The new employeeI’ve been a store manager for about 4 years now, but something happened last month which i still cant believe. It was a Monday morning, and i was doing reviews with my staff. I’m the boss of a TV store and i review their sales performance. Anyway,i called tom in for his review, tom had just turned 18, he’d been working for me for only 3 weeks. I locked the door behind him (which is nothing unusual). anadolu yakası escort We were talking numbers and i noticed tom fiddling under the desk, i said nothing at first, but it became more noticeable. I asked tom what he was doing “have a look” came the response. I looked under the table, and to my amazement, he had his cock out under the desk and was stroking pendik escort it! It was only semi, but as i starred it began to grow, i don’t know why, but i just kept starring. 3 minutes had passed and in was now fully hard with the vains throbbing. I’d never been into blokes, but for some reason i could feel a patch of pre-cum forming in my boxers. I unzipped myself, and ease out my tuzla escort semi cock, tom didn’t say a word, he crawled under the table and eased his soft lips over the tip of my cock…, “you ain’t seen nothing yet” tom said. With that tom pulled my trousers and boxers down, he slid underneath me and buried his tongue in my ass! It felt amazing, “don’t stop” i yelled. Tom slid inserted 4 fingers in my ass, he was so experienced for such a young boy! I was about to return the favor when he suddenly spun me round and forced my mouth open. With that he shot the biggest load of cum i’ve ever seen, all over my face. I loved it, he tasted so good! Needless to say he was employee of the month.



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