Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story.

This story is a continuation of the Rescuer. It’s a good read on its own, and it helps set up this story. It’s not required reading, but as I said, it’s a good read. I took liberties with the children in the Rescuers, they didn’t fit this story well, so I changed the names, sex, who they were born to, and what order they were born. This has zero effect on the original story and a considerable impact on this story.


Chapter 6 — Lock Down

We had a nice dinner. Everyone but Mary and I help with dishes. Mary grabs me by my hand and leads me outside onto the covered porch. Bonnie is inside watching closely. Mary draws me close to her and presses her large breasts into me as she hugs me tight.

Mary says, “That is thank you for watching over Bubba in the fight and the hospital. It means a lot to me that you would do that. While I believe Bubba would save you in a fight if he could, I doubt he has the capacity to see the emotional effects in the hospital as you did. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. The girls all thought it was sweet. I like the picture of you and the dogs as well. Very cute. We’d better go back inside before they miss us.”

As we go in, Porsche grabs me and takes me out on to the porch again. I get the same pressing of the breasts into my chest as the hug starts.

Porsche adds, “You were amazing at the hospital. Both you and Bubba could have done the bar. Only you’d be considerate enough to think of Bubba.” She kisses me. “Thank you.”

We go inside, dad is waiting for me. We go into his office; he sits me down. I have never been in this room. It’s weird, it feels forbidden.

Dad notices my look, “It’s what makes us unique. We see what many other guys don’t. What you did for your brother, my only other son, was awesome. The mothers’ cried for a day when Porsche called home to report your actions. I think he’d have been OK, but your actions certainly made it easier.

“The reason you’re here is that you’ve demonstrated some of the same traits that I did. I’m not a psych doc, but I help lots of people, in this very room. I think it’s time we discuss this side of my life and see if you can do it as well. There is a lot of demand. You relate to the younger crowd better, and they probably will relate better to you. I think we can expand our range and the number of people we help. I will warn you; it does come at an emotional price.

“It’s like the old Star Trek movie, you consume their pain and make it your own. It’s also gratifying as you can tell by the new rifles you get every few years. That is how much people appreciate my service. Think about it and let me know if you’re interested. I won’t force you, and maybe this is too early. You’ll know. Let’s go watch a lousy movie. They’re waiting for us.

Movie night is especially weird tonight. It’s like they tried to pick out the world’s worst movie. It really didn’t matter because almost nobody was watching the movie anyway. Porsche has eyes on me almost constantly. She stares at my eyes or cock, which is having a hard time staying under control with her giving me so much eye time.

Because she is watching me, Bonnie is watching her and me. Pam is watching me, licking her lips, and touching Paula, who is watching Bubba and licking her lips at him. Hey, people can see you! Dad is watching the movie and is groaning because it’s terrible. The dialog is like a porn movie, not that I am an expert in that. Mom is watching Bonnie and Porsche with amusement. Mary is watching Bonnie and Paula with amusement because they are now eyeballing Bubba. He is aware of their interest and is flirting back.

Penny is watching her daughters and me. She has a smirk on her face, she understands a lot more than I do. I need water, I ask, and four others also want a drink. When I come back, Porsche is in her winter coat, ready to leave. She has my jacket in her hands with Zeus and her dog Chip at her sides.

Porsche says to me, “Put your coat on.” She looks at Mary, “Mom, we’re taking a helicopter for a ride.”

Everyone has a surprised look on their face, including mom and dad. Bubba is grinning like he knows something. She is a woman on a mission, I comply and follow along. Do I have a choice? She even has control of my dog!

As we walk up to the helicopter, several men are loading it up with supplies and backpacks. Others are doing the pre-flight control checkoffs. I have seen enough of those; I know I am right. As we stroll up, everyone finishes. The cabin is cold, the engine hasn’t been running for a while. It’s not long after starting the engines that we have heat.

I know how to fly, but nobody is as good as Porsche. She is going like a bat out of hell heading North. She heads to the north-east corner of our property. Actually, this is part of her family’s old illegal bahis estate. She stops about a foot above the ground and flies in a small circle. She then moves twenty feet away and lands the aircraft.

I understand now, she used the rotors to blow the snow away and left us a beautiful place to pitch a tent. It’s dark, and this is not a typical tent we use. However, we both camp enough that this larger than average and unfamiliar tent is easy to set up. In no time, the tent is set up, and three small heaters are going inside. I fill up two air mattresses and am impressed with the effort she went through.

