This is the second chapter, based on my first submission to Literotica. When I wrote the original story, I did not anticipate any additional chapters. At the suggestion of StoryPal, my volunteer editor, I decided to follow up with additional chapters. Enjoy.

In Chapter 1 Lucy learns from her friend Jane that Kevin, Jane’s husband, got his “chicken choked” at the guys last poker party. Lucy confronts her husband, David, who confesses all. Lucy gets extremely aroused as David recounts how Sally, the hostess, transforms from cocktail waitress, to lap dancer, to eventually getting off all six guys at the party, finishing with David in her ass. Lucy gets extremely aroused as the story is told, getting off several times before letting David take her virgin asshole.

Lucy closed her eyes and arched her back as she lowered herself onto David’s stiff cock. Her wet cunt easily accommodated her husband’s familiar cock. Opening her eyes, Arthur’s enormous black cock filled her field of vision as he knelt before her, straddling David’s face. She leaned forward and slowly took his cock into her mouth, easing it down to the back of her throat. Behind her she could feel Jim sliding a well lubed thumb down the crack of her ass, stopping at her tight little asshole. She moaned while he slowly worked his thumb into her ass. Feeling her ass relax, Jim withdrew his thumb and positioned his cock at the entrance to her asshole and gently eased his stiff cock in. With all three holes filed, Lucy felt an intense sense of pleasure as an orgasm quickly began to build. While Jim pushed deep into her ass, David and Arthur synchronized the thrust of their cocks into her. With all three cocks buried deep inside her, she felt a slight vibration course through her body. The vibration subsided when the three cocks pulled back from her holes, then started again when they all pressed forward at the same time. This time she could both feel and hear the vibration, until they slowly pulled their cocks back. She was on the verge of an intense orgasm, with three cocks buried deep inside her. Her entire body bucked with the renewed intensity of the latest vibration, sending her writhing body into the uncontrolled ecstasy of an orgasm.

Lucy was jolted out of her dream by the vibrating phone on her bed stand. She looked over and saw Jane’s name had popped up on the caller id display. Lucy had met Jane when they were assigned roommates in her freshman year at college. The two couldn’t have been more opposite. Lucy was from a small rural city in Minnesota. Jane was Italian, a city girl raised in Rome. Lucy was petite and curvy, just over five feet and had a reserved, studious demeanor. Jane was an athlete, almost six feet tall, with a firm, muscular body, recruited by the college to play basketball. Lucy was a natural blond, light complexion with blue eyes. Jane was a dark brunette with flowing hair that reached to her shoulder blades, dark hazel eyes and an olive complexion. Lucy was a serious student, majoring in business. Jane was going to major in basketball, boys and art history, pretty much in that order. Despite their differences, a lasting friendship quickly formed.

“Hello,” Lucy said in a muffled voice.

“You sound sleepy, did I wake you?” asked Jane.

“I must have been dreaming, what time is it,” Lucy asked, her voice clearing.

“It’s almost ten,” Jane exclaimed, “What are you still doing in bed?”

Lucy tried to come up with a quick answer, but was only able to manage a muffled grunt.

Jane said, “So what did he tell you?”


“David! Will you wake up and get with the program?” demanded Jane.

“What about David?” asked Lucy.

“Lucy! What did David tell you about the poker party?” asked Jane impatiently, “You told me that you were going to confront him yesterday.”

Lucy was now finally awake and trying to figure out what to tell Jane. After all, Jane had gotten things started by saying that Kevin, her husband, had gotten his chicken choked at the last poker game, but that was all she had been able to learn from him. Clearly Jane was anxious for more details.

“Hasn’t Kevin filled you in?” Lucy said, “I thought he was the one who brought it up in the first place.”

As she spoke, her mind wandered back to last night. The last thing she remembered was David blowing his load in her ass as she straddled him, furiously fingering her clit to an overpowering orgasm. She must have fallen asleep with David’s cock still inside her. She reached down between her legs, and could feel David’s crusted semen around her crotch. Just that brief thought was enough to get her aroused as she slowly pressed her palm against the mound of her pussy. Somehow David had extricated himself without waking her, and headed off to work.

“No.” said Jane, “Kevin only confessed to getting off, but kept me in the dark about the details.” There was no response from Lucy, so she asked “Are you still there?”

“Yes. Sorry, my mind wandered.” Lucy said.

“Girl, I can only imagine where you have been.” exclaimed Jane. “Stay with me.”

