My ex-wife and I used to indulge in various sorts of fantasies during our love making. Nothing was off limits. One evening she was talking me through a fantasy where her daughter caught us having sex and joined in. Tammy, my ex, had three kids from a previous marriage, two boys and a girl with the girl being the eldest and just 18 at the time. Her name was Elizabeth but we called her Liz. So Tammy was describing what Liz was doing to me when suddenly we heard, “Mom, did you call me?”

There are a few things to know about our family. We were practicing nudists so seeing each other naked was no big deal. We never denied any of the kids entry into our bedroom as long as they used good sense. This particular time is was mid-afternoon on a Friday so that Liz came bounding into the bedroom in itself was not surprising. What was surprising was the expression on her face when she saw her mother’s hand wrapped around my cock. Liz was your typical 18 year old high school senior. She was active in sports so she was in good shape. Liz wasn’t a beauty but she was good looking, five seven in height and 34C breasts. She had short dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

“Oh shit.” I said.

Liz sounded more than just a little put out when she said, “I know I heard my name so what were you saying about me when you were having sex?” We had told all the kids the import of being very honest with us although in this particular incident I think both Tammy and I would have liked a little less honesty but then that wouldn’t have been Liz’s style.

“Nothing honey,” Tammy said nervously. “I was just saying that you were umm,” Tammy stumbling looking for the right words and in the process digging herself a hole.

“Come on mom, you said we have to be honest with you so now it’s your turn.”

I was glad I was being left out of the discussion and decided not to add anything. “You want the truth?”


Liz was persistent which was good in high school because it landed her on the honor roll each term and had gotten her early acceptance into Harvard. But still we would have liked a little less of it now. “Okay,” Tammy said, “but I don’t think you’re going to like it.” Tammy paused hoping Liz would change her mind about hearing it. She didn’t. “Well, when Peter and I have sex we like to fantasy play. Do you know what that means?”

“Yes but what that got to do with me?” Liz asked pointedly.

“Well, I was just playing a fantasy for him where you came in on us having sex and joined in.” Tammy said the last few words very softly and sheepishly.

“Ewww!” Liz exclaimed. “That’s gross!”

“No it’s not honey, not between consenting adults and since remember, it’s only a fantasy.”

Now I hadn’t done anything to cover myself up in part because Tammy hadn’t covered herself and partly because it aroused me to be the way I was. I was an admitted dirty old man. My cock hadn’t gone entirely soft and so it was still somewhat erect. Then Liz asked an unexpected question, “So what were you saying about me?”

“Liz, I don’t think that’s appropriate.” Tammy said sternly.

“Why?” Liz asked sharply. “According to you it’s normal so if that’s so then I want to know.”

“Liz honey, it’s none of your business.” Tammy scolded.

“It is too mom. It’s about me you’re talking so it is too my business.”

Tammy realized she was on the wrong side of a losing argument. As she illegal bahis was prone to do she bit her lip before she said something difficult. “Okay, I’ll tell you but you must promise to try to understand that this is all a fantasy.” Liz nodded to her mother. Tammy paused and collected her thoughts. “Well, I said that you had walking in on us having sex.”

“You mean like I just did.”

“Right, and then when you saw Peter’s erection you became excited and I told you it’d be all right to touch it. You touched it tentatively and then you played with the pre-cum on the tip of his penis.”

“I’ll bet you didn’t say penis mom.” Liz chided and then continued. “Oh, you mean like that drop on the end of it now?” We all looked at my cock and there it was, my guilty liquid.

“Ummm, yes.” Tammy replied. “Then you took off your top so Peter could see your boobies.” While Tammy was relating the story Liz hadn’t taken her eyes of my cock and in response to this I had become fully hard again, even more so than I was when Liz first broke in on us. “So while you were playing with the tip of his cock,” Liz flinched when she heard the word, “Peter reached up and started fondling your breasts. Anyway, that gives you an idea of how it went.”

