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It was in the early June, I have had the wonderful opportunity to go on a date with a pretty girl of my class, Carla was her name, she is a hybrid beauty, I mean her father was from Edinburgh and her mother was from Morocco, but they settled in Carbondale a long back, even before either of us were even born. She has the beauty of her mom and that sexy British accent of her dad, making her one of the most desired women in our class, in our school for a matter of fact.

Her short dark hairs in her layered bob cut, where often a lock of her hairs falls over her right eye, which she often waves back her ear, her brown cat-like eyes, and her lips so soft that lotus would withdraw the competition of velvet softness, her bosom, that hides behind her t-shirts and bra, careful on its exposure. It surprises me how much she reminds me of Nathalie Emmanuel, her talk, her words, her smile, her walk, pretty much everything reminds me of Nathalie Emmanuel.

I vividly remember the day, the day I didn’t know that I would get an opportunity like that. I remember her standing in the cafeteria with her hands holding that bright red plate, in her hand, upon which she had a burger and a cover, I didn’t know what was inside till the very end, her eyes gazing for a seat, until she finds one in the corner, right beside her table was another table often occupied by a bunch of ratty- assholes.

She went for the seat, unaware of those assholes, and being the 1st day of our senior year, I was standing in the line, scrutinizing the fresh face, which she is, and staring her till I stood in the middle of the cafeteria myself, looking for a lonely seat, the place where I belong for the initial days.

I saw James, one guy from the asshole gang, walk to her, and sat across her, trying to work his “sesame moment with her.” That was the moment when I saw that damsel in distress, the heroic me, said to save her, the other coward asked me to walk away. I saw her moving and trying to avoid the conversation with him.

‘Fuck it.’ I told myself as I walked to her table, sat beside her, swapped the plate right when James’ hand reached for her half-bitten burger.

‘How are you doing? Been so long. And that chocolate pudding was amazing, my sister loved it.’ I spoke, as if I knew for a long time, she was logically quite thunderstruck for a few seconds until she noticed my wink, that flew from my left eye. She realized it was a charade and decided to act accordingly.

‘Wow, I am good.’ She said, half nervous and half smiling, her eyes rolled to watch James, he was still seated across her. ‘I missed you.’ She said as she threw her arms around me and gave me a side hug. James banged the table and got his ass where he came from, I didn’t touch her plate yet, and I heard the asshole gang going Boo! On James’ face. They all swam away from the cafeteria, knocking over a guy’s plate, expressing anger, that he wished he could have shown on me.

We swapped the plate to our own, I shifted my seat, from beside her to across her. She gave a thankful smile, and also extended her arms. ‘Carla, Carla Wraite.’ She introduced herself.

‘Adam Finney.’ I introduced myself to her, as my arms reached hers, I felt her sweaty and soft palms, I sensed how nervous she was. ‘they won’t be troubling me at lunch anymore I guess.’

‘Thanks, I have seen you in art class.’ She added.

So did I.’

Win some friends on the first day – Check. Talk to some hot girl – check. My mind was making the ticks.

Our friendship blossomed then on, until one evening, she waited to see my football game practice, I took a break and met her, sitting on the ground stage, in her grey t-shirt and denim jeans.

‘I didn’t know you like football that much.’ I said gasping.

‘I don’t’ she replied. ‘But I like you.’

‘Well, that’s flattering, what did I do to impress such a fine lady like you?’

‘Can you find out?’ she asked, twisting, and swaying her body in an overrated womanly gesture. And I know what she was having in mind, I have had that same thing running in my mind for so long.

‘Friday night, central park, I’ll pick you up. Sounds good?’ I asked. She gave me a look of surprise; she was surprised that I read her mind. She lifted her eyebrows to show that she was impressed by my mind-reading ability.

Sounds like a plan.’ She said and departed as I continued with my football training.


And today is Friday, I approached my sister’s room, Abernathy Finney, but rarely do we call her by her full name, Abby is an alternate and so subtle and sexy name. and so, the name suited her too. Her light brown long wavy hair, that flung till her shoulders, her ocean blue eyes, in her soft pale round face, her sharp pretty smile, which looks even more beautiful with her coral, cotton-like lips.

Her petite body, which makes her alluring to men, whatever dress she wore, she looks fine and gorgeous. Apart from my girlfriend reminded me of Nathalie Emmanuel, there are 2 other surprises.

