It was going to be a boring weekend.

At 23, and in my second year of grad school, I’d definitely started to have less adventures. My name is Anna, and I’m 5’1, 98lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, petite, and kinda athletic. On paper, it sounds hot, but in reality petite girls like me are always treated like that kid sis the bad boy wants to protect from guys like him. In college I was forced to be pretty forward to get any attention, meaning I had more than my share of adventures. Grad school, the mountains of work, and the fact I rarely met folks outside my department kept me in check though.

My room mate Miranda often provided me with my one outlet for adventure. A fellow grad student like me, when we both got the itch to find some adventure we’d snag a cheap hotel in the next big city over, throw together a few things, and go hit the bars. While Miranda always got more attention than me, the fact we were in a different city than any students meant we could be free, flirty, and tease to our heart’s content any guy that ran across us. And occasionally one of us (usually me) would end up going home with a guy.

Miranda however, was out of town visiting an old boyfriend for the way too long holiday weekend. Leaving me to my own devices. I couldn’t head out to a local bar, as too many of my students from my classes clearly had an eye for trying to bed their TA. Apparently TA trumped the kid sis card. Given how worked up I was getting alone, there was too great a chance I might bump into them and do someone, er, something stupid. Heading off to Chicago was too dangerous. While I typically got away with being a tease due to the kid sis card, being all alone in the big city was too dangerous. My office mate was gone, and the building was mostly deserted so I considered a bit of an exhibitionist streak, but if I was caught I’d be ruined at this school and would probably have to transfer. I wasn’t quite horny enough for that.

The exhibitionist idea was starting to work on me though. It was already dark out, our rented house was in a cul de sac in a pretty remote street…maybe…just a bit of time outside….thinking about had me squirm a bit on the couch with my glass of wine. I could step outside, I thought as I shrugged off my dress, take a quick jog to the main road, I thought as I shrugged off my bra, and who knows….

I slipped off my granny panties (I really wasn’t planning to go out!) and gave the game I was about to play a bit of thought. There were three other houses on my cul de sac. One had an older divorced guy. If he caught me, who knows what would happen? He seemed nice, but I knew from experience pulling the “Naked Man” trick that even nice guys turn into animals when confronted by a naked petite blond. One house had 3 very hot meat heads that couldn’t even hack the GPA for a frat. They’d mostly treated me like a kid sis in my dealings with them, but if they caught me I’d spend the evening, and maybe all of the long weekend, finding out just what they could do with my lithe body. A shiver slowly shook my body…that idea was strangely tempting, but I was one of the very few women that got migraines from the pill, and given how horny I was getting tag teamed would almost certainly lead to a very embarrassing conversation about parentage years down the line as I had no doubt I was ovulating.

Then it hit me. There was that third house as an option for some safer fun. It was owned by a pair of college profs and their teenage son of indeterminate age. I literally didn’t know how old he was, other than he was definitely not in college. I Was sure he was 18, but the way he got tongue tied around me (which was really sweet)…who knows. His parents were out of town for a conference in Italy and HAD asked me to check in. I could probably tease him for a while and get him to come get the spare key for me. I’d been able to wrap him around my fingers whenever his parents were around anyways.

I cracked the front door open, put a key under my door mat, and closed the door. Walked to the back door, stepped out, and closed it behind me with a click.

There was a moment of panic. I was really locked out naked now. The cold air on my skin felt good, but there was no fence to protect me from sight. The arrangement of the houses meant no one would see me unless they were out back, but it was possible that once I got very far from the house, the meatheads would be out back drinking. It was friday night, and only about 8 or so. It was dark, but good weather for getting drunk in the yard. Of course the single guy could be in his back yard too. And I’d have to cross one of the back yards to get to my target.

“Too late to back out now” I thought. Covering my pert breasts with one arm and my bare swimsuit area with the other hand, I made a decision and took a short cut through the single guy’s back yard.

