard into the other’s waiting mouth.

The exhausted girls lay still for several minutes, lying next to each other, their arms wrapped around each other. Barry could see the love they shared for each other, making it more erotic than just sex.

“Did you enjoy that, Barry?” Jane asked, jokingly.

“You know I did, Jane. Only one thing would have made it better… me joining in,” Barry laughed. The girls smiled at their new friend.

“You can later… I promise,” Shona replied. They finished their lunch, then Jane and Shona dressed while Barry packed everything. “Let’s go to the lake,” Shona said, pulling her top on over her large breasts.

Half an hour later, the three of them were at the lake. They walked around the area, meeting different people camping out. In a secluded spot, they met two couples from Indiana who had a large tent pitched on the beach with a warm fire going. The tent was actually two six-man tents connected to make a single larger one with two rooms and a connecting flap.

“That’s a nice tent there,” Barry said to one of the guys. They began talking about the tent and other “manly” things. Barry discovered that their names were John and Mike and they were with Mike’s wife and John’s girlfriend, travelling around the West for a month. Barry watched as John’s and Mike’s heads turned as Shona and Jane walked past, their shorts tight around their arses.

“DAMN,” said Mike appreciatively, “did you see them?” John nodded, his eyes fixed on the firm bums of the two girls. Barry smiled, telling them that he’d been with them for the past few days. John and Mike teased Barry about his good fortune. Just then two other women walked by and began talking with Jane and Shona. One was tall and slender, the other shorter but still taller than Jane. “They’re with us,” Mike said, pointing out the taller one as his wife, Beth. Barry looked over her tight body. Beth was about 5’8″ with 35 or 36C breasts. She was slender and carried herself very well. Terri, John’s girlfriend was about 5’6″ and was similar in shape and proportion to her friend.

“Looks like y’all’s situation isn’t too bad, either,” Barry laughed.

“Well, it’s not what you think, Barry. We have hinted about swapping but the girls haven’t acted on it. We did get them to kiss each other, but that was about it, nothing more,” John said dejectedly.

The girls got along well, talking about camping and travelling, becoming fast friends. Later the conversation turned to sex. Jane told them that she and Shona were lovers as well as friends and that they had picked Barry up hitchhiking. Beth and Terri listened, at first shocked, then interested. “We have been together since high school,” Jane explained. “We’ve shared everything. Our bodies, our boyfriends and even the guys we’ve picked up.”

Shona looked at the two other women, noticing their looks, “It’s not like we pick up any strange guy, we’re….”

“Oh no,” interjected Terri, “I wasn’t thinking that at all. I was just wishing that I had the nerve to do that. I hate to admit it, but I have only been with six different guys before and Beth has been with about the same, I guess.” Beth nodded her head, holding up eight fingers. “I have always wanted to be more free in my sexuality, I just haven’t had the courage.”

“Me neither,” said Beth, “you and Jane just seem so free and happy, enjoying all that there is.” Shona smiled at Beth, then turned to Jane, kissing her gently on her cheek.

“Yes, we have enjoyed ourselves,” Shona replied. She took Beth’s hand in hers, “It’s never too late to start, Beth.” Beth felt her heart begin to pound against her chest. She had never been with another woman florya escort before, rejecting the one close friend who had approached her once. She let Shona caress her hand, feeling the soft touch on her fingers.

“I-I-I’m not sure what to do,” Beth said, hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, Beth, you will,” Shona said smiling. Terri watched in amazement as her friend was about to be seduced right in front of her. Jane called to the guys, telling Barry to pick up the camper and bring it back to the lake and that they were going to stay where they were for the night.

Barry turned to Mike and John, “Tonight might be your lucky night, guys,” he said. The two men looked at Barry inquisitively. Barry just smiled as he got into their car to make the forty minute round trip up the mountain.

