(All characters are at least 18 years of age)


I missed Skylar’s little pool party because duty called. Or in this case, Tami called and said I needed to perform a particular job for her that afternoon. I wasn’t used to working on a Sunday but money talks. Kevin was just going to have to do the best he could with a pool full of high school girls.

I really couldn’t believe that my “Special” client was supposed to be the Mayor’s wife! I’d seen her before on the news, but she always stood in the background behind him when he gave a speech on TV.

She seemed to be just window dressing and never talked to reporters. The one time I did catch an interview, she had been gorgeous looking and about 30 years old.

The Mayor, her husband, had to be at least 25 years older and fat like he didn’t miss many meals. I assumed she was a well taken care of trophy wife that put up with him for his money, not his looks. For his part, I guess it made him feel viral and younger. Maybe it gave him the thrill to show off his sexy wife like he was some kind of stud.

I wasn’t one to judge her, people did what they had to for various reasons. I guess the Mayor must have lacked something in the bedroom, or his wife wouldn’t have been booking an appointment with Tami’s little private enterprise. My job was pretty clear, and that was to give her whatever it was she was missing at home, and I doubted it was just a massage.

Fortunately, the gym was pretty empty on Sundays. Only the diehard bodybuilders were there pumping iron when I walked in the front door. They didn’t even look up as I went to the back elevator and rode up to the second floor to the private massage room.

Suzan was right on time and came in wearing a big floppy hat and dark sunglasses. Her long blonde hair tied into a ponytail that hung halfway down her back. Baggy jeans and a run of the mill T-shirt completed her attempt at disguise as I closed the door behind her.

“Hi, you must be Chad?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered in my scrubs and shook her hand.

“Call me Suzy,” She replied and pulled the big hat off her head, “Where can I change?”

I took her to the door to the changing room and opened it for her.

“Right here, use the back door when you’re ready for your massage.”

Suzy smiled, “I’ll be out in a minute, you have no idea how badly I need a massage!”

“I’ll give you the best one you’ve ever had.”

“That’s what I’ve been told.”

Suzy winked at me with one of her bright green eyes and went inside to change. I went around the other side and waited by the massage table. From what I’d seen up close if her face was an indication of the rest of her, I was in for a treat! It was hard to tell from the baggy dingy clothes what the rest of her body looked like. I knew I’d find out shortly and clicked on a little soft rock to pass the time.


It wasn’t long until Suzy came out the door in one of our puffy white robes. She was smiling and walked over to the table.

“Where do we start?”

I got up and came over to her, “How about you lie face down, and I’ll start with your back?”

“You’re the expert,” She replied, “But first would you take that ugly top off?”

I quickly pulled the scrub top over my head and tossed it aside. Suzy ran her eyes over me and gave me a big smile, and then dropped her robe and stood there with just some tiny black panties on.

She came over to me and ran her hands over my hard chest, and I could see the lust in her eyes as she ran her hands down to my abs and then looked back up at me. She took a step closer, and I pulled her tightly against me. Her big soft bare boobs touching my chest.

I pulled on her ponytail with my left hand pulling her head back until her face was looking up at me. Then I kissed her passionately on the lips. I think it surprised her at first but for only a second. She quickly recovered and kissed me back just as hard. I could tell she was a woman long overdue for some love.

I broke the kiss off and patted the table. She grinned and got on the table face down as I grabbed my oil. Rubbing the oils on my hands until it was warm before I touched her back and began to massage her upper back around her neckline. With her ponytail to the side, I started to work down her spine. I had to admire her body. If anything, she was younger than 30 but not much.

She had almost perfect curves that reminded me of Skylar. A nice little round butt and slender thighs and well-shaped calves like she hiked or ran a lot. She was already moaning by the time I got down to her lower spine and panty line.

I pulled her panties off and tossed them away before I started to massage that nice ass with oil. I found that it was really turning her on and stayed longer than I usually would have. Looking down behind her butt was a perfect view of her pussy between the gap in her thighs.

Suzy groaned as I started down the back of her thighs, massaging her firmly with plenty of oil. By the time I got to her feet, she was really groaning and squirming, and she had a small illegal bahis orgasm that left her even hotter.

I told her to roll over on her back and sit up. Suzy did and God she looked at me with longing in her eyes. I touched both of her nipples that were big hardpoints and leaned over to kiss her. She devoured my kiss as I teased her nipples.

