This tale was triggered by ideas in the forums, they gave the basic idea.

Sue rushed into the house, shouted a quick “Hi” to anyone who was there and headed to the family room and it’s big T.V. in the basement. Her Mom and Dad knew better than to be watching anything down there at this time on a Saturday and her geeky brother would be buried in a book somewhere.

She grabbed the remote and clicked the power button, punching in the channel number too soon and getting it wrong. Second attempt was better and she caught the opening titles…..”Dancing with the Stars”. Ever since the first series she had been hooked, watching the heavy footed first dances evolve over the weeks into the graceful, beautiful dances of the final weeks. She settle down to watch the remaining 6 dancers attempts to stay in the race.

She watched mesmerised, if only I could dance just a little like that she thought. There was a dance academy not far away that offered starters classes, she had even mentioned it to David, her boyfriend but he had just laughed at her, refusing point blank to even consider the idea of “dancing like a pansy” as he put it. The idea lingered in her mind, every week she wanted more and more to try and emulate the graceful turns and movement she watched on the screen. David refused to entertain the idea aand would not be happy if she went alone and danced with some other guy.

It struck her there was just one possibility…Derrick. Derrick was her younger (She was nearly 24 now) brother, 19 now going on 45. The word Geek could have been invented for him, slim, glasses, unruly hair and a true bookworm. Hardly any girls dream, but maybe that would be Ok with David, if she went with her brother and let him, David, spend the evening with his mates in the bar! Could she convince her brother to accompany her….

She mentioned it a couple of times, how fun it might be, He needed to get out a bit, develop some other interest apart from all his books.. She knew he thought about things but rarely showed much reaction; just let them brew in his mind. Then the crunch.

“Del, would you take me to the dance academy one day?” He looked up from is book.

“Why” he asked in a shining example of his brilliance

“Because I want to learn to dance properly” she said with a smile “and I need a partner”

“You want to dance with me?”

“well no, not really but David won’t go near the place and I really want to”

Monosyllables were Dericks usual mode of conversation so she nearly missed the “O.K” then registered it and said

“Oh Del, thank you”

She called the dance academy, and yes they could start next week . The due day came and wearing dress she really liked accompanied Derrick to the academy. The first week was mainly taken up with introductions to the other class members and the instructors demonstrating the difference between some of the common dances and the timing in the illegal bahis music.

The second week came and there was some actual dancing! With their respective partners and under the eye of the instructors, sometimes one couple had to dance alone whilst the instructors pointed out errors to the other watching pupils. Derrick seemed to be taking it seriously, not too surprising to Sue, he took everything seriously!

By the third session they were dancing closer. Sue actually felt quite comfortable in Derricks arms, he was just the right height for her and she drifted into a semi dream world of glittering lights and an orchestra and not a DVD, before snapping back to reality. She realised she was wrapped in his arms, her breasts pressed to him. Her body was moving against him and she thought briefly she felt something, but discounted it, probably had a small paperback in his pocket or something.

The following week Derrick seemed to have made some effort. His hair was actually combed! The instructors said they were setting up a little competition for the newcomers and the prize was a free week. Derrick wanted to dance a close dance, he said that was their best chance and she agreed.

Initially under the gaze and guidance of the instructors they started to learn the routine.

“No…keep your bodies together….this is a dance of love I do not want to see daylight between you” the Female instructor had said and Derrick tried to comply. Although she felt comfortable with the routine Sue started to feel Derricks body in a way she had not before. Closing her eyes as they swayed to the rhythm she though she felt him getting at least a partial erection. The sensation against her was not unpleasant. At the end of the session she saw him turn away from her and realised he was adjusting himself. The feeling was almost flattering, she had done that??? Wow Derrick can get aroused she smiled to herself.

After the next lesson the instructors said the competition was set for next week. They were not to worry, it was just their class and was to build their confidence. Derrick seemed keen now and on the Tuesday had asked Sue to practice in the family room. They had moved some chairs and found the right music and she moved into his arms. This did not seem like her geeky brother, he was more attentive, smarter, hair neat and smelling good. Initially they practised but then Derrick seemed to go off into a trance, his hand slip from the small of her back to her buttock and he seemed to be pulling her into him and again she felt his growing arousal. She moved her groin away but he pulled her back against him, pushing his own groin against her.

The thought she was arousing him both excited and to a degree disgusted her. It was always flattering to arouse a man, but this was her brother….the geek who probably never even jacked off.

“Are mom and Dad around” she asked and he said no they had gone to play bridge and illegal bahis siteleri would be late.

