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My fingers traced the side of the gorgeous thing nestled in against me. Heat radiated from her skin, velvety and smooth. There were minor imperfections, things that could be felt, but not really seen.

Old scars, from when we were kids and doing dumb shit.

One from when Rin had been running across the top of a fence, teasing me with a stolen blueberry muffin, right up until she’d slipped and cut her side open.

She’d wailed, whilst I came running in to the house with her in my arms. Our father had taken her to the hospital, where they found it might have bled like crazy but wasn’t much of an injury.

The entire time we’d been waiting to hear, our mother had screamed bloody murder at me. Blaming me for it all. Ignoring that Rin had been the one to instigate.

“Mmm. That tickles.” She said quietly, as she pushed back against me harder, finding my morning wood cradled in her asscrack. “That… However, is a good morning.”

I leaned down and kissed her cheek, “Good morning, Rin.”

She rolled onto her back and put her arms around my neck, smiling up at me with sparkling eyes, “Morning, husband. My husband. My brother.”

We tested each other’s morning breath, tongues dancing. Feeling the shape of her titanium stud, enjoying every inch of her mouth.

Rin broke the kiss with a deep breath, “Oh, a girl could get used to this.”

“Mmm.” I smiled at her, and then began sliding down the bed, beneath the covers.

“Eh, Chris? What are you -” She cut off with a moan, “Fuck yes! Now, that is how you say good morning!”

I looked up from between her legs, “Bit sensitive, aren’t you?”

“Less talking.” Rin glared back at me.

I shrugged and kissed at her hot pocket again, head between her thighs. I wasn’t actually doing anything yet, just bringing her around and setting the mood.

Her musky peach scent filled my nostrils, getting stronger the more I massaged her legs and gave little loving pecks to her mound. A smell that my morning wood was all too eager to respond to.

“Ooh. Oh!” Rin half-whimpered as I began with the smallest of tastes inside her, greeted by almost tasteless salt with just the barest hint of copper.

I lapped happily at her snatch as she slowly became more and more frantic. Throwing off the blanket so she could grasp at my hair, thrusting into me and hinting she wanted more.

I continued to tease her, driving her right up to the brink but never quite going over that edge.

“Enough, already.” Rin gasped eventually.

I slid up to her and kissed her briefly, before positioning myself. Making my plan and intentions clear.

Rin pushed at my chest and shook her head, “Uh uh. Not here.”


She rolled her eyes and pushed me out of the way, waving at the window. “Still sunrise. Sort of. Come on, lover. Let’s try out that verandah.”

I followed quickly before the mood could die. Rin barely had a chance to lean against the railing, sticking her cute little buns out before I pushed in behind her.

Rin’s head dropped between her shoulders, “Oh, fuck. Fuck. So… That was what you were doing?”

“Trying to make you cum on the first thrust?” I smiled and kissed at her neck, “Wasn’t sure that would happen. Hoping.”

She pushed back against me, craning to kiss my cheek, “I’m crazy sensitive today. Little bit of a burn from yesterday. So… Take me gently?”

I gave a small stroke, easing out very slowly before ramming in to noisily slap my balls against her snatch. She gasped and shivered, shuddering. I kissed her cheek, “Gently?”

“Asshole.” Rin growled and then grinned coyly, “Fine. Fuck me stupid. We both want it.”

Holding her hips, and drilling into her, was amazing. The yellow skyline on the river. The quiet twittering of the birds overhead. Her tits rocking as I plunged repeatedly into her velvety warmth.

The boat rocked beneath us, the water lapping in time to the sound of her dripping cunt. Overflowing as Rin struggled visibly, trying to stay quiet.

“I love you. Wife.” I whispered to her.

Rin mewled, letting out a long groan, “Don’t… Don’t wanna… Fuck. Wreck the… Picture.”

The trees hanging over the river, Rin’s hair dancing around her shoulders. The smell of eucalyptus heavy in the air. Looking over her beginning-to-tan body towards the sunrise.

It was beautiful. Not in a painting kind of way, but in a shared moment sort of way. All the same, my goal wasn’t going to change. Make her scream as she came, scattering every animal within hearing.

I reached down to toy with her as I continued to push quickly into her. Rin yelped and glared back at me, “Je-erk. Shiiit. Oh, you’re good at that. Oh, you fucking jerk. Oooh… Oh… Fu-fuck!”

Her head dropped as she pushed against the railing. Knuckles white as she clenched it for all it was worth. I could watch her back roll as the orgasm struck her, feel her pulsing around my cock.

“Ughhh!” Rin tried not to cry out, every muscle in her gorgeous form tensing up. I continued to work on her, fucking illegal bahis her hard. Extending and deepening her orgasm as much as I could by exactly maintaining what had pushed her over the edge.

