Sometimes in life all a man has left is the ability to dream. And if he is lucky, sometimes dreams do come true—even forbidden ones. John was one of these broken men whose life, at the age of forty-nine, was nothing but a constant uphill climb against, well, pretty much everything.

He sold insurance for a living. Boring. His wife of 24 years, Kim, had grown ugly and fat before his eyes. Depressing. Along with her loss of beauty came a meanness of spirit that seemed to be set on an irrevocable course.

Finally, there was the most disheartening fact of them all: his darling little daughter Jade had left home to attend a private high school in another state when she was only 16. It was her idea which was maybe the most depressing fact of all.

John took it hard. It seemed she was running away from him for some reason. Worse still, over the past two years they had only gotten the odd phone call here and there from her. She always claimed she was too busy to come home, even on holidays. Over summer break it was the same story—”I am working part-time, I am taking summer classes . . . sorry just can’t make it home. No time.”

Finally, when she does call she seems only interested in speaking to her mother. But then one night the Gods of Fate smiled on John, or maybe it was something a bit more sinister at work, but regardless his life, for this one night anyways, was anything but boring.

He had went grocery shopping for that night’s dinner. He got the usual – a TV dinner and a six pack of beer He enters his dark house after coming home from the store. It is filled with nothing but emptiness as his wife is staying the weekend at her sister’s which is all the more depressing because it is Christmas Eve.

Just as he is unpacking his meager bit of groceries the phone starts to ring. He hurries across the kitchen to pick it up-hopeful it might be Jade. This is the same ritual he goes through every time the goddamn phone rings—hoping it is Jade and then being bitterly disappointed when it is not. But tonight his hopes are richly rewarded.

The charmed evening starts with a simple “Hello” from Jade. She is in town visiting old high school friends, but wants to spend Christmas Eve with him.

Pleasantly surprised at this fortuitous turn of events, he showers and puts on his nicest dress shirt, along with a pair of dress pants, and finally his matching favorite dark blue blazer with a light blue silk tie.

Roughly one hour later he is in a dark restaurant. The low hum of voices float across the room to him. He looks at the table, with its pristine white table cloth lit by the soft glow of candlelight emitting from the middle of the table, and wonders what she will look like. It been just over two years since he saw her last.

His thoughts are interrupted when his phone rings. He fishes the phone out of his dress khakis and stares at the screen- Wife. He sighs deeply before answering.


“Hi sweetheart,” his wife’s cheery voice says to him.

“Oh . . . ahh Hi . . . how is your sister.” He is a bit flustered as Kim’s voice sounds different. In a good way though as it does not have the usual annoying edge to it tonight.

“Has Jade gotten there yet? She called and told me you guys were having dinner.”

“No not yet, but I was early. I think she should be here at any moment.”

“Good I will make this quick then. I just want to apologize for not being able to go with you tonight. Helen is just so sick and I really need to be here OK? It’s my duty as her big sister, plus you know she is all alone since the divorce. Afraid I did not have time to tell you all that before I left in such a hurry yesterday.”

“Oh of course. I . . . ahh just hope Helen gets better.” He is doing his best not to be too amazed as this doesn’t really sound like Kim at all. She almost sounds like she gives a shit about him.

“Anyway I just want to tell you quickly about Jade. She is feeling real lonely and vulnerable tonight honey. That god damn boyfriend of hers really messed her up. I mean he really hurt her, John.”

“What did the asshole do?” John says anger tinging his voice. He knew little about the guy other than he was wealthy, older and named Francis.

Francis, for God sakes, what kind of faggot name was that for Christ sakes, he thinks before he could stop himself the first time Jade went gushing on and on about him over the phone. Truth was he had no real reason to dislike the guy except for the fact he was jealous.

“I’m not sure as she won’t really wouldn’t tell me. Maybe she will open up to you later, but it was bad I can tell. Just be sure and be really sweet with her tonight honey. Please do your best to take her mind off of her troubles, at least for tonight huh.”

“Yes OK I will try.”

“Oh and I got her a little surprise. Please tell me you are wearing your favorite blue suit jacket.”

“I am . . . yes, why?”

“Coz I slipped a little something in there for you to give Jade. A Christmas present.” pendik escort


“I was counting on you wearing it.”

He turns and reaches into his pocket of his blazer. His fingers find a small oblong box.

“Yeah got it,” he says trying to hide his surprise.

“OK great. I picked it out the other day at the mall when she told me she might be coming home . . . just in case.”

