What time is it? I felt myself thinking before I even opened my eyes. I could feel the sun light trying to stream in through the window that was mostly shut. But more importantly I could feel the big, strong, virile man behind me.

Darius and I were lying on our sides, spooning. His big arm was around my chest and cradling me, and my head was resting on his other arm. I could feel his muscular thighs pressed against the back of mine. And besides his steady, deep breathing just behind my ear, I could feel morning wood casually flexing against my thong covered ass cheek and the top of my thigh.

I squinted one eye open and grabbed my phone and checked the time. 6 am, great, the conferences don’t start til around 9 am. I smiled to myself and let my body press back into his. I felt him stir a little but not wake up. I arched my lower back and pressed my ass against his thick cock.

God he was sexy. I thought to myself as I slowly grinded against him. His cock swelling even more. I felt my own cock stiffen between my legs and I glanced down at my cock stretching the integrity of the lace thong he had made me put on before bed.

I felt him stir again but definitely not awake. At least his mind, his cock surely was up! I smiled to myself at how hard I could make him. That big, black cock swelling and pulsing through his veins. Fuck and here I thought I wouldn’t be getting laid on this work trip! I thought as I reached my hand back and gripped his hip. My fingers digging into his ass cheek as I pulled him tight against me.

I pulled my upper leg up and let his cock slip into the gap between my thighs and I could feel his big head poking against me. I reached over and grabbed the lube from the bedside table and squeezed some into the palm of my hand and then liberally over his cock head. I reached down a slowly stroked him and lubed up every inch of that big cock. Very slowly, I wanted him to wake up inside of me.

My other hand I reached between illegal bahis my legs and lubed my ass up a little underneath the thong. Once I had lubed each of us up, I kept my hand between my legs and tugging my thong to the side and with the other I guided his cock head into me.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned out as I pressed my face into the pillow so I didn’t make too much noise. But Jesus Chris his big cock made me feel so good.

I felt his breath quicken a little in his chest as it pressed into my back and his breathing changed behind my ear. I slowly guided his cock deeper into me, inch by inch I drew him into my tight, white ass.

I bit down on the pillow as he stretched me out. At least I was still a little loose from the previous night! I thought as I worked him until I could feel the front of his thighs resting against the back of my thighs again.

At this point, I starting to slowly fuck myself on his big cock. I slowly rocked back and forth taking him from balls deep inside of me, to about halfway and then bottoming me out again.

I felt his breath draw in sharply behind me and his grip tighten around my chest. “Good fucking morning to you too!” He growled in my ear and I could hear the smile in his voice.

“You like?” I moaned back as I continued to fuck myself on his dick.

“Hell yeah, this is my kind of alarm clock!” I fought the urge to giggle as I could feel him starting to fuck me and meet my ass humping back against him.

“I could wake up to your big, black cock everyday…” I moaned against the pillow as he started to pull out to his tip and then drive his shaft deep inside of me.

“I bet you got a hungry white ass huh? You just love my big, black dick, morning, afternoon, night, anytime huh?” He moaned in his deep, sexy voice into my ear.

“Fuck yeah Daddy, l love your cock.” I felt my cheeks redden as I found myself calling him daddy.

“That’s what I thought, all you white sluts just love illegal bahis siteleri this big, black cock!” He said and I felt him roll me over onto my stomach and mount me in a prone doggy style.

His strong forearm was on my upper back and pinning me to the bed, his other hand was gripping my hip and ass. I arched my back and pressed my ass into the air for him as he fucked me harder and what felt like with longer strokes.

My face was smashed into the pillow as I took his dick barely able to moan back with answers as he punished my ass and kept up with the dirty talk.

He left no doubt who was in charge and the alpha between us. And made me wonder how many other white girls and guys have gotten this treatment as he seemed very sure of himself and his big, black cock!

I felt him lean his chest down onto my back and his hot, heavy breath into my ear. “I wanna cum inside of you watching the sunrise.”

And without waiting for an answer, he drew his cock out of my ass, leaving me gasping and panting with my legs quivering. He walked over to the curtains and tugged him open as I stood up on my shaky legs, almost falling over my legs were so weak! My thong was dripping wet from the lube and it made me feel like a little slut for him.

I walked over to him and he roughly planted a kiss on my lips before grabbing my shoulders and pulling me around and bending me over. I had my hands on the window sill and within a couple seconds he was deep inside of me and fucking me like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow! The orange sun was barely over the horizon so it wasn’t blinding but was a great view of the city and I could catch his reflection working my ass over from behind.

His strong hands were gripping my hips and spanking my ass as he powered into me. I could barely catch the breath in my throat as he fucked me like an animal. I could feel him getting close from his fast, strong strokes and I watched him in the window as he raised canlı bahis siteleri his head up and bellowed as his cock swelled up and spurted my insides with his cum.

“Fuck yes, take that big load in your plump white booty!” He moaned as he started to slow his pace down and I felt his cock just emptying his balls into me. Christ, you’d think we didn’t fuck all last night!

I moaned back at him as he rode my ass through his orgasm. Finally he started to draw down and he pulled his wet, semi hard cock out of me and pulled me around to kiss.

His tongue was deep into my throat and I moaned into him and pressed my body against him, my cock aching for a release.

“Keep that little thong on, but make that little white dick cum for me.” He moaned into my mouth as he gripped the back of my hair hard.

I didn’t need to be told twice as I used my right hand to rub my cock through my thong like I was a girl rubbing her clit. Just like he liked!

“Now on your knees, cum with that big white ass up in the air.” He commanded me as his hand in my hair pulled me down to my knees and then dragged my face to the floor.

He pressed my face into the carpet with one hand and with the other he started to alternate between spanking me and reaching around to tweak my nipples. I wasn’t sure which one was driving me crazier but I got my answer when his thumb and forefinger were roughly pinching and twisting my nipple and I felt my legs start to shake like mad as I orgasmed into my thong.

I moaned into the carpet for what felt like one of my longest orgasms and Darius just kept roughly pinching my nipples and driving me crazy.

Finally I subsided and he pulled me up to his lips again, our tongues fighting each other for who was hungrier to kiss the other.

“Definitely a good morning!” He said chuckling his deep chuckle and I laughed too as I dropped my head into his chest and shoulder.

“I thought you might like that!” I said as he pulled me back to the bed and we laid down. My head on his chest, leg over his thigh, and my hand resting on his cock and balls.

“I could get used to this.” He said as we drifted back to sleep until our alarms actually woke us up.



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