THE PANTY CLUB – PART 3THE PANTY CLUB – PART 3One of the most popular events of the year was the Antique Panty Auction which was held in the ballroom of a posh New York hotel. The event was not publicized at all and notices were sent only to a selected number of guests, but worldwide. The ballroom was closed to everyone except those who had received an invitation and an illustrated catalogue by mail. Of course, membership was limited to females only. About 200 of them had received an invitation, including Moïra, her maid and live-in lover Reena, Pamela from England, and Marsha, Moïra’s boutique manager. This event attracted the top panty collectors in the world. A main room had been constructed with moveable panels in the middle of the ballroom to show the panties which were for sale at the auction. Around that showroom were several smaller rooms which were reserved for prospective bidders who met and discussed their main interest – antique panties. Once one accessed the ballroom, dress was optional, and most women walked around wearing one of the panties in their collection and wearing only that. Lesbian sex was allowed, and even encouraged. Since the field was very competitive, old crushes and deceptions came to life again, and it was not uncommon for half-naked ladies to come to blows. It was all part of the show. The viewing lasted three days and the actual sale was held on a Sunday afternoon.—————————————————————————————————————Moïra was so anxious to see the material offered that she was there as the doors opened on the first day of the viewing. She had made a pencil marking for some of the lots in the catalogue: the panties worn by Marilyn Monroe when Sam Shaw took the famous picture on the ventilator; a rare pair of a crotch-reinforced panties worn by catfighters in a Cuban brothel; a number of mid-19th century knickers, some said to have been worn by Queen Victoria; a beautiful pair of silk panties from the estate of Jackie Kennedy; knickers with slits up front or in the back; other panties in leather or plastic worn in science-fiction Hollywood films, etc. etc…There was something there for everyone. “Bonjour Moïra”, said a 60-year-old rather plump lady, extending her hand.“Ah Madame Claude how are you ?”, answered Moïra ignoring the hand and giving her friend a kiss on the lips. “You want those Cuban panties, I’m sure”’, whispered Moïra‘Of course, anything to do with brothels”, acknowledged Madame“and catfights”, added Moïra laughingMadame Claude had been the owner of one of the most famous Parisian lesbian brothels of the 20th century. She had seen all the movie stars, the signers, the political figures, the famous American and French feminists. She had been Simone de Beauvoir’s lover for years. She was a great collector of panties worn by lesbian hookers and brothel attendants, including the customers. She wore a beautiful pair of knickers with a flap held closed by two buttons. The rectangular flap was located at a strategic spot between the two asscheeks. You undid the buttons and you were ready for whatever you wanted to do without taking off your panties. Madame had round full asscheeks which put some tension on the flap. Moïra was admiring that piece of equipment while Madame walked ahead of her, inviting her to one of the salons for a glass of wine. Moïra, as we have seen, was very attracted to the female ass. Madame’s “little window” drove her crazy. The two ladies sat side by side on a couch and sipped wine (which made Moïra even more horny). After putting their empty glasses on a side table, the two lesbians began making out openly on the couch, squeezing their hardening tits, French kissing and running their hand in each other’s hair. Remember that our two ladies are only dressed in knickers. Moïra begged Madame to let her pull down her “little window”. Madame got on all fours on the floor while Moïra unbuttoned her flap and began to lick between Madame’s asscheeks. It took Moïra only a minute or two to find what she was looking for and send her tongue exploring the French brothel-owner’s secret hole. Madame moaned as Moïra’s tongue went in and out of the French lesbian’s asshole. While the two women were going at it, Marsha and Reena — the store manager and the maid—made their entrance in the room. They both stood watching their bakırköy escort mistress lick the other woman’s asshole. Madame Claude turned her head and suggested to Moïra that they fuck. Marsha and Reena encouraged the two women to copulate, as did other women who had been attracted to the scene. All the lesbians present suspected that the fuck would occur while the two lovers kept their knickers on. Moïra mounted Madame Claude and the two lesbians rubbed cunts through their knickers, as was expected of them. Tits were rubbing also, sometimes nipple to nipple, sometimes both pairs flattened and pushed to the side. The two lesbians sucked on each other’s tongue, spitting in each other’s face, and talking about their desire to fuck and piss. Both pairs of knickers had a large wet circle in the crotch area and those circles continued rubbing and getting larger. Both ladies screamed at the same time and squirted in their knickers. Marsha and Reena, were feeling each other’s boobs and kissing while watching the fuck between the half-dressed women. Moïra and Madame Claude sat on the couch for a few minutes trying to catch their breath. Women were crowding around them, each trying to have a sniff of the wet, juice-filled, knickers. There was so much interest that Moïra slipped out of her knickers and left them in Marsha’s care while Madame Claude did the same and gave hers to her long-time assistant Solange. Marsha and Solange had known each other for decades and were, as we say “happy to see each other”. The two ladies (both nearing 60), traded their mistress’s knickers with each other, inhaling the drying fluids from the 100 year-old cotton. Moïra and Madame Claude, now absolutely naked, retired to another room to continue frolicking (or simply licking) in a more private environment. Both Marsha and Solange were wearing 1930s old baggy satin panties. They were sexier than one would think since they were tight only around the waist and thighs which gave a lot of room for hands, sliding under the rubber bands, to explore the hidden treasures. Marsha and Solange were keeping a good grip on the knickers as women lined up in front of one lady then the other to have their sniff and even the garment rub against their face. Afterwards they would gather in small groups and share their experience, or simply kiss, suck nipples or masturbate each other. When the crowd died down, Marsha and Solange gave back the precious knickers to their owners and found a corner couch to engage in their favorite pastime which was lesbian sex. The two women, even at their age, were very attractive with full slightly drooping tits, and a good soft ass. They had a pleasant face, Marsha a brunette and Solange a blonde. It didn’t take long for them to move on to actual sucking after having taken off their panties. Locked in 69, the women sucked their long wavy pink cunt lips before moving to their dripping hole. Each used their panties to wipe and lick, a familiar habit between panty-loving dykes. It consisted of licking your lover’s cunt until it was all wet, then wiping it with your panties, then going back to licking, then wiping, and so on… When the women had their orgasm, each stuffed as much as they could of their panties in the other’s wide-open wet hole. With some experience, one could practically put most of those older satin panties inside a wet cunt hole. Of course, before they parted, Marsha and Solange exchanged panties as a souvenir and something to add to their collection. Moïra and Claude watched as the two older naked women left the room. They saw that they were chatting and whispering to each other, both having dirty lustful smiles on their face. “Do you know what this is about ?”, asked Moïra innocently“I think they are preparing something involving our younger maids”, said Madame Claude smiling“Ah…I figured those two would meet …it is a tradition between us , isn’t it ?, said Moïra, grabbing Claude’s big boob as she spoke.“The last time was in my establishment in Paris, already three or four years ago now”, remembered Claude“Yes I had Angela as a maid at that time, a young Italian”, said Moïra“I remember her. Very pretty but tough. And I had Corinne, a little wiry blonde butch”, answered Claude. “I don’t think you’ve seen her yet, daaarling, but I brought Élise, a girl from the south of France. Skinny but very beşiktaş escort strong. I love when that little butch rubs my large cunt with her small pussy”, added Claude.“I’m looking forward to it’, smiled Moïra as she moved her body over Madame Claude’s and proceeded to get into position for another session of female copulation. —————————————————————————————————————The auction was 2 days away and the viewing was going steady with a surprising flow of visitors of all countries and ages. A young Asian teen was refused admission because of her age, but she did win in the end as a woman gave her $ 50 for her thong which she wrapped and stuffed in her handbag. It was obviously intended to accompany the woman’s solitary pleasures later on in her room. Moira and Madame Claude were viewing the material for sale and annotating their catalogue. Claude especially wanted to see the Cuban reinforced panties since she collected panties used in brothels. The attendant, recognizing both ladies, opened the case and showed Claude the panties which were stained and had certainly been used in many battles many years ago. “There is steel in the crotch area to protect from kicks”, explained Claude‘It must still hurt”, added Moïra who shared Claude’s interest for brothels and catfights. “We have a long and interesting evening ahead of us today”, Moïra said to the French lesbian“Yes we do and I hope our maids are up to the task”, added Claude with a wide smile, as she invited a kiss from her friend. ——————————————————————————————————————-There was another large ballroom which the International Panty Club Auction had rented. It was also, and especially for this event, a members-only evening with no exception. There were no beds or furniture, everyone was standing, walking, talking or kissing and feeling each other up. All women were only in panties—whatever the kind or era — knickers, thongs. Otherwise they were naked except for running shoes or slippers. The butches were wearing black make-up, the dolls adopted red, green or pink make-up for face or tits. It was a rough and tough evening, only for those who were ready for it. Not all women at the auction attended that part. It was here that accounts were settled before the auction, that women cheated on their lesbian partner with other women, older women were cruising younger ones, black and white mixed or didn’t. The floor was hardwood. Sex meant getting bruised. Sex often meant fighting for it. Women ogled other women’s panties and wanted them. Moïra and Madame Claude were the special guests, as were the two maids, Reena and Élise. Adorned with black circles around her eyes and her boobs, Elise, in large panties (strange for her age) attacked Moïra. The two women fell to the ground in a bearhug. Moïra in another pair of old knickers rubbing them against Elise’s loose panties. Moïra’s green and pink mascara was spread all over her face and tits by Elise’s hands as the two women, 20 years apart in age, grabbed boobs and violently kissed. This mismatched