“God, you don’t know how long it’s been!” She said with a raspy little voice.

“Lay back, Suzy,” I told her, “I want to give your pussy a nice tongue massage.”

“PLEASE!” She replied and laid back down.

I pulled her to the edge and spread her legs as she watched me. I raised the table enough I could bend over and lick her pussy without too much effort. She didn’t even make it very far into step two before her hands were holding my head to her crotch and she had a screaming juicy orgasm that left her out of breath and my ears hurting from her thighs squeezing my head between them. All in a day’s work, I thought, but my dick was becoming painful, and when she released my head, I pulled off my scrubs.

I was getting ready to stick my dick in her when she told me to wait and sat up. I stepped back, holding my cock that was hard as steel.

She looked at it and grinned, “You get up here,” and she slid down and came over to me for another kiss. She touched the big swollen end of my dick lightly.

“Lay down, I want to suck this big beautiful cock.”

I knew how to take orders, and it sounded just fine to me. I laid down, and she stood on the side of me and grabbed my shaft, admiring it.

“It’s even bigger in real life!” She laughed and then leaned over and started kissing the head of it.

Soon she was sucking the hell out of my dick, and I just laid back and enjoyed it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to be enjoying feeling it deep in her pussy.

She stopped after a while, and she was all worked up again.

“I want to feel this big magnificent cock in me!” She said still stroking it up and down as she looked at it.

I got up, and we switched places. She was down at the end of the padded bench with her legs apart over the corners as I lowered it to the perfect height for me to enter her pussy standing between her legs. She was a natural blonde, and I liked her little triangle of golden pubes as I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit a few times until it was lubed with her juices.

I pushed my mushroom tip into her warm wet vagina, and she moaned as I slid halfway deep.

“OH, GOD!” Suzy groaned, “Fuck me like it’s the end of the world!”

The customer is always right, so I fucked her just as hard and as long as I could. The harder I fucked her, the more she wanted. The woman was so sex-starved that she had almost continuous orgasms that made her scream and her vagina pulse and squeeze my dick.

I knew Tami was probably watching with her sneaky camera’s so I followed the rules and told Suzy I was about to cum.

“OH, FUCK ME, BABY!” She yelled out, “CUM IN MY PUSSY!, I WANT IT NOW!”

A few hard strokes later, I exploded and flooded the insides of her hot juicy cunt. My cock shooting out with the force of a pressure washer run amuck.

I swear I saw Suzy’s eyes roll back in her head for just a second as her whole body began to shake with her last orgasm. I was certainly glad the room was soundproofed the way she was yelling loud enough for God to even hear her.

I have to admit that she had gotten me off almost as hard. The only thing better had been when I fucked Skylar, and that wasn’t by a whole lot. Suzy was one hot fuck machine that day!

It took Suzy a couple of minutes to recover from that last orgasm. By the time she did, a river of cum was leaking out of her pussy and dripping down the edge of the massage table and the carpet. I didn’t care if Tami was watching and used my phone to get a picture for my scrapbook. It was a monumental load if I do say so myself. Those pills were gold, and I wondered why Tami didn’t sell them.

When Suzy slid off the bench and put the robe back on, she was all smiles as she picked up her panties and tucked them in the pocket of the robe before she came over to me.

“That was fantastic!” She told me, “It was worth every penny of the Mayor’s money!”

I laughed, “I enjoyed it just as much.”

We kissed one last time, and then she looked at me and said, “I’ll see you again, but right now, I’m leaking all over your floor.”

Suzy almost ran for the changing room, and I stifled a laugh because she was cupping her pussy with one hand. Yes, it had been quite a load I gave her, and as it turned out, it wouldn’t be the last. She became a regular and only wanted me to service her needs.

It sure didn’t hurt that she always left me at least a thousand dollar tip. I guess that’s what the Mayor got for not being able to take care of her needs. If I were the marrying type, I sure would have thought seriously about making a play for her. That woman sure loved to fuck! Not to mention, she was drop-dead gorgeous.


When I got home, I found illegal bahis siteleri Kevin looking glum and nursing a beer.

“What’s up?” I asked, “How was the pool party?”

Kevin looked at me, “It didn’t happen.”

“Why?” I asked and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

I sat down across the table from him, and he looked really upset.

