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As we rowed to shore I got a closer look at my welcoming committee. There were six young lasses there all 18 to 21. The Matron of the group was in her early thirties, but like her charges she was fair of limb.

As our boat hit the wharf I stepped up onto the dock, not all that easy a trick. And taking a quick glance I bowed low before her. She held out her hand back up and I kissed it and rose to my feet. My men had finished tying off the boat and waited for my orders.

“Why have you come.” Demanded the Matron, in what I can only call a command voice.

It is possible to use a command voice and still sound respectful. I used mine on her. “I have come upon a grave quest, one that effects the very lands of the Kingdom of Avalon.”

“And what might that be?” she sounded surprised as she said this.

“I have come to raise Lord Sir Angus Anwar Mollo the Small, Bringer of the winds, Miles the third in the Order of the Green Garter, Minister Knight Sir Loxo Dante and Lord of Oban the little Bay of Caves.” I said in a loud ringing voice.

The Matron looked surprised in spite of herself. “Even here we have heard tales of Mollo the Magnificent. Is he truly here?”

“Aye fair lady, he is in the boat resting.” Now I sounded calm when I replied but I had to wonder. Mollo was not known as the magnificent until we hit the Break of Spring Rites.

“I have heard that he is mostly dead but rises to the beat of a drum.” She looked me in the eye as I said this.

I merely nodded and gestured to the boat. She looked into the bottom of the boat and stood there looking down for several seconds. Then nodding to herself she looked around.

“Ladies bring the Mollo to the temple” She commanded. I surprised yet again as these lovely nymphs sprang forward to pick up casino oyna Mollo. Mollo stands about six feet four inches and tips the scales around 350 pounds. So six little girls should not have been able to pick him up. But they did! They also set a quick pace as they headed up the stairs leading to the temple. I told my men to row back to the ship and to come back for me in the morning.

I turned and followed Mollo up the stairs and into the temple. I was quite winded when we hit the top of the stairs. Mollo’s maidens looked fresh though. That was kind of scary.

The girls laid Mollo out on what appeared to be an alter in the middle of the temple. Standing behind the altar was a much older woman in a savage headdress. It was all feathers and paint much like and old Mayan mask. She made little signs and divination’s over Mollo and held a long whispered conversation with the Matron from the stairs.

The Matron turned to me and spoke. “You are correct Mollo the Magnificent is only mostly dead, not truly dead. He can and will be healed. You will be held in the Temple until tonight when you will be summoned to attend the ceremony.”

With that the Matron made a gesture and I was led away to await the evening in a small little room. Over all though I couldn’t complain. I’ve been in dungeons that were smaller than this.

It was late that night when a girl was sent to fetch me to the ceremony. I had received no food or drink so I was a little perturbed, but I’d put it down to purification for the ceremony. I turned out to be wrong, they just did it for spite.

I followed the girl to a stone chair on the far side of the Altar room where I was seated and told to wait. The 6 girls from the wharf carried in Mollo and I’ve never seen him look better. He was wearing his favorite slot oyna kilt and blue liene. The hair on his chest had been braided with little ribbons and his head had been polished until it gleamed. I think I could’ve shaved in it. The girls laid him down in the center of the room. They all knelt and kissed him before rising and backing away with their heads bowed.

When they had backed up fifteen feet they turned and headed for the wall opposite me. They stood with their backs to the wall looking out over the room. I had to look closely to see that most of them had a slight smile of anticipation.

A double row of robed figures began to process in, each carrying a torch. I couldn’t see any part of their bodies except their hands but I was still sure they were women. In slow and deliberate steps the column approached Mollo, splitting as it reached him to form a circle around him.

The High priestess made her entrance walking around the circle and throwing some kind of herb into the air. She made a complete circuit of the circle and then stepped into it between two robed figures. She was behind the altar and then raising her hands began to chant in a tongue that I do not know. More handfuls of herbs were thrown into the circle.

Six scantily clad women then entered through the archway the rest of the procession had come from. They weren’t walking however they were dancing and almost seemed to flow across the floor. They flowed into the circle and began to dance around Mollo. I was surprised to find this dance closely resembled dances I’ve seen in brothels. Which is when it hit me. They were going to raise the dead using a fertility right!

I watched these six women dance around Mollo and sure enough off came the clothing. I was getting interested despite myself. I think canlı casino siteleri these women could have gotten a rise out of a dead man. And sure enough Mollo’s kilt began to lift. I thought at first it must be some trick of the wind but as the kilt raised higher and higher there could be no doubt that it was indeed the Mollo.

When I looked back at the women I was surprised to see that while each of them were naked they held a wooden phallus shaped object. A fine glow began to encircle the party as if trying to beat back the light of the torches. In this glow I could see the women still undulating move to the six chakras of Mollo’s body. There they began to masturbate using their wooden toys. Each woman began to get more and more progressively into it. Driving the phallus deeper and deeper. I could see first one and then the other shiver as they passed from a want of Mollo to a need of him. They each began to softly call his name, until all I could hear was the soft cry of Mollo, Mollo, Mollo repeating throughout the chamber. And then in one great flourish they all came in orgasmic delight at the same time covering Mollo in sweet sticky juice.

Mollo’s eye’s opened and he looked around and slowly sat up looking at all the women. He seemed to have a self satisfied smile on his face. As his gaze turned to me I could help myself no more.

I leapt to my feet shouting. “Mollo your alive!”

He looked at me with kind of an amused glance and said “I really don’t need to hear your voice right now.”

And his gaze turned back to the women who were slowly cleaning themselves and their toys. Mollo got up and the torchbearers began to file out of the hall followed by everyone else. Mollo was the last one to head for the exit. As he reached the exit he turned to look at me.

“Leave this place Joseki while I finish my healing, I will return to take part in the next crown war. Give faith to my advocates and warn my enemies that they shall behold the next cumming of the Mollo, the elephant.”



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