Big Tits

I get a message from you that you were thinking about me and ask me to come to dinner.

I agreed and you say you will meet me after work.

The rest of the afternoon I was filled with anticipation thinking about you.

After work I pulled into your house right behind you.

Watching you walk in front of me you looked so wonderful.

Your body was looking beautiful in your dress.

As you are opening the door I put my arms around you from behind.

I start kissing your neck and tell you how I want to make love to you.

I trace the outline of your body with my hands feeling your softness.

I run my hands down over your butt and back up across your breasts.

Your body is shaped perfect with your beautiful breasts and sexy butt.

When we get in the door I unzip your dress and you let it fall to the floor.

You turn around and we kiss passionately and again I tell you how I want you.

I take you in my arms and pull you up against me.

You push me back and start to unbutton my shirt as we move toward the bedroom.

By the time we get there we are both undressed and my hands are running up and down your illegal bahis body.

Your soft smooth skin feels wonderful to touch.

Your breasts are so soft and your nipples are so hard they are amazing.

I pull you close and kiss you tenderly as I feel your soft body against me.

Your breasts pressing against me drives my excitement to new levels.

You are so perfect pressing against my body.

I pick you up and set you on the edge of the bed.

You reach out and take my erection in your hand.

Slowly you slide your hand up and down as you lean over and kiss the tip.

Your lips go around my erection and you slide in into your mouth.

As you slide my erection in and out of your mouth your hands gently massage my butt.

Reaching down I grab your hair and hold your head as I start pushing in and out of your mouth.

My excitement is building out of control as I begin to tremble.

Shaking I erupt in a wonderful orgasm as my knees get week.

I kneel down in front of you and begin to kiss up and down the inside of your thighs.

Softly my hands slide up and down your legs feeling their smoothness.

I illegal bahis siteleri run my tongue around your pussy then up and down the edge of your lips.

You lean back and I reach up and begin rubbing your nipples between my fingers.

Gently I push my tongue between your lips and run my tongue up and down.

Brushing softly over your clit I put more and more pressure on it as I slide my tongue up and down.

I start rubbing your clit hard with my tongue as I slide my fingers inside you.

Covering them with your juices I move one finger to your asshole.

Gently I push them inside you as I rub your clit with my tongue.

As I get my fingers deep inside both holes I slid them in and out faster and harder.

Sucking your clit between your lips I feel you trembling.

Your orgasm moves through your body and I remove my fingers and lick them clean.

I stand up and place my erection at your opening and lean down to kiss you passionately.

My erection slowly slides inside you easing deep inside your pussy.

You wrap your legs around me and pull me into you as deep as I can go.

As I am trying canlı bahis siteleri to go slow you use your legs to pull me hard and fast into you.

Reaching down you rub your clit and make me slam into you.

You begin to shake and I begin to erupt inside you.

Your orgasm and mine collide together inside you,

Exhausted we collapse on the bed and kiss passionately.

We regain our strength and go to take a shower.

As I start the water you get the towels and washcloths.

We get in the shower and the hot water running over us keeps our passion running high.

Softly I wash your body feeling your soft breasts and your hard nipples.

You gently slide your hand up and down my erection as we kiss tenderly.

The water rinses the soap away and you put your arms around my neck.

You start pulling yourself up and I put my hands under your butt and help lift you up.

My erection is at your opening and I slowly let you slide down onto it.

I press you against the wall and move my erection in and out of you.

Your legs wrapped around me you pull yourself against me.

As your clit is rubbing against me I push harder into you.

Our desires are screaming as we begin to tremble and shake.

We explode in a magical orgasm as the hot water is pouring over us.

We finish cleaning up and get dried off then discuss what we will do for dinner.



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