1st is how much my sister resembles illegal bahis Melissa Benoist. Abby even has a hairstyle like Melissa Benoist. And I often crack jokes saying that we could swap Melissa with you, and still, everything would be the same, except, my sister is a horrible singer and even more horrible actor.

2nd is how much my mom, Carmen McCarthy formerly, now, Carmen Finney, and Michelle Monaghan have in common, physically speaking, they have the same wavy brown hair, sparkling green eyes, petite physique for their age, and what gets weird is that my mom, Carmen, and Monaghan are just 2 years apart. My mom is 46 and Monaghan is 44. It was a compliment for the ladies in our house, my sister likes to be compared with Melissa Benoist and My mom kind of like when she was compared with Michelle Monaghan until the concept of age was not mentioned.

My mom said that she gave birth to Abby when she was 22, they weren’t even married then. She said she got married a few months after Abby was born. Then, she said, gave birth to me, when she was 25, exactly three years later.

My dad doesn’t surprise me at all he doesn’t surprise me, he is so predictable that I could accurately guess what he would present me for my birthday, five years hence, he is a tall brawny man, dark-haired, and he often wears his square glasses that hangs on his sharp noses. My dad and my mom owned a stationery cum grocery cum bookstore in the centre of the city, we have our own home, the mortgage was cleared a year ago.

So, I went to my sister’s room, flung open the door, she was wearing her tom and jerry t-shirt, and blue night pants. sitting on the bed, her hair greasy and messy, she had the face of a stoner, she was reading War and Peace, she has been reading it for the past 2 weeks and hasn’t crossed half the book yet. She looked at me as soon as I stepped into her room.

‘What?’ she asked plainly.

‘Umm, I am having a date tonight, would you mind lending your car, I said I would pick her up.’ I saw her face light up, upon hearing my date news.

‘Who is it?’

‘Carla, she is in my art class, we…became friends on the 1st day itself, so…’

‘Alright, under one condition.’ She said I listened, standing like a soldier. ‘Whatever you do, wherever you go, don’t make a mess in my car, if you do so, you won’t talk to me about the car next time.’ she replied sharply.

I was glad that she agreed to lend me her car in the 1st place, she was always mean to me, this was quite a surprise, this is the 1st time I am talking to her in the past 2 months.

The day went faster than before, while I was in a plethora of dilemma, which shirt to wear, what shoe to wear, what should I say and many more. Until I didn’t have any time to think about it. I drove to her house, I have been to her house many times before, but this was under a different circumstance. I knocked on the door of her house.

I was waiting nervously, Carla opened the door, and there she came in her greyish blue bodycon dress, hugging her seamless body. A pint of touch to her lips with a glossy pink lip shade, her eyes stood out amidst her textbook mascara.

‘You look, amazingly marvellous. I am still working on a perfect word to describe how amazing you are, as you always are.’ I said it was too cheesy for either of us. I guided her to the car, and we went to the central park restaurant, had our dinner, with a pinch of flirting, spray of sexting, and tons of adoring her beauty.

‘I have to show something to you.’ I said when we were in the car after our dinner. ‘what’s that going to be?’

I didn’t answer, I had the impression that she was ready to see, I could see the eagerness in her face. I drove to the central park. The restaurant was named after this park and the lake, central park. I pulled the car over right before the lake, where we could see the beautiful woods which were dark but still it had the presence of silence and peace. And Infront of the car was the lake, the fishes were shining white with the moonlight.

She admired the place a minute or two, until she turned towards me, there was this one small fleeting orange light in the car, that’s the only light. She looked me in my eyes, I felt her heart beating sound, we moved forward until our lips were touching and tasting each other. As we were kissing my hands reached and turned off the lights. It was dark, but we managed to see our face and actions with the moonlight.

It was like my hands had a mind of their own, as were kissing, my tongue went into her mouth, she took revenge as her tongue came in my mouth, our tongues were wrestling as my hand reached for her bosom and grabbed. She didn’t mind, she didn’t even notice I thought.

I dragged my hands down from her breast, wrapped her around the waist, pulled her closer, the gear and handbrake were interfering. I didn’t regret for a second, I broke the kiss. we moved to the back seat, as hastily as we could. We made out, as my hands were wrapping around her waist, she grabbed my hands and placed one on her breast.

Taking illegal bahis siteleri that as my cue, my hands unzipped her bodycon, and my hands slid underdress, cupped, and squeezed her boobs, our tongues were wrestling all the way in, as mouth dripping drools on either side.

