The Teachers TaleDeleteThe Teachers TaleIt was a blessing, for once the staff room was empty and quiet. I was on a late lunch and had no more classes that day. Some marking for Friday then thankfully the weekend beckoned. The loud door knock dragged me out of my day dreaming, it could be a pupil or an ancillary staff member, no matter I called that they should come in. I recognised the voice immediately when she said “hello Sir might I speak with you”, it was Harriet one of our six formers due to finish school the following day. Without a glance I asked her to come in and sit down. When did turn around I was stunned, she was in uniform yes but with an adjustment or two. She was wearing very high heels, black sheer stockings and her flared skirt was short enough for me to see her white thighs above them. You see Sir, she said,”I’m leaving school on Friday and…..I’m still a virgin..the only one in my class, and I sort of wondered..hoped..imagined that you might help me with that?”All I could think of to say was to to invite her to sit down. It didn’t help that when she did that, her short flared skirt rode up and I was treated to a clear view of those black stocking tops and brilliant white pants…this was going to be tricky. Well please Harriet, please explain exactly what you mean? “Well Sir I don’t want canlı bahis to be a virgin anymore and I can’t think of anyone better than you to make sure I’m not, I would like you to…well…fuck me.. Isn’t that how I should put it? before I officially leave school, before tomorrow?” As she said this she was playing with the hem of her skirt twisting it back and forth making no attempt to conceal those stocking tops. “Harriet, you understand that as a teacher I cant become involved with a pupil, not only will I get fired I shall probably be arrested?” I might have guessed she had worked this one out, she said, “Well Sir, I am eighteen and if I see you tonight after school I shall have for all practical purposes have left and won’t be a pupil anymore, will I?” It wasn’t so much the logic of her argument as the slow slide of her skirt revealing more of her thighs, that swayed me. “If I agree, what do you have in mind?” It had been a long time since my girlfriend had moved out. Well, she said, “If we meet later this evening at the Archers down the road,for a drink, perhaps we could then go to your flat and finalise all the homework, if you get my meaning?”She arrived at the Archers just moments after me, I was still ordering at the bar when she walked towards me. Still wearing those killer heels and black stocking bahis siteleri with a stylish raincoat on top, looking like that it was certain neither of the young men behind the bar was about to question whether or not she was 18. “A White wine for me please?” said Harriet , then turned and sat down. Though we had much to discuss, the pub wasn’t the place so we were soon on the short walk to the flat. I stepped inside first to switch on the dimmer lights as she asked me to take her coat. Turning round to do so I must have looked so foolish, mouth open and eyes staring. She was still wearing uniform but this time with a difference, the stocking were now seamed, the skirt considerably shorter and I swear the shirt was a size smaller. The wicked grin on her face made it quite clear she knew the effect her outfit was having. God was I going through with this?”Well” she said doing a twirl, “Do you approve Sir?” well of course I was going to go through with it, my willpower and resolve had left for a night out on their own as soon as she arrived at the pub. As she perched on the sofa arm that damnably short skirt rode up this time revealing full white pants as well as white thighs. “Well Michael, you have thought about that homework I mentioned, I can’t wait to get started?” Standing up and putting her güvenilir bahis glass down she walked over grabbed my left hand and thrust it under the back of her skirt, pulling my head toward her she then rammed her tongue into my mouth. I could feel her cotton pants under my hand and her tongue slowly rotating around mine. I could also feel my cock beginning to twitch. Her free hand began to massage my cock and she encouraged me to move my hand to the front of her pants. The cotton material was soaking wet, her cunt must have been gushing for ages. By now we were both too far gone and she sank to her knees scrabbling at my belt and then, bliss, my cock was in her mouth. I couldn’t take much of that so I stood her up and removed her blouse and skirt, what a sight, fresh white cotton underwearher tits barely contained by the bra and her pants showing that heavy damp patch, and the contrast of those black seamed nylons.Now it was my turn to lick and suck, peeling her pants down I explored her wet cunt, and gently tongued her arse as well. I was inwardly screaming to come inside her and then she was pulling me into her. We both came quickly, laying back on the sofa, both of us having our own reasons for the self satisfied grins. Harriet lifted her hand to my face, turned it towards her and gave me the full blast of those beautiful eyes. ” In case you were wondering I don’t have to be anywhere for simply ages!!”What happened after that? You’ll have to read the rest of the story……If you ask me nicely perhaps I shall write it for you?



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