The Right FitI have always enjoyed watching my cock go inside another person’s body. It is a unique sensation knowing a part of me was no part of them. I still like how it looks and feels when my bare flesh slides deep into a woman’s body. We are physically connected and in special moments.. mentally connected as well. Especially if the two of us are really into each other. I am fortunate to be in an open relationship and get the opportunity to connect with multiple people. I still am amazed that being of average looks, average body, and small thick cock that a woman like Katie would even be into a guy like me…. moreover, I being inside a woman like her.We met just five months ago, when I was taking a walk around the neighborhood. I saw this woman ahead of me with amazing legs. I sped up my pace and said hello when I caught up at busy intersection. We introduced ourselves and shook hands. We both had sunglasses on and could not make out her intense light blue eyes as well. We both checked out each other physically as we held hands a little longer than normal. I told her she had very nice legs, Katie blushed and thanked me quickly …breaking eye contact. She then made mention of her marriage, to buffer any further advancement. I countered quickly, saying I too was married and simply was paying her a compliment. I meant what I said but was already envisioning us having sex. I should tell you how she looked…Katie was wearing a purple t-top shirt, that was very tight. Her huge breasts were held in check by the black sports bra that tried to hold them in but showed off very nice cleavage from my view. She stood about 5’5″ tall, I being 5’10” was able to admire the lucky sweat glistening off her tan skin. She had on grey shorts that barely covered her nice sized ass, I like big ass. Her legs were slightly skinny compared to her thick body but were very toned and tan. She had white socks with her black tennis shoes. Her shoulder length light brown hair was in a ponytail pulled through the back of her black bursa escort baseball hat. She was attractive but by no means a model, I think all women are attractive in their own ways. She had a good size belly that helped push out her cleavage more. As the light changed she decided to head back the way she came, I continued on and forced myself not to look back. It was the fact I didn’t look back which got Katie’s attention.A few times each week after we would pass each other walking around the neighborhood. We’d exchanged brief pleasantries and keep going on our way. I always got excited when I saw her…she must of too. One day I was walking down this steep hill that gets very slick after it rains, at the bottom of the hill was Katie. She had fallen and twisted her ankle. I checked her ankle and peeked up her loose muddy white shorts. Her red panties were easily visible from my vantage. I asked if she could get up and helped her to her feet. She stumbled forward into my arms. I caught her, she let me hold her for a few brief seconds. Her face flush, I told to try walking it off and helped her gently walk. She stumbled along and I offered her a ride home…since my house was just a few blocks away. We made it back to my house where my wife insisted she sit down and brought her an ice pack. My wife, whom I told her about Katie, boldly made the comment “I can see why you like her!” Right in front of Katie, she looked shocked and gave a nervous laugh. Katie now blushing, looked away from me as I finally found my car keys. I helped her to the car and began driving her home. I explained my wife’s comments were quite normal for her and told her of our open relationship. Katie was very receptive and quite as I talked. We pulled into her driveway as the rain really started coming down. I put the car in park and we decided to wait. Katie pressed the ice pack on her ankle and looked over at me. “I should tell you something”, she gave a sheepish smile, “I’m not married..” I tried to suppress my enthusiasm as she bursa escort bayan explained her unpleasant divorce situation and why she kept her wedding ring on to deter guys from hitting on her. Katie was in an odd place in her life and she talked well after the rain had stopped. I listened patiently trying not to get turned on by the visions of Katie naked as I looked at her. When she finished talking, tears were rolling down her face. I reached over in front of Katie and found a package of tissues and offered them up. She began sobbing. I let her vent for what seemed a long time. Then helped her inside the house. I told her to keep icing it before taking her shoe off to control the swelling. There was a quiet pause and Katie gave me a look. I knew the look but as much as I wanted to act…. I wasn’t sure if I should take advantage of the situation. “Do you?” I asked unsure.She only nodded. I followed her into the master bathroom…We removed our clothes and I watched her golden tanned body step into the shower. I was fully erect as I moved in next to her warm wet body. We hugged and kissed softly. Her body felt so good. I moved my hands off her wide hips around and under her curvaceous ass. Katie went for my cock and balls. Her gently touch stimulated me even more. My cock bounced up even more. She seemed in better spirits and laughed at how responsive I was to her touch. I squeezed her firm ass with both hands. Katie squealed and smiled. We didn’t say anything as we touched each other all over. She saw me looking at her large tits and cupped them up. She offered me to suck on her left nipple. I really like a woman who isn’t afraid to play with herself. She took her other breasts and sucked on it. I told her I was about to blow my load if we didn’t take this to the bedroom. We dried off quickly and Katie laid open legged on her bed. I approached from the foot of the bed and buried my face into her shaggy muff. She jerked and twisted as I began licking her. Her nice legs quivered as I rubbed her clit. escort bursa Katie gripped the bedsheets tight as she let me pleasure her with my mouth. I looked up as she stared at me. I wondered what she was thinking ….I wanted to ask but was interrupted by, “I want your cock inside me!”Katie said it very seductively. I liked her tone and look at me. She wasn’t nervous anymore, she really wanted me and I was sure she knew I wanted her. We locked eyes as I made my way up between her legs. I hovered over her, she reached down and guided me in. Hey eyes got big as I pushed myself into her extremely to tight hole. She grabbed my ass and squeezed hard. I plunged every inch inside Katie. She grunted and moaned, with a surprising look on her face at how good it actually felt. I didn’t more than a few pumps inside her when I exploded inside. I was so mad at myself. Here was this amazing woman and I blew my cum up inside her before getting really started. My body jerked as I unloaded my cum quickly. I was so turned on that I stayed fully erect. Katie seemed to blush at my early injections. She wrapped her legs around me and held me in tight. I wanted more…..Katie wanted more.We kept it going. I slowly pumped in and out of her. We just looked at each other and occasionally, I watched my shaft disappear inside her body. It was electric. Her body was wriggling with excitement. I deposited more of fluid into her. We stayed connected as long as I could, holding each other close kissing her neck. We tested in silence as the rain began to fall hard outside. Katie played with stubby cock, rubbing the bits of cum still seeping out of it. I played with her puffy nipples as they got harder from my touch. We looked at each other and something just clicked. We hardly spoke as I turned her over and she instinctively propped her ass up for me to take from behind. Her georgous round ass, my hands on her big hips, she reached back and split her pink lips open as I self guided my tip inside. Her thumbnail touched just under my tip making me jump from the excessive stimulation. I pounded into her backside as Katie became louder. Our comfort level was increasing. We moved in various positions over several hours. I didn’t go home that night…



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