THE MAN WHO’S FANTASIES CAME TRUEA few weeks after my Valetine’s day with the Polish men, my husband goes to see his parents for the weekend, that weekend on Friday around 7pm as I was going home Said an very charming old Greek Cyprus man and the owner of the small kebab shop, my husband and me we were very often buying take away from him, he was closing the shop as I was passing by, I say good evening to him asking him, if I could come back later for a kebab, he tells me he is sorry but as I know, he closes for the weekend telling me, I should cook for me husband tonight, I told him my husband is away for the weekend, he tells me he is going to have a little barbecue in his little garden at the back, telling me, I ‘ll be welcome to join him, I stop, looking at him, I smile saying, thank you! a bit tempting and seductive, realizing what I just say, I started walking thinking that I did not say, yes! or no! I turn around to look at him, he was standing looking at me with a big smile on his face, as I close the house door, I started thinking about him, telling my self, he is a bit fat and not very attractive man, I just try not to think about his invitation, after a couple of hours I was still thinking about him, I started wandering how he would look naked, will he have a big one or not! he was very confident when he ask me to join him, I was having a shower still thinking about him, making me, very excited and curious,( I ALWAYS HAVE A SHOWER IN THE MORNING ) I came out of the shower after drying my self, I started applying body lotion all over my body, wearing my jean dress with a front zip and my white high hill trainers, looking in the mirror I say! ARE YOU MAD! around 11pm I open the front door I started walking to the kebab shop, ( I can not believe I am feeling like a moth attracted to the flame ) I ring the bell, he opens the door, he is wearing shorts and trainers and smelling after shave, making me wet between my legs, he says, perfect timing! I was just starting the barbecue, as I was walking to the garden, he tells me to stop, with his hand on my ass he tells me, you have a very beautiful ass, to my surprise, I enjoy his touch very much, making me giggle and horny, the garden has no karabağlar escort lights, he is cooking with a gas light,he had a bottle of Raki, ice and water on a small table, I say, you knew I was coming, he laughs saying, when you turn around to look at me, I knew you were are coming, as he cooks and drinks, I look at him and his tommy, I get more and more excited, after dinner and a few glasses of Raki, ha ask me to dance, I say, there is not music, he laughs as he stands me up and starts unzipping my dress saying, I want to see you naked for real, Now! as he pulls my zip down, I started laughing saying, I saw the way you looked at me in the past every time you saw me, you make me feel naked, he open my jean dress telling to hold my dress open, he pulls down his shorts and stats moaning with pleasure, as he strokes his hard cock in front of me, I let my dress drop off on the floor, lifting my arms I pull my hair back and start twisting my body slowly and gently, he starts kissing my nipples as he keeps stroking his cock, after a while he holds me and starts kissing me very lustfully and lovingly, pressing his hard cock on my body, he keeps kissing me for a long while, I tell him we should go to the bedroom, we go upstairs to his flat, in the bedroom he starts kissing me very lustfully and lovingly again, slowly I lay on the bed with him on top, he keeps kissing me his tongue going inside my mouth, with his legs he start pulling my legs apart very slowly, as his cock’s head touches my pussy lips, I start kissing him back, his cock entering my pussy very slowly making me moan with real pleasure, he takes his time before he has his whole cock inside my pussy, I hold his face, looking at his face full of joy and pleasure, I crossing my legs around his hips, he starts moving his hips pushing his cock harder inside my pussy, making me moan with pleasure and kissing his face saying, I am so happy to be here with you, after a very long while pressing his cock on my pussy, ( I am amaze how is holding his desire to pump his cum inside my pussy)I can feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy, we are both enjoying very much, I start moving my hips saying THANK YOU! I start escort karabağlar screaming with pleasure having the most intense and along orgasm in my young life, he keeps pressing his cock harder while I am having my orgasm till I pass out, he then starts moaning louder and breath heavily as he jerks off his cum inside my pussy, he lays on me for a while, before he rolls over on the bed, very slowly and groggily I go to have a hot sower, when I come back Said is sleeping, in the morning, I woke up very happy and glad that I was on his bed, as he comes in the bedroom after his shower naked and dripping water with his cock erect and hard,, I start stretching and turning on the bed saying, you look gorgeous and very yummy! my phone rings, my husband, looking at Said, I answer saying a very lustful GOOD MORNING DARLING! saying last night I slept very good, looking at Said I say I missed you, while my husband talks, I am blowing kisses to Said and pointing at his cock and sucking my thump, smiling Said lifts his leg over my body his hard cock on my face, I start moaning as I suck his cock and telling my husband, I will call him later, I am going to have breakfast, I soon as I close my mobile, my mouth is all over his cock kissing and licking his cock’s head, I sit him on the bed and laying on his side I start taking his cock inside my mouth, sucking like there is not tomorrow while he fingers my asshole, this time he explodes very quick pumping my throat with his cum, we lay in bed holding each other, Said with his cock between my legs,kissing my face and tits very gently and moaning with pleasure telling me over and over, how beautiful I am, his hands caressing my body all over, me giggling with pleasure saying, how good it feels to be on his arms, he starts whispering on my hear, he wants to kiss my soft silky shaved pussy, I give him a big kiss on his mouth saying, enjoy it as much and as long as you want, I sit on the top of bed with my legs wide open, with Said’s head between my legs licking and sucking my pussy, I phone my husband, telling him as I moan with pleasure, I am having such a good time on the bed, I think I am going to be on the bed all day, Said karabağlar escort bayan is really enjoying himself, making my pussy very wet, my husband is talking and I am twisting my body with pleasure, he tells me to phone him later, as soon as I close the phone, the way Said’s tongue is licking my pussy is taking my breath away, making me start moaning very loud as I have an other fantastic orgasm, the pleasure is so intense I can feel my heart racing, telling him to stop and trying to pull my pussy away from his mouth, he holds my legs tighter and presses his mouth harder on my pussy, I nearly pass out again, (UP TO THAT DAY I NEVER HAD A MAN LIKE HIM ) he turns me on my back, he starts kissing and biting very gently my ass cheeks, while I am still holding my pussy and moaning from his pussy eating, soon his tongue is on my asshole taking his time and making my asshole very wet, he sits on my legs, I can feel his cock’s head on my asshole, very slowly he enters my ass with his cock, after a long time, slowly he takes his cock out, he starts again, but this time he rams his cock very hard inside my ass, making me scream with pleasure, he keeps moaning with pleasure as he keeps taking his cock out slowly and ram it inside my ass again and again for a long time, again making me scream with pleasure every time, as he is enjoying himself I start fingering my pussy, he takes him a long time to pump my asshole with his cum this time, as soon as he finish, he leaves me on the bed fingering my pussy till I start screaming while having an other orgasm, after a while he comes back with a tray with coffee and sandwiches telling me, is 5 pm, we need to eat something, while we eating, he tells me about his life, he is been divorce for 4 years and I am his first since his divorce, I ask him why is he treating me that way, very serious he tells me, I am making my fantasies I had about you come true, every time I saw you walking by or buying take away from me, I will think, what I will do to you if I have you on my bed, I tell him, how glad I am you invited me, looks like with out realising I wanted you to approach me, soon we were on bed cuddling each other again, romping on the bed enjoying each other’s bodies, around 2am he tells me that I had to go home, a friend of his is coming from Cyprus to stay with him till he finds some where else to live, I hold his face telling him, I am not going and you are telling him, I am your friend and lover, so I can have some more good times. ( what happened, part 2 )



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