The party… part 2We sat and watched the goings on around the room.Janet was riding one guy; another was behind her up her bum by the looks of it and she was sucking another.Gary was playing with 2 women.There were people all over in different states of undress, some watching some playing and everyone looking like they were having a great time.A couple who were watching walked over to us and introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Richard. They were a couple in their late 30’s early 40’s both good looking.May we borrow Kay for a while they asked.Kay smiled and went with them to a vacant sofa. She sat between them naked while they were still partially clothed. Richard in just his trousers and Elizabeth in her bra and a little pair of knickers.They both started running their hands up and down her thighs while one kissed her neck and the other her nipples, taking it in turn. Kay gasped as both their hands found her wet pussy and dipped a finger each inside her. Scooping out cum and rubbing it on her nipples before licking and sucking it all off.As Kym was still playing with my cock it was getting harder and harder watching Kay being played with by this couple.Another naked woman approached us. Kym introduced her as Amanda. Amanda was a striking woman, beautiful, curvaceous with lovely big soft tits that were nicely tanned as was the rest of her body. She was brunette with a perfectly smooth mound.“Hello Mike” she said bending over, her big tits hanging as she kissed me.Her hand joined Kym’s in stroking my cock. “Mmmmm Mike that’s a nice thick cock you have there, I think I need it in me.”Kym moved a little to allow Amanda to straddle me, her wet smooth mound rubbing against my cock as her big tits squashed against my chest.I felt my cock being swallowed by her wet cunt. It wasn’t tight but if felt incredibly hot and wet as she slid up and down my cock. I swear I could feel her juice dribbling out or maybe it was spunk. It didn’t matter as it felt great. As did her tits pressed against me. She sat up arching her back, presenting me with her big tits to lick and play with as she fucked me.Kym leaned over and took a nipple in her mouth as I chewed and licked the other. Amanda seemed to like that, and she fucked me deeper and harder.Ross walked over, his cock sticking out. “Mind if I join you guys?”Amanda looked over her shoulder and said “Oh yes please Ross”Ross got behind and I thought he was going up her arse, but I felt his cock pressed against mine as he worked his way insider her cunt with my cock. WOW that felt incredible as we both fucked her lovely wet hole together.Amanda was bouncing on our cocks, her tits flopping about as she fucked us both hard and fast.“Mm yes fuck me with your big cocks’ boys” “She likes you inside her doesn’t she “Kym was encouraging us along.I could feel myself about to cum and said as much, Ross said he was close too so I tried to gold it but I let loose with a few spurts of spunk closely ataşehir escort followed by Ross, I felt his cock pulse alongside mine inside Amanda and it was amazing. This triggered off an orgasm in Amanda, she was quivering and shaking, her cunt pulsing on our cocks.She leaned against me, her head on my shoulder. “Oh, that was fucking amazing” she said in a posh voice.“Such language and from a solicitor too”. Kym laughed.“Fuck off Kym” Amanda replied laughing too.We slipped our cocks out of her wet cunt and as soon as we did Kym went down on her. Lapping up all the cum.“Nice idea” Sid Ross taking my cock in his mouth, sucking the cum from it. “There nice and clean”“My turn” I said taking his cock in my mouth and returning the favour.We sat and watched Kym make Amanda cum with her tongue and I watched Kay with her face between Elizabeth’s legs as Richard was pounding her from behind.I noticed Janet had finished with hr guys and Gary was licking her pussy and arse clean. That looked horny I have to say.Richard arched into Kay and said he was cumming. I drove deep and held his cock there for a good minute before letting it slide out. As he moved away, I could see her gaping with cum on her lips. I had to go have a taste myself, so I pushed my tongue inside and probed for the spunk.The room was full of the sounds of sex now and the smell of it too. A heady mixture.After I made Kay cum with my tongue, she said she needed a break and a glass of wine. So, we went over and got a glass each, watching the sights all around us. “Having fun babe” she asked me. “Yes, I am, how about you?“Mm yes it’s amazing isn’t it? All these people fucking.” We sat with our drinks and continued watching. Janet was being fucked by 2 guys again as she liked another woman’s pussy.Amanda was fucking another guy with Kym.Martin came over to us. “Having fun guys”“Yes, thank you we are, its great fun. Just catching our breath.”“That’s good to know” He replied. “Us guys can only go a few times, but you ladies can go and go, can’t you?“Definitely” kay smiled.“Good because there are a few of the single guys that have taken a fancy to you.”“When you say a few?”“Well ok all of them,” replied Martin with a wink.I had counted 8 single guys.“I said all 8 of them?” Just to let Kay know how many there were.“Oh, that’s great” said Kay “Are you up for entertaining all of them? You don’t have to and if you want to stop at any point you can ok?”“Mike?” kay looked at me for approval.“It’s up to you beautiful.”“We have a room for that” Martin said taking Kays hand.“Wait here Mike” Kay said. Have some fun here, I’ll tell you all about it later.I watched Kay’s naked arse wiggle across the room. She looked stunning…………Gary called me over to sit with him and Janet.“Having a good time?” he asked.“Hell yea. It’s great.” I replied.“I see Martin has taken kay off for some fun with the guys.” Said Janet with a smile.