As I moved, I could hear exactly what I feared. The meatheads were out back, but fortunately they didn’t see me, or at least they didn’t seem bahis firmaları to acknowledge my presences as I moved swiftly from their yard towards the single guy’s yard. His lights were on, but as I ran past it was clear he was deep into a porno. I nearly stopped to watch from the window too, but the risk of being caught was too great, and I was sure the porno would put me in a state of mind that would guarantee I ended up fairly well screwed, literally and figuratively.

On to the Danny, the prof’s kids home I went, working up confidence I’d need to stay in control of the situation. I was fairly certain he was shy enough I’d get away with teasing him like this, but if I went in with anything less than full confidence, who knew what would happen?

Of course, I didn’t plan on two things. The first were mosquitos. Turns out it’s hard to swat them away while you sneak naked through your single neighbors yard AND try to stay covered up with your arms. But I managed to make it to Danny’s yard without being seen by the meatheads or the divorcee, despite a few yelps and swats.

The second, was that I’d find him stripped to the waist in his backyard. There was a wooded area behind the cul de sac, and as I came around to his yard it became clear he’d just come back from a run. As he stood there in the light of his porch light things changed. I’d pictured Danny as a shy 18 year old. Standing there in just running shorts it was clear he had a runner’s lean body with just the right amount of muscles. I whispered a soft “fuck” to myself after seeing him in this much more desirable light.

Which was almost my undoing. The divorcee’s lights in the back yard came on, Danny looked up right at me as the light revealed me and I was forced to make a quick decision. I moved fast towards him, smiled, and simply said “Can I come in?” slipping past him, bare back to him just as the divorcee’s back door opened.

Danny, to his credit, took it all in stride. He slipped in past me and smiled. Annoyingly, it wasn’t an embarrassed “OMG there’s a naked girl in my house” smile, but even worse, it wasn’t the animal smile I was used to getting when I’m this forward.

“Did you get a bite out there? Mosquitos were a real pain.”

Dammit. I was the kid sis. This 18 year old was seeing me as a kid sis, something that was definitely not helping me with the itch I had needed to scratch.

I calmly started to move through the living room, bare back to Danny. “Oh you know, one or two. Thanks for letting me in, I’m kinda locked out. I have a spare key, but I think I need it to get darker before I go get it from the front porch” I said giving him a flirty look over my shoulder.

Danny simply leaned against the wall with a casual smile. Not even a trace he was getting hard in his running shorts despite the fact I was thinking very hard about what it’d be like to just throw myself at him and see what his muscled body was capable of. “Home alone? Have plans?” I asked coyly, wondering if he even knew I was trying to flirt.

“Yeah, Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend. Could have sworn they told you. I was thinking of calling over this girl I knew and fooling around, but now you’re hear, we could watch a movie or something. Want a beer?”

I gave him my fact shocked look. “A beer, aren’t you too young for that?” He just smiled and headed for the kitchen, leaving me a minute or two to think about how to ratchet things up. At this point I was desperate to provoke a reaction. I was supposed to be teasing him dammit and expertly fending off his naive advances!

I should have realized that Danny hadn’t offered me a shirt, and he hadn’t offered to get the key. That really should have tipped me off.

But it didn’t. So as he walked down the hall to the kitchen for a beer I looked around for something to turn up the heat. Drape myself over the couch? Bend over the table when he came back to the room? And then I saw it. A pile of toys.

Kid’s toys. Grown up college professors tend not to leave the other kind of toys out. But in that pile were a pair of play plastic cuffs. The kind with the safety release, you know, just in case. Maybe…… I mean that would be really really forward, but with the release I could just free myself if I had to.

Danny came back into the room to find me playing at trying to free my wrists from the small toy cuffs, my hands behind my back. I looked over my shoulder at this young built man and just smiled. “I am so sorry, but I really am having a blonde moment. I had one of these as a kid and just had to play with it. Are these yours?”.

Danny set down the beers and stepped in behind me slowly. I looked back forward, wondering if he’d use the safety release, or start to put the moves on me. He leaned in really close and whispered to me “These are my nephew’s toy cuffs. Stupid safety latch is impossible to get to once they’re on your wrists, and half the time they don’t even work. I put a girl I know in them last weekend and we spent kaçak iddaa all night trying to get her out of them.”