Liz didn’t respond but instead reached out and touch the bit of pre-cum on my cock. “Liz! What do you think you’re doing?” Tammy protested. Liz didn’t respond at first but continued to rub the bit of cum on the tip of my cock. Tammy did nothing to remove Liz’s finger from my cock. Then as suddenly as Liz had started playing with the cum she stopped and abruptly left the bedroom.

“What was that all about?” I asked Tammy. I felt the need to say something but didn’t really know what I should say.

“I don’t know but I’m glad she left.” Tammy said. Just then the door to the bedroom opened and Liz came back into the room only now she was totally naked. “Liz what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Tammy demanded.

“Well, you’ve seen me naked anyway so why don’t I give you this part of your fantasy and maybe I’ll learn something too.”

“No Liz,” Tammy said sternly, “Sex is a private thing between a man and a woman.”

“Oh you mean private like it was between you guys and Becky?”

“How do you know about that?” Tammy asked, fear in her voice.

“I was using the computer one day and I saw an email Becky had sent you guys.”

Tammy felt trapped but then said, “That’s different. That wasn’t incest.”

“I don’t think so.” Liz replied and lay down on the bed next to me and touched the tip of my cock again. “It’s still there.” She said playfully. I looked at Tammy and shrugged my shoulders. It was obvious to Tammy that I was totally turned on by this and I found out later that she rationalized in her head that since Liz was 18 and I wasn’t her natural father then it wouldn’t be incest. Liz started stroking my cock. I wanted to lay back and close my eyes but I also wanted to sit up and watch like a voyeur. I decided that since Tammy wasn’t doing anything to stop what Liz was doing then this was my chance to return the favor. I reached up and touched Liz’s nipple. As soon as I touched it Liz shuddered and closed her eyes. I continued to rub her nipple and then squeezed her breast. Then I let my hand trail down between her breasts to her belly. I looked over to Tammy to see her response. Tammy looked a little in shock. I really wanted illegal bahis siteleri to include her in this to fulfill my two women getting it on fantasy but that seemed unlikely.

I very lightly ran my fingers down from Liz’s belly to her pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as my hand first touched her pussy lips. Then as my finger gently parted the folds of her lips I could fell her wetness. It was obvious that Liz was extremely turned on by what we were doing. I slowly slipped my middle finger into her pussy and as I did Liz stopped stroking my cock, closed her eyes and for the first time moaned noticeably.

I got a little bolder at that point and said to Tammy, “Show Liz how you suck my cock.” I could see the word ‘no!’ spread across Tammy’s face but she never vocalized it. Instead she very slowly lowered her face to my cock and took it in her mouth. Liz moved her hand to my chest. Tammy had only sucked my cock for about 30 seconds when I said to Liz, “Now you try it.” Tammy shook her head ‘no’ but didn’t stop Liz when she lowered her head to my cock and tentatively took it into her mouth. The sensation was extreme and I thought I was going to come almost immediately. My ploy to slow down or stop such things from happening is to think about work briefly and so I did that.

Liz seemed to know what she was doing so I said, “Honey, I think Liz has done this before. She’s good!” I held on to the word good for emphasis.

Tammy looked at her daughter and asked, “Have you?’

“Um, yeah. You remember David?”

“You told us you two never did anything!” Tammy exclaimed.

“We never had intercourse. I thought that’s what you wanted to know.”

To get them away from the subject I took Liz’s nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. While I was sucking on her nipple I reached over to Tammy’s breasts and felt them. I moaned while my tongue ran over Liz’s hard nipples. I had to put my cock in a pussy soon or I’d lose it on the bed and I didn’t want to do that. So I pushed Liz down on the bed and got between her legs. As I positioned my cock at the entrance of Liz’s pussy I heard Tammy say, “No, don’t.” I looked at her as I pushed the head of my cock into her daughter’s pussy. Tammy was a pretty strong woman and I knew if she really didn’t want me doing this she’d let it be known. Tammy was quiet as I slowly slid my cock the rest of the way into Liz’s pussy. I had expected to run into her hymen but didn’t. I knew I couldn’t hold out long and I wanted Liz to have an orgasm when I did. So I took Tammy’s hand and placed it on Liz’s clit.

