The Second Instalment of how it Started!Well after talking about what had happened, and both she and I feeling ok about it; when I spoke to him, he too felt ok about it – that we all knew we had that element of trust between us three. She as well as I, wanted to do it again – So one day, lol we had both been teasing one another about it, in a good way mind! That it was about time we all met up again. I phoned him around evening to see if he was free and fancied coming round ours, for a gathering. He said he was, but wouldn’t be free till around nine-ish. I told her this and, we were both cool about it as people didn’t start leaving till around ten-ish. He phoned at nine thirtyish and said, would it be ok to come round still, I called her away from the gathering, after I’d spoke to him-to say that he’s going to come over(but I’ll pick him up) due to the time etc, would it be ok if he stayed? She then said, come here – I moved closer to her and, she then said give me your hand , which I did then she pulled my hand towards the front of her joggers, as she pulled them opening them and pushing my hand downwards, to in between her legs – rubbing my hand back and forth. Then saying does that answer your question, she was wet-which in turn made my cock twitch. Ok I said, a yes it is then. I left to go and pick him up, not after she and me teased one another before I left. After I’d picked him up from his, we were both relatively quite, but as we got near ours, I mentioned about the time and once we got to ours, that’ll be a bit worst for wear. Was he ok for staying over, he said yes that’s cool, as long as I can get a lift back by tomorrow lunchtime,- my cock twitched, and then I smelt my fingers from, the smell they got on them before I left, which made it twitch even more. We got to ours and, some people had already left, with just a couple still there, so we chilled out even. She went to the bathroom, and was gone for a bit. While me and him chilled, listening to music and playing games, when she came back, I noticed that she looked a bit fresher if you know what I mean, Sitting down next to me, she whispered in my ear-just had a freshen up, and as I turned to her, she pulled the front of her joggers, and I could see that she had no knickers on now. And could also see, via her t-shirt that she too didn’t have a bra on. We all chilled, listening to music etc.. a couple of times on the sly she would place my hand in between her legs, which in turn by now would make me hard. After it was gone midnight, we thought that we’d call it a day-as in pulling the futon out etc.. and chill in bed playing one more game, turning the music down and light off. After I’d pulled the futon out. Which is basically about ten inches off the floor, and the end of it reaching the cabinet that the t.v etc is on. He went to the bathroom, while I got to my undies and she jumped into bed on the futon, not before pulling the duvet aside and opening her legs giving me a view. Which I quickly dived down and licked at her wetness between her legs, then we heard the toilet go, she pulled the duvet back over her, as I then got the massive cushions out, which makes up the guest bed in our room, which due to the height of them etc, lay right next to the futon. Once in place their in line with the futon – par a little difference in height, by a inch or two. When he came back in, me and him got into illegal bahis our beds – which by now was around oneish . He laid with his head down the opposite to ours. As I got in i removed my undies, then as I lay next to her she brushed a leg against mine, which I then put mine over hers and pulled her leg open a bit, she placed her hand onto my hardening cock, and worked it a little, as she did this I too placed my hand on her pussy which was wet! Then i moved so I could caresses her pussy more easily, every now and then slipping a finger into her wetness, at the same time I moved my head to her breast-flicking my tongue around it, then engulfing her nipple in my mouth, which was already slightly hard anyway. After a bit, she was getting wetter and wetter, as I caressed her clitoris, I could sense that she was close to cumming so I stopped. Then ever so slowly moved on top of her, as I did I slid down her body caressing it, licking and flicking her nipples, sucking them, at the same time brushing my hardness against her pussy, which she moved her hips, her labia stroking my hardness as i moved downwards more so, till I got to in between her legs. Once there she still only had, her legs slightly open, but I managed to get my tongue, and part her labia with it-licking up and down her wetness, mmmm the smell and taste of which made my hardness throb, and a little pre drip. After I had a good lick and caresses with my tongue, I pushed my tongue all the way in, I moved back up and to the right of her, caressing her on the way. Then I went back to caressing her clitoris again, making her breathing heavier that she already was, as her breathing got heavier she started to get close to cumming, she opened her legs more and more, in doing so the duvet started to pull down a bit from her leg nearest to him. At the same time I pulled down the duvet, with my leg, thus her breasts became revealed,-the only light in the room was a couple of small candles. Her breathing increased, as I carried on caressing her clitoris, and ever now and then, I would suck her nipple closest to me. As she started to moan I pulled the duvet sideways revealing her thigh and groin on his side, I glanced over in his direction, and he had moved around with his head now the same end as ours. Her hand moved down to my hardness and stroked it. Knowing that she was on the brink of cumming I moved the duvet, some more revealing her pussy as I caressed it . On seeing this he moved his hand up her leg, thigh, then to her inner thigh stroking and caressing. Then he moved closer and on to the futon, and started sucking her other nipple as he caressed it. Just as she had the both of us caressing her breasts and sucking her nipples, moaned out and came. In the light, that there was I could see his hardness. The duvet got pulled, or rather she kicked it, you could just see in between her legs, the glistening of her pussy, where she was wet. I moved a bit more to my side, so she could open her legs a bit more. Then as the both of us still sucking and caressing her breasts, I parted her labia, which were very slippery, but managed to do it. Then I got eye contact with him and motioned downwards to in between her legs, giving me a you sure look/nod. I grabbed his hand, sliding it down the inner crease of her thigh, to her wetness, as I did this she moaned more. He slipped a finger in, as I illegal bahis siteleri parted her labia, then he moved in between her legs, as he did I caressed her clitoris, making