So Tim and I settled down to life together. After no time at all being with me and working at a grammar school he lost the faint Mancunian twang his accent had had about it. He filled out a bit, and because of some gentle giggling from me about ‘contentment spread’ he used the staff option of working out at the school’s excellent gym twice or three times a week. Shit, if I hadn’t fancied him before – fuck he was gorgeous. Thanks to our regular weekends away he even had a tan.

Because of the groundwork I had started some weeks before with family and friends, he was accepted casually and completely. I arranged a party for my mates to meet him and he was a great success with all of them – especially Judith, even though she was married.

“Fucking hell Elaine,” she whispered over her beer bottle, “I can see why you dumped people for him, he’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah,” I said smiling at him and wrinkling my nose, “I know.”

We had already worked out our story to tell friends and neighbours. It needed to be based on the truth for the sake of remembering, and just in case family that knew us met friends that knew us.

I’d first met him at Manchester Royal Infirmary when I was visiting my Mum. He’d had a similar upbringing to mine with a controlling mother and listening in to the other’s conversation, with hidden smirks and nods of encouragement or sympathy across the ward we’d clicked (true).

Chatting easily as we left the hospital at close of visiting, we chatted amiably and I asked him if he’d join me for dinner as I hadn’t eaten (still true). I’d gazed across the subtle lighting at this new man and we enjoyed each others company finding out how alike we were (still true).

After the meal I said that I needed to find a hotel room as I had no bed for the night (true again, my bedroom had a model railway in it) and he offered me the large sofa in his house. Now this bit I did struggle with, in real life I wouldn’t have done that preferring a bed to a sofa anytime, stuff the cost. So it became a sofa ‘bed’ and I was promised breakfast.

Lots of smiles followed this and I had to explain that I did sleep alone at his place for that weekend and the next few, insisting that we were just mates. We ate out, and I would occasionally bring food parcels in (still true). Finally when a chance allowed I said that to return the favour he should come south for a weekend and stay at mine, with a weekend in London (seeing a pattern here now?). Eager grins followed this and I was glad to tell them that yes, we did get much closer that weekend but body clocks and pharmaceuticals meant we could only kiss, cuddle and heavily pet – extremely heavily pet (TOTALLY FUCKING TRUE!) but with a promise.

We spent a small fortune on phone calls before I finally stayed at his place a month later and we cemented our partnership fully (fuck me, that was SOME cementing and totally true again.)

It soon became apparent that my Mum was starting to suffer some mental anxiety, while his relationship with his mother had suffered because of his relationship with me, (again true, and not helped by my walking in on her sleeping and the play acting I’d done at three in the morning for her).

Sadly, I received a phone call late one night and had to dash up to Manchester and called Tim once there and he was with me when my mum passed away, and supported me through the emotional turmoil – that was pretty much the last time I saw my brother I had now taken to calling ‘Timothy’ and doubted I’d hear from him again (Not lying here folks).

Fortunately I was on hand when Tim lost his Mum and returned the favour. After a few weeks of soul searching we both realised what we had become to each other and decided that we wanted to move in together. Tim gave up his job, sold his house in Manchester and finally brought his motorhome south for good. My brother Timothy? Oh no, he never learnt to drive.

This was tangible, honest and so much the truth that it was sufficient for all comers and we have never differentiated from that story since; why should we, it’s pretty much how it happened bar a few hidden facts, OK one HUGE missing fact and some minor inaccuracies.

Life continued wonderfully, we fell into bed at the end of each day naked, making love or not, holding each other until we woke and decided who would get breakfast. The old lady next door that I had worried about (I had introduced her to Tim as my brother almost a year back) told me one day that she had finally decided to sell her fantastic little surrey cottage and move to the continent. She bought a villa on the Algarve where she lived until she was 99, eventually passing away in her sleep. Her ashes were returned to the UK and Tim and I met her elderly daughter at the interment.

Finally, as I knew it had to, the invite from the Camden posse arrived for a mid-summer barbecue. Tim of course asked if this meant he had to stay at home while I went to enjoy myself with Debs.

“Darling,” I said beaming across the card they’d sent, “It says ‘Tim and Elaine’ on the card, not Elaine and Tim. If I’m any judge I rather think you are going to be the star konyaaltı escort of the show.”

“What?” he said with a faint hint of nerves, all three girls must have been very intimidating for a reasonably simple guy like my Tim.

