Big Tits

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Maternal incest is a strange malady.

A person you’ve loved deeply since his birth, one you’ve caressed, kissed and hugged, has grown into a strong, handsome young man.

The way he sometimes looks at you or the occasional hug that lasts a little too long instinctively warn he may be seeing you as a woman, not just his mother. The attention, subconsciously, flatters you, makes you feel younger, more attractive.

Unaware of purpose, you pay closer attention to your appearance around the house. You welcome the intimacy of a casual touch or the stir in your stomach when his eyes remain a little too long on an exposed expanse of thigh!

This is the beginning of the spiral and this is the beginning of my story.

“Forty-something, the sagging years!”

That unpleasant little fragment created itself in my head this morning as I was getting ready for my niece’s wedding. I had been a bit despondent ever since the invitation made me realize that time was slipping past me. More than my fortieth birthday, the marriage of my niece brought home the fact that I wasn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore. In spite of the happy, celebration atmosphere I felt depressed and unattractive.

Naked after my shower, I looked into my mirror and saw an aging woman with large sagging breasts and a protruding belly. With little effort I could twist enough for the mirror to verify the existence of crease lines at the bottom of my ample butt cheeks. Everything seemed to be going south, literally!

The contents of my lingerie drawer did little to lift my spirits. I never considered myself anything more than average; the daughter of a farmer, attractive but neither beautiful nor sexy. The drawer reflected my mediocre self-image. It contained a sea of white cotton; cotton under-wired brassieres, full cut white cotton panties and even my garter belt was uninspiring white cotton. The few “slinky” items purchased over the years had been strictly for my husband’s pleasure, my role not much more than his mannequin.

I finished dressing in flesh colored hose, white garter belt and underwear; electing to go without a slip because it was very warm for early May. The cotton print dress was gathered at the waist creating a full, almost crinoline-like skirt that would block the light. Thankfully, with the aid of under-wire and the fluffy skirt, the prim mirror image was a slight improvement over the naked lady. I turned my attention to my vanities? lips, nails and hair.

Nature had blessed me with thick, healthy, red hair. It remains the feature illegal bahis I like most about myself, although lately, I’ve had to give the color a small assist now and then. My mouth is very full and fortunately none of those little vertical lip lines have appeared. Both mouth and well manicured nails are usually painted a bold red. They clash with the copper colored hair but my skin is pale and lightly freckled, allowing me to pull it off.

The final inspection before leaving revealed a full-bodied, mature, well maintained housewife and mother, modestly dressed. Red nails and lips were the only hint of adventure.

“What youth has given, age taketh away,” came another un-summoned thought.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of being frumpy even after my husband donated the obligatory compliment and Max, my son, said I looked “hot”.

The ceremony was over and the reception winding down. I was sitting outside on the clubhouse deck sipping wine and talking to friends. Approaching the table, my husband announced he was wanted at the hospital and had to leave. I was left to find a ride home.

Max had ridden with my nephew Nick and four other friends. His car was full but Nick offered to take me if I would sit on Max’s lap.

“I’ve sat on your lap plenty of times,” Max said, grinning. “Besides, it’s only twenty miles.”

I accepted, not giving it much thought except what the police would say if we were stopped.

We squeezed into Nick’s top down, restored convertible with Max and me in the middle of the back seat, one young man on either side of us and three more in the front seat. I sat squarely on Max’s lap, the backs of my thighs pressing against his and my bottom fully against his groin. I was leaning back against my son’s chest and his arms were around my waist with hands clasped loosely over my belly. Off we went!

As we reached highway speeds the wind blew my flounced skirt up in my face exposing my legs. I quickly pushed the skirt down. Max saw what was happening and clamped a hand on each of my thighs, just above the knee, to hold the skirt down. It was well after dark but, judging by their expressions, each of the boys in the back seat was treated to a good view of my upper thighs if not my underpants. The rest of the trip they were very vigilant in observing the action of the wind on my skirt.

Their interest in my exposed legs stirred some inner feeling. My ego responded by telling me maybe I wasn’t related to the frumpy older woman I had seen in the mirror that morning. I continued to monitor the young men from the corner of my eye and was illegal bahis siteleri rewarded by the knowledge that they both checked out my breasts and legs several times.

