Author’s note: To better understand what is going on, I would encourage you to start with the first chapter and read through. This is part of a series. It was never intended to be a stand-alone story even though it reads like one. Thanks for taking the time to read my work and please vote. If you feel the need to criticize, please make it constructive criticism. This is my first attempt at writing a series, and I know I could use some improvement.

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Kate woke without the normal horny feelings she usually had. She didn’t feel the slightest urge to masturbate. She rolled over and came face to face with her angel, Jane. Jane looked so peaceful with her eyes closed.

Kate stared at her and a warm feeling came over her. She thought back to yesterday and what had happened. She reached down and touched herself and thought. “Hmm. Not too painful.” At that moment, she realized her ass didn’t hurt that bad either. “I think I’ll make it through the day.” She thought.

She admired Jane’s long blond hair. It was so straight and gracefully draped over her body. Her lips were full and soft. Kate always loved the way Jane kissed her. She wondered what it would be like to make love to her, to have Jane make love to her instead of this brutal fucking she got every now and again. She let that thought slip away as she continued to look at Jane. Her eyebrows were blond so Kate new she was a true blond. She looked at her breasts. They were firm and her nipples were semi hard and poking into her tank top. Lying on her side showed her very curvy body and nice hips. Everything about Jane shouted beauty. Kate reached over and kissed her lower lip. Jane stirred.

Blinking a couple of times Jane finally opened her eyes completely. She smiled at Kate, “Good morning,” she whispered.

Kate whispered back, “Good morning.”

“How do you feel this morning?”

“Surprisingly good.”

“I hope you’re not too sore.”

“I think I’ll be able to manage.”

They were both still whispering.

“I’m going to have to go. I need to get Jason off to school and my prick of a husband off to work. Can I borrow a different t-shirt? Something happened to the one I wore over. I wonder what that was,” as she winked at Jane.

Jane chuckled, “Yeah, they’re in the closet. Just pick one out.”

“Thanks,” she said as she bent over and kissed Jane’s forehead.

Kate climbed out of bed and went to the closet. She pulled out a local Springfield Longhorns t-shirt. She walked out of the closet and held it up for Jane. “I’m taking this one.”

“That’s fine.” Jane watched as Kate removed the t-shirt she wore to bed. She watched as her tits bounced as she moved. That excited her and she reached down and touched herself pulling on her nipples. She didn’t bother to hide it, and when Kate pulled the other shirt on, she saw Jane playing with herself. She reached over and grabbed her sweat pants off the dresser never taking her eyes off Jane. By now, Jane had one hand on her now exposed tits, and the other hand was fingering her pussy lips through her panties. Kate pulled her sweat pants on and walked towards the bed. Jane now had her panties off and was fingering her pussy.

Kate bent down and took a nipple in her mouth and nibbled on it as she whispered to Jane. “I’ll make you come Ms. Dawson, but you’ll have to come quick.” She moved her hand down to replace Jane’s. When she felt Jane’s pussy, it was already soaked.

Jane managed a low moan as Kate’s finger entered her pussy. “Mmm thank you.”

Kate wasted no time. One thing she knew was how to masturbate. She had one hand on Jane’s tits and the other inside her soaked pussy. She had the other nipple in her mouth and she worked feverishly on Jane and quickly brought her closer to orgasm. Her fingers alternated between fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit. Jane breathed in gasps as Kate fingered her cunt. She drove three fingers deep into Jane’s pussy and Jane arched her back and exploded on Kate’s fingers. Kate felt the cum ooze from around her fingers as Jane bucked and writhed under Kate’s direction. Jane’s body spasmed as her orgasms drug on. Kate expertly worked Jane’s clit and caused Jane to come over and over again. Jane got to the point of completion and she reached down and grabbed Kate’s hand. Kate’s fingers stopped, and she pulled them out of her dripping cunt.

She brought her fingers to her nose and inhaled Jane’s scent. “Feel better now?”

She offered her soaked fingers to Jane who took them in her mouth and licked them clean. She brought them back to her nose where she could still smell Jane’s essence. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth and licked it clean.

“You know the difference between you and me?”

Jane couldn’t speak. She just shook her head.

