The Perils of Dating Supergirl, Part 2Hi there!My Name is Robert Shephard, but most people call me Bobby. I was living an average life, I had a good job teaching High School Chemistry, and was dating an absolute knock out named Linda. Then everything changed when I (through a complete fluke) discovered she was in reality Supergirl. Messed up huh?A Day after I discovered the truth I found myself Orbiting the Earth in a Massive Space Station called “Watchtower”. “This is the Coolest…..thing….ever!” I said pressing my face against the glass. “It is beautiful isn’t it.” Kara said. “Sometimes I forget just how much.” “Hey Linda, I think I see my House from here!” “Linda….I told you that you can call me Kara Bobby.” “Sorry Babe, it’s just you’ve been Linda to me for months. Kara’s gonna take a bit of getting used to.” As we continued the tour I couldn’t help but notice the lack of Justice Leaguers.” “Hey Kara….where is everyone?” “Everyone?” “Yeah, Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate, Booster Gold, Huntress, The Question. I was hoping I’d actually meet some of your co-workers.” “I have to be honest Bobby this isn’t a tour, it’s an introduction.” “An introduction, what do you mean?” I asked. “Kal is here.” “Kal…as in Kal-El, Superman your cousin is here now?” “Yes and he wants to meet you.” “Meet me, no I don’t think so.” “You have to Bobby.””Why?””He needs to see if bahis siteleri you….” “If I can be trusted. That is what you were gonna say, right?” “Yes. Only a handfull of people have ever figured out a secret identity. They’ve all been Villains.” “Kara I would never….” “I know that, but he needs to see that.” “Ok, ok lets do this. It’s only Superman, how bad can that be?” “Oh and Batman will be there too.” “Batman!” I found myself in a small room sitting at a very sterile looking metal table. I was surrounded by pitch blackness with only a single light swaying back and forth over my head. “Hello Mr. Shephard!” came a deep, gravely voice from the darkness. I looked and saw a vague outline of a Man cloaked in black, only his white eyes were visible. “Who’s there.” My heart began to pound as Batman emerged from the shadows holding what looked like an iPad. “May I call you Doctor Shephard?” “If you like…umm…Batman.” “You graduated from Metropolis University with a Double Major in Chemestry and Applied Mathematics?” “ummm yeah.” “You had offers from Wayne Enterprises, Lexcorp and S.T.A.R Labs but you to a $70,000 a year job teaching High School Chemistry, why?” “Metropolis Public Schools are in dire need of Qualified teachers. I could’ve taken a Corporate Job but I felt my knowledge would be better suited in the classroom.” “I see here that you are an canlı bahis Orphan is that correct?” “Yes, I was left at Metropolis General and sent to the Orphanage.””You were never adopted?” “No, I stayed until I was 18 then left.” “So your name isn’t really Robert Shephard then?” “No, one of the Nuns picked the name. Robert because I resembled her Uncle and Shephard because…well.” “Have you ever tried to find your parents?” “Once when I was 21. I wasn’t able to find anything.” “How did you learn Chemistry in a Orphanage?” “The Nuns taught classes, it wasn’t really a school mostly Bible stuff. But I was allowed to go to the Library. I’d sit for hours reading everything I could get my hands on. When I left I got my GED and applied to Met U.” “An orphan at Met U, that couldn’t have been easy.” “You’re right about that. I was poor, working three jobs just to afford a place I almost dropped out if it wasn’t for Bruce Wayne.” Let me just interupt the story for a moment. Keep in mind that this was before I found out that Batman is Bruce Wayne. In fact I wouldn’t learn this for another year.”Why Bruce Wayne?” “It was during the Time when Wayne Tech and Lexcorp were working on that Deep Space Probe. Mr. Wayne made an impromptu visit to Campus and addressed the students about the possibilities of Science and Technology. I discovered the Thomas Wayne Sciences Scholarship güvenilir bahis and applied, thankfully I won and was able to pay for my classes.” “You don’t seem Happy.” “The Wayne Foundation paid for my school, Sometimes I think I should’ve taken that job at Wayne Enterprises.” “I think Bruce Wayne would much rather you teach k**s Math and Science.” “Yeah?” Ok sorry to interupt again. What follows is an interaction I was not privy too. It was retold to me a year or so later. Batman swiped his hand in front of the door and it slid open, then closed behind him. “Well?” Batman asked “He’s telling the truth.” J’onn J’onzz said J’onn J’onzz is the given name of The Martian Manhunter. He is that last Survivor of Mars and is a powerful psychic too boot. While Batman was questioning me he was probing my mind…freaky huh? “About everything?” Batman asked. “Yes, I didn’t think Humans could be so honest. It’s refreshing to see that.” “Anything else?” “He is very smart, a 9th Level Intellect. Also I suspect he is slightly Psychic or at the very least highly receptive.” “Anything else?” “He loves the girl and desperately wants to Copulate with her.” “I’m afraid that’ll never happen.” The wall across from me slid apart and there was Kara, in full Supergirl costume waiting for me.”So how’d I do?” I asked.”You passed.” “I did, how to you know?” “If you didn’t then Martian Manhunter would’ve wiped your Short term memory. You would’ve forgotten all about me.” “Really….damn.””Where too now?” I asked. “Superman wants to meet you.” Next Time, I meet Superman and find myself in a bit of trouble.



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