Her head came up, and she cried out at her full volume, “Fuck!”

The birds instantly scattered to the skies. The water rippling as her voice struck the surface.

I took the opportunity to grab her chest and push in at the new deeper angle, a familiar feeling beginning to stir in my balls. “I’m close.”

“Oh, shit.” Rin moaned, “Oh yes. Yes! Fuck me. Cum in me. Pleeease. Fill me up. Fill me up!”

Silence broken, she was as loud as the first time I had been with her.

“Shit, shit! Ugh! Fucking… Shit!” Rin groaned loudly, looking back at me with desperate emerald eyes. “Cum for me. Cum for me, Chris. My husband. My brother. Cum inside this naughty little cunt.”

My forehead pressed between her shoulder blades, holding her sweating body as I felt my seed once again spilling out into her. Flooding into her violently.

“Fu-fuck!” Rin screamed out, gasping as another orgasm rolled through her as she felt the warmth hit her.

My legs shook as exhaustion and weakness hit me. Still holding onto her, I stumbled backwards and fell onto one of the deck chairs, causing her to laugh.

Rin turned around, trying and failing to keep me inside her as she did. She giggled again as my cum slipped from her and down my thigh. She leaned down and kissed me, playing briefly with my tongue.

She grinned as she broke it, and collapsed onto my chest, “Chris…”


“I love you.”

I hugged her, arms around her waist, “I love you, too.”

“Uh uh.” Rin shook her head, “Chris. I love you. I mean it. I want you, and nobody else. Ever. And not just because of the sex. You’ve been there for me. I’m never happier than I am by your side. I really do love you.”

I ran a hand through her hair, “Rin. Don’t take this the wrong way… I love you, too. Couldn’t even hide it from the first kiss. You’re not just sexy. You’re… Amazing. Stronger than most people. Smarter than me. Braver, too.”

“I’m brave?” Rin questioned, nibbling cheekily at my chin.

I pulled away from the annoying move, “Of course you are. I’ve loved you for a long time. You were still the one to make the first move, even if love wasn’t what you were expecting to find.”

She turned it into kissing at my chest, “I love you… It’s so much better than just getting rid of feeling frisky. Lying here with you… It’s almost as good as the sex. Almost.”

“Mmm. It does feel perfect.”

Rin leaned up a little, “Can I… There’s something else I want to do, today. Before we have to go see Vinnie.”

“Oh?” I raised an eyebrow.

She nodded, “I checked the map. Do you think… We’ll have time to maybe go see the old lady beforehand?”

“I’ve only got a couple hours of driving ahead of us.” I shrugged. I’d deliberately planned the route to give more time on this particular day. Mostly because I’d expected to have to corral the entire family.

Rin smiled, “I wanna bake, then. Make her one of your recipes.”

“So that we can go and have someone else squee over us being newly weds. Right?” I teased her.

Her nose crinkled up, “You said it. You called us newly weds. Without the encouragement of my pussy.”

“I still don’t think wedding vows said during sex count.” I said with a sigh, “Doesn’t feel… Romantic enough.”

Rin stared, “What? How could it ever be more romantic than that?”

“Weddings don’t tend to be orgies.”

She shrugged, “Don’t care about weddings. Wouldn’t want one. Don’t want one. I meant my vows.”

“Your vows that you couldn’t even think straight to say?” I teased, “You wouldn’t want a… Do over?”

“No.” Rin snapped, and I saw the sparks that were threatening to become a bonfire if I continued down that path.

I carefully side-stepped it, “You said you wanted a ring. Most engagement rings cost months of salary. Might take me a while.”

“I…” Rin bit her lip, “Honestly? If you gave me a shitty piece of plastic, I would treasure it. It would be mine. I wouldn’t be happy it wasn’t something worth more, showing your love more. But if anyone tried to take it from me, I’d gouge their fucking eyes out.”

“There’s my violent girl.” I grinned at her, and gave her another hug, “Well, we’re headed to a town today. Maybe after seeing Vincent we’ll go window shopping, a bit. Show me how expensive your tastes are.”

She kissed my chin, “I’d like that. Also… You know how you said I couldn’t wear it in public? Because well… Hard to explain it if you run into someone you know?”

“Mmm.” I ran my hands through her hair, “Along with about another million other things a relationship like ours would run into.”

“I want to put it on a chain. And I want to get a matching one for you.” Rin said, smiling nervously, “If… I know I said you’re not allowed to bring it up, but I’m a hypocrite. If you stay with me. After this week.”