“I’m an addict. I do it because I have to. You’re a nympho. You do it because you love it. Thanks for letting me make you come.”

Jane shook her head again. Still gasping for air, canlı bahis şirketleri she whispered, “No, thank you.”

Kate bent down and kissed Jane’s lower lip and whispered, “One of these days you and I are going to make love. Right now I need to go.” She stood up and looked at Jane. “Thank you for everything you do for me.” Then she turned and walked out of the room.

It was just now sunup and the sky was clear as Kate climbed into her Yukon and started it up. She sat there for a moment letting the events of the last twenty-four hours race through her mind. Everything paused when she got to Jane’s orgasm this morning. She knew before everything spun out of control again she wanted to make love to Jane. In all this time, Jane helped her, but they never actually made love to each other. She knew Jane was ready and so was she. She slipped the shifter into drive and headed home to face her shit head husband.

She pulled into the driveway and pushed the garage door opener. As the door opened, she could see John’s truck was still there. She climbed out of the SUV and walked into the quiet house. Nobody was awake which was perfect for her. She made a pot of coffee and headed for her bedroom. Trying to get into her normal routine, she quickly stripped and climbed in the shower. She let the water flow over her body and reveled at the lack of sexual feelings. She thought to herself. “This feels really good.” She didn’t have to deny the urge to masturbate because it didn’t exist. She quickly showered and dressed pulling on her normal work attire. She stopped by Jason’s room as she headed to the kitchen just like she did every day.

“Rise and shine little man. It’s a school day.” She heard a moan come from under the covers.

John walked in and grabbed a cup from the cabinet and walked over to the coffee pot. “You okay?” He asked in a very direct tone.

“Yeah. I feel better this morning. And by the way, thanks for picking up Jason yesterday.”

Nonchalantly he replied, “No problem,” but then in a stern voice, he said, “You need to go see Doc Donald about those migraines. Seems like you’ve been getting them more and more these days.”

She thought, “If he only knew what those migraines were.” She responded, “I’ll make an appointment for next week. What do you have going on today?”

“We’re trying to get basements poured before cold weather sets in. That way we’ll have work to carry us through the winter. We’re pouring two in Walsh this morning and one in Pritchette this afternoon. I’m hoping to have five or six more poured before the season ends. I probably won’t be home before six or so. Where are you today?”

“I’m making up two appointments that I cancelled yesterday plus my regular patients I normally have on Tuesday’s, but they’re all in town.”

Jason walked in and sat down at the table. Kate grabbed a bowl and some cereal and set them down. She grabbed the milk from the refrigerator and placed it on the table as well. “Good morning Jason.”

In a sleepy voice he spoke, “Morning mom.”

John piped in, “Good morning son.”

“Morning dad.” He poured his cereal and milk and didn’t say anything else.

John said, “Well I need to get going. I’ll see you two later tonight.” He turned and headed into the garage.

Kate pressured Jason, “Hurry up and finish eating. We need to get going.” He finished his breakfast and headed off to get his backpack. She finished fixing his lunch and when he returned, she shoved the lunch bag in his hand and headed towards the garage.

She dropped him at school and headed to the office. When she got there Glenda was in the office. She looked up as Kate walked in, “You okay this morning?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I just had a migraine hit me in the middle of the day.”

“I know. Jane Dawson called me. You have a load today.”

“I know. I’ll get through it.”

“I know you will. You always do. Have you thought about seeing Dr. Donald about those migraines? You’ve been having them a lot here recently.”

“Yeah. I told John I would make an appointment next week to get checked out.” She knew in a week everyone would forget about this, so she wouldn’t make the appointment. She ducked into her office where she could relax for a moment.

She set out to call Carly and Grady to set up her make up appointments. She hated having to make them up, but she knew she had to. She knew her addiction would be back in full strength soon, and she had to stay on track. With her appointments in order, she stopped by Glenda’s office, “If you need me, call my cell. I’ll be out in the field for a couple of days.”

Glenda nodded, “I have it right here. Let me know if you need anything.” She knew Kate was good at what she did and never had to worry about her doing her job.