I shook. I want to say it was because I might very well be trapped by these stupid toy cuffs, but it also had to do with the fact that a nearly naked Danny was right behind me and hand casually put his hands on my upper arms. That, and his breath on my neck felt really really really good. I found myself wondering how his lips would feel on my skin, and barely choked out an “all night?”

“Well, between fuckings, yeah.” As he said that Danny’s hands started to move to the front of my upper arms, and the tips of his fingers brushed against me for some good old fashion side boob. I meant to say something about that but then he kissed my neck. And I kinda had a hard time forming words.

Of course my brain was racing trying to make sense of the situation. He’d always been shy around his parents, but here he was casually talking about sex, touching me, and generally playing things cool and suave. I started to accept I might be in the hands of a real player. And the fact I was naked and helpless meant there was only one things would end if I didn’t take control.

I tried to call his bluff and reach the latch while talking to him. “Maybe…maybe I should go…I..I don’t want to…ruin your…plans with..with that other girl….”…I was stuttering because every time I got a couple of words out he’d plant another kiss on my neck or two. And damn it if he wasn’t right. I couldn’t seem to quite reach the latch of the toy cuffs like this, and the few times I did manage to brush the latch it seemed good and stuck.

“Bad idea. You know once you’re outside Jerry and his roomies will just pounce on you. And besides, you’re hotter than that girl I was going to have over. Stay.”

As he said that he kept kissing my neck and I found my head falling to the side, giving in. And his hands left my arms and start to gently brush against my nipples and it felt wonderful. Suddenly I was thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst idea to, you know, let him….

I was losing track of time fast. My nipples were getting hard from his touch. His kisses along my neck and earlobe were getting hotter. I felt one of his hands start to trail down and it hit me. I had to get control of this because….

“I’m…I’m not on the pill.”


The truth is, the few times I’ve let a guy have me bareback, it was hot. Really hot. Like really damn hot. Him saying a simple “So?” was about the hottest thing he could say right then. But I knew I had to rally. Given the time of the month I was really playing with fire here. It’d be so hot to just give in but….

“I…you could knock me up. Everyone would know….”

“Know you were bad? You did lock yourself out naked and then cuff yourself in my living room. Even for a blonde that borders on ditzy.”

I take blonde comments very very poorly and that could have easily ruined the mood right there. But right as he said that his fingers slipped over my clit, my back arched and my mouth opened in an involuntary moan. I really hadn’t realized how worked up I was and his fingers, hands and mouth kept working my breasts, clit and neck keeping me from being able to think enough to be mad. I was starting to really shake as he just lightly touched my nipple and clit and I was getting really worked up fast.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you? Go ahead. Be bad. Cum for me. Cum for me.”

His voice was having an almost hypnotic effect on me. I was losing control. I was practically bouncing on my tip toes against his body, trying to slip the cuffs, whimpering starting to sweat. He was playing my body expertly and I just couldn’t…seem….to….to….

When I came I nearly passed out. The sexiness of being so naked and helpless with this younger god of a man I’d meant to tease just ratcheted up the pleasure to incredible heights. He held me against him as I spasmed and shook. When I came down I was giggly, and Danny turned me to face him.

I thought he’d go for our first kiss of the evening, but the pressure of his hands on my shoulders and my weakened knees meant I ended up kneeling in front of him, one hand in my hair as the other peeled off his running shorts. My eyes went wide as he sprung free, hard, and big enough I wasn’t sure I could exactly take him inside me. I looked up at him and started to say something when he pulled my head forward and my open mouth onto him.

His fingers coiled in my blond locks kept our eyes locked as he flashed me a predatory smile. I thought to myself “maybe I can still get out of this. Suck him off, give him his pleasure and it’s not like he’ll have enough left over to fuck me senseless.” Part of me was sad that this would be how my evening with him ended, but the other part had really enjoyed the orgasm and wasn’t excited about risking getting knocked up, so I went to work on him.

I used my lips, tongue, and bobbed as much as I could with his hands kaçak bahis in my hair. And I went to work on him. Our eyes were locked and as my tongue teased the underside of his thick cum filled cock I got the pleasure of seeing his irises start to unfocus. “Turn about is fair play” I thought. After all he’d just played my body until he’d gotten and amazing orgasm out of it. I was glad to prove I could return the favor.