‘My Tim’; he’d become ‘my Tim’ as friends spoke of ‘us’ as a couple and I had become so used to the wonderful familiarity that the thought of him disappearing into the night with Debs while I didn’t, did make me stop and think.

I reminded myself that I’d slept with her twice while I was getting into my relationship with my brother, and anyway, she was a dyke; she lived the life with Ronnie and Viv, no way would Tim and her become anything more than occasional lovers.

But then what were we? Lovers? Boyfriend/girlfriend? I couldn’t use the term brother anymore that was for sure.

Suddenly I was struck by the thought that he could so simply say to me one day (as I could to him I suppose) ‘I’ve met this wonderful man/woman (either in my case if previous experience was to be counted) and I really think this is it and I want to settle down/marriage/children/etc. All of the things that we couldn’t do with each other.

But that night as I lay on the sofa with my head resting on his shoulder, he pulled me close and I thought, ‘ah fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen.’

We arrived at the party with Tim wearing chinos and a linen shirt smelling of the most wonderful cologne. Not wanting to let Debs down, I slid into my tightest blue jeans and in contrast a light cotton blouse buttoned low with a hint of the racy lacy tiny underwear beneath, and a mist of one of the more expensive perfumes I owned.

So Tim entered the house with a real sense of trepidation. He put a hand on mine as I went to open the door.

“Elaine,” he said looking into my eyes, “I have no idea what you and they have planned for me tonight but whatever it is I will not do anything that will hurt you. Say the word and I’m out the door, what we have is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

I had the biggest lump in my throat, and my eyes filled with tears,

“Don’t worry Tim,” I said, “If I’m honest, I don’t know what they have planned either,” I slid closer to him, “A signal,” I said, “If either one of us doesn’t like what’s going on we look at the other and hold our nose. That way we know that it stinks and we want out.”

“Perfect,” he said looking slightly more relaxed, “so do you fancy some lady love this evening?” he said turning the door handle that let us into the porch.

“I think I could be persuaded,” I said, “but I think my usually filly rather has her eyes set on you.”

“Threeway,” he said moving to the side and opening the second door that let us through to the garden, “that could be fun.”

“Knowing Debs,” I said, “She won’t want to share you with me, or me with you for that matter, still let’s see how it goes. By the way,” I whispered in his ear, “I understand that she’s a bit of a ‘sub’ on the quiet, likes her pretty bottom smacked by Viv, not sure about Ron, but hey, play that by ear.”

Clutching and squeezing hands we walked through the gate to the sounds of Madonna, and of all songs ‘Hanky panky’.

We were swept up in the convivial atmosphere and Tim the first man, straight or otherwise, at a Posse piss-up made to feel totally welcome. It was soon established that we were ‘staying the night in Elaine’s room’ so eat, drink and get extremely merry.

Tim was not a great drinker and was watching his booze intake, to this day I don’t know if lots of it would affect his performance, but he was not taking the chance. He had enough to get merry and joined in with the banter.

He was introduced to the girls as Tim ‘my boyfriend’ (the term ‘partner’ was still in its infancy) and he quickly learned what conversations he could join in and what was best to leave alone.

Hugged and kissed by Ronnie, Viv and Debs he was handed a bottle of 1664 and a large baguette and pointed at the barbecue and the mountain of cooked food thereon. The girls gathered around me whispering conspiratorially whether all was well still and had we come ‘prepared’.

“We’ll see,” I said looking at Debs, but then I caught the look that Viv favoured me with. My conversation with Ronnie on our journey north the night Mum died came back to me. ‘Viv fancies you like fuck,’ she’d said, and I could see that desire in her eyes and that tonight, with hot knickers Debs dragged off and fucked by donkey dick Tim, tonight could be her turn with me.

Tim was then introduced to Christine, Jackie the porn star Cambridge professor, Julie and Jayne even more in love than before and saving money for in-vitro fertilisation for a baby, and a few of the other stalwart regulars I’d known for years.

Carla, a donnish school teacher friend of Ron’s from the old days, had just started to wax lyrical on the wrongs of an selective and elitist education system that grammar schools represented (even though she’d been privately educated herself) when Debs appeared from nowhere and dragged him away.

The guitar came out and for the first time I lay not kültür escort with my head in Deb’s lap but against Tim’s shoulder.