As soon as they left, the four women hurried back to the tent. Once inside, Shona took Beth by her hands, pulling her gently towards her. She kissed Beth softly on her lips, letting them linger there for a moment. Beth’s breathing deepened. She could feel Shona’s breasts pressing against hers, the first time she ever noticed the feel of another woman’s breasts. Shona kissed her again, this time with a little more passion, her tongue sliding along Beth’s lips. Beth opened her mouth slightly, letting Shona slip her tongue into her mouth. Beth moaned softly, feeling a sensation she had never felt before.

Jane slid behind Terri, resting her hands on Terri’s hips. Terri could feel Jane’s warm breath on her neck. Terri, though, was spellbound by the sight of her friend kissing another woman. She had always thought it disgusting, but seeing it here was affecting her differently. She was becoming aroused, her pussy becoming very wet. Jane slipped her hands around Terri’s waist, kissing the back of her neck. Terri moaned softly, leaning her head against Jane’s. She jumped when Jane cupped one of her firm breasts, but quickly made herself relax. She loved the tender way Jane caressed her, much different from John and the other men she had been with.

Shona pulled Beth to the floor of the tent, kissing her deeply, their tongues playing together. “You are so beautiful and so sexy,” Shona whispered to Beth, her hands sliding up and down her new friend’s sides.

Shona put Beth at ease, making her feel loved and longed for. Shona pulled Beth’s top off, sliding her tongue into her soft cleavage, kissing and sucking on her flesh. Beth moaned louder, pulling Shona’s head tight into her breasts.

Jane was caressing Terri’s breasts, sliding one hand under her top. Terri bit her lower lip, closing her eyes as Jane toyed with her breasts, rubbing her mound against Terri’s arse. Jane turned Terri around. Looking into her eyes, she pulled Terri to her, kissing her passionately on the lips, their tongues whirling together.

Jane took Terri’s hand, sliding it up to her large breasts. Terri had never felt another woman’s breasts before, but she wanted to feel Jane’s. Jane smiled to herself, noticing that Terri was like a guy feeling her up for the first time, just squeezing to be squeezing. Jane placed her hands on Terri’s, caressing her breasts more gently.

Looking into Jane’s eyes, Terri smiled, realising her novice mistake. She began caressing and groping Jane’s breasts as she would have wanted her own to be handled. Jane closed her eyes, moaning with pleasure as Terri fondled her breasts with increasing skill.

Shona had Beth’s bra off, her tongue circling Beth’s large, dark aureole. Beth had beautifully shaped breasts, full and round with large erect nipples. Shona loved sucking on her nipples, giving this young woman so much pleasure.

“Ooohh Gggddd, Shona, that feels wonderful,” Beth moaned, her fingers combing through Shona’s long hair. Shona didn’t want to rush things, letting the passion take its own course. She slid her hand down Beth’s tummy, cupping her hand over her mound. Beth instinctively lifted her hips, pressing her pussy against Shona’s hand.

Moaning softly, Beth thrust her hips against Shona’s hand again and again, wanting to feel Shona’s fingers inside her. Shona was able to slip her fingers up the legs of the shorts, rubbing her fingers against Beth’s wet knickers. Beth moaned with pleasure as Shona pulled the knickers to the side and slipped a finger into her wet pussy.

“Ooohhh Gggddddd, Shona… yyeeeessssss,” Beth groaned, her hips bucking against Shona’s finger. “This is wonderful.”

Shona loved being with a woman on her first time. They always seem so surprised at how wonderful and exciting it is to be with another woman. She slipped a second finger into Beth, bringing her closer to her orgasm.

If Beth could hardly believe what was happening, Terri was totally amazed. It is one thing to be seduced as Beth was, it was entirely different to be the aggressor and Terri was being just that. She was stunned at how mush she loved playing with Jane’s breasts. It was like a child in a sweet shop for the first time.

Terri was tonguing, sucking and kissing Jane’s large breasts, wanting to taste and feel them every way she could. Jane was loving it. She loved having her breasts groped, often able to cum just from that alone. Jane saw Shona fingering Beth and knew that Terri needed to be taken like that too.



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