“Ok, I’m listening.” Lucy said, once again trying to focus on kartal escort the conversation. “When I brought up the poker party, David looked guilty as sin and reluctantly coughed up the full story.”

“I hope you are in a mood to share.” said Jane.

Lucy considered what to do next. Her index finger had slipped between the moistened lips of her pussy and was gently putting pressure on her clit. She wasn’t sure she wanted to interrupt this to visit with Jane. However, knowing Jane, she would not give up easily; not until she got the whole story. She pulled her hand from between her legs and decided any further pleasure would have to wait.

“Tell you what,” Lucy said, “come over for a cup of coffee and I’ll think about it.”

“Now?” asked Jane.

“Sure, I’ll put on the coffee.” Lucy replied.

“Ok,” Jane said, “I’m on my way. But forget the coffee, I’ll bring wine.”

Lucy hung up and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. She again thought back to last night and tried to count the number of orgasms she had as David recounted the events that took place at the poker party. She stepped into the hot steaming shower, letting the pressure and heat of the water ease the tension that had built up from this mornings dream. As she began to soap up she found her hands drifting back between her legs. Once again, she was immediately aroused as her index finger slipped between the soapy lips of her pussy.

“Enough of this,” she thought as she tried to focus on Jane’s arrival.

Lucy stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. As she headed to the closet to select her clothes, she paused in front of the dressing mirror and gazed at her reflection. She admired her petite body, cupping her breasts and gently squeezing her hardening nipples with her thumb and forefinger. Once again, she became immediately aroused and let her hand slide down across her flat tummy, stopping just below the hairline of her blond, downy bush.

She gazed at her pussy, her slit fully visible through the light covering of wispy hair. Her slit appeared damp and she pulled up to tighten her skin so more of her slit was visible. Now she could clearly see the shiny moisture that was oozing from between the stretched skin of her pussy.

She dropped her other hand to her pussy and watched in fascination as her finger slid along the crease of her cunt, coaxing out more of her slippery fluid. Her mind drifted back to David, and his recounting of Sally taking his cock in her ass. Until last night, she had never experienced the sensation of a finger slipping into her asshole, and the pleasurable effect it would have on her body.

She turned around, looking over her shoulder trying to get a look at her ass in the mirror. Her butt was nicely rounded, perfectly proportioned to her hour glass figure. However, this angle did not give her the view she wanted. She bent down at the waist and looked back between her legs to get a better view of her ass in the mirror. The soft cheeks of her ass still hid what she was looking for, but she could clearly see the slit of her pussy from behind with her wispy blond hair hanging down.

She reached up to again caress her slit with her finger. The pleasure came immediately and she pressed her finger in between her lips quickly finding her clit. With her other hand, she reached behind her and pulled the left cheek of her butt to one side. There it was, partially obscured by the right cheek. She saw a tight, pink rosebud as she looked closely trying to understand David’s sudden interest in her asshole. To get a better view, she reluctantly withdrew her finger from her pussy and reached around to spread her cheeks with both hands. Now the view of her asshole was unobscured, and stretching her butt cheeks even further caused her asshole to open just a little. She stared for a moment, contemplating what to do next, remembering the first sensation of David’s finger sliding into her asshole. She eased a finger right to the edge of her asshole, and pulled gently as she felt another surge of pleasure move her closer to orgasm.

“Lucy, I’m here.” Jane shouted from downstairs.

“Fuck!” Lucy muttered to herself, once again annoyed at Jane’s timing.

“I’m upstairs!” Lucy shouted back down, “I’ll be right down.”

She tore herself away from the mirror and grabbed a loose fitting brightly colored sun dress from her closet. She started towards her dresser to grab a bra and panties, but decided to just slip on the dress and head downstairs to deal with Jane. Halfway down she realized that she had not washed her hands. She lifted her right hand to her nose and confirmed that the smell of her pussy was noticeable. She quickly slipped her fingers into her mouth, one at a time, licking off what she could of her pussy juices. It didn’t get rid of all the odor, but would have to do.

“That must have been some night!” Jane said as she watched Lucy walk into the room.

Jane was sitting on the love seat in the living room. An opened bottle of wine was on the coffee table and she had poured two glasses.

“It was.” Lucy said kurtköy escort with a grin. “You should have gotten the whole story from Kevin.”