“This is a song for Viv, Debs and Tim,” I said, making eye contact with all three, and then strummed the fifteen note intro of ‘The great pretender,’ with everyone joining in; for the last chorus Debs stood singing into her beer bottle like it was a microphone with a passable impression of Freddie Mercury including some pelvic thrusts directed not at me, but at ‘my Tim’.

We finished the songs, belting out all of the old favourites ending with ‘Lonesome tonight’ as we always did. We started to tidy up which was strange, this hardly ever happened until the next day. It soon became apparent that the slow drift into bed with the chosen person was being delayed. It was obvious that some of the hardcore partygoers where expected to leave and those that could stay already knew it.

Carla, obviously feeling a bit nasally disjointed at not being party to whatever the change was, was helped to the door by Julie and Jayne growling sidelong at Debs for throwing herself at her occasional lover’s boyfriend and to have a bit more self-respect.

Jayne and Julie, both used to dealing with argumentative drunks got her to the door and into their taxi, dropping her at the door of her flat and handing her the keys before heading back to their house and a night of passion.

And then there were six; I was sat on the arm of the chair that Tim sat in, Jackie the porn star sat between Ronnie and Viv and it was obvious that she had the choice of whichever one she wanted. I looked at the three of them on the sofa and wondered which one I’d like to share a bed with tonight. Viv, possibly; Ronnie, not sure, although I’d slept with one sibling, I wasn’t sure about Ron. Jackie? Fucking hell yes, who wouldn’t.

Debs was not her usual calm and in control self; flitting around as if she wanted to avoid whatever came next. I knew what she wanted, it was either me or Tim, and she saw me smile at her.

“Lainey,” she said sidling over to me, “Could I borrow Tim for the night,” she gabbled out, sober almost, “you did say I could.”

“Well,” I said looking down at him, “That all depends on Tim,” he smiled at me and held his hands to his sides.

“Totally up to you Darling,” he said, then with a look all devilry in his eyes added, “Perhaps she should do something nice for you in payment.”

I giggled; fucking hell, she’d been doing that for ten years almost!

“I shall miss not seeing that hot little body of hers against mine tonight I must confess,” I said with an affected sigh.

Debs stood straight before us, and reached down to the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and off, smiling to me the whole time.

Next, came the ridiculous multi coloured Hawaiian shorts that had been hiding her great arse from the assembled company. They landed at her feet, leaving her in just her black lace ‘wonderbra’ and a matching string. Fuck she looked hot and I did start to regret not having that to play with tonight.

“Dance for me,” I said, forgetting that three of her other lovers were in the room. She closed her eyes, and dipped and swayed, running her hands through her shock of gorgeous red hair. Her boobs and bottom held five pairs of eyes in the room. She reached behind her and undid the bra, freeing those tits that I had grabbed, stroked, kissed and sucked so many times before. She even started to turn so the rest of her audience could get a view.

Looking down I could see the huge and uncomfortable bulge in Tim’s chinos. I wanted to show off to the girls precisely what I saw in my own brother but didn’t want to spoil the surprise for Debs. After all, she’d soon let them know.

Finally, she tucked her thumbs into each side of her panties and backing up to Tim bent forward pushing her arse out to both me and him and lowered them over her hips, slowly down her thighs letting go of them at her knees, to daintily step out of them and spin to face us arms in the arm with all on display for ‘our’ joint pleasure.

She leant forward putting hands either side of my face and kissed me full on, tongues and everything.

“Thank you Darling Lainey,” she said, then naked as a jaybird stood straight offering a hand to Tim. He took it and stood, his erection plain beneath the cloth of his trousers. Ronnie and Viv smiled approvingly but not overly so; bi-curious Jackie looked on in shocked surprise pursing her lips and obviously thinking on how that might feel pushing in and out of her.

I wasn’t sure how I felt when my two lovers disappeared through the door and I heard their feet on the stairs.

“Christ Elaine,” said Ron, “he has grown into a big strong boy hasn’t he.”

“Oh yeah,” I said my head perked listening for what might be happening. After a few moments it was obvious to everyone including me that I wasn’t going to settle until I was in bed with either one of them. Viv picked up on it, and smiled.

“Come with me,” she whispered, “and you can listen if you like.” I stood, took her gentle hand and a few minutes after they had gone we tiptoed markantalya escort up to her room which I knew was next door to Debs. She turned on the bedside lamps with a grin, “If Debs has left her window open, you should get a pretty good idea of what’s going on,” she said indicating her own open window.

