The last girl’s night outFriday again and my sexy wife had gone on another of her nights out with the girls. This time Stella’s husband was at home; so her place had been taken by another good slut, the sensual Amelia.The girls had gone on Amelia’s van; which was large enough to fit a couch in the back. Amelia was a happy divorced slut and she loved to get fucked in the back of her van…I was unlucky; that fine slut had never invited me for a ride…This time I stayed at home, sipping a good glass of scotch. I watched movies and tried not to think about my sexy wife being fucked all night long by these well hung bastards…Around midnight I heard finally Amelia’s van pulling in our driveway. I waited for more than ten minutes, but neither Ana nor Laura came into the house. Finally, I could no long stand the suspense. I turned out the lights in the living room and opened the blinds. The lights outside illuminated the van and, in addition, Amelia had turned on the inside lights of her vehicle.I could see Laura and Amelia were in the front seats. They were turned around, looking towards the back. Through the windows, I could see two long legs spread wide and up in the air, jerking back and forth. I recognized those sexy stiletto heels. Those which belonged to my sensual wife…As I watched, I caught occasional glimpses of the back and ass of the guy fucking Anita, as he rose up preparing for his next thrust into her cunt. Wanting tuzla escort a better view, I slipped out the house and made my way closer to the van. Then I had a perfect view of the connection between the man’s hard cock and my Ana’s stretched wet cunt.Again and again, the thick shaft was pulled from her cunt until only the head was still in her. I could see Ana was rising her ass up as he pulled out… apparently in an effort to keep as much of his cock inside of her body as possible. Each time he pushed his cock back into her waiting wet cunt, I could hear the sensual moans of my sweet wife. Eventually, Ana’s soft moans turned to grunts screams as she came wildly…When that man knew my wife had come; he suddenly pulled his steel hard dick out of her squishing cunt and rammed it smoothly into her asshole. Ana cried in surprise and he kept fucking her anus with deep hard thrusts that brought her loud shrieks of pleasure…Finally he came inside of her ass. For a full minute, the two bodies continued to thrash together. My wife’s legs wrapped around her lover’s waist and held him tightly against her still trembling body. Although he kept his rod fully buried inside her anus, he had finished his task. I hurried back into the house to await their return.Thirty minutes later Ana and Laura came into the house. Apparently, that stud still had enough strength to fuck one of the women one more time.When they walked in the front door, it was tuzla escort bayan obvious that both girls had been fucked repeatedly and in a very wild way. Their makeup was gone as were their thongs. Ana’s sexy dress was ragged, hanging off one shoulder and exposing most of her soft round boobs. Some streams of fresh and dried semen coated her thighs and her tits. Even her hair had some dried splatters. Slutty Laura did not look much better than my wife.I opened my mouth in surprise; but Ana told me to relax: it had been just sex. Just once a week…she said with a weak smile.I showed Ana my growing erection; but then she told me that Laura and she were really exhausted. They would get a shower and then they would get together in Laura’s bedroom.She added tomorrow night she would be not so sore and then I could enjoy her sexy body. She begged me not to jack off, but saving for her on the next night…The two ladies smiled at me vanished into the bathroom.They left me with a hard, raging and very painful erection. I went to my own bed, hearing the girls giggling in Laura’s bedroom. One hour later, I had passed out; when I felt a warm wet mouth engulfing my still hard cock. It immediately hardened into a rigid steel shaft and I heard pleasure moan from the woman sucking me.I tried to rise up to see who was sucking me; but then two cum streaked thighs surrounded my head and a dripping cunt was mashed into my mouth. A quiet whisper escort tuzla ordered me to clean it out.After ten minutes feeling my dick being sucked; I could not hold my load any longer. My prick throbbed and jerked over several times, sending my urgent sperm into that warm sucking mouth. She swallowed every drop and continued to suck me. When I had the cunt mashed on my face reasonable cleaned of juices and semen; both women quickly changed places and a new cum-filled cunt grounded into my face and mouth.This time, I was able to control my climax until I had finished cleaning out that new soft cunt. Then both women pulled away from me and my sexy wife hissed I could turn on the lights…Then I saw Ana and Laura bent on her knees, their asses high on the air, their heads onto the mattress. I saw both assholes were gaping open from the multiple dick action they had received…Laura giggled and said they could not waste such a painful raging erection. Anita offered me to come over and use any hole I liked…Moving behind Laura, I drove my hard dick into her open asshole. My entire eight inches sank into her on the first thrust. Laura grunted when my balls banged against her clitoris. While I sodomized her slutty girlfriend; I used my fingers inside Ana’s waiting stretched cunt. I warned her she was next…As my hard prick plunged in and out of Laura’s wide open anus, I started to think that, from now on, I would fuck those luscious babes; wife and her girlfriend; six nights a week and they would go out just on Fridays; to get other hard cocks…It would be a fair deal, I thought, as I heard Laura moaning and yelling she was close to cum…



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