“You feel so good Sue” Derrick said ” You make me feel different” He was starting to have an effect on her, she felt her breasts starting to tingle a little and the atmosphere had become charged with an electric clarity. She was fully aware of what was happening but at the same time unable to stop herself. She softened in his arms allowing her body to press against him.

The music drifted on and they were just swaying together her body rubbing over his erection. His hand moved from her ass, up her side and under her arm and over the side of her breast. He moved his upper body away from her a little to cup her full breast. She felt the warmth of his hand on her and did not move it away, even as it moved further to her buttons. One hand on her back the other started to undo her blouse. The gentleness of his movements, the tenderness of his fingers were almost alien to her. David the boyfriend was an impatient lover. Expecting her to undress herself or dong so hurriedly and impatiently.

Derrick was being tender and careful, looking at her exploring sensations new to him as he opened her blouse taking in her pink bra with the patterned cups. He cupped her bra

“You are beautiful” he said easing both sides of her blouse off her shoulders, Sue dropped her arms letting the blouse drop away before snuggling back in his arms. She wanted this to stop…, no she wanted it to continue, She tried to relax, feeling her body become a little moist unexpectedly. Derricks hand roamed her back then felt for the fastening of the bra. She lifted her head from his chest and using both hands started to undo his shirt. She felt his fingers on the clasp of her bra…..

She did as he had done earlier and pushed the shirt off his shoulders and he released her to let it drop free. Back in his arms he continued to struggle with the bar strap, inexperience showing! She reached behind herself to release it , letting him pull it forward and the straps down her arm, again she let it drop away. He looked at her full breasts, the nipples prominent before pulling her back against him. Flesh to flesh is arousing, even, or may be especially to a woman. Derrick seemed to have come to a stop or at least was unsure what to do now he had her breasts exposed. She felt good, a need deep in her stirring, she pushed her hand between them, down over his groin feeling him hard in his pants, he moaned audibly as her hand felt him and almost whimpered as she found the zipper and lowered it, working her hand into the opening and over his cotton boxers, She withdrew her hand and stepped back a little to undo the clasp of his pants, his hand reaching for her breast as she did so. Then using both hands she hooked her thumbs into his pants and pushed and tugged them down, leaving him in his boxers. Looking at him like that, boxers tenting over what was canlı bahis siteleri evidently a good sized cock was just a bit too much and a second movement shed the boxers, his cock exposed and pointing to the sky. Derrick gasped as her hand wrapped around the hard shaft. He pulled her against him and was making thrusting movements into her hand, primal urges taking over his body, things he had never before felt driving him on. He was thrusting urgently into her hand as she gripped him. He moaned, then gasped as she felt his penis jerk then felt the pumping as he cried out and shot hot spunk out onto her skirt again and again,. Gradually the thrusting subsided he released her looking at the sperm running down the skirt of her dress. Sue quickly undid the rest of the dress to stop any evidence reaching the floor! She stepped out of it now just in scanty briefs.

Derrick said he was sorry, but she said no it was her fault. He was stareing at her breasts and her briefs, almost sheer. She looked at him he seemed different, not the total geek anymore, he even seemed to have put an inch or two on his chest! There was a damp path on her panties, she pushed them down stepping out of them her clean shaven slit evident and attracting his eyes instantly.

She looked at his cock, seeing a slight twitch as he looked at her,

“Derrick……I need release too…..” She moved to him, dropping to her knees and took hold of the partially flaccid cock, she licked a drop of liquid off the tip, looked up at him then took his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue round the head, feeling an instant response as it grew in the warm mouth, she cupped his balls, then touched his very anus as he grew rapidly hard again, once fully erect she stood and led him to the big fireside rug. They lay there together as she took his hand and guided it to her waiting slit, She guided his fingers to the right spots, her legs apart and open to him. He explored her and found the entrance, his fingers learning her body, her arousal was growing now, her hand left his to find his cock again. She gripped it. Pulling him closer she slipped a leg under his until he got the idea of moving over her, between her parted legs. She guided him to the entrance and felt him pushing into her opening her body with his hard cock.

Then, he was making love to her, his movements were slow at first, his weight on knees and elbows as his hips thrust his cock in and out of her body. This was unlike the Boyfriend, she thought of him, he fucked her intent on shooting his load he was becoming an ex boyfriend fast. She opened her eyes to derrick smiling down at her as his body moved in her…..she felt it building…..her legs rose around him locking over his back as she raked him with the nails. He seemed to sense the moment, his thrusting picked up, became faster and an urgency crept in, she moaned, she gasped and her legs tried to close over him her vagina, then her entire body was raked with contractiosn as Derrick gasped and shot his sperm again this time into her eager body.

The competition was in a few days…….they knew they would win with their Dance of Love……but how could they celebrate it……………..



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