‘Condom?’ she asked. ‘I am not on pills. Do you have condoms?’ she whispered, into my lips, her hot breath hitting my lips, her breath smelled like strawberry and mint, my mouth would have smelled like mint alone.

I took my wallet, only to remind myself, I have never had a condom on my wallet, and I was still hopeful that my sister would have had one, I searched the glove box, leaning forward, NO.

‘BLUE BALLS, FUCKING BLUE BALLS’ I swore to myself. I was so mind fucked for not having a condom at this moment, she was not on pills, so she doesn’t want to take any chances. I sighed and sat, my shirt was half unbuttoned, her tops were removed, her left boob was hanging out from her black bra. One minute, my dick was so hard that it began hurting, and the next minute, I am not even hard. She noticed that I was stressed.

‘Hey, hey, it’s okay, I know what to do, it’s okay.’ she said, hugging me from the side, her left boob rubbing against my arm, and she gave a peck on my cheeks. It didn’t work, she held my face and made me face her in the dark, she pressed her lips against mine, and next minute we were making out. Our tongues were back on the wrestling match.

I had to make use of it, I thought, I turned towards her, responding to her deep passionate kisses. I dragged my hands to her panties, and slid under it, only to notice that her pussy was clean shaved, and wet as our drooling lips. My fingers began meddling, and corroding her pussy, she moaned in my mouth, and she kept moaning.

Soon, I felt the warm juice gushing through my fingers and palm, her hands crawled to my groin and noticed that I was hard, she broke the kiss, began kissing my neck and she went down as I removed her bra and let her bosom free, I cupped her both naked boobs and felt her hard perky nipples.

She unzipped and pulled my pants down, and therefore freeing my dick from the cage, aroused, and pointed to her face. she twitched her eyebrows in an expression of shock. She kissed my shaft and pulled the foreskin behind. She looked at me before making further moves.

‘Let me know when you are about to…’ she said and took my dick in her mouth even before she completed her sentence.

‘Oh, fuck!!’ I exclaimed, my dick in her warm mouth was sending me waves all over my body, all the bones were puzzling in my body. She kept sucking my dick, her hands playing with my balls and often stroking in between sucking. She was so good at it, and I was so turned on, that I felt the urge to cum in less than 10 minutes.

‘I’m. I am cumming ca.’ I shot the load into her mouth. she took them all in her mouth, what was the option left, she can’t spoil her dress, so I left her no choice after cumming in her mouth. she swallowed the whole load.

‘I asked you to let me know before you cum.’ she said, grinning and wiping her lips for drops of cum sticking on.

‘I tried to warn you, but it felt good, I was in awe of it, I am sorry. Let me help you.’ I said as I pulled her close to me and kissed her, tasting her lips once more. I decided to forget it and we made out for a few more minutes, only this time, my calf muscles were twitching and making me physically vulnerable to drive.

We dressed and I drove her to her house and drove back to my house. Just half mile before I reached my house, the car stuttered and zig-zagged. I pulled over on the side of the road and got out to see what the problem was – flat tyres.

‘Fuck!’ I yelled to myself on the empty dark road. I could walk to the house, but the car, it’s not mine, I have to return it to my sister, as it was before. I opened the back of the car, to get change the tyre, there was a spare tire, but no car jack, nor any fucking wrench.

‘You stupid annoying fucking bitch’ I didn’t know why, but I cursed my sister without any logic. I took the car key with me and ran to my house, to get the wrench and carjack. I ran in the night, in the silent street, breezing wind, I was sweating and gasping as I managed to reach my house without much of a struggle. There was another white Toyota car parked outside of the house and my dad’s car was missing.

This was quite weird, and I opened the door and got it, the house was silent except for hissing and murmuring noise from my sister’s room. I should head there anyway. I flung open her room door only to flabbergasted by the incident that was taking place. my sister was topless, her firm handful breast hanging out, her brown hair spread and messy, she was just wearing her panties and there was another girl, her skin pale and snow-white, brown hairs, just like my sister’s, and here she was in her t-shirt, rolled up to her clavicle, exposing her typical teenage boobs.

The other girl’s face had a sharp jawline and a pretty face, canlı bahis siteleri to make her look even more gorgeous. Her hand was running through Abby’s hair, as her other hand was inside Abby’s panties, fingering her, their boobs rubbing and colliding against each other’s and their lips pressed and locked with a deep kiss, moans of my sister broke out now and then. they came to a halt upon seeing me, in an unprecedented time.

