The Holiday Pt1The searing heat was too much for Jon to take. He was on holiday in this tropical climate and he couldn’t stop the sweating, or the constant threat of sunburn. Anne, his wife, was something of a sun worshipper. She revelled in the heat of the suns rays; loved the smell of the lotion, the feel of the heat, the lapping of the water. Jon did not understand this. He retreated to the bar.Sitting down with his book, and an ice cold brew, he finally relaxed. The hum of the air conditioner settled his muscles, the artificial cold air making his beer taste all the more crisp, allowing him to become engrossed in his literature.Jon had been married to Anne for 3 years. They were happy, and continued without c***dren so that they had plenty of disposable income to enjoy the finer things in life. Like this paradise holiday halfway across the world. Jon loved his wife as much, if not more than he did on his wedding day. They made a good looking couple: he was 6 feet tall with dark hair and a round nose. His mouth was the perfect size for his face and his ears sat beautifully. His eyes were green and piercing. These were what Anne had fallen in love with. Jon wore his dark hair limp. It was too hot to even think about styling it. His body was not immediately toned, but he was not out of shape. He had pecs and strong biceps, and a strong torso, all covered in a light covering of fur. He had tattoos down both arms: relics of a mis-spent youth. He loved his tatts, and so did Anne, but he was a little ashamed of his huge tribal effort that covered his entire left arm. u*********sly Jon ran his hand down the entire length of his tattoo. He thought about his wife out there in the heat and imagined her sweat running down her chest, between her breasts and collecting in her stomach. Even after three years of marriage, Anne still had the ability to turn him on just by invading his thoughts. He felt his arousal and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.Again, Jon’s thoughts returned to his wife. She was beautiful. He loved her deeply and she was his intellectual superior. Having studied for the majority of her life, he’d met her at a local bar and was immediately attracted to her. She was slim and blonde with stunning big blue eyes. Her breasts were large, yet still in proportion and her stomach was flat. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and still couldn’t all these years later. He loved planting kisses on her soft lips and running his fingers through the long blonde hair. In his mind’s eye he cupped her breasts through her dark blue bikini and kissed her mouth deeply. That shuffle again which roused him and told him to cease thinking about her. He would do everything to her tonight, but now was time for beer and book. He returned to his novel and let his wife be in her sun worshipping delight.After a while of being absorbed in his book, a simple tale, a standard holiday tome, Jon became aware of a pair of eyes on him from the bar. He looked up and saw a tanned figure hunched over the bar nursing a frosty glass, looking bored. Jon smiled, the stranger smiled back and looked at him with pleading eyes. Jon motioned with his head to come and take a seat. The stranger did so, obligingly.Taking a seat across the small round table, he introduced himself as Dean. A fellow American with white teeth and a firm handshake. Jon could smell the lotion on his skin, mixed with the woody scent of his aftershave. “Man alive, it feels good to see an American face. How long have you been here?” Dean enquired in a husky voice. “3 days.” Jon responded. “having trouble with the heat. I needed a cooler setting with beer,” he laughed. Dean responded with a chuckle “I hear that.”Dean was an imposing figure. A strong square jaw with a days stubble clearly visible, deep set blue eyes, and a narrow nose. His forehead was high, with the hairline spiked to make it seem higher than it actually was. Small ears set of his face nicely. The rest of his body was nothing short of male perfection. Dean was shirtless and a toned torso and a thick neck held his head up, dark black hair covering his chest and stomach sparingly. His red shorts sat on his hips and above them hinted at a dark bush. His thick, muscly legs protruded from his leg holes and manly feet sat inside flip flops. Dean leaned back and folded one leg over the other. The fabric of his shorts gaping slightly teasing Jon with the darkness within.”so, what brings you here?” Jon