couple attracted some of the crowd.In another corner of the room, Reena had cornered a brightly colored Madame Claude. The two women knew each other from a secret mutual hand to cunt job in the ladies. Reena had not told Moïra about that adventure. This time everyone knew the two would fuck on the floor. The two lesbians, also more than 20 years apart, were rolling around locked in a 69. Both were eating cunt through linen as Reena wore regular panties and Claude a large pair of panties like Elise’s. The front of the panties was getting wet with juices and saliva. The women switched to a face to face regular cunt fuck position. They would have preferred going naked but were afraid their panties would be stolen by the crowd of onlookers. One could see their black pubic hair through the wet linen. Even if flesh was not touching flesh, the rubbing was just as exciting as clit touched clit and cunt holes worked like a running garden hose. Another crowd was standing around the two fucking lesbians and some were walking from one couple to another.Elise and Moïra had also moved to a face to face classic cunt fucking position. Elise’s large panties sometimes slipped down beylikdüzü escort with the hip movements and one could see her cunt rubbing against Moïra’s knickers. Elise had a particularly attractive ass and watchers got closer anytime the panties slipped down to uncover her hole. As the fucking continued between the two couples, other couples, excited by the spectacle, looked for partners and were engaging in fingering, squeezing, asslicking, and cunt sucking. As soon as the two main couples had reached their orgasm and completely covered the inside of their panties and knickers with juices, a special security twosome removed the four pair of panties and left the lesbians naked for a moment. It was to prevent the prized garments from being stolen. They would be auctioned off with the rest later that week. But for the time being, Moïra’s knickers and Claude’s panties were to have another use.————————————————————————————————————-The last part of the evening was the most popular. The two maids, Elise and Reena, left their thongs with the security people and put on a special pair of thongs which was reinforced at the crotch, similar to the pair from Cuba seen by Moïra and Claude that afternoon. They were colourful and tight-fitting, narrow along the pubic area and with the elastic nylon meeting in the ass crack, leaving most of the woman’s ass to be seen by the onlookers. One of the security women carried Claude’s panties over to a standing Elise. Elise turned them inside out and inhaled them a few times. At the same time, some 50 feet away, Reena was smelling and inhaling Moïra panties, covered in a mixture of Elise’s juices and hers. Both maids saw stars and were driven to a peak of lesbian jealousy. Some women were pushed aside as the two young maids went for each other in the middle of the ballroom.The crowd of lesbians roared as the two beautiful butches met in a clash of fists and shoe-covered feet. Timing their kicks with their swings, both fighters received and gave without protecting themselves. One could hear fists hitting flesh and the roars of hatred coming from both butches. Both fighters were stunned by the blows but remained standing. Kicks aimed at the crotch although it was protected. Reena got hit in the stomach and grimaced. Elise took the opportunity to get closer only to be hit on the nose by a right hook which sent her spinning. Both fighters showed some damage, cuts and bruises to the face and tits. A few drops of blood dripped from the nose. Elise and Reena charged each other with their feet. Reena, who was slightly smaller, got hit again in the stomach and bent over. Elise jumped her and the fight moved to the floor. Throughout the fight, the lesbian crowd kept cheering and applauding, totally excited by the sight of the two women pounding each other into the ground. The security ladies moved closer to the couple, ready to intervene if one fighter took an advantage which could seriously hurt her opponent. Reena was fighting back, grabbing hair with Elise. Both pulling strands of hair from each other’s scalp. Elise tried to bite Reena’s tits but missed. Arms were bitten, faces scratched, then both women pissed in pain. Elise got a lucky punch to Reena’s face which knocked out the Lebanese girl for only a few seconds, but enough so that the security women pulled the fighters apart. The fight was over, and Elise claimed victory. Moïra and Claude watched the fight standing side by side, each with her middle finger inside the other’s asshole. When Elise won, Moïra kissed Claude and walked over to hug Elise. Both fighters were a mess and were taken to the infirmary. But the evening was not over yet. The sex and the fight had excited the whole crowd, many of the women having taken off their panties either to trade with others, or to have sex. It was also a time, the last time, for a few women to settle accounts. Pamela, who had come from England to see Moïra, had spotted Lady Romney a few days ago in the viewing rooms. Lady Romney had taken a girl friend right from under Pamela’s eyes some years ago and Pamela never forgot it. Moïra laughed when she saw her friend in a hair-pulling contest with an older Lady Romney in front of everyone. The two naked women scratched each other’s face and were separated. The floor was getting slippery. Marsha and a woman Moïra didn’t know were in 69 pissing in each other’s mouth. The mops came out as women were pissing on each other or looking for a fight. Moïra and Claude retired to their room for some late-night sex. The auction was tomorrow, and they were trying to get some rest for that. THE END



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