“No!” Tammy said strongly. I held her hand and fingers to her daughters clit and was surprised by how little resistance she put up. I moved Tammy’s hand over Liz’s clit and then let go. Tammy kept going.

As I watched Tammy stroke her daughter’s clit I said, “Oh Liz, you’re so tight, you’re pussy feels so good. Do you like the feel of my cock in your pussy?”

“Oh yes!” Liz replied immediately and strongly.

“I can feel you getting ready to come Liz. Yes!” I banged my cock firmly into her pussy as kept repeating those words and Liz kept saying she was ready to come. Suddenly I felt the come surge from my balls and my cock seemed to swell to twice its size in Liz’s pussy. “Oh I’m going to come now!” I moaned. Liz felt the difference in me and screamed that she was coming. I remember thinking that Liz was canlı bahis siteleri a screamer unlike her mother. I kept banging my cock into her pussy holding onto my orgasm and my hardon for as long as I could. Then to prolong things I commanded Tammy, “Kiss her!”

“What?” Tammy asked in shock.

I knew she’d resist this but she had a soft spot to my commanding her to do things. She was ever the submissive and loved taking orders. “She’s your daughter. You say you love her so prove it and kiss her damn it all!”

Tammy leaned over to give Liz a kiss on the lips which she did quickly.

“Come on!” I bellowed at Tammy. “That’s the kind of a kiss you give someone you’ve just met not someone you love. Now do it right. Give her a real kiss.” Tammy leaned back down to her daughter and kissed her again this time holding the kiss. Even though the angle was a bit odd I could see first Tammy’s tongue part Liz’s lips and then Liz returned the favor. Tammy started getting into it and moved her hand up over Liz’s breasts. Their kiss went from one which could have marginally been called a motherly kiss to an undoubtedly lover’s kiss. I could fee the life that had left my cock return and I continued to slowly stroke it in and out of Liz’s pussy.

“Now kiss her tits!” I commanded Tammy. This time she didn’t resist and moved her head over to her daughter’s tits. Tammy had told me early on in our relationship that she loved women’s breasts and she went for Liz’s breasts with just that sort of love and lust. I slowly increased the tempo I was fucking Liz and after about 2 or 3 minutes of watching Tammy make love to her daughter’s tits I could feel the come swelling in my cock again. I could also so Liz rising to the moment. Once again we came in unison. This time, however, I was feel a bit spent and rolled off Liz and to her side. Liz now lay between her mother and me.

As we lay there I saw Liz leisurely put her hand between her mother’s legs and seek out her pussy. I figured Liz had probably played with herself so she’d know exactly what to do for her mother and that’s how it looked. As I watched I decided it was time to take things one step further and said, “Liz, kiss her pussy.” Again Tammy gave me that no look but I think she realized that I’d get my way and quickly resigned herself to the fact. Liz seemed almost a little anxious to do this and quickly got between her mother’s legs. Upon asking her about his later on we found out that Liz was bi-curious and had long wanted to try it. Liz kissed Tammy’s pussy once and then stuck her tongue between her mother’s pussy lips. After running her tongue up and down her mother’s pussy a couple of times she asked, “Am I doing it right?”

“Yes dear,” Tammy replied, “you are.” Liz continued to work on her mother’s pussy and became more animated in her ministrations. Finally Liz reached up for her mother’s tits and squeezed them as she continued to eat her pussy. Tammy loves to have her pussy eaten and in no time at all she began to have an orgasm. I thought Liz’s inexperience would cause her to stop as soon as Tammy started coming but that’s not what happened. Liz continued to suck on her mother’s pussy and her to two more orgasms before finally stopping.

Well, that was ten years ago and that’s how it all began. I had hoped Liz would become a regular visitor to our bedroom but that didn’t happen. She did come by occasionally but usually it was when I had asked to come. Liz got married four years ago and we stopped having sex with her at that point. Well, at least until a year ago when she stopped by for a visit and said she had missed us. Now we are all having sex more than ever.



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