I am sitting on my rear end looking up at Porsche. She strips in a flash and then sits in my lap. I hold her close to me to warm her up. She appreciates the gesture very much. I look into her eyes and see love.

What she said to me is far different, “Hunter, there are times that I really despise you. Two days ago, mom explained to me the night you had with your mom and Penny.”

I can’t look at her now.

She continues, more determined, “Don’t look away from me. I NEED to know WHY you did that?”

I am confused, “Why? Isn’t it obvious? Have you seen those two?”

She has a tear in her eyes, “So the only reason you fucked them is that they are both hot as hell?”

Annoyed with her choice of words, “Hey! I didn’t say that. When I was sent home, I was feeling mighty sad because I screwed up. I didn’t protect the family, so Phil had to act. Mom and Penny met me on the porch, we had a nice dinner, and then they both took me to bed. There was never a question, mom seemed to need it or at least wanted to try me out.

“She and Penny still love dad more. I showed them a pretty good time, but I was still a distant second in their eyes. I understood. As pretty as those two are, I have stronger feelings for all four of my sisters.”

I use a finger to wipe away the tears in her eyes.

She asks, “You would rather be here with me?”

Frustrated, I continue more, “You keep wanting me to rank my family in order that I love them and choose between my sisters and mothers. How do I say this? I don’t see you as better or worse than anyone else. OK, I rank you above Bubba.” She laughs hard. “I don’t feel the need to fuck him.”

She adds, “Well, I hope not. Nor dad.”

I laugh at her, “Dad’s a good-looking guy.” She slaps my chest. “Ok, I’ll admit that you are much better looking.” Her smile is gone. “My mom cared for me more than the others. Your mom made me feel special amongst a group, and Penny has done much for us with her wealth. I love them all. I have known Pam and Paula longer than you and Bonnie, yet I feel more protective of you and Bonnie.

“I can’t marry Bonnie, you, I can.” Her eyes fill with water. “What about Pam and Paula?” “I can marry them; I just don’t see it happening. I see them having an easier time staying single and sharing Bubba and me. Pam will be the determining factor. Paula has less interest in me; she favors Bubba. Pam goes both ways but slightly favors me. Time will tell. You made the first move; it will be interesting to see how the others react.”

Porsche is naked on my lap now, “I give you myself. Mind, body, and soul. I love you more than anything or any other person. Time won’t change that. You are a good man, and even though you may not choose me, I’m letting you know where I stand with you. No other man interests me. Sure, I like Bubba. He is a fine man; he just isn’t you. My body exists to please you now, anything you want, anytime you want, any way you want, I’m game.”

I chuckle, “How about we slow down there, buckaroo. Why do I love you?”

She looks startled, “You love me?”

I snicker, “Why yes, I love all my family members. What makes you special to me?”

She stumbles, “I … I … I don’t know.”

I help her out, “You’re always an adult with me. You don’t see yourself as better or worse than me; we’re equal, which is how I see everyone else. Ok, almost everyone else. You wouldn’t hesitate to question my orders or suggestions. If you follow through with this, someone could die because I missed something.”

She looks sad now.

I take her hand in mine, “I like you the way you are. I like someone that can tell me I am wrong. I love having to chase my woman, I don’t want her to drop at my feet, I like the chase. What I am saying is that you don’t need to change to please me, you’re perfect the way you are.

“You did go through a lot of effort to put this together. I don’t mind being told, “Fuck me” from time to time, it helps me remember that I love you. I am less likely to say anything because I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. Before we go back home, I’d love to fuck you silly.”

Porsche uses her sexy voice, “Right now, I have needs. Kim and Penny told mom every detail of their romp together. She passed it on to me. My pussy has been leaking for a week now. I really need you to fuck me. You could eat me, but right now, I really need to be fucked if it’s alright illegal bahis siteleri with you.”

I roll her onto her back and take a moment to look at her body. Young, clean, tight, athletic, beautiful hair and big bouncy breasts that feel marvelous when she pushes them into me. I gently lay her on her back and lean down to sample her fluids. Her factory is working overtime. I stick my tongue in deep and move it around in circles, stretching the walls some. She moans. I lap up some juice, and it’s sweet with a musky aroma.

