Late home from work, he wearily walked up the path, desperately in need of some relaxation. The conference had been tedious – debating issues with stubborn, uninformed work colleagues was never easy. A hot coffee and a night in front of the TV was definitely a top priority.

He glanced at the upstairs windows and thought he saw a light flicker, but upon looking again it was gone. In fact, the house was in darkness… ‘That’s odd’, he mumbled to himself, thinking that she must be asleep already, and felt a momentary sadness that he had no company to wind down with.

With no outside light on either, he fumbled with his keys before finally finding the lock. Pushing the door open he placed his briefcase on the floor, reaching for the switch. At the same time he realised the light didn’t come on, he saw a lone candle on the hallstand…. and a piece of paper taped to the mirror above. Curious, he walked closer, loosening his tie and kicking off his shoes. He peered closer to read the note…. Upon which was a lone instruction. “Take a bath.”

He smiled to himself…. ‘Interesting’ he thought…. wondering what was in store for him tonight. Should he dare fantasise about lying naked in the tub, being bathed slowly and gently, her hand running up his inner thighs…..?

He laughed a little, thinking that he was getting ahead of himself here. His lover had never even been adventurous enough to join him in the bath, let alone try anything sexual in the same vein. He unbuttoned his shirt, letting in fall down his shoulders to the floor. His trousers and socks followed, a tell tale trail of clothes leading toward the bathroom door.

Still in darkness, save for the lowlight of the candle, he pushed the door open, expecting his lover to be inside, waiting.

A lone candle lit the room, it’s flame reflecting on the tiled walls, creating a subtle warm glow. The room was empty, but the bath full, it’s perfume wafting to him, heady and arousing.

He carefully dipped one foot in, the warmth spreading up his leg, and he sighed audibly as he lowered his tired body into the pleasantly warm water. Eagerly awaiting what he imagined to come, he closed his eyes and inhaled. Relaxing his body as best he could…his fantasies already making him a little hard.

He peeked a look at his cock, rising just above the waterline, still resting on his belly and surrounded by foam. canlı bahis şirketleri He closed his eyes again, imagining sliding it into his lover, slowly and deliberately…when a slight cold breeze drifted across his chest. His nipples hardened deliciously, and he heard the soft swish of clothing, the presence of his lover and the anticipation of what was to come making him slightly dizzy.

Dare he look at her?

He wondered what she was wearing.

She was a curvy woman, always self-conscious of her body…undressing only in the cover of darkness. Little did she know that he craved to watch, her body a temple to him, her full breasts an altar at which he longed to kneel.

His thoughts were interrupted. Did she just whisper? Did he imagine her lips close to his ear?

‘Keep your eyes closed’, she whispered once more as he felt her place her hands on his chest. A little disappointed, but not willing to disobey, he kept his eyes shut tight, hoping that she would allow him to look at her body in it’s full glory later. Her hands were soapy…sliding effortlessly along his body. They ran over his hard nipples, a wonderful dragging sensation which manifested itself in the slight twitching of his cock.

She noticed.

Her hands drifted down over his belly and either side of his cock, in a deliberate firm touch ending up at his feet.

He was in heaven as her hands massaged his insteps, his achilles, and up to his calf muscles. At that moment, he was sated. He smiled to himself. A leg massage had never felt as erotic. Now, her fingers explored his inner thighs and his legs parted subconsciously to allow her room. His cock was unashamedly hard, not even feeling the cold air as it rose even more above the water.

Suddenly he felt a heat…. her breath on his cock. The slightest touch of her lips. He groaned aloud. His hips bucked a little but met nothing as she moved out of his reach. He was in a delicious agony as her hand pressed his cock down hard against his belly.

Finally… a firm touch to calm his throbbing member, which he was finding harder to control. She began stroking with her palm…. down from the head and over his balls, all the way to his ass. He gasped. He’d always wanted her to touch him there, but was too afraid to mention it. Her soapy finger circled his hole ever so gently…and his head spun. All the sensations were canlı kaçak iddaa rapidly consuming him, and he would cum quickly if he didn’t tell her to stop. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, he felt her move away. Bereft, he opened his eyes.