Jane stood as Lucy walked over to the love seat and gave her a brief hug. Jane pulled Lucy close and could feel her erect nipples press against her. Lucy was clearly aroused, and Jane considered saying something, but decided against it. It had been a long time since she and Lucy had been intimate in their little studio apartment, and they hadn’t talked about it since their college days.

“Fat chance.” Jane said with a laugh, “I hope I am going to get it from you.”

“Alright,” Lucy said, “where do you want me to start.”

That was too tempting for Jane. She had wanted to know about the poker party, but now was more interested in what had gotten Lucy so wound up this morning. “How about starting with what you have been doing this morning?” Jane asked.

Lucy was not expecting that. “I thought you wanted to hear about the poker party?” she responded.

“I do,” Jane said, “it’s just that I could feel your hard nipples when you hugged me, and now I feel like I interrupted something.”

Indeed she did, thought Lucy. For the moment, she decided to deflect the question. “Do you remember the day we tried to trick Kevin into walking in on us in the little studio apartment we shared in college?” she asked.

Lucy first met Kevin towards the end of her sophomore year and they began dating on a regular basis. Kevin played point guard on the JV basket ball team, and Lucy was thrilled to be dating such a tall, handsome man. She always attended his home games and loved to cheer for her favorite guy. Kevin was always a gentleman, introducing her as his girlfriend to the other more boisterous players. Although they could be a little raunchy, she loved the attention she received, including Kevin’s efforts to keep them at bay.

Lucy had remained a virgin by sucking a lot of cocks. She had no particular reason for remaining a virgin, but had quickly learned that a preemptive blow job was the best way to avoid getting pressured into an unwanted fuck. Kevin was her first serious relationship, and was OK with her remaining a virgin. In fact, Kevin was eager to help Lucy hone her cock sucking skills. For Lucy, the occasional sixty-nine, with Kevin on top, was usually enough to satisfy her needs. Occasionally she would wake up horny in the middle of the night, and quietly masturbate using just her fingers. Although she never planned it, masturbation gave her great satisfaction and would always brighten the rest of her day.

Both Lucy and Jane realized that they would need a summer semester to keep their graduation plans on track. They found a small studio apartment within walking distance of school, and moved in just after finals were over. Jane got the Murphy bed while Lucy took the much smaller futon that doubled as their couch. Lucy had given Kevin a key, and even though they had been drifting apart, Kevin still liked to pop in to visit and score a blow job. Lucy enjoyed his company and was always up for a quickie. Kevin had a part time job nearby, and usually passed Lucy’s apartment on his way home from work. Lucy had hung a small hummingbird next to the door to the apartment, and she used this to signal to Kevin when she was home alone and he was welcome to come in. If the hummingbird pointed towards the door, it was clear to come in, otherwise she was either out or Jane was with her.

“I remember it well,” Jane said thoughtfully, “you and I had some fun together back then.”

It was during this time that Jane had caught Lucy masturbating. It was the middle of the night and Lucy woke up horny. She thought she was being quiet, but Jane was also awake and quickly figured out what Lucy was up to. Jane slipped out of bed and moved to the edge of the futon without disturbing Lucy. She leaned in close to Lucy’s ear and whispered that she would like to help.

Lucy was shocked at being caught, but before she could react she felt Jane’s hand slide across her tummy and slip between her own hand and her pussy. Lucy started to protest, but quickly felt the incredible sensation that rippled through her body as Jane’s finger found the nub of her wet clit. Without another word spoken between them, Jane expertly brought Lucy to the brink of orgasm. Without the fear of being caught, Lucy let herself go, becoming very vocal about what she was experiencing. Her orgasm was more intense and lasted longer than anything she had been able to achieve on her own. Exhausted, Lucy drifted back into a sound sleep as Jane quietly slipped back into the Murphy bed.

Lucy awoke the next morning in a good mood. She was pretty sure she remembered what had happened, and was sure she experienced an incredible orgasm, but couldn’t be sure it wasn’t a dream. Jane was already up and had made coffee. When Lucy got up, Jane poured her a cup and set it on the bar for her. Jane got a big grin on her face as Lucy thanked her for the coffee. Lucy wasn’t sure how to respond, but she was now pretty sure that it wasn’t a dream, and it occurred to maltepe escort her that Jane might be thinking that it was her turn.

Lucy shocked herself by giving in to a sudden urge, slipping her hand inside the satin robe Jane was wearing and gently massaging her breast. As Jane smiled, she reached down and tugged the knot on her robe, letting it fall open exposing her breasts and pussy to Lucy’s view. Lucy felt Jane’s nipple instantly harden, and gazed down to look at the dark thicket of hair between her legs.