I move back to the outer lips and quickly run my tongue up and down the inside and outside right, then left, then right, then left. I am adding suction, so that the lips bang on my mouth and then go inside, only to fall out as I pass by. This gives the lips lots of attention by being held a lot. She loves it and orgasms within just a few minutes. I slow to a snail’s pace and transition to licking with as full of a tongue as I can.

I am slow and methodical. As her breathing and attention return to normal, I use more force with the tongue and pick up some speed. I reach up and play with her breasts for a while. In a few minutes, as she nears her orgasm, I will restrict play to just the nipples.

Dad taught me layers. Just one layer, licking is nice. Two layers, licking and playing with nipples, is better. Not twice as good but better. Those extra layers add depth to my performance, he said it’s like adding spices to dinner. Spaghetti and tomato sauce are the main attraction, but adding garlic and oregano make a richer and more enjoyable sauce.

While thinking about that, Porsche orgasmed good and is curled up in a fetal position. She can’t talk and her breathing is labored. She is staring at me, stunned by my actions. I am guessing she underestimates what mom, Penny, and dad have taught me. She is still thinking about Paula and Pam’s experience.

I don’t wait to be asked or told, I move between her legs like men have done for a million years, and I slowly insert my hard and heavy cock into the correct hole. I slide in with minimum effort. It’s a bit chilly in the tent right now. I suspect that will change soon enough. I use a slow insertion; I am breaking new ground. Once in, I stop.

Porsche comments, “Damn, you are big, I had no clue. This feels amazing. I’m stuffed, and this is marvelous. I don’t think I could take anything bigger. I’m sorry that I took you. I wanted you all to myself at least once. I didn’t want our parents, brother, or sisters looking in on us. I wanted one private moment where we can be by ourselves. I’ll graze the house and wake everyone up for breakfast. For now, it’s just the four of us, and if one of the other two interrupts, they will be sleeping outside.”

Zeus whined, and we both laugh it up. I have lasted a good forty-five minutes, and it’s now warm in the tent. No need for extra clothes. I start revving my motor. I go faster and then slow down, faster and then slow down.

She is breathing hard and looks to be on the edge of her orgasm. I move to a fast speed and don’t slow down. I have committed to a rapid pace, and it feels lovely. I’m not doing anything special, and she fires off her orgasm. Her pussy clamps down on my cock. I can’t fire my salvo, I am pinched, holy shit, this sucks. I can’t orgasm.

After a minute of Porsche enjoying her orgasm, she relaxes her muscles, and I finally get to release my orgasm with a resounding scream that scared Porsche. I pull her up to me and embrace her and reassure her that I am not mad at her.

I giggle, “You arrived before I did, and your pussy clamped down so hard that I couldn’t enjoy my orgasm. For about a minute, I was suffering on the edge of orgasm. When you finally relaxed, I blew up and shot those six ropes of cum into you. The scream was a build-up of joy and need. It wasn’t your fault; you did nothing wrong. In fact, that was a hell of a lot of fun.”

With a shy look on her face, “Was it …”

I cut her off, “Nothing good will ever come out of comparing you with someone else. Yes, someone will be the best; however, all the sex I’ve had with people I love has been awesome. It’s splitting hairs of awesomeness. My favorite will almost always be the next one in line.”

Porsche yells out, “YES! I am the best! Woooo whoooo!”

I correct her, “I said the next one will be my favorite.”

She says, “I know, and I’ll be next. I will be several times next. In fact, I need to be next several more times, or we’ll die.”

I am not following this woman at all. She understands as she looks at me like a puppy drooling on himself.

She holds me tight, breasts smashing into me, then says, “This tent is warm because we had sex. The blankets, tent, and mattress will stay warm for a while. It will eventually get cold. We will both wake up, have sex, create lots of heat. I figure every hour or two we will need to have sex or die.”

With a grin on my face, “To play it safe, we better fuck every hour.”

She smiles at me, I canlı bahis siteleri giggle, “I like your thinking.”

Our plan worked perfectly for five hours. However, it seems our dogs are smarter than us and wanted their sleep. I awoke in the morning with Zeus and Chip lying on top of us and our blankets. Both Porsche and I are toasty as she is on her side with her back against me. My arm is around her and holding a breast.