“Looking forward illegal bahis siteleri to fighting over whose place we’ll move into.”

Her eyes widened in surprise, “Seriously? Really, really? If you’re lying about this, or teasing me, say goodbye to your nuts. You can’t do that to me.”

“I love you.” I said again and bent my neck awkwardly to kiss her forehead. “Can’t imagine life without you, anymore.”

She burst into tears, burying her head in my chest.

I ran a hand over her hair, hugging her tightly, shushing her quietly and wondering what I had done to her this time.

Rin grinned up at me, sniffling, “That’s not fair. You’re not meant to make a mess of me twice.”


“Cum. And tears.” She smiled, “Happy tears.”

I laughed and cuddled her tighter, “I love you. Wife. Now… Shall we get going before anyone comes wondering what was making all that racket?”

She punched my chest and stood up, “I’m hitting the shower. You can get us moving. I want as much time as possible as your wife.”


Rin’s ears were decorated with ruby studs, and she opted to wear one of her summer dresses. Pink ruffles wrapped around her tanned body, giving her almost the appearance of a magazine model.

She was holding the tin from the other night that she’d apparently emptied completely of the original biscuits, without any help. Now, it was holding the warm and soft new biscuits she’d finished baking a few minutes before we tied up.

She’d been bouncing to head up the hill, to show off her new husband to someone she didn’t have to hide from. Bugging me to hurry up and get a move on. From someone who had arrived two hours late back on the first day.

What we found when we did head uphill could not have felt more like it was out of a movie.

There was a little old lady busying herself laying out biscuits, scones, cream, jam and tea in porcelain on a little table underneath a rusted tin verandah roof.

She waved sweetly as she saw us, smiling excitedly, “Come here, come here. I was just getting some tea together.”

Rin offered her own biscuit tin, almost pathetically, as she stared at the spread, “Uh… You saw us arriving? I guess?”

“Oh, yes, yes.” The woman nodded, “That and I got a little warning from Tom. Always the good neighbour. So, you must be Rin, yes? Wait here, dear, I’ve got a little something for you.”

I looked at my sister as the old woman shuffled off, utterly confused. “Guess she likes having visitors.”

Rin nodded slowly, flabbergasted.

“Oh, sit, sit.” The woman said as she came back, planting herself into a third seat. “It must be so exciting, just starting out on this journey together.”

We both pulled up a chair, either side of her, and Rin tucked a strand of her hair backwards, revealing the double stud in her ear. The old woman noticed it immediately, “Oh, that is so pretty. I wish I could have done that when I was your age. Convincing my mother to let me get even these was difficult. She thought I just wanted an American.”

Rin blushed, “Uh… Mum wasn’t exactly happy about it. An American?”

“During the war, dear.” Jan said, and then pushed a little silver box across the table towards Rin.

My sister looked at it carefully and then opened it, “Oh wow. They’re gorgeous.”

Jan took Rin’s hand and patted it gently, “I can’t wear them anymore. Better that some pretty young thing can.”

My sister shook her head, “I couldn’t!”

“Better than the pearl necklaces he gives you.” Jan winked and snickered, “I have no children, dear. And a long lifetime of collecting jewellery. It’s okay. Keep them.”

Rin pulled a string of pearls out of the box, clipping it around her neck. Then she followed up by replacing two of her earrings with small pearls, lined with tiny diamonds in a circle.

They didn’t quite go with her outfit, but it was an astonishing gift from a stranger.

My sister looked at her reflection in the lid of the metal box, “They’re so pretty. Are… Are you really sure?”

“Quite.” Jan smiled and patted her hand, “So, how did the two of you meet?”

My heart leaped directly into my mouth.

Rin shrugged casually, “Oh, we’ve always been around each other. He used to chase me around the garden when we were kids. I even let him catch me, sometimes.”

“Childhood sweethearts.” Jan said with a hint of excitement, “How adorable. Did he ask you? Was it romantic?”

I was tempted to hide my face in my hands.

“Totally romantic.” Rin grinned excitedly, “But… Little bit private. Not a story I’ll be telling my parents.”

Jan chuckled knowingly, “Pillow talk? He must have been determined to make certain that you said ‘yes’.”

My sister giggled, looking over at me, “Oh, I think he knew my answer already. Just wanted to make it… About us. Not a show.”

The old woman turned to me and patted my hand, “You’ve made the right impression on your wife, haven’t you? She’s proud of you. Well, done. A good start.”

“He’s also a decent cook.” canlı bahis siteleri Rin interjected, “I made the biscuits, but it was his recipe. He’s usually the one to bake. I think my stomach fell in love with him before I did.”