His fingers started to loosen as he got close. I really started to work him. I was really wishing I could free my hands because I really found myself wanting to finger myself or use my hands to help, but the latch was really stuck now. I hear him start to curse under his breath and felt his hips start to move in an involuntarily thrust but I just kept at it, determined to suck him so dry I’d go home baby free.

I felt him twitch just as he dumped load after load of his personal swimmers down my throat. His fingers in my hair spasmed, a little painfully but I stuck with him, and swallowed him whole as he cursed at me.

He looked like he’d been smacked by a shovel as I stood up in triumph, a goofy grin on his face and a look of pure sex on mine. I opened my mouth to ask him to jimmy open the cuffs when he surprisingly rallied and pushed me back into a recliner behind me. I barely managed a “humpf” as a landed on my back side before he was on top of me.

I was scared he’d miraculously recover but he tossed my legs over my shoulder leaving me kinda almost laying in the big overstuffed chair. I was having a hard time getting comfortable with my arms cuffed behind me, but when his mouth found my clit again, I stopped thinking about that. His lips just fastened on me, once again silencing any complaints I had.

My back started to arch against his mouth, when he slipped a finger in me easily. I was VERY wet after what we’d done so well, and as he started to saw his digit in and out of me his other snaked up and started to tease my very sensitive nipple again.

As my legs kicked over his shoulder into the air, the rational part of me was trying very hard to warn me to get the hell out of here. Chances are good he’d recover before I had the second orgasm I so desperately wanted and then I’d be fucked. Thoroughly fucked by that wonderful cum filled cock. But I desperately wanted the orgasm his mouth and fingers were promising me so instead of trying to leave, I just gave in.

Just giving in is the worst thing you can do when you’re unprotected and scared you’re ovulating, but as my second orgasm started to roar towards me I just. Could. NOT. Find the will to fight anymore and I gave in as a second powerful orgasm ripped through my helpless body.

I was swimming in a sea of pleasure as I felt him pull me out of the recliner down the floor. Bend me over on my knees. I recall whimpering “Condom?” and feeling his answer, 10 inches of cock slipping inside me with a loud wet noise.

We didn’t talk much for the next few minutes. There was no need. His hand on my shoulder and hip told me he was going to fuck my fertile unprotected body into next week. His absolutely wonderful perfect cum filled cock slipped deeper and deeper into my body with each thrust. When he finally bottomed out nestled against my cervix we both moaned, and things really started. He sawed in and out of me, never pulling out more than a few inches and I ground right back against his bare cock. It felt so perfect, nothing in between us, all his as he held my helpless body impaled on him, leaning forward on my knees as he took what he wanted from me.

In and out. Sometimes touching my breasts, sometimes my clit, but always a hand on me gripping me, setting the pace as we fucked on the floor. I was incoherently babbling and he was sounding like an animal that found something worth hunting down and claiming. In and out as the wet noises came. In and out as I started to sweat, hair tangled, toes curling.

My one last moment of clarity made me realize I was close to having a monstrous orgasm, one way more powerful than any so far. One that would definitely end with me passing out. One that would definitely end with me squeezing the sticky cum right out of his enormous cock and deep into my fertile womb. I whimpered a “Pull out?” and didn’t even get acknowledged. He keep sawing in and out. I tried to last hoping I could rally when I felt him get close but it was all too much. I just…I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop and I just…just….

Came. I came hard. I came shaking and crying out and I felt him cum too. Spurting and shooting and filling me as my helpless body just shook and shuddered and came and came and came and oh god….

I gave into the wonderful embrace of unconsciousness almost immediately afterwards.

I had the most amazing dream. I dreamed I was on my lawn. I was sunbathing, and if felt like the son was literally kissing my skin. I went to try to cover up but the grass had my wrists. Thick blades of grass where stroking my body all over and I just….

Woke up to find Danny kissing me.

I kissed him back and went to embrace him for the first time only to find my wrists cuffed to his headboard. He pulled back a bit and smiled at me hungry.



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