Kate left the office and climbed into her car. She went about making up her missed appointments and meeting her current ones. She was on top of her game and not hesitating for a minute for extra curricular activities. canlı kaçak iddaa She felt in control of her life and not controlled by her addiction. She breezed through today, and thought about tomorrow. “Oh shit,” she thought, “I have to see Jake tomorrow.”

Her mind raced, “What am I going to tell him? What kind of excuse could she make up to get her through the next session with him?” She pondered.

She finally came up with an answer. “She had to tell him the truth. She had to tell him about Jane. She didn’t want to lose Jake’s trust. She liked him and wanted him to help her later on. Not like Jane, but to really help her with her addiction. She wanted him to feed her addiction.” She decided, “If he got persistent, she would suck him off. She would deep throat his cock and let him explode in her mouth.”

She had feelings for Jake. It scared her, but she was not willing to lose him as a client. No matter how scared she got of these feelings, she needed to explore them. She needed to see how real they were.

She scurried through her day. She picked up Jason from football practice and made it home in time to fix a nice dinner. After she cleaned up and put everything away. She sat down with Jason to enjoy an episode of Glee. She ignored John all evening, and there were only a couple of stares from him that reinforced her hatred for him.

She thought, “If I could divorce his ass and fuck him in the process, I would do it in a heartbeat.” She feared him and what he could do to her in this small town. She knew he could hurt her with his contacts and power in this little Midwest town. She knew, when he was done with her, she wouldn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, so she smiled at him as if everything was fine.

She got Jason to bed and headed to her retreat in the master bedroom, a place she felt comfortable and safe. She bolted the door. She had the locks replaced when he forfeited the room. She wanted to feel safe, as she didn’t trust him.

Once the door was locked she relaxed. She stripped and put on a loose fitting spaghetti strapped nightgown. She brushed her nipples and felt nothing. She pulled on them and still felt nothing. This disappointed her a little bit. Kate thought about everything for a minute. She was amazed at the lack of feeling. She felt empty, undesirable, and unattractive. She missed the urges and the desires she usually carried around with her, and there was no tingling in her pussy.

She thought, “Jane really did fuck me up.” She slipped her hand inside her panties and touched her pussy. It was dry. She tried to shove her finger inside herself but it was too dry. “Damn,” She thought, “This is fucked up.” She moved her fingers to her clit and rubbed it. There were no stimulating feelings. She didn’t react to her own fondling. She attributed it to Jane’s activities the day before. She felt disappointed and resolved to rolling over and going to sleep. Tomorrow was a new day.

Kate slept well. She didn’t experience or act on any sexual urges during the night or that morning; However, she still felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled. She felt a part of what defined her was being denied. She eventually brushed it off and went about her daily routine. She got John and Jason off to work and school and set about her daily routine. She stopped by the office to drop off the paper work for the previous day and pick up today’s files. She set out for her daily sessions. Her first stop of the day was Jake.

She was nervous. How was she going to handle the appointment when she didn’t need to have sex? Jane diminished her desire for sex to the size of a microorganism, and Jake was expecting the best physical therapist in the county. She thought about what she decided the night before and went with that solution.

She pulled up in front of Jake’s house. The walk to the front porch looked longer than it did the previous visit. She slid out of her SUV and headed towards the door. She knew she had to take control of today or it was not going to go well. She didn’t want to experience what she had imagined would be the response from Jake. She reached the front door and didn’t hesitate to push the doorbell. Jake answered the door wearing the shorts she had instructed him to wear in their last session and nothing else. She stood there and soaked in this handsome man. She couldn’t help but look him over and noticed his semi hard cock and muscular legs. She immediately brought her eyes to his. She mustered a muffled, “Hi.”

He opened the screen door and motioned for her to enter. She walked through the door and removed her flip-flops and left them next to the door. Without saying a word, she shuffled past Jake and stopped in the middle of the room. She looked around and everything was exactly as she remembered it. She didn’t hesitate a moment and dropped her bag beside his favorite blue Lazy Boy lounge chair.

She unzipped her bag and reached in and grabbed the two sheets she had placed in there this canlı kaçak bahis morning. She spread them out side-by-side on the floor and motioned for Jake to take his place on one. “Did you go over the stretching exercise sheet I left with you?”

He looked at her and responded, “Yes I did.”