canlı bahis asked, wanting to know his guest better.”oh y’know: business, sun, sea and sex. Although the latter is yet to be experienced.”Jon nodded knowingly. He’d taken Anne every night this holiday, in all different ways. He was insatiable and loved the feel, smell and taste of his wife’s pussy. She too took him whenever and wherever she wanted. They had a happy, exciting love life. They’d often spoke about bringing a stranger into their marriage bed, but the time had never seemed quite right; they hadn’t needed to – they’d provided each other with all the excitement they could ever need. So far. As his thoughts returned to his wife’s naked body Jon began to shuffle with the familiar uncomfortableness. Dean noticed the shuffle and smiled, “looks like you’re packing quite the weapon.”Jon was taken completely off guard. He’d never been spoke to about his manhood before, particularly not by another man. What took him even more off guard was the fact he liked it. He liked the thought of another man noticing the size of his penis, as well as complimenting him! He smiled and just responded with a feeble “thanks.””How about you let me take care of it for you?” Dean spoke, softly.”I can’t, I’m married…and I’m not into guys.” Jon responded without any kind of firmness. Dean swiftly hooked onto this.”you don’t sound so sure… Why don’t we enjoy another couple of brews and you can think on my offer? WAITER, TWO MORE, PLEASE?!” and with that both men set to talking.Jon learned a few things about Dean: he was single, here on business and liked beer and sex; it did not matter with whom. Jon spoke about his wife and his job. Dean plied him with a few more beers and Jon became more open. Dean asked open questions about Jon’s sex life, who answered immediately, and Jon responded with his own questions. By this point, Dean had shuffled around to the seat immediately to Jon’s left and was consistently staring at the growing bulge in Jon’s shorts. Suddenly Dean laughed heartily, as though jon had told him a hilarious story, he slapped Jon’s knee a couple of times and left it there. A cunning deception, Jon noted. He made no attempt to move Dean’s hand, however, and Dean squeezed lightly to acknowledge this.As he carried on talking quietly, Dean moved his hand slowly and let it lie on Jon’s crotch. He noted Jon’s firm length under his shorts and squeezed gently. Jon sighed automatically and nodded as Dean whispered “do you like to feel a big hand on your cock? Do you want to feel a warm mouth around it?”Jon nodded his assent and looked Dean in the face, taking another large glug of beer. Clearly, the effect that Dean desired was taking hold and Jon threw caution to the wind. “325” Dean said, rather abruptly, and left Jon with his hard-on and his thoughts. “what the hell am I doing?” Jon considered. “A beautiful wife outside, whenever I want her, and seduced by this tall, tanned stranger. And a GUY!” Jon had often thought over his life what it would be like with another guy, but he’d never had the balls to do it. He was scared of the effect, what would happen if he tried. And here he was, contemplating receiving a blowjob from this complete stranger “Dean”. It was at that point that Jon realised 325 was a room number. Before he knew it, he found himself on his feet and walking to the elevator. 3rd floor. Trembling hands. The elevator pinged and Jon made his way down the corridor, the route that the arrows pointed. He came across 325, emblazoned in gold lettering, and felt his stomach lurching. With the uncontrollable shaking of adrenaline coursing through his body he raised his hand and knocked uncertainly, then aggressively. The door opened and Jon walked inside the dimly lit room. As soon as he was through, the door slammed shut and Jon felt two large hands pin his shoulders to the wall, and stubbled lips firmly press against his. He felt this man’s tongue invade his lips and part his teeth, probing his mouth and retreating back to its owner. Jon reciprocated.Without a word, those rough, calloused hands made their way down Jon’s body, groping through his chest hair and unbuttoned his shorts. They fell to the floor, leaving Jon in just his boxer shorts and flip flops. His cock strained against the fabric of his pants, begging for release, a dark spot of moisture had formed at the material at the tip of his member.Dean’s hands stroked Jon’s prick bahis siteleri through his pants, all the while his lips were pressed firmly on the other man’s