“I told Skylar what we did for a living.”

“What’d she do?”

“She hung up on me, and nobody has shown up.”

“Yeah, I was afraid she wouldn’t take it very well.”

Kevin looked over at me, “Do you think she will get over it?”

“I think so, but it might take some time for her to get used to the idea.”

“Dude, I hope you’re right,” He remarked, “I want to marry her someday.”

“Then you did the right thing by telling the truth.”

“You think so?” Kevin asked, looking glum.

“I know if she found out before you told her, she’d probably kick you to the curb.”

“Yeah, I suppose your right dude.”

“Give her some time,” I told him, “She’ll come around if she really loves you.”

“I hope your right.”


Neither one of us heard or saw Skylar for 3 days. On Wednesday, it was my day off, and Kevin was covering the gym. We also did regular massages for the gym members, but our real money came from not 5 dollar tips but the unique clients. Tami insisted we also do the little jobs and we weren’t in a position to argue with the iron lady.

Around one that afternoon, the doorbell rang, and I opened the door to find Skylar standing there with a frown on her pretty face.

“Ethan, we need to talk.”

“Sure, but aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

“I skipped, can I come in?”


Skylar went straight to the refrigerator and told me she needed a drink. She grabbed a beer and one for me. She sat down across from me and drained half her beer bottle.

“So, what’s wrong Sky?”

“Let’s see,” She said, “I found out my brother, and my boyfriend are a couple of whores for starters. Other than that, everything is just wonderful!”

“Hey, Sky I wouldn’t say we are whores exactly.”

“You get paid to fuck, don’t you?” She replied angrily, “I think that qualifies as a whore!”

“We provide a service to some older clients that are willing to pay for what they are missing for whatever the reason might be.”

“Don’t try and pretty it up, Ethan,” She replied, “I can’t believe your so horny you have to fuck anybody with some cash.”

“It’s not what you think.”

Sky looked at me and finished her beer, “Really…well, suppose you tell me what it is then. I can’t believe the two men I love the most in this world are whores!” she yelled, “Why do you do it?”

“Chill out and have another beer, and I’ll tell you.”

Skylar took a deep breath and let it out, “Sorry, I’m pissed off right now about this whole damn thing!”

Sky got another beer and sat back down, “I’m waiting.”

“Look around at this place, Sky,” I told her, “Do you think we could live like this working at some shit job that pays minimum wage?”

“No, but it’s wrong.”

“Is it?” I asked her, “We are not selling drugs, it isn’t hurting anyone, and it pays great.”

“What about these married women cheating on their husbands.”

“Not my business Sky, people have been cheating on each other since the beginning of time. I’m not their judge, they have their own reasons for it.”

“Kevin was cheating on me.”

“He was doing this before you came along, give him credit for telling you. He loves you.”

“He told you that?”

“Yes, and he is worried sick you won’t ever talk to him again.”

“God, this is all so crazy!” Skylar replied and stared at her beer, “I love him too, and that’s why I’m so upset.”

“Come with me. I want to show you something.”

Skylar followed me to my bedroom and stopped at the door, “What are you going to show me your bed?”

I walked over to the big wooden desk on the far wall, “Don’t get nervous, come here and look at this.”

I unlocked the desk and slid out the left bottom drawer.


“Come here and see for yourself.”

Skylar came over and looked down into the drawer full of cash.”

“This is why I do it, Skylar.”

Sky put her beer on the desk and got down on her knees and stuck her hand in the huge pile of money.

“Jesus Ethan,” She exclaimed, “How much is this?”

“I haven’t counted it lately but should be over ten-thousand.”

“They paid you this much?”

“Tips only.”

“Fuck,” Skylar remarked, digging through the cash, “Maybe I should be a whore too?”

I laughed, “I don’t think your cut out for it, Sis.”

“Why not? I know how to fuck.”

“I don’t think you’d care to have fat old men slobbering all over you.”

Skylar stood up, “Yeah, I have to have some interest in the guys I sleep with.”

I shut the drawer and locked the desk.

“You should take that to the bank,” Skylar told me, “This isn’t very safe.”

“I don’t want the bank to know about it.”

“Get canlı bahis siteleri a safe deposit box, nobody knows what you put in it.”

“Great Idea, I will and thanks.”