“Good. We are going to work on those today, and I’m going to do them with you so you can see the correct form. Is there somewhere I can change?”

He pointed to a door, “Yeah, use the front bedroom.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out some clothes and disappeared into the adjoining room. Jake patiently waited for her to return. Within minutes she appeared in a pair of white, very tight, short shorts and a white wife beater tank top. The bottoms of her ass cheeks were teasingly exposed. Jake could tell she wasn’t wearing panties, as her pussy formed the perfect camel toe under her shorts. She was also braless. Her tank top was thin enough he cold make out the nice brown areolas and saw her nipples pressing against her top. They weren’t quite hard, but they were clearly defined. He remembered sucking on them and relished the thought of doing it again. This vision of her and the thoughts of the other day brought Jake’s cock to life. He quickly turned away from her so he would not embarrass himself. She walked up beside him and spread out her arms. She motioned for them to spread out a little bit to give each other more room, and Jake slid over some more.

“Alright, let’s start with the neck. We’re going to do each one of these for a five count. Left ear to the left shoulder as far as you can go.” Leaning her head over to touch her ear to her shoulder, “For five, and four, and three, and two, and one.”

She brought her right ear to her right shoulder. “Right ear to the right shoulder now, for five, and four, and three, and two, and one.”

Bringing her chin to her chest she said. “Now your chin to your chest, for five, and four, and three, and two, and one.”

“Okay, and pull your head back and look at the ceiling, for five, and four, and three, and two, and one.”

“Very good Jake,” as she turned and faced Jake, “Face me Jake and hands at your side.”

Jake turned and faced Kate not saying a word.

“Let’s roll the shoulders forward, for five, and four, and three, and two, and one.

“Rear Shoulder rolls now, for five, and four, and three, and two, and one. Great.”

They continued to stretch arms, legs, and back muscles. They worked all parts of their bodies. Once the stretching routines were done, she looked at Jake, “You broke a sweat.”

Jake looked down at the beads of sweat on his chest, “Huh, I guess I did. But look at you, cool as a cucumber.”

Kate laughed, “And your point is?” She had done this routine so many times that she rarely broke a sweat any more.

Jake just chuckled and headed to the other room. “I’m going to grab a towel and some water. Would you like a bottle of water?”

“That would be nice. Thanks.”

Jake returned in a minute with two bottles of water. He had obviously rinsed off and had a towel neatly draped around his neck. He handed a bottle to Kate and twisted the cap off of his. He brought the bottle to his lips and tipped it taking a long draw on it emptying almost half of it before he stopped. “What’s next?”

Kate looked at her watch. It had only been thirty minutes. “We’re done for today Jake.”

Jake moved closer to her. He looked at her puzzled. “This is it? That’s all we’re doing?” He reached his arms out and pulled Kate into him.

Kate felt his warm body pressed against hers, and she had to come up with something quick before this spiraled out of control. She felt his cock grow hard against her, and it did nothing for her. She did not even feel a twinge in her not so delicate pussy.

“Jake. Lie down on the sheet for me.”

“Gladly,” Jake replied as he lay down on his back.

Kate straddled Jake’s legs and looked hard at Jake. “I need to tell you something, but first I want you to come in my mouth.” As she said that, she grabbed Jake’s shorts and pulled them down. Jake’s cock sprang out and bounced off his stomach. He had a full erection and Kate reached out and grabbed it wrapping her fingers around his hard cock. “It looks like you are glad to see me Jake.”

Jake smiled as she stroked his cock. He was amazed at how expertly she worked his cock. It didn’t take long and Jake felt the very beginnings of his orgasm. Kate knew this and lowered her head. She could see the clear slimy pre-cum oozing from the head of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked his cum hole at the head of his cock taking the pre-cum onto her tongue and quickly retracting her tongue back into her mouth.

She tasted the salty fluid and wanted more. She drove her tongue into his cum hole and tried to get more. She lowered her head down and enveloped his head with her mouth. She sucked his cock hard like trying to suck a milkshake through a tiny straw. She wanted more of that pre-cum. When she realized there was no more, she slowly lowered her head even further taking his cock deeper inside her mouth. It reached the back of her throat, and she expertly opened her throat and let him penetrate her even further.



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