The On-Line CoupleWe first met Paul and Bobbi online in one of those online communities. We seemed to share the same taste in video. We friended and began a back and forth. We chatted a few times. Once, all four of us were at four different computers in our own chat room. That was mind blowing. I don’t usually play with the Duke when on-line, but that time I made an exception. After awhile we decided to meet. I must confess that we were both nervous. This was the first time we ever met any in the real world that we had virtually known. And of course I had to set up the meeting as Sheila was questioning whether or not we should go through with it or not. What were we thinking when we set this up? Are we out of our minds? For the initial meeting, we met at a little Italian place. The table was reserved for the Keaton – Allen party. We arrived at Fazzoli’s a little early. Fazzoli’s is pretty cool, and even though everybody didn’t know our name, we were recognized as returning patrons. She wore that black dress that makes me a liitle woozy and I wore my standard: black pants and an off-white dress shirt. Our booth was ready, so I placed myself with my back to the wall. I’m used to that. Sheila ordered one of those Cosmo Slut things (God I love her!) and I had a beer. Enzo was our waiter for the evening. He came by a time or two for our order, but I told him we were waiting on some friends and I’d let him know when kadıköy escort we were ready to order, slipping a generous tip in his hand so I didn’t come off like the asshole that I really am. He smiled as if he was used to dealing with assholes and walked off to another table. I’m working on my third beer and playing footsie with Sheila under the table when this attractive couple walked up.”Mr. Allen, I presume?”Yeah, but you can call me Woody”.At this, his companion smiled.I rose as Sheila was getting up to come over to my side of the table.”Please join us”.”I need to go pee, Sweetie”, Bobbi said.”See you in a sec, Babe”. “Shall we sit?” I motioned towards the booth.”Thank you”.”This place has the closest thing to real maranara sauce in the area.””Hard to find good maranara. I think it’s the zing. Maybe it’s the tomatoes they grow in Tuscany or something.””I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never travelled over there, but there is definetely some difference”.And the small talk went on like that. I think they were as nervous as we were, it being their first time as well. Bobbi arrived back at our table and sat down with this gleam in her eye. She slowly looked around like Curly before a prank, then slipped under the table. In the dimly lit restaurant I don’t think anyone noticed. Except Enzo. He won’t come back until I call üsküdar escort him, but he doesn’t have any flies on him either.I felt a hand on my crotch. I don’t mean to, but I gently jutted my pelvis towards it and look at Paul. He lookes back with that ‘girls will be girls’ look and sighs. My pants unzip and my cock is fished out to disappear into a warm, unseen, hot mouth. I can usually hold my own when Sheila sucks me off, but this was different. With shaking hands I pick up my menu and glance at my wife. She’s finishing off her Cosmo Slut. I would think she was completely oblivious except for her hand on my shoulder making lazy circles and squeezing every now and then. Circle, circle, squeeze. Circle, circle, squeeze. The squeeze was almost in tandem with Bobbi’s deep throat technique. Have they been chatting on the side?”I need to pee”, Sheila said, and left the table.I didn’t get off, but my cock is cleaned, kissed, and put in place, complete with a zip up. Bobbi pops up on the other side of the table beside Paul with this devilish look on her face.”Where’s Sheila?””Gone to the Little Gir’s Room”. My composure is set.As I’m starting to focus on the menu (again!) I caught a glimpse of Sheila coming back frome the Ladies just as she dropped her phone. While bending over she gave Enzo a clear shot of her hot ass. I know this because his usually stoic demenaor tuzla escort changed a bit. Sheila walks over to the table, drops her phone again, then disappears under the table. At that time, Enzo decides to make an appearance.”Are you ready to order?””Enzo, I told you…”I noticed Enzo stiffened like a board. His normally all business attitude suddenly changed. It was as if unseen hands moved him to sit beside me. I looked down and his cock was balls deep in Sheila’s mouth. Just then, the manager walked up. I know he’s the manager because we’ve spoken before.”Is everything alright?” he asks glaring at Enzo sitting in a booth.”Everything is excellent. Enzo is helping my friends and I choose our courses for the evening”.”I agree, Enzo, the chicken florentein is fabulous. I don’t know how you guys select the spinach! And the marana!”Enzo smiles at his boss with his cock in my wife’s mouth.”Enzo is the reason we come back here, isn’t it?” I look at my booth mates.”Oh yes. He’s the best waiter you’ve got! Never steers us wrong.” The boss looks at Enzo as he looks at the menu.”The cannelloni is very good too. Lots of meat” he stammers, but the boss has gone to the next table. Suddenly, Enzo crushes the menu and falls back onto the booth. We all grab another menu and put it in front of him just before the boss looks back. The boss smiles: another satisfied customer (another satisfied male whore!).Enzo stood up from the table on less than steady legs. We all placed our orders and he went to set it all in motion. Sheila magically appeared beside me. I slapped her bare thigh and whispered, “Bad girl!” into her ear. She just wiped her mouth with a napkin and said, “Nice appetizers they have here. Good enough to swallow. Did you order for me?” Sigh.To Be Continued…



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