We went back to the kitchen, and I was relieved that Skylar had cooled off. I wasn’t sure she was okay with it yet, but it was a start. We grabbed some more beer and went out to the pool to sit and talk some more.

By the start of her fourth beer, Skylar had returned more or less to normal now that I had tried to explain it to her.

“So, does mom know what you’re doing?” She asked.

“Yeah, she accused me of selling drugs, and I had to tell her.”

“She’s okay with it?”

“Not really but she said It’s better than me selling dope.”

Skylar let out a chuckle, “I bet she wouldn’t be okay if she knew you and I slept together.”

“No, she probably wouldn’t.”

“I still can’t believe we did that, Ethan.”

“Why? was it that bad?”

Skylar laughed, “No, it was bad as in, Forbidden.”

“I wasn’t even thinking about that at the time.”

Skylar gave me a little smile, “Me either, but afterward, I felt really guilty.”

“I don’t feel guilty Sky,” I told her, “It was amazing!”


“Yeah really, it just made me love you even more than I already do.”

Sky smiled, “I love you too, even if you do stupid shit at times.”

“Oh, and you don’t?”

“You got me there big brother. I’ve done my share of dumb things too.”

“So, what are you going to do about Kevin?”

Skylar looked thoughtful, “I’m going to forgive him.”

“That will be a relief for him.”

“But until he gets a regular kind of job I’m going to sleep with whoever I want to.”


“Sure, if he is fucking other women, he can’t expect me to sit around worrying about it. If he really loves me, he’ll get legit, or I’ll keep doing whatever I want.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

We started our fifth beer, and I was feeling relieved that Sky had come up with a solution to the disaster. She had always been smarter than me. It only made me love her that much more when we worked out a problem together.

“Ethan, can I see that money again?” Skylar asked.


“Cool, let’s count it and stack it up pretty.”

I laughed, and we carried our beers to the bedroom. I dumped the drawer out on the bed, and we started counting and stacking it in bundles of $1000. Skylar found some rubber bands in the desk, and when we were done, there was 12,385.00 dollars.

“Let’s make it an even twelve,” I told Skylar and gave her the $385 leftover.

“For me?”

“Sure, buy some new clothes or something with it.”

“Thanks!” and she tucked it in the front pocket of her jean shorts.

Sky sat on the bed while I put the drawer back in the desk after covering up the bundles with a T-Shirt. After I locked the drawer and stashed the key back under the heavy desk, I got a surprise when I turned around that made my mouth drop open.

Skylar was walking over to me, completely naked! Damn, she looked hot, and in an instant, I realized that she’d quietly lost her clothes while I was putting the money away. She was sneaky that way, but this time, I didn’t mind at all.

Skylar laughed, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“The sexiest ghost I’ve ever seen!”

Skylar wrapped her arms around my waist and looked up at me, “Are you going to kiss me or stand there with your mouth wide open?”

We kissed, and it got hot, really fast. My cock was already making a tent in my shorts as Sky guided us over to my bed. I pulled my shirt off as she pulled down my shorts and boxers. I kicked off my sneakers and was soon as naked as her. Sky sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me close by my huge hard cock.

She bent over and kissed the end and then took it in her warm wet mouth and started to suck it. I could feel her tongue slipping around the tip in circles. All I could do was look down at her and enjoy it. She kept her eyes closed, and her right hand gripped my shaft and jacked it slowly. Her left hand held my balls, and she gently rubbed my sack.

Fuck it was so amazing to watch my little sister sucking me off! Her cute tits with the nipples fully erect and that small bush waiting for me to part it with my cock.

Skylar was getting really into it. She was humming on my dick and squirming around. She stopped and pulled off to look up at me.

“God, this makes me so hot!”

“I like it too!”

“I can’t deny it anymore, Ethan.”


“How much it turns me on doing something so wrong.”

Then she kissed the end of my cock again and started sucking the hell out of it. Making slurping noises and saliva dripping off her chin.

Skylar stopped and laid back on the bed, spreading her legs wide open and offering her pussy to me.

“Ethan, I need you inside me!” She groaned as I touched her perfect looking little pussy.

It was dripping wet, and I skipped a few steps and quickly slid my index and middle fingers up inside her hot juicy vagina. Sky groaned and let out a loud moan as the tip of my ring finger touched her little anus. It was wet with her juices, and I pushed it inside her tight little butt hole. I finger fucked her like that only 5 strokes before she came.



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