Part 7

Toni chose her outfit carefully after calling the service back. They were sending a messenger over to her with Adam’s file and other information. She opened a drawer in her armoire where she kept her wigs, and chose a mid-back length wavy blond wig, since Adam had requested a blond haired woman. She laid the wig on her bed then went to the closet and selected a knee length multi-colored gypsy skirt and a white peasant style blouse with short sleeves. She went to the dresser and took out a pair of beige thigh-high stockings and a white garter belt, lace thong panties and a bra to match. She chose a pair of simple black 2 inch heeled shoes to wear.

She went to the bathroom to shower, but just as she started to undress, her doorbell rang. She pulled her shirt back on and went to the door. When she opened it, a young man stood there with a yellow envelope. Toni knew he was the messenger from the Escort service. She smiled, handed him a $5 tip and thanked him, then closed the door and sat on the sofa to look over the file on Adam. His info stated that he was 6′ 3″ tall, slender 190 lbs, with bleach blond hair and blue eyes, and just celebrated his 18th birthday. He was still a virgin and wanted to learn more about sex and how to please a woman so he could make his girlfriend happy.

Toni’s services were a gift to Adam from his future father-in-law as a bachelor party gift. She was to meet Adam at a local coffee house at 7 pm that evening. She glanced at the clock on her mantle and saw it was 3:30 pm. She had time to shower and dress, then do an hour or so of her work for the advertising agency. She decided to wear her own hair in a braid pinned to her head so the wig would stay on securely.

She went and took her shower, making sure she was shaved in all the right places, then dressed before sitting down at her vanity table to brush and braid her hair. She put it into a single French braid, then wrapped the tail around her head, securing it with several black hair pins. She picked up the wig and put it on, straightening it and adjusting it so none of her real hair showed. She put on a little make-up, keeping it light and natural looking. She didn’t want to look like a painted whore with tons of make-up on.

Her jewelry was also simple, consisting of a pair of pearl stud earrings, a simple gold chain necklace, a charm bracelet, and a small pinkie ring with her birth stone on it. She thought about wearing an ankle bracelet, but decided against it, wanting to keep her look simple and casual. She picked up her shoes and went to her desk to work on the project for the ad agency for an hour or so, since it would only take about 20 minutes to walk to the coffee house four blocks away.

The work on the ad canlı bahis project was easy, just proofreading the script for typos, and touching up the lines for the actor or actress who would read it. That work only took about half an hour so she was able to grab a light meal, just a salad with fat-free ranch dressing and a diet cola, before going to her appointment with Adam. With her shoes on, a rose colored shawl draped over her shoulders, and her purse in hand, she left her apartment building at 6:30 pm, turned left outside and walked the four blocks to Connie’s Coffee Shack.

She stepped inside and heard the tinkling of the bell over the door. She stood there a moment to let her eyes adjust to the dim lighting before walking over to the counter and ordering a medium French vanilla double shot cappuccino. While waiting for her drink, she looked around the shop to see if Adam was there yet. She didn’t see him, so when the waiter gave her the coffee, she seated herself facing the door at a corner table in the back of the shop. She sipped her coffee and looked around the room, taking in the various artworks hanging on the walls and sitting on shelves.

Several people had laptop computers on their tables in front of them, probably doing work or something like that. Toni heard the bell above the door and glanced up to see a tall blond gentleman come in and go straight to the counter. She heard him order a large regular coffee with cream and sugar, and he turned to catch her looking at him. She smiled at him, and she knew this man had to be Adam. The description in the file didn’t do him justice. For being only 18, he looked more like a man in his early to mid 30’s.

He walked confidently toward her and asked in a rich voice, “Are you Toni from the service?” She nodded and he said, “Awesome! I’m Adam Jones. May I sit?” She nodded again and he sat across from her. They shook hands and started chatting casually, about the weather, and several other insignificant subjects before Toni asked the main question of the evening.

“Exactly what would you like for tonight, Adam? Your file stated that you wanted to learn exactly how to pleasure a woman sexually and everything related to sex and making love. How about we start with kissing, then maybe some sensual massage leading to mutual masturbation…” she said. She noticed he was starting to blush as he thought about his answer.

His voice came out in a squeak as he said, “Yeah, that sounds good.” He cleared his throat and then said in a more normal voice, “I know my file said I was still a virgin, and I get razzed about it a lot at school. I’m a freshman at the local community college, and I’m on the football team, so most of my team-mates harass me about not having sex until bahis siteleri I get married, but that’s what my girlfriend, err…fiancé I mean, wants, since she’s still a virgin as well. I just want to learn how I can pleasure her without hurting her or disappointing her the first time we have sex, and ways to make her feel really good when we do it too. Do you know what I mean, Toni?”


