You are standing in the utility room folding laundry out of the dryer. Since it is a hot day and doing the wash heats the house, you are wearing your usual outfit for doing chores in the heat; a loose tee shirt (actually an old one of mine, quite threadbare with age) and shorts. The sound of the washing machine as it does the next load – I am helping gather the dirty clothes and put them in the wash – masks the sound of me coming up behind you.

The first inkling you have of my presence is when my hands reach around you to cup your unfettered breasts in my hands. You drop the pants you were folding to lean back against me as I nuzzle the side of your neck where it meets the shoulder; this is an erogenous zone for you and I enhance the feelings by running my tongue along that juncture. As I do, goose bumps form along your arms as you shiver with the heightened senses. I run my hands down your arms to warm them and then return to those tits I love so much.

As my hands find their way to the underside of each one, my thumbs lightly graze across the tips of each nipple and you push your bum back into me to feel the start of my erection. As each nipple grows hard and impatient, I reach down to the hem of your top and whip it off over your head as your arms reach for the ceiling. Now free, your breasts sway slowly as my hands find them again.

You turn swiftly and, placing your hands on either side of my face, you crush your lips to mine as I alternative rub and squeeze your breasts. Reaching downwards to the waistband of your shorts, I push them down past your hips where they continue their freefall to the floor. Lifting you by the hips, I lift your illegal bahis naked body – of course, you weren’t wearing any panties in this heat – and sit you on the edge of the vibrating washing machine.

Lowering my mouth to run my lips along the underside of each breast – yet another sensitive spot for you – you spread your legs wide to allow me closer access to each marvelous tit. I continue to ravish them with all the adoration I feel as the machine upon which you are perched starts its spin cycle. The vibrations from the machine flow directly to your clit which is resting on its surface – the result of those open legs. You moan loudly and squirm to intensify the feelings as the speed of the machine increases.

Your hands are on my shoulders as you push me lower so that I can suck on your pussy. In order to reach you better, I pull your bum right to the raised lip on the top of the washer thus exposing more of you to the wonderful shaking and jiving on your cunt. You juices are pouring out of you and down the front of the washer as I force my tongue deep inside you. You are humping your hips in time to the machine and I am having a hard time keeping my tongue in place.

So I stand and take the high road and, curling three fingers, I hold them in front of your slightly glazed eyes. “Oh yes! Please!” you cry.

I jam the fingers easily inside you and reaching upward and to the front, I easily find that magical spot and you go ballistic as you orgasm over and over again on my hand and down my arm.

“Your cock! Please fuck me now!”

Quickly stripping off my own shorts as you tear my tee over my head, I reach out to hold your legs wide illegal bahis siteleri and plunge all the way inside you; you are so wet my darling! Your hands go behind you to grip the sides of the washer as you thrust your hips moving your super wet pussy along my cock. I am in no hurry to cum yet as I want to give you as much pleasure as possible. We slow fuck like this – you want to move faster but my hands on your hips insist you slow down. Already, you are covered with a sheen of perspiration.

I slide my hard cock from your pussy and lift you down from your perch. I reach over to turn the washer to the spin cycle again – it had already finished the last one – and turned you to bend over the machine. I pushed you forward until your throbbing cunt was pressed against the giant vibrator, spread your legs again and taking you by the hips, placed my cock at your red blood-engorged puss and slid it in very, very slowly.

As I stroked you so lovingly, I reached below the entrance where my cock was disappearing and found your exposed clitoris which I took in my fingers and strummed it as you roared to another strong orgasm and your cum filled my cupped hand.

I brought that nectar-filled vessel to my lips and inhaled its sweet smell and lapped at it with my tongue before I took it and smeared it around your delicate pucker that was your sphincter. Pressing a finger against this lubrication, I slipped easily inside your warm anal passage and could feel the hardness of my moving cock through the thin membrane.

You groaned in pleasure as you felt so filled that I was encouraged to add a second and then a third finger into your rear passage. canlı bahis siteleri Since I continued to fuck your pussy with my cock and your ass with my fingers, you were beside yourself with unbridled passion!

It has been a long time since I heard you beg for this but here it came; “Please let me feel you cock in my ass!”

“Are you sure Darling?” I asked.

“Yes, dammit! Now!”

Sliding out both cock and fingers, I positioned my cock – now saturated with your cum and my precum – at your star and pressed softly. You, still pulling yourself hard against the vibrating washer as your clit was getting the maximum pleasure, reached behind with one hand to grab my ass and pull me all the way inside you!

“Fuck me nice and slow and deep!”

I took you at your word and desire and was soon lost in the most erotic, wonderful feeling as your strong anal muscles milked my shaft until I could stand no more. With one final lunge, I held you hard against the washer and started to empty my pent up load inside your wonderful ass. Just as the machine finally finished its cycle, so did you; you orgasmed and as you did you tightened around me so hard it felt like I would be held a pleasured prisoner forever!

I fell across your back as my cock softened and fell free. Kissing the back of your neck and sweat covered hairline, I straightened you up and scooped you into my tired arms. You looped you arms around my neck as I carried you into the bathroom. Sitting you on the toilet to relieve yourself, I turned on the shower and we climbed in together and proceeded to gently and lovingly wash one another.

After toweling ourselves dry, we walked hand in hand to the bedroom, turned down the comforter and crawled under the sheet in each other’s arms.

The laundry can wait – it isn’t the first time that we have interrupted a chore in this way.

To sleep; perchance to dream, my sweet lover.



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