Jane’s European grooming habits had stayed with her, even after more than two years in America. Her armpits were thick with dark hair, neatly trimmed, but not shaved. Between her legs, thick hair completely obscured the lips of her cunt. It was lightly trimmed, but not by American standards. Jane’s breasts were firm and larger than she expected, without the tight constraints of the sports bras she usually wore. The areolae were large, dark against the olive tone of her skin.

Lucy continued to massage her breast while Jane dropped her hand down between her legs and slid a finger between the lips of her wet cunt. Lucy watched Jane bring her hand back up to her mouth and lick her pussy juices off of the glistening finger. Jane grinned at Lucy, dropping her hand down for more. When Jane brought her hand back up, she offered the slippery finger to Lucy, which she eagerly sucked into her mouth. Lucy had never experienced the taste of another woman, and was immediately aroused by the experience. Wanting more, Lucy dropped her own hand down to Jane’s pussy and slipped a finger into her wet cunt.

Lucy started to withdraw her finger for another taste of Jane’s pussy juices, but Jane protested in a husky, demanding voice, and urged Lucy to continue fingering her cunt. Jane began moaning loudly as Lucy returned her finger and found the little nub of Jane’s clit, and quickly brought her to an intense orgasm.

Watching Jane cum got Lucy incredibly horny, and she was immediately ready for more. She quickly stripped off her night clothes, grabbed Jane by the hand and let her over to the Murphy bed. Lucy hopped up on the bed and lay backwards with her head at the foot of the bed, legs spread to give Jane a view of her open pussy. Jane quickly realized what Lucy wanted and climbed up over her, straddling her face in a sixty-nine position.

Lucy gazed up at the thick bush hiding Jane’s pussy, then buried her face between Jane’s legs. She was ecstatic at the sensation of Jane’s thick pussy hair on her face and the musky smell of her cunt. Lucy used her fingers to part the lips of Jane’s pussy and buried her tongue as deep into her cunt as she could. At the same time, Jane’s tongue was licking Lucy’s cunt, lapping away at her clit. Both girls were frenetic, pushing each other to an inevitable orgasm, each rushing to get there first. It was quick and very intense, their simultaneous orgasms taking control of their bodies, no longer able to continue with their tongues, writhing together in a frenzy of lust as their faces pressed into each other’s cunts.

That was the last night that Lucy slept on the futon. They weren’t lovers, and didn’t really like to even kiss each other. But they loved to get each other off, and did it often.

“Some trick!” Lucy said, giving Jane a wink, “That night provided me with years of fantasies. You know, for when I wake up in the middle of the night.”

It was a late summer evening, with a cool breeze flowing through the open windows of the apartment. Finals were over and Lucy just turned twenty-one. She and Jane were celebrating with cold beers, listening to an oldies radio station playing love songs. Jane was horny and ready for action, however Lucy was reticent to join in, half expecting Kevin to stop by on his way home from work. Jane had long wanted to fuck Kevin, and convinced Lucy that she should help her make that happen. Lucy was still a virgin, and wanted no part of fucking Kevin. However, Jane now had Lucy as wound up and horny as she was, and together they set the beginnings of a plan a plan in motion. Lucy would use the hummingbird signal to get Kevin to enter the apartment using his key, and Kevin would catch them naked, face fucking each other in a sixty-nine position. If all went well, Kevin would quickly join in and Jane would get her fuck.

They were only minutes away from the time Kevin would be walking by the apartment. Lucy opened the door and turned the hummingbird to signal that Kevin should come on in. They quickly stripped and took their positions on the Murphy bed, Lucy on the bottom with Jane straddling her face. They wanted to time it so that Kevin would walk in just as they were both about to cum.

They started off slowly, pressing their faces into each others cunts, licking and sucking on each others clits. Periodically, Lucy would drop her head back, glance past Jane’s pussy at the wall clock and call out the minutes left to Kevin’s arrival. To slow things down, they started alternating sucking each other. Lucy watched as the time slipped past the zero mark and was now about five minutes past Kevin’s expected arrival. Jane was a little pissed that the plan was not going to work. Lucy, sensing this, pushed her face up into Jane’s cunt and began flicking her tongue rapidly over her clit. Jane was still carrying on about the failed plan to fuck Kevin, but it was getting harder for her to concentrate while Lucy was circling her tongue around Jane’s clit.



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