The Bad Behavior of a Green-Eyed Girl.


The glorious sensation of my orgasm begins to fade, as I half-open my green eyes to glance about the motel room. A shadowy dimness engulfs the writhing bodies of me and my lover, as the pulled curtains; block all but a single shaft of paltry light. I can see the looming forms of motel furniture and a television that we’ve yet to use; they are the only silent witnesses to the dark, secret-goings-on of this now, familiar room.

The work clothes, that only minutes ago, still clad my body, now lie in a jumbled mass upon the floor, along with those of my secret lover.


The bed creaks as my lover shifts his weight, pressing himself hard against my rounded hips. I can’t help but shut my eyes and gasp aloud as my wet pussy absorbs the pleasure of his thick cock, driving continuously into me.

For a few precious moments of time, I enjoy my lover and celebrate him not only by sharing my thirty year old body, but also, basking him in the eternal love of my racing heart. I wish this moment of devotion and warmth could last forever, but time, seemingly always my enemy, is squarely set against me today and in the back of my mind, I wonder of its quick elapse.


Hard thrusts now bear down on me and with each rhythmic push of my lover’s cock into my body, a soft, whimper of bliss escapes from my parted lips.

As if in response, my lover groans into my ear and I smile, joyfully understanding a great measure of the shared pleasure. He slides a strong hand up my pale thigh, gripping my leg firmly at the bend of my knee. In reaction, I press the calve kartal escort bayan of my free leg, firmly against his backside, locking our joined bodies as we instinctively continue to move as one.

I turn my head as my lover buries his face against the side of my neck and without conscious thought, my caressing hands slide from his heavy shoulders to gently cradle his head against me.

With each of my lover’s desperate grunts I can sense his hot breath, billow against my neck and feel the sandpaper-like scratch of his scruffy chin against my pale flesh. His breathy groans, now ripe with pleasure are fully expressed to me and I know with certainty that my lover is getting, close.

Although I have only been with my lover a few times I am already able to read him sexually and am fully aware that I will not have another orgasm, not this time—only the one. Despite this mildly, disappointing revelation, my heart is still given to complete joy, because this man, writhing atop me, this two-hundred-plus pound vessel of flesh, blood and bone, is the most wonderful person I have ever known.

My lover’s hand; already upon my ass, grips its ample flesh, clutching it with firm strength that I could never possess. His body drives against mine; his groaning cries; building to a crescendo, whilst is throbbing-cock, buried deep within me, urgently pleads for release.

With an abrupt, jerk into my body, my lover’s heavy form tenses against me and I feel him cum—pulsing. The orgasmic grunt from his alluringly-deep voice, gradually falters into a whispery moan of fading ecstasy—breathy echoes into my ear. As his cock spasms within me I smile, escort maltepe gleeful over the erupting, gush of cum that his body gifts into mine. For a few moments our conjoined bodies undulate together, instinctively making the utmost of our physical union; mutually-satisfying some animalistic, primal urge.

Gradually, my lover’s thrusts subside; his now, almost painful grip on my ass is mercifully swept away, even as my legs release their tense lock on his physical form. With my open thighs still accommodating his body, my lover lifts his head and gazes into my loving eyes—I adore him. I wipe a bead of sweat from his forehead and he responds by giving me the same eye-twinkling smile I have known my entire life.

With our bodies still pleasurably-joined in a knot of caressing limbs and lust-drained flesh; a portion of my thoughts are once more given to the subject of time. With a degree of trepidation, my ever-curious mind guides my sight to the red glow of numerals upon a digital clock.

07:19 A.M.

I frown at the clock as if it has just insulted me, then look to my lover with an almost apologetic cringe.

“I really have to go.”

“I know.” He replies.

Slowly, my lover’s weight lifts from me and the shared warmth of our naked bodies departs. His cock; now drained of all but a froth of cum, slips from my loins and as he removes his manhood from my body, a glistening sheen of his masculine fluid streaks the smooth flesh of my inner-thigh.

“Do you think you could gather my clothes for me?” I request.

“Yeah, sure sweetie.”

From the passion-tossed blankets that ended up mostly on the floor, pendik escort I gather a sheet and wrap it about my waist and with some hurry in my step, I move into the small bathroom to clean. Moments later, my lover offers my gathered work clothes through the half-open door and turns his attention to alleviating his own state of nudity.

As he dresses, my lover speaks to me and through the bathroom door, I answer; but by now, my mind is now so preoccupied, that I respond, barely aware of the context of his speech.

With my panties returning a margin of cover to my body and my breasts adequately constrained within the confines of a sport bra I slip my long, black hair into the same utilitarian ponytail that I typically wear home from work. Although I wash my face, no makeup adorns it, for I know that I must look as I typically do when coming home from my job and as if my lover never existed.

I dry my face with a towel and take a moment of precious time to examine the slightly, red abrasion that now adorns my neck, courtesy of the scratchy-stubble of my lover’s chin.

“Just great!” I quietly announce.

Hoping that the red mar on my skin will have faded by the time I get home, I slip on my work shirt and give a quick glance to my bracelet watch; I utter a crude curse and hurriedly, put on the remainder of my clothing.

Almost leaping from the bathroom, I snatch my overnight bag from the couch and head for the door. Although my time with my lover has ended, I will not leave before turning to him one last time and kiss him quickly on the lips.

Our familiar lips part with a, smack, and I smile to him my, goodbye.

I don’t look back to my lover as I walk to my parked SUV and pile myself and my accoutrements into the vehicle. But as I leave the motel parking lot and quickly drive away, I can’t help but glance into the rearview mirror and gaze at the beautiful man I just made love to…my Dad.



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