Viv pulled her door shut as she backed out, but did return a few minutes later with one of the bottles of wine and two glasses. She lay on the bed next to me, not even whispering as we heard the bed springs squeak and the occasional hissed giggle as Lesbian and career single man got it together.

He must have been getting undressed, for in a few moments we heard a soft Scottish voice gasp, “Holy fucking Jesus, look at the size of THAT.”

The THAT which had come at the end of her sentence sounded just the slightest bit apprehensive but in a good way.

I could hear her talking to him and him replying; I expected that she would try and take control thinking Tim some kind of shrinking violet and uneducated boy. After all she had no idea of the fun that Tim and had gotten up to at our various places.

I strained to hear what was going on, I heard gasps, ooh’s and aah’s as Debs worked on Tim and Tim reciprocated. I knew what she sounded like while she was being pleasured and she was getting it – after all I had taught Tim just what to do, and she had taught me, she came.

As she cried through her orgasm Viv took hold of my hand and squeezed. It was a real turn on listening to what was going on. Next I heard muttering of Debs.

“She’s starting to play up to him,” hissed Viv, her face right by mine, her breath tickling deep in my ear and turning me on.

At last I heard the familiar squeaky sound of someone moving on the bed and Tim talking Debs down, we then heard Tim cry out; I knew he had come – by the sounds of Debs gasping and gurgling it had been in her mouth.

Viv rested her head back and closed her eyes, when she opened them it was to see me gently lifting the edges of my blouse back across my chest to expose my large boobs, the bra that had contained them now folded in my hand bag.

I looked at Viv and smiled. If Debs description was half as good as fact, I was in for one hell of an orgasmic night.

Driving home the next afternoon, we both recounted what had happened to us.

Tim had kept his gift under wraps until the last minute and I’d heard for myself the effect that he’d had on her. She’d dropped to her knees and had sucked him, getting into the new experience of oral with a man rather than a woman.

He had reciprocated and they’d sixty-nined each other for a good ten minutes, Debs getting used to the feel of a hard cock in her mouth. She had limited experience sucking a man and Tim had only had oral from me. But I had told him Debs was a closet sub and liked to be dominated. He did what came naturally. With her laying down his body and her lips around his knob end, he stopped sucking and licking her and laid his hands on her soft round buttocks before him, softly stroking, squeezing and paying the most intimate attention to them. He squeezed them and pawed them, even going so far as to push saliva wet fingers into her anus and pussy. He scrubbed at her G-spot the same way she taught me to, and was soon gasping as she tried to suck him off. This was one sexual act she wasn’t expert at, only having done it once or twice to old college boyfriends when she was experimenting.

Tim started to give her instructions and the gasped groan responses her got told him he was doing it just right. So thinking on the whole ‘submissive’ thing he told her NOT to make him come, so of course went out of her way to make sure she did, and she tasted not the tart softness of girl, but male sperm, for the very first time as it happened. She gagged a bit as her mouth was filled and he ordered her to swallow it all, holding her head gently in place until he’d come. She continued to suck and lick him, until he started to flinch. Once she had finished he told her that she had disobeyed her and that she’d need to be punished.

“Oh, but I did try sir,” she begged, quite convincingly. After all, I was just next door on her girlfriends bed listening.

“Not good enough Missy,” he said, turning round to flop his feet over the edge of the bed and flipping her tiny form around, so she was across her lap in the classic ‘over the knee’ position she loved so much, and he pinned her to his lap with his left arm lifting his right high above her arched buttocks that tensed and relaxed awaiting his special attention.

In the next room, I lay in a similar position and almost as soon as I heard the slap of Tim’s palm on Deb’s bum I felt Viv take a firm grip across my waist and then her hand descend on mine. I’d had the occasional slap when making love but never like this. I was being disciplined, dominated and spanked and Viv knew exactly how much to give a relative newcomer like me. She smacked only lightly at first rubbing my bottom between each slap. It was amazing; I didn’t think that I’d ever get into pain, but the pain was really quite minimal, it was more about the denial of any of my wishes or desires, the absolute control that Viv exerted over me as she stopped her spanking and moved me around the bed doing what she wanted to me with lips, fingers, tongue and teeth making me come time after time.



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