As I wake up, the dogs move, and it got cold quick. Porsche laughed hard when she figured out what happened.

Porsche is laughing at the dogs with a stern look on her face, “Next time you two are sleeping in the helicopter! Damnit all! I missed out on several fuckings, and now I’m cold. DAMN DOGS!”

I use a hand to slam her in the chest, sending her sprawling into the blankets and sleeping bags. Quickly I am between her legs with the tip of my tongue going as fast as I can on anything I can touch. She goes nuts. Screaming, shouting, moaning, her hair is already a mess, she is breathing hard, it’s cold enough that I can see her breath. I need to generate heat quickly.

I suck on her clit just a little and she goes ballistic. Orgasm time. I don’t wait, it’s too cold. I use my strength to move her body as I want, and I slide my cock into her womb. Interesting, no clenched muscles preventing entry. She is trying to talk but can’t. Time to turn on the fucking machine. I use a much faster tempo that I have used in the past. I want friction and heat. This doesn’t need to go on for hours. This is just another in a long line of fucking that we started last night.

To make it different, I use my strength as I did with Penny. I pull her body to me and then push her body away from me. It’s very exhausting work. My arms are beginning to feel weak. I have never felt that before. It scares me a little bit. I try to concentrate on Porsche, I want to make this a memorable experience, not just throw away sex. Her eyes roll up into her head. I don’t feel her orgasm, that’s odd. Where did she go?

Her eyes open and she looks at me in a dreamy state. Now I feel her orgasm hit. This time I can pump my seven ropes of cum deep into her body. The entire time, she stares at me. It’s sort of creepy, yet she has full control of herself. It takes a minute or two before she exits that Zen-like state. When she does, she lunges at me with tears in her eyes.

Porsche yells at me, “As soon as we get home, your mom looks at your shoulder.”

How in the hell did she know about that? She never did tell me. We quickly dress and pack up our small camp. In no time at all, we buzz the house, waking up all life forms, human and dog. We land, and Porsche is in excellent spirits. As soon as we are inside, she is cracking eggs and has sausage out for me to cook. She is making omelets. I start a skillet of potatoes O’Brian, I cut up my own green peppers and onions.

Porsche is starting eggs, has coffee going, cooking the diced peppers, onions, ham, and shredding cheddar cheese. It’s too soon to drop the toast, but that will happen shortly. Now she sets the table with plates, silverware, and glasses. She folds napkins to make it look fancier. Butter and preserves are next to show up on the table and down goes the toast. She is a machine this morning.

Mary walks in wearing just a worn robe, puffy eyes, messed up hair, and in need of a few more hours of sleep.

On looking at her daughter, she comments, “Will you be this way every time you have sex, or is this because it’s your first?”

Porsche laughs at her, mom, “Amusing mom. Can’t a girl just be happy?”

Paula smiles, “Happy, yes, but damn, you are like a woman on speed just because you had sex a few times in a tent somewhere cold?”

She wasn’t letting anyone get to her, “I took a man, we made love three times, slept, then made love again, and slept. Five times he made love to me until our dogs rebelled and slept on us to keep us warm. Being warm, we didn’t wake up to fuck. This morning he made it up to me and fucked me into a dream.

“I was with him, but I wasn’t. I could feel him eating and then fucking me. It was awesome. I sensed he has pain in his shoulder, he didn’t say I was wrong. It was magical. I was in tune with his feelings, his actions, his intentions. I was moved to tears.”

Everyone is silent

Kim speaks up, “After breakfast, Bonnie and Hunter, my clinic office.”

Chapter 7 — Bored is bad

Right after breakfast, I walk over to mom’s clinic. They’re making a mountain out of a molehill. They ask about what I did to get the pain, how bad it was, has it repeated. Then they take off my shirt, I lay down, and they rub it with their hands as if running their hands over my body will divine the source of my pain. Bonnie took a lot of blood. Usually, it goes out via the barge. Mom has mine go with the next helicopter.

They are starting to scare me. Then they tell me that I can’t lift anything for a few weeks and no sex. Twice a day, they want to rub lotion into my shoulders. The next week was hell. Everyone was yelling at me not to lift anything. I can’t cook, do dishes, do laundry, process shipments, carry my gun. NOTHING! I can eat, use the washroom, and watch TV. Mom and Bonnie fight to put the lotion on me.



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