lips. Dean pulled his mouth from Jon’s and dropped to his knees, begging to get a closer look at the thick shaft of meat that was protesting so much against those boxers. Dean hooked his thumbs under the waistband of Jon’s boxer shorts and hosted them down. Jon’s cock leapt at freedom and sprang into action.Jon was by no means the most well endowed man in the world, but what he possessed was more than adequate for the job. His member sat at 7 and a half inches, and was girthy. His bush was a close clipped mass of dark hair, framing the base of his dick nicely. He had low hanging balls. Jon noted how these were aching, full of semen waiting to be ejected. A prominent blue vein ran the entire length of the top of Jon’s dick and his head was completely covered with a drooping foreskin.Dean held Jon’s cock lightly, surveying it from every angle. He slowly peeled back the foreskin and revealed the purple helmet. A drop of moisture had formed at the tip, like a tear running from a single eye. Dean touched this drop with his tongue and slowly pulled away, forming a string of pre cum from the tip of Jon’s cock. Jon sighed and moaned, an almost pleading moan. Dean smiled and opened his mouth wide. With one swallow he took the whole of Jon’s length down his throat, making the meat shaft disappear. When he pulled it back out it was moist from saliva. Dean made a slurping sound as he worked Jon’s cock back down his throat, and out again, and started pumping from base to tip with his hands, his lips locked on the helmet, tongue tickling and lapping at the eye as more salty pre cum was produced. Jon was in thrall to Dean’s experienced hand and mouth. Dean reached around and clasped Jon’s firm ass cheeks with his hands as he deep throated Jon’s cock once again. Jon started flexing his hips to work his tool further and further down Dean’s throat.”That’s right, fuck my face. Slap your dick on me.” Dean gasped as he came up for air. Jon did as instructed and slapped Dean’s cheeks and forehead with his dripping tool. He pushed his cock back into his mouth and held on tight with his hands. Dean gagged but still managed to swallow every inch.Abruptly Dean stopped and stood up, looking Jon in the eye. He wore a mischievous, satisfied look. Gasping he uttered two words that made Jon’s stomach lurch with excitement and his mouth salivate.”Your turn.”Jon dropped to his knees, his eyes level with the zipper he was about to unfasten. This was Jon’s first time touching another man, let alone taking a cock in his mouth. His excitement was palpable. He reached out and unfastened the shorts, dropping them to the ground. He put his face close to the straining and stretched linen of Dean’s pants and breathed in deeply, taking in the musty smell. He pulled them down to the ground and unleashed Dean’s monster.Like the rest of Dean, his cock was a big muscle. It was easily 8 (probably nearer 9) inches in length and Jon doubted his mouth opened wide enough to get the girth in. His balls were taut and hairy, and his bush was clipped close. Dean’s cock was veiny, much more so than Jon’s (it would have to be, thought Jon, to get all the blood to it!), and he too had a foreskin. Jon took everything in and noted the flow of pre cum dripping from the end of the foreskin hood. With a trembling hand Jon peeled the foreskin back and tentatively put his mouth around the hard, purple helmet.Once inside his mouth Jon lapped at the juices that were coming through Dean’s slit and slowly eased as much as he could of the remainder of Dean’s cock in his mouth and down his throat. Dean let out a moan that signalled to Jon that he was doing it right. Jon pulled the cock from his mouth and started jerking it, intently watching the foreskin go back and forth, back and forth over the mushroom head.”Put it back in,” Dean moaned, aching to have the warm mouth around his cock again. Jon obliged and used his teeth to enhance the feeling. Dean responded with a satisfied “yesssss.” Jon began to work his cock faster and faster. He pushed the enormous length right down his throat until he gagged to take it out, slurping and sucking his own saliva back off the dick. “Fuck, you suck cock like a pro,” Dean moaned. “Sure this is your first time?”Jon carried on working his cock. He took it out of his güvenilir bahis mouth and replaced it with his balls, continually jerking from the base to the head. Once again he put Dean’s hot, wet cock back in his mouth, exploring it with his tongue.”Oh fuck, Jon. I’m