His mouth gaped open.

He was stunned into silence.

He couldn’t utter a single word, his mouth suddenly dry.

She stood there beside the bath, her breasts spilling out over a corset. A black, satin corset. Her curves accentuated even more. She stood proud and unashamed. He suddenly knew she was in control, and he would do anything for this goddess. She smiled, but it was a wicked smile. A promise of more to come.

He was still transfixed.

She ran her hands slowly over the top of her breasts…throwing her head back to reveal her porcelain colored décolletage. He ached to kiss her neck and down to the top of her corset, where her nipples rested just below the satin. His eyes grew wide as she lifted one leg up onto the bath. Stockings and suspenders came into view, along with a black g-string that showed enough of her pussy for him to know she had shaved. All of it.

She lifted herself up onto the bath, and positioned herself over him, one leg on each side. He looked up her body, from her legs to her pussy and up over her curvy waist to her amazing breasts, so full her face wasn’t quite visible.

‘What next’, he thought.

So many sensations coursing through his body he had no time to focus on just one.

His hand involuntarily reached for his cock.

His movement was noticed and her stockinged foot came down onto his hand midway down his belly.

He knew to stop, but when she breathlessly said ‘If you touch yourself, I shall have to spank you later.’. he didn’t know just what to do. “Spanking?” he thought….. This was rapidly becoming the most exciting night of his life. He knew then, that at some stage he’d certainly be touching that cock, for a spanking was just what this naughty boy needed. Still looking up at her, he saw her hands move, sliding down over the corset and into the top of her g-string.

‘Oh God’, he said aloud, as he watched her fingers move under the lace. She pulled the g-string to one side, letting him see her smooth slit. Pre-cum slid out of the head of his cock, and pooled at the base. Guttural murmurs leaked from his lips.

The Goddess canlı kaçak bahis held apart her pussy lips with one hand, and her other fingers slid either side of her clit. She used them to pinch her clit up…. bringing it into full view, the small hard bud that he desperately wanted to suck, tempting… teasing him.

She moaned to herself as she flicked her clit gently, and he saw a small drop of wetness glisten at her opening. She reached down, and with one finger, dipped it into the moisture… bringing it up to her chest.

Her hand reached into the corset, and pulled one breast above it. The nipple was hard already… and he knew she was as turned on by this as him, which was more arousing than anything else she’d done. Her finger rubbed the pussy juice around her nipple and he groaned once more.

Would she?

Could she?

‘Yessssssssssssssss’ escaped from his lips as she brought her nipple up to her mouth to suck it. She devoured her taste, the sucking noises making his balls tighten as blood coursed through his cock. There was no way he could ever be any harder.

She looked down at him and smiled, that wicked, evil smile that he would come to know meant that she wanted to ‘have’ him. Whenever. Wherever.

Her g-string slid down her legs, and she lifted one foot, then the other, before throwing it to the floor.

She stood above him. Her sweet pussy in full view. The most beautiful and sexy sight he’d ever see.

All for him.

…and then….

On that hard cock of his he felt a trickle at first. Then like rain, he felt the wetness stream from her, falling onto his hard cock like small explosions. He lifted his hips out of the water to feel it run down over his balls.




He HAD to cum…nothing could stop him now… He didn’t even need to stroke himself…something that hadn’t happened in years. Creaming your jeans was for horny teenagers, not a sexually jaded man in his 30’s.

The cum spurt from him, all the way up his chest and onto his chin. The force of it making him reach down to cup his balls, his legs turning to jello. His eyes still fixed on her dripping pussy…his mind still reeling, disbelieving that all this had happened to him. His breaths hard, his heart pounding.

She stood there. Watching as he came. Her clit tingling as she watched the stream from his cock land on his chest. She wanted to lick his cock clean, but there were many other things she had in store for him tonight, and serving him was not one of them. This was only the first orgasm planned for him tonight……

“Lick me clean” she ordered.

(To be continued)



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