her moan more so, then he got right in between her thighs I parted her labia again, but this time using the length of my fingers, not tip(like in a parting v). I could see his hardness closing in, then felt it just as his tip looked for her entrance-she moaned-his harness brushing against my fingers as the fat head of his hardness eased its way pass her labia, and started to slide inside her, she moaned and groaned. Feeling his hardness going inside more, while clamping her labia around it, after he’d got mid way he pulled out and back in, her juices covering his hardness. By now my hardness was arching and aching, after a couple of strokes I removed my fingers. Moving up to her head, she pulled my hardness into her mouth, and sucked on it eagerly, at the same time I caressed her breasts with my hands, and down her body to her clitoris which was hard, every now and then I pushed her clitoris downwards, which would get rubbed by his shaft, she groaned more when I did that. I pulled my hardness out of her mouth and moved to her breasts, as I rubbed her breasts with it, she licked and sucked my balls, then I moved my hands downwards to her pussy, as he leaned back a bit, and parted her labia with either hand, as his hardness slid in and out of her, my hardness throbbed watching it. Then I moved round to behind him, mmm the sight before me, made my hardness drip a little pre, just as I was working my hardness, he pulled out, and moved to her mouth. I slipped in between her legs, and my arching hardness, just slipped pass her labia into her pussy, as I slid my hardness in and out of her and at the same time trying to stop myself from cumming, I leaned forwards and sucked and caressed one of her breasts. Then we swapped positions again, her taking my hardness in her mouth, and his hardness inside her pussy, caressing her the whole while. Then we went to move positions again, and she moved onto her knees(doggy), I guided her behind downwards onto my hardness, sliding deep inside her, while parting her labia till they encompassed my balls, and when they were, I deep stroked her, which she groaned and moaned, while sucking on his hardness. Then we swapped position again, her taking my hardness in her mouth again, and I lent forwards to see her behind, and parted her cheeks so her labia opened, as he slipped his hardness inside her again, she groaned and moaned more so. Then after a bit he pulled out, and placed his hardness against her arse, even though his hardness was covered in her juices, it wasn’t enough to do anything, he grabbed a wipe and after wiping, placed it back inside her pussy. Then we swapped position, her pussy was starting to stay open, from having both our hardness’s. Placing my hardness inside her pussy, which by now was o so very wet. And it wasn’t long before I could feel that I was going to cum, I reached under her and caressed her clitoris, as I did she pushed back onto me and grinded, knowing that I was cumming, as I felt her pussy start to contract, the first wave of cum shot deep inside her, when she felt that, her pussy contracted as she came. At the same time she eagerly sucked on his hardness, then as the last wave of cum shot from my hardness, canlı bahis siteleri I pulled out and squeezed the last of the cum on her arse, and very gently pushed against it, slowly but surely my hardness started to go in, after I’d managed to get a few stokes going, and needing a recharge, I wiped my cock, with a wipe. Then she took it in her mouth, he moved behind her and after giving her pussy a few stokes, pulled out and pressed it against her arse, which this time the head slipped in, and slowly she took the rest in too, as she madly sucked me. After a while I could see that he was trying to hold back his cum, then he tensed, holding onto her behind shot his cum inside her, we slowed down a bit, as he took his cock from her, and I took mine from her mouth. She relaxed with her bum in the air and head down, I asked if she wanted anything, she said yer need a drink, so gave her one. She then flung her hair back, and slowly sat upright, in doing so, the cum started to drip from her, her pussy bubbled and farted, till she sat right, plus her laughing didn’t help. She waited for him to finish wiping his cock, then grabbed his cock and started sucking it, I chilled for a bit and watched, with my cock slow getting harder. Then she moved him down, to sitting position, and put his hardness inside her pussy, I lay on the bed watching from behind, then she grabbed my hardness and started working it, then I moved right behind her, and rubbed my hardness against her arse, which was a little open and lubed naturally with cum/juices, slowly I pushed my hardness inside her, as she sat on his hardness, she moaned and groaned, as we both slid in and out of her..trick is getting a rhythm , after a bit she turned round and faced me as she sat her arse on his hardness, as I took her pussy sliding with ease in and out of her, my hardness started to throb, then we moved to her on knees(doggy), with me in her arse as he took her pussy, which was more comfortable for her, and it wasn’t long before she came again, shortly afterwards he started to tense up and shot his cum deep inside her pussy, then I cum deep inside her arse. We was all sweating and the smell of sex in the room was out of this world. I went to the toilet, and when I came back, he went. I she said to her you ok, with the biggest grin on her face fucking hell yer, just need the loo. The sheet need changing big time, so got a massive towel and put that down. We all chilled a bit making sure everyone was ok etc, then as the three of us lay there, with her in the middle, she grabbed both our cocks and started working them, he moved his cock to her mouth, and I slipped inside her pussy, to cum one more time, then we swapped and he slipped inside her pussy and came one more time. Afterwards we all just lay there as the light was coming though the window, it was around fiveish in the morning, the next minute we all just slept. Lol not before I placed my hand on her lovely open, soaking wet pussy, and made her cum one more time.. We awoke the next day, my cock hard and she was on her side, so I parted her cheek and it slipped in with ease, as it went in she moaned and pushed back, after a while I shot my cum inside her. He was still sleep, she got up with cum dripping down her inner legs, and off to the loo, she came back into bed, and I whispered in her ear, would you like it she said no I can’t he’s sleeping, lol..I said but yeah but what you want isn’t..(But that’s another story!!) . We slept and woke just before midday, and got he off home for lunchtime. While we spent the next three days going at it! And that’s day/night, indoors and outdoors. 



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