“Oh yea, she was well up for it”“I’m sure she escort ataşehir will love it, I did.” Janet said and squeezed my cock, which twitched with life yet again.A couple came over to us and Janet introduced them as John and Claire. They were in their early 30’s and good looking, Claire was slim with medium size tits with lovely pokey nipples.We all sat on the oversized sofa together. Clare between me and Gary and John beside Janet.Clare soon had mine and Gary’s cocks in her hands. Stroking us to hardness.Clare was kissing Gary and me in turn as she stroked us. Our hands found her wet opening and we were probing her with our fingers. She was enjoying it by the sounds she was making as we fingerfucked her.When we were fully hard, she mounted Gary and fed his cock inside her. “I have another hole Mike” she said in a very sexy tone.I got behind her and pressed my cock to her already lubed arsehole. I pushed inside her quite easily, but it still felt very nice. I knew it would take me some time to cum so Clare was in for a good fucking. I had a hold of her hip with one hand and a tit in the other as I slid in and out in time with Gary’s thrusting. We timed the trusts so as he was going in, I was coming out. This seemed to really please Clare.Janet was on all fours getting fucked from behind by John and she seemed to be liking it a lot. Making all sorts of noises as he banged into her.Clare was egging us on. “Yea fuck me with your big cocks. Deeper, harder.” We did our best to fuck her like she wanted.“fuck my arse” Janet said to John. So, he took his cock out and pushed It up her lovely arse. “mm yes like that, fuck me”Clare was shaking in her first orgasm, but Gary and I were nowhere near and kept on fucking her as hard as she begged us to.John was banging Janet hard and rubbing her cunt with the other bringing her to orgasm too.The sounds of sex filled the room again as everyone seemed to be fucking.We kept on fucking Clare to another orgasm before she asked for a break. We reluctantly stopped fucking her but kept our cocks inside her. She didn’t object to that. After she caught her breath she started rocking back and fore on our cocks letting us know she was ready for more.We obliged her fucking her slow and deep. “Mm Yess fuck Yess that’s it mmm yes mm oh yes.”I was getting close now and so was Gary. “Mm I’m going to cum” He said.“Cum in me, both of you shoot inside me, fuck me, cum in me”A few more deep strokes and I felt myself cumming again. I could feel Gary’s cock pulse through the thin wall connecting us too.That set Clare off again to another shaking orgasm.We untangled ourselves, Clare kissed us and thanked us both. We were just in time to see John cum inside Janet’s arse.Janet cum as he did so with all the stimulus in her arse and him playing with her cunt.“Oh, fuck that was good” John said as his cock slipped out of Janet.Janet fell leaned her face on my leg, close to my cock. She took it ataşehir escort bayan in her mouth. It was very sensitive, so I told her to be gentle. She licked all the spunk off, and I loved that she had done it right out of Claire’s arse.As we were recovering Martin brought Kay back into the room. Well more helped as her legs were all wobbly, but she had a big smile on her face.As they got closer, I could see cum running down her thighs and over her belly and tits. I thought she looked beautiful before, but now she looked sensational.“Mike, she was amazing” Martin said with a big smile.Kay sat on my lap and cuddled into me. The sweat and sticky spunk felt lovely.“Did you enjoy that Babe?” Kay nodded.“You can tell me all about it”“I will when I can talk properly” She replied in a shaky voice and a big smile.I noticed people getting themselves dressed now and I checked the time, it was gone 1am.We tidied ourselves up too and Janet helped Kay put her dress on but. She was holding her bra but couldn’t find her knickers anywhere.We thanked Kym and Martin for a wonderful evening.Kym handed me a piece of paper with their phone number on. “Phone me tomorrow, well today really but you know what I mean, let us know how you both are ok?” she said and kissed us both.“Will do “We walked back to the car, he fresh air reviving Kay so she could pretty much walk on her own now.“That was amazing” She saidWe all agreed………We slept until early afternoon. I looked over at Kay, dried cum on her face and tits which looked so sexy. Se smelled of sex which was a big turn on and I awoke with a hardon.She woke up when she felt me get out of bed.“What time is it?”“Almost 2 o’clock”“Mmmmm she stretched and yawned. Her big tits on display not helping my hardon.” Come here” She held her arms open, so I lay on the bed with her. “Are you sure you don’t mind what happened last night?” I replied by kissing her deeply” Tasting cum on her lips.“You don’t mind that all those men fucked me?” she said as she took hold of my cock, stroking it up and down.“tell me what happened.”“Well Martin took me into the room and there were 10 men and 2 women in there. The women were sucking the guys cocks, keeping them hard and near the edge.” Her little hand was holding my cock softly and sliding up and down the shaft.“Martin asked me what position I would like to start with, so I got on all fours for them. I felt the first cock go inside me and he fucked me hard and fast for about 5 minutes before he shot inside me.”My cock was throbbing almost as Kay was recounting the event.“As soon as he slipped out another cock was inside me fucking me hard and fast too. This went on until 5 had fucked me. Then I lay on my back and spread my legs. The next guy fucked me, and he had a thick cock and that felt so nice filling me up. Most cum in me but some pulled out and shot their spunk over me. When the last guy had fucked me Martin had his turn. He shot his load inside me quite quickly.”Kay took my cock in her mouth sucking it a little “You like that 12 men used me for their pleasure, do you?” My answer was to cum, I shot and shot over her face. “Mmmmm I’ll take that as a yes.I kissed her cummy face and lips. “I love you Kay”“I love you too”



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