Off the freeway and into stop and go traffic I became acutely aware of my soft, plump ass being jostled back and forth, up and down on my son’s groin. When we stopped for a light I could feel his heat radiating through the thin material of my dress. I wished I had worn my slip. Son or not, he was a full grown man and I was spooned tightly against him. Max’s hands absently massaged my lower thighs, heedless of the lack of wind. Against my better judgment I relaxed against Max, enjoying the ride, as a few small butterflies appeared in the pit of my stomach.

About two blocks from our home shock rippled through me as I felt a new presence against my bottom. Could my own son be having an erection due to the closeness of his mother? The heat radiating between our bodies, real or imaginary, seemed to increase by ten degrees. I didn’t move a muscle until we stopped in our driveway. The car doors opened and one of my young admirers assisted me from the car, eyes never leaving my legs. Pushing myself off Max’s lap, I again felt something probing the cleft of my bottom. A covert glance at the front of his suit pants confirmed my suspicions. My son had the beginning of an erection.

Conflicting feelings of relief and disappointment washed over me as Max announced his intent to continue on with his friends.

“Thanks for the ride, gentlemen; see you later, Max,” came out a little breathlessly.

Max’s sister elected to stay the night with a friend, leaving me alone in the house. I stood before the bedroom mirror that was so cruel to me that morning; my windblown hair and wrinkled dress gave me a sort of used, even slutty, look. The image smiled. I felt lighter than I had for weeks. Young men, my son’s age, took an interest in me. I had even aroused one of them with my closeness.

“What kind of a mother takes pleasure from exciting her own son?” I wondered guiltily.

After fixing a gin and tonic, a double, I returned to the bedroom and removed my dress. Struggling to comb out the mass of copper tangles I was aware of my bra-encased breasts jostling with the effort.

“How would you young gentlemen like to see these?” My mind teased.

I removed my cotton underwear pants, stood before the mirror, and took a new appraisal of what I had to offer. I tried to see myself from the standpoint of an eighteen year old hormone factory.

Overall my body was ok, not fat, but a little thicker here canlı bahis siteleri and there and with an abundant derriere. My butt still flared from a narrower waist in the classic ‘pear’ shape accented now by the white garter belt. I made a mental note to buy some black lingerie; it would look good against my alabaster skin.

After two children I had no discernable stretch marks. My belly puffed out under the garter belt but in my new frame of mind I saw it as an inviting fullness; a fullness sloping to the soft, curly, red hair hiding my moist, puffy mound.

My legs are sturdy but shapely, more like a cheerleader than a runway model. There is the beginning of some cellulite but my thighs and hips appear fairly taut. When not wearing hose a few tiny blue veins are visible. All in all, I have ‘nice’ legs.

I removed my bra and let my titties swing free. The sight of my heavy breasts, with their pinkish brown nipples jutting from puckered areolas, reminded me of the street phrase, fun bags! Yes, these could be big fleshy fun bags. The thought young men seeing me like this was having a positive effect on my self esteem, not to mention my libido.

The areolas stood out in stark contrast to the pale, lightly freckled flesh of my tits. My tits sagged toward the outside of my stomach, displaying the ghost of some sub-surface veins and stretch marks, but remained full and round.

Draining my drink, I thought, “They might not look as good as they once did, but I bet they could stir some interest.”

I finished undressing, turned out the light and slid, naked, between the cool percale sheets. My hand immediately sought the folds of my labia, now swollen and wet, a result of my daydreams. There between the smooth petals I found my pleasure center.

I thought about the young men in the car and what they had seen when my skirt blew up. Would they masturbate tonight? What about the next time they saw me, would they remember? My orgasm built as I imagined the two boys watching me undress and my allowing them to feel me up.

As my climax started to boil over the scene changed. I was rubbing against Max’s erection while he cupped my breasts. I tried unsuccessfully to block the image as the second orgasm evolved into him holding me in his arms kissing me tenderly.

My excitement subsided, slowly replaced with the first tendrils of guilt. Tears sprang to my eyes. For god’s sake, I just masturbated thinking about my own son.

Guilty or not, I couldn’t help the feeling of rejuvenation. I felt younger and more attractive, maybe even desirable.

Who knows, maybe there’s a dormant succubus residing in me. Thoughts of letting her loose filled my head as I dropped off to sleep.

Later I would come to look upon this day as the threshold to something sweet, irresistible, passionate and socially taboo!



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