gonna cum,” Dean moaned. “I wanna cum in your mouth. Don’t swallow. Ohhh”Jon moved his head back so that only the tip of Dean’s cock was in his mouth. Jet after jet of warm goo erupted in Jon’s mouth, mixing with his saliva. Dean’s cock and body jerked violently as he emptied his balls into Jon’s eager mouth. Jon squeezed Dean’s cock, making every last drop of cum into his mouth. Dean pulled his cock out, looking down at Jon and said simply, “spit it at me. On my stomach.” Puzzled, Jon did as instructed, spitting as much as he could onto Dean’s furry stomach. Globules of white cum and saliva stuck to the hairs and began to trickle down. When his mouth was empty Dean stood him up and kissed him deeply, collecting what little was left.Dean led Jon to the bed. “I want you to fuck me,” he breathed. I want you to fuck another load of cum right out of my balls, then I want to taste your cum.” Dean scooped the cum from his stomach and reached around to his ass, using what he’d just ejaculated to lube his hole, ready for Jon’s hard cock. Dean was soon on the bed on all fours, his hairy hole winking at Jon. Jon reached out and spread those ass cheeks wider so that he could see better. The cum had made Dean’s hole wet and shiny. He touched it with his thumb, Dean buckled almost instantly. “put your cock in, I want it so bad,” Dean sighed. Jon couldn’t resist that red, moist, tight hole any more and guided his cock to it.Jon pressed his helmet against the tight muscle. Dean moaned and he felt it relent as he guided the rest of his cock in. It was so tight! He reached over to Dean’s shoulders and guided his cock deeper until he heard his thighs and balls slap against him. Jon was aghast. He was balls deep inside another man, whilst his wife lay at the pool none the wiser, soaking up the sun. This excited him even more and he began to furiously pump his cock in and out of that hole, exploring Dean’s insides with his loaded member. Filled with renewed confidence, Jon suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out. He flipped Dean onto his back. “I want to look at the man I’m going to make cum again,” guiding his cock back into that hole with a new vigour. Dean moaned and could just get out a “fuck me” before Jon started pounding his ass again.Jon took hold of Dean’s cock, which had grown hard again. Pumping his ass and cock in unison, Jon wanted to watch Dean cum over his chest whilst he was fucking his ass. It did not take long. Dean moaned a low, guttural moan, and shot another huge load all over his furry stomach. With each jet Jon felt his asshole grow tighter until it seemed he would chop Jon’s dick off with his sphincter. Watching the cum fly, Jon reached his zenith and slipped his cock out of it’s new home. Jon pulled Dean up and pushed him to his knees as he began to pump ferociously at his shaft, pulling his foreskin rapidly back and forth to bring him to his climax. Dean looked up at Jon’s contorted face, eager to taste his load.”Pump that fuckin’ cock,” Dean breathed as he wrapped his hands around Jon’s thighs, pulling himself closer to the dribbling slit. Jon growled and bucked his hips as jets of warm seed coated Dean’s tongue and cheek, clinging to his stubble as it dribbled down his face. Dean wrapped his lips around the tip to make sure he was able to milk as much cum as possible out of those aching balls. Jon bucked and winced as Dean’s tongue swirled around his sensitive helmet.Jon pulled out and looked down at his cocksucker’s face. Dean guided the remnants of the warm sperm from his cheeks into his mouth, sucking his fingers to make sure none was missed. He stood up and moved to kiss Jon’s mouth. Jon accepted and felt his stomach push against the matted fur of Dean’s cum soaked abs. Embracing tight, Jon tasted his load as Dean expertly guided his tongue around his mouth. Jon pulled his clothes back on, and left the room abruptly, his mind filled with the knowledge of what had taken place, his nostrils filled with the scent of two musty men, releasing wave after wave of pleasure.Jon headed back down to the bar to find Anne searching for him. “Where have you been?” she enquired, “I’ve been looking for you!””Just went for a stroll,” Jon lied. “Come on, let’s go to the room,” he smirked with a mischievous smile. For some reason he was filled with the desire to release another load into his wife’s pussy, all the while thinking of his recent encounter.



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