Jan smiled broadly, “Well, you must be very newly wed, then. Far too skinny to be well fed by a decent cook.”

“Aw. Thanks.” Rin flushed, “Um… Probably a bit of a random question for a stranger, so stop me if you’re uncomfortable with it… But I am getting a little bit of a grandma vibe… Uhm…”

Jan chuckled softly and shrugged, “I have lived. You’re not going to shock my sensibilities.”

“No, it’s a… Personal thing.” Rin hesitated, “I didn’t have a wedding. Didn’t want one. Had a previous boyfriend who cut a bridal dress to pieces after things ended badly. But I feel like I might have missed out. I don’t know. I’m fishing. Still wouldn’t want my family there.”

The more tidbits about Rob that Rin dropped, the harder it was getting to not fantasise about hurting the bastard.

“I do find it sad how often I hear about broken families.” Jan said tiredly, “Ones where the children rightly know that their parents are a problem they shouldn’t have to tolerate. It doesn’t sound like you’ve gone that far.”

“Uh uh.” Rin shook her head, “Hate ’em or love ’em, still my family. There’s just stuff they don’t need to know.”

The old woman nodded, “I… Don’t remember my wedding day fondly. People will tell tell you it is one of the highlights of their life. It isn’t. Five or ten minutes of the day is. Walking down the aisle… Seeing his adoration… Swearing my vows. Those things I cherish. The rest… Stress and herding cats. It wasn’t my day. Everyone else took a piece of it.”

Rin looked thoughtful, leaning back in her chair, “I’ve adored being here. Just the two of us. Just our arguments, instead of with bridesmaids.”

“Why not end your trip in a garden?” The woman suggested gently, “The friends you’re closest to. Say your vows, publicly, but privately. No structures. No expectations of a reception or speeches. Just a declaration of love.”

Rin shivered, and looked to me.

She adored the idea, clearly. But I couldn’t think of a single friend that I could invite. Some actually might be okay with Rin and I, given the time to let the shock wear off. Most wouldn’t.

I didn’t know about her side. Her best friend had not only cheated on her, but had set the whole thing up. Telling her boyfriend to use Rin as a glorified sextoy.

Seemed things might end with just us two.

A ceremony of our own, where I could mean what I had said.

I checked my phone, “Maybe. Um, Rin, we’re running late. And you’ve got stuff to do before we see Vincent.”

“Do we have to?” She moaned, “He’s such an asshole.”

“Yes.” I turned to Jan, “I don’t really know how to thank you. You’ve certainly made us feel welcome.”

Rin swapped her jewellery, putting the pearls back into the case, “Especially these. Are you sure? Really?”

“Yes, dear.” Jan pushed the box firmly into her hands. “Feel free to drop by again.”

The two of us started walking sideways, instead of downhill. Towards the town instead of our little houseboat that had already begun to feel like a home.

Rin grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards a tree. She leaned back on it, and pulled me towards her. I kissed her without hesitation. Pressing into her lightly.

Holding her hips as our tongues returned to their other homes.

I broke it, leaning my forehead into hers, “I do want to stay, but we really are running late. And you were going to run off…?”

“Nooo.” Rin moaned, “Come on. Fuck Vinnie. He’s a total asshole who does nothing but pick on me.”

I turned to go and she caught my wrist, pulling me back to her, “Fine. If we have to go see him… Maybe… A quickie? Pleeease?”

I winced at the noise and the stirring I felt in my loins. “No. We have to pretend not to be dreaming about being inside each other the whole time. I’ll make it up to you, after. Remember, ring shopping?”

Rin looked like she wanted to argue some more, but she only shrugged.

I took her hand, intertwining my fingers with hers and pulled her gently towards the road. Kissing her cheek again. “We’ll be us again, soon. Wife.”

“Aha.” She said without emotion.


I found Vincent waiting at the cafe we’d agreed on earlier. Sitting outside on a deck overlooking the river.

The elder brother waved as I walked over on my own, “Hey, Chris. Rin sleeping in?”

“Huh? Oh, no. Just needed to do something.” I shook my head and sat down, “Already ordered?”

“Yeah. Sorry.” He replied unapologetically, voice dripping with disapproval and letting me know how much he hated that I was late.

I shrugged, looking out to the river, “It’s quiet. It’s been nice, even if not quite the family holiday that I expected.”

“Convenient Rin isn’t here yet, Chris. Need to talk to you about her.” Vincent ignored my smalltalk. “To be frank, she’s an embarrassment to the family. Usually she has Mum to keep her in line, but right now it’s just you. And you always go easy on her.”

“The fuck is this?” I snapped.

Vincent shrugged, “Did you know she broke up with her boyfriend?”



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