‘Oh fuck…shit’ the girl cursed as she pulled her t-shirt down, and her pants were near the door, so, she used the blanket to cover her bottom. My sister didn’t panic, but her eyes carried the shocking expression. She covered her boobs with her hands crossed. I didn’t know what to say, or how to react. Neither did she. We three stood, like a Rushmore statue, I took some time, subconsciously, scrutinizing the girl, Abby was with. She was pretty and strongly reminded me of Crystal Marie Reed, the chick from the teen wolf.

‘I am, I…ssss… sorry?’ I said as I went back out and shut the door. I swore myself, all the way to the garage, picked up the kits and walked to the car, still swearing myself for not knocking on the door. I fixed the car tire, drove to my house, it was 1 in the morning. When I reached home, the white Toyota was not there, she would leave in a pang of guilt probably.

I didn’t feel like sleeping, not after barging in my sister’s room like that. I sat on the couch in the living room, switched on the TV, went through channels, and stopped at the movie when I saw Cate Blanchett. It was the movie, Carol.

In a few minutes, my sister joined me on the couch. I know she is going to talk about the incident or incidents. I was waiting to see how she starts the conversation. But soon, there came a scene where Cate Blanchett was having lesbian sex with Rooney Mara. I switched off the TV, because, it felt like, I was teasing Abby for her lesbian Relationship.

‘I want to talk about the other day night…2 months ago.’ She started. I knew it.

‘You told me to forget it, I am doing a miserable job at that, but I will get there…remember you said, “we were drunk and confused.”‘ I added.

‘Well, I can’t forget it, maybe we should talk, forget about what happened tonight, this is no big deal. We were not worried about that at all. We continued our thing after you left. So, tonight, we are cool, but that day, we should talk about. The sooner the better.’

‘Alright.’ I said, and I also vividly remember that day.


(2 months ago)

It was the end of March; my sister had a breakup with 3rd boyfriend in a year. I always remember that she used to bitch about her boyfriends and then she starts bitching about all the men out there. Some points, I had to agree, and some points I had to argue, but that night, she was fed up with relationships. She said she would never marry, and she said she didn’t want to get into a relationship anymore.

She was crying and mourning in her room all day long, my parents didn’t dare to ask her why, they know, they have been through that very phase, but I didn’t understand, she used to be a jerk to me, but still, she is my sister, I can’t stand her crying and taking it hard on her.

The only way that my mind could come up was to talk over a pint of beer. I used my Id and bought some beer in the evening, (My parents will be in the store, from morning till evening.) I forced her to come to the roof of our house, through the attic. And finally, we managed to climb over the roof, sat on top of our house.

She drank 2 bottles of beer, she lost it then, she started behaving drunk, but at least she smiled and didn’t utter a word about her ex-boyfriends. She said, “I am going to date a girl from now on.” I thought she was drunk, and she was messing around. But now, she is dating a girl.

It was getting dark, we almost finished 4 bottles of beer, we still had 2 more, I begged and forced her to go to the room, we then went to her room, she drank one bottle, and so did I. I still had the idea of what was going on, but I don’t think she did.

‘You look good, I think I can date you, hell, I can fuck you.’ She said in her drunk slang.

‘Alright Abby, it’s enough, it’s nice to see you laugh and have fun. Now, it’s time for you to go to sleep.’ I said as I removed her shoe and began arranging the blanket. ‘you don’t think so?’ she asked, as she pulled me by my jacket collar. And the next thing I know was, my lips were pressed against her lips. It was hard for me to back up in that stage. But I wish, she did.

Instead, we submitted ourselves to the situation, she occupied more of my lips every second, until I let off my teeny, little control that I was holding. Her tongue met lips, and that’s it, I responded, we kissed, and made out, my lips kissing and nibbling all of my sister’s face, my sister’s lips kissing my neck and biting, that left 3 bite marks on my neck.

My hands crawled to her boobs and grabbed them over her sweatshirt, and we laid down on the bed, hugging and kissing, as our hands roamed and caressed all over our body, over the dress, until she took the initiative to remove my shirt. I obliged, and my hands had their mind, they went on to remove my sister’s sweatshirt, and even before I knew it, my hands were unhooking her bra.



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