A Summer Morning Fantasy for Tessa

The early summer sun had risen and the warm night was giving way to another hot and sultry day. Tessa had just woken and lay stretched out on the bed, naked and on her back, the sheet tossed aside in the night draped around her feet.

She listened to the birds singing through the open window and thought of her beautiful garden below, a green oasis in the city, full of plants and trees and barely visible from most of the surrounding houses. She looked across at her husband who slept beside her, his back rising and falling with his deep breathing. She closed her eyes once more.


Tessa thought again of her garden and how lovely it would look in the early morning sunlight. She rose from the bed silently, slipping on a small black mesh top and matching panties through which her buttocks, breasts and shaven fanny were clearly visible – but there would be no-one to see at this early hour and the skimpy clothing would help her stay cool.

Stepping from the house into the garden all was quiet. She glanced at a neighbouring window still in shadow and one of the few that overlooked the garden. For a moment she imagined she saw one of the young men from next-door standing at the un-curtained window but a longer look told her she was mistaken.

Her bare feet caressed by the warm grass she felt a sense of exhilaration and daring. Stretching out her arms she let the tall plants and low growing leaves brush and tickle her face neck and body. A tall flower brushed between her thighs and caught momentarily in her panties causing a small tear in the thin fabric. Her movements disturbed cooling drops of dew which ran onto her face, her thighs and onto her thin clothing which clung even more closely to her breasts and bottom.

Turning, she again thought she caught a movement at the neighbour’s window. illegal bahis No face was visible but in the half-light she imagined a naked male torso, the face and lower regions in shadow.

Was one of the young men next door also awake and looking out over the garden? For a moment she froze in embarrassment, her heart racing. But then she regained her sense of daring and placing her bottom directly towards the window she stooped slowly as if picking a small flower. As she did so she shifted her weight from side to side wiggling her raised bottom conscious that her buttocks would be clearly visible through the taut material.

She slowly rose and turned, not looking directly at the window, which a glance suggested, was now empty – perhaps it had only been her imagination – but she was surprised and slightly breathless at her reaction to possibly being seen. Thinking of her brazenness she brushed her hand across her breasts feeling the hardening nipples and gently touched herself through her panties feeling a growing wetness there.

Further down the garden she saw that a trailing rose had slipped from its tie on the garden fence. She reached towards it, immediately pulling back her hand with a sharp gasp as she touched a thorn. A few drops of blood fell onto her body and she placed the hurt finger into her mouth sucking gently and moving it rhythmically in and out.

She took hold of the rose once more, stretching it towards the fence. But even on tip toe she could not hook it up, she shuffled and let out a small cry of annoyance fearing that to drop the rose would result in more grazes.

‘Do you need some help?’

The quiet voice startled her and handicapped by the rose she could only half turn her head to see the young man who stood there, barefoot and dressed only in a pair of thin boxer shorts. He gazed at her, taking in her stuck out illegal bahis siteleri bottom and her barely covered breasts dangling beneath her outstretched arms.

‘Yes please’ she whispered, hardly able to catch her breath. As he stepped forward he took the rose from her and quickly hooked it back onto the fence and she felt first his hot breath and then his lips gently caress the back of her neck.

Tessa came down from tiptoes and turned to find herself enveloped by the young man’s arms and body. Tessa glanced down seeing the young man’s silky shorts already swelling with his erection. Her breath came now in short gasps and the thin mesh of her top caught against her erect nipples making them almost painfully sensitive as she gasped for air.

Unable to move Tessa found herself firmly grasped by the young man. He gripped her buttocks with one hand whilst the other first caressed her erect nipples and then greedily squeezed her breasts. His tongue was already in her mouth as she felt a surge of desire in her body and surrendered to him with a squeal of delight.

He tore at his own shorts and then at her top and panties, which fell away. He raised her up and she eagerly grasped his body with her legs, her swollen fanny lips were soaking wet as he pushed his hard prick into her. They thrust together, her back against the garden fence, tearing at each other’s bodies, his swollen prick stretching her fanny until she felt a sweet pain and finally a deep orgasm. Then he too came and she felt the hot flow inside her.

They gasped together for some moments in their ecstasy then he lay her down on the dry grass, the dust mixing with her sweat. Looking up at him standing over her she reached up and took his balls into her hand gently kneading them, delighted to see he was already beginning to swell again. She knelt before him and took first canlı bahis siteleri one ball, then the other and then both into her mouth. He groaned quietly, his body shuddering from time to time.

Still kneeling she then gently massaged his now grown prick and took its full length into her mouth allowing it deep into her throat. He groaned as she moved her head rhythmically and then began to shudder; she pulled back and allowed the second hot stream of his cum to fall onto her cheek, then her breasts, her navel and thighs. She fell to the ground with a low moan and he stooped to kiss her and moved quietly away.

She raised her head and as she did so beads of sweat ran down from her breasts and across her navel mixing with the dust and cum. Rising from the ground the beads ran further down crossing her mount of Venus and slipping between her soft fanny lips.

As she walked towards the house the young man’s cum slid slowly down her face and body and from between her legs. She allowed the tall plants and low hanging leaves to brush across her sticky body so that thin skeins of cum were drawn out from her like broken spiders’ webs, a silvery trail marking her path across the garden.

Once inside she went into the shower room letting the cool stream of water wash away the mixture of dust, sweat and cum. Taking a fluffy pink towel from the rack she moved back towards her bed and her still sleeping husband. She gently dried herself, lay down and closed her eyes.


Tessa came awake, first smiling and then reddening at the thought of her dream. What had put such thoughts into her head? She was an extremely modest person who surely could never have behaved in such a way with a stranger? There was something within her that rather startled her. Did such fantasies make her a wicked person?

Her husband stirred and moved his arm to gently stroke her shaven fanny. She smiled and turned, reaching behind her back to push herself towards him. Suddenly she tensed, her heart almost stopping as her hand fell on the still damp fluffy pink towel that lay beside her naked body.



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