The stud farm. Part oneNorfolk 1933Stella Brown was an attractive young lady of 24. She had jet black shoulder length hair, small but firm breasts, a gorgeous tight little bottom and nice legs. She was wearing a white blouse, jodhpurs and riding boots. She had been working at Sir Michael Effinghams stud farm for almost a year now. She had risen to the post of Head stable girl. It was a lovely bright sunny afternoon, as she see sir Michael striding towards her, with his 14 year old niece. He was a handsom looking man in his late forties maybe early fifties thought Stella. He also had the most amazing smile Stella had ever seen on a man. But today he wasn’t smiling he had a very determined look on his face. As he got almost in front of her. Stella politely saidGood afternoon sir Michael how may I help you this after……….. But before she could finish saying afternoon. Sir Michael yelled at herWHO THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE Ms Brown? AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE A STRAP TO MY NIECE’S BOTTOM! I’m sorry said Stella I don’t know what your talking about. DON’T LIE TO ME YELLED BACK Sir Michael. JUST LOOK AT POOR ANNE’S BOTTOMhe yelled. Grabbing his niece turning her around and lifting up her dress So Stella could see Anne’s well strapped bottom. I’VE A GOOD MIND TO CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU ARRESTED FOR ABHYelled sir Michael. Look please stop yelling at me sir Michael, If I might have a chance to explain. OH SO NOW YOUR ADDMITING WHAT YOU DID. I’VE A GOOD MIND TO BEND YOU OVER THE SADDLE RACK AND TAKE A STIRRUP LEATHER TO YOUR BARE ARSE. IN FRONT OF ANNE. Meanwhile Stella could see a smirk on Anne’s face. Please sir Michael if you would only let me explain. Sir Michael had already grabbed Stella’s arm and was dragging her towards the tack room where the saddle rack was. Just then the telephonic alanya escort device started to ring from inside the tack room. Please sir Michael I need to get thatIt could be the vet. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE VET BE CALLING? May I answer it? I guess you had better, but don’t think for one moment afterwards that I won’t take that stirrup leather to you. Said sir Michael. Letting go of Stella’s arm. Stella lifted the receiver of the telephone. And spoke into it. Good afternoon she said in a polite voice, Effinghams stud farm Stella speaking, how may I help you. Oh hello Mr pike. This confirmed that Stella was indeed talking to the vet. Of course sir Michael could only hear Stella’s side of the conversation. This is what he heard. So there is no blockage in the horses system, That’s a relief to hear. Keep an eye on it for the next twenty-four hours. Yes I understand. Sir Michael no as far as I know his not aware of what happened. Would you like to speak to him? His here in the tack room with me now. Sir Michael Mr pike the vet would like a word with you. Said Stella offering sir Michael the telephone. Sir Michael took the phone and said Afternoon Mr pike. And listened as the vet spoke to him. All Stella could hear was sir Michael’s side of the conversation. Oh I see. Yes well that could of been quite serious. I seeWell yes I’m glad she had the sence to put the horse firstThank you Mr pikeYes I’ll see you tomorrow Goodbye. With that sir Michael hung the reciever up. He turned to Stella and said It looks like I need a little more information. As I’m confused right now. As I was trying to explain sir Michael. I caught your niece and three of her friends feeding sugar beet cubes to one of your studs. ********************************************************************************************************For those unaware alanya escort bayan sugar beet cubes are black and meant to be soaked in water before giving to horses as they swell up. *********************************************************************************************************I asked them what they were doing and how many had they given him. To which Anne had replied What’s it gotta do with you? Do you know who I am. To which I replied no I’ve no idea and I don’t care. Do you know you could kill this horse by giving these cubes to it. Dont be silly Anne had said, there only horse cubes. To which I replied These black cubes are sugar beet cubes and should be soaked in water first as they swell up. Well how am I supposed to know that Anne had said. I only ride horses. I told her to wait in the tack room whilst I called the vet. By this time I was a little bit angry. And thought this girl was a spoilt little brat that needed to be taught some manners. So I’m afraid I put her over my knee and spanked her with my hand over her jodhpurs. I know I shouldn’t of but my only thought was of the poor horse. And this girl seemed not to care. Sir Michael listened to Stella and when she had finished said I see, but I’m still confused at how Anne’s bottom got those strap marks! They both turned to Anne. And sir Michael said I think you’d better explain. Anne took a deep breath and said. After she pointing at Stella put me over her knee and spanked me. In front of my friends I couldn’t let her get away with that. So whilst she was dealing with the vet. I took one of the spare stirrup leathers and left with my friends. We went to jennys House as we knew her parents wouldnt be home, and I bent down over her table lifted my dress took my underwear down, got Julie and Tanya to hold my arms whilst jenny strapped escort alanya me. I was only trying to get her pointing at Stella into trouble. I never expected you to come down here and. Well I never really thought it through. And I’m very sorry. Not as sorry as your going to be when we get home young lady. Sir Michael turned to Stella and said. I’m sorry Ms brown. Stella please call me Stella said Stella. I’m sorry Ms…. StellaIt looks like I owe you an apology and your right my niece is a spoilt little brat. I hope you’ll find it in you heart to forgive her, Believe me when she gets home she’s going to be a very sorry little girl with a proper sore bottom. Stella accepted sir Michael’s apology. Sir Michael left with his niece who now had a worried look on her face. When they got to Sir Michael’s house they went straight to his study where Anne found herself bent over his desk dress up over her back knickers round her ankles. Getting her bare bottom properly strapped. SnapOwSnapOuchSnapOh goshSnapPlease uncleSnap snap snapNo more please lm very sorry and I’ll never do it again I promise. Snap snap snapI’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life said sir Michael. Just you think yourself lucky I’m not doing this in front of her. SNAP SNAP SNAPBY this time Anne was crying her eyes out as her bottom hurt so much. After another four hard ones SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAPsir Michael stopped. Hugged his niece and saidI hope that has taught you a lesson Anne. Because I never want to have to do that to you again. Anne cried into her uncles chest promising to never lie to him again or try to get somebody into trouble for something they hadn’t done. About 7pm that evening Stella heard a knock at the door. She answered it to find sir Michael standing there a bunch of flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. He said good evening Ms……. Stella he checked himself in time. Good evening Stella I would like to thank you for your actions today and ringing the vet straight away. Please do come in sir Michael. Please in private you may call me Mike. To be continued……….



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