Part 8

Toni smiled at Adam reassuringly. She put her soft hand on his wrist. Tingles coursed through his body. He started getting harder, but was very fortunate that they were sitting down so she was unable to see it.

“So, why not tell me about yourself a bit more.” Toni requested with a soft smile. He started telling her how he had met his significant other and his enjoyment of sports. He never considered himself a natural athlete, but enjoyed competing and winning. She learned that Adam has always been very awkward around women. Toni picked up on that point by telling him that she is very informative and will help him tremendously.

They talked about other matters for about 30 minutes. Toni wanted Adam to feel more comfortable around her and women in general. She figured that he needed to realize that there was no great mystery surrounding them before she started exploring anything sexual with him. She had plenty of time to teach him and enjoy his desires.

Toni got up from the table. Adam followed slowly. She took his hand and led him out of the coffee house. They walked around a nearby park looking like another couple. She slid her hand around Adam’s back to see his reaction. He clumsily replicated her actions. Toni took Adam to the edge of a fountain.

He was able to smell her light perfume once she looked at him. He tried not to stare at her, but Toni knew from experience that he was gazing at her full lips and ample breasts. She wore a bra that pushed them up a bit more than normal. She figured that getting Adam to notice a woman’s assets might help him conclude that women can be naturally attracted to a man.

“Most women like to feel pleasured, Adam.” Toni stated with a knowledgeable voice. She took his hand and brushed it along her soft cheeks. “This is one way to get a woman to stop what she is doing and pay more attention to you. You can always move behind her neck and give her a soft massage. Many women like feeling a guy’s strong hands working on their shoulders.”

Adam moved his hands in that manner. She moaned more expressively to think he was doing a lot of good to her body. Toni enjoyed feeling his strong hands rubbing her shoulders and back. She turned around to gaze at his soft face. He was focusing on making her feel happy and was not enjoying bahis şirketleri the moment.

Toni decided that she needed him to just let things go. “Women don’t like to be rushed with a guy. They feel that the buildup is often more pleasurable than the actual event.’ She moved very close to his lips and pulled away. “Your fiancé probably likes being teased to build up the tension. She did that a few times to Adam. “When you are both ready, go ahead and give each other a soft kiss.” She kissed him lightly.

He pulled away with some surprise. “I never thought you were going to be the one to initiate,” Adam commented. He was unable to say anything else once she resumed the light kissing along his jaw line.

“Some women like to initiate and others don’t. How about you try kissing me first.” Toni suggested. Adam slowly and gently kissed Toni’s lips. She copied his feathery kisses and opened her mouth a bit. Her tongue slid across his lips. Adam was unsure of what to do next, so he opened his mouth a bit. Toni flicked her tongue inside his and touched his tongue.

Adam did likewise. Toni then used her tongue to open his mouth and slide her probing tongue along his mouth. He was unable to break away from the kiss and started moaning softly inside Toni’s mouth. She wanted him to enjoy this moment for a bit more than just asking questions.

He pulled away with a surprising expression. Toni said that she hoped he enjoyed the tender embrace. She took him by the hand and announced “I have some things to show you at my place. We can get a cab to go there.”

They enjoyed the cab ride back to her place. She nuzzled his neck with her mouth while rubbing his inner thigh. The driver had a difficult time focusing on the road throughout the trip. Too bad for him the ride ended.

Toni paid for the ride and led Adam into her place. She forcibly kissed him against the door. She then took him by the hand to the couch. Once there, she unzipped his pants to rub his manhood through the underwear. “I knew you had something there for me.’ Toni announced. “You just watch the TV while I release some tension.” She turned on the DVD player to a porn movie.

Adam quickly got engrossed watching a guy getting a hand job by a cheerleader. Toni undid his pants and rubbed her hands along his full cock. She pulled out some flavored jelly kept in her purse and poured it down his manhood. The extra lube enabled her to move her hands more quickly.

Adam felt like something was about to burst. Toni knew it also, but figured she needed to first get him worked up a bit. One hand had a tight grip on his Johnson while with the other, she rubbed the head with her palm. Toni knew he was not going to last long. She then stopped just as he was about to burst. Licking her hands wickedly, she looked up at Adam with a passionate expression.

“Now that you are warmed up, time to learn how to pleasure a woman without using your cock.”

To Be Continued…



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