“Jesus Kim, you knew she was coming home and you didn’t tell me.”

“Yes . . . I wanted it to be a surprise for you, plus she was not sure. Anyway yell at me later if you want, but give her the present without mentioning my name. It will mean so much more if she thinks it’s from you alone.”

He looks at the oblong black velvet box. It’s the type of box used for jewelry. He hopes his wife didn’t pick out something that would make him look cheap.

Kim is talking again. He decides to wait until he is off the phone before taking a look at the present his wife picked out.

“Just remember to be extra sweet to her tonight. She needs her daddy I think more than anything in this world. And please if you can John . . . deny her nothing. Say yes to all she wants. Spoil her rotten with love and especially affection as God knows she needs it.”

“I will,” he answers simply trying to calm his thumping heart at the mere thought of showing her affection. After saying good bye he opens the box and lets out a low whistle.

It contains a very expensive looking diamond necklace. “Jesus this thing must have cost a small fortune,” he mutters under his breath before snapping the box shut and slipping it back into the pocket of his blazer.

He glances up just in time to see a shapely figure moving in the darkness across the floor to him. The last time he seen her she was 16. What a difference a couple years make.

When she was younger Jade had been a bit of a tom boy even well into her teen age years as she rarely wore make up and did not care much for fashion, but now—Wow, all that has changed!!

As Jade settles in her seat across from him with a small smile on her face he sees all traces of her former tomboyish traits have been utterly erased.

Much to his surprise, she is wearing a dress. He can’t recall ever seeing Jade wear a dress before as it just never was her style to wear dresses. But all that seems to have changed as her dark orange sleeveless jersey knit dress hugs her supple, curvaceous figure.

She is a perfect combination of her mother’s hot Latin blood mixed with his fine Caucasian features. Her beautiful midnight black hair falls in large curls just past her shoulders. Her dark complexion in the soft light of the candle le appears to be perfect and glowing. Her beauty, unmarred by even the slightest of imperfections, seems to radiate outward toward him in wave after pulsating wave.

Her large innocent doe like eyes stare at him as he appraises her before she flashes a sparkling angelic smile that pierces his heart. But it is that body that his eyes keep hopeless flitting to that causes his cock to get instantly hard inside his dress pants. At 5′ 8″, and weighing a 132 pounds she is in superb shape. Finally, his eyes come to rest on his daughter’s chest—probably because her now fully developed 36DD tits seem ready to spill out of her pretty orange dress at any moment.

She is smiling at him warmly, seemingly oblivious to the fact he has been just staring at her tits.

“It’s been too long Daddy. You look terrific.” Her voice is sweet like a songbird’s as she dazzles him with a bright smile.

“So do you, Jade. Jeez you have really . . . ahh filled out since I last seen you.”

They both lean back in their chairs as the waitress comes over bringing the wine list. They end up choosing the house’s best bottle of red wine and some appetizers, but only after arguing about, after the waitress left, if the 18 year old Jade should be allowed to drink.

The fact it was a special occasion, Christmas Eve, along with it being her homecoming, meant John arguing that the wine was for him alone never was going to fly with her. He gave in to her insistent demands she be treated like an adult and be allowed a glass or two of wine.

Once that argument is settled Jade leans forward whispering softly, “So you think I have filled out. Nicely I hope?”

There is no argument for sure on this matter as John stares her straight in the eye and whispers back, “Yes, Madame, very nicely . . . I might add.”

“Where exactly?” she inquire playfully.

He responds while doing his level best not to look down the front of her dress as she leans closer to him allowing him a most glorious view . . . seemingly on purpose.

“I imagine everywhere honey.”

“I guess I’m not so much of a Tom Boy anymore huh?”

It is at this moment that John remembers his wife saying she needs both love and affection in heavy doses. He imagines a bit of praise would not hurt either so he does his best to try and be charming with kurtköy escort his young daughter.

“My Tom Boy daughter is gone . . . replaced instead by a most beautiful princess.”

She smiles fully at him loving the way he so easily compliments her, and even more maybe, the way his eyes keep darting from her face to her chest.

They spend a few minutes catching up while sharing a glass of wine and some appetizers. She briefly touches on why she is here in Vermont, and not in California with Francis. It seems he had become rather abusive, both physically and verbally, with her, so she decided a break was in order.

“Besides I missed you and its Christmas so I figured I would come home.”

“Jesus honey I missed you to and . . . well not to lecture you, but you really need to be with a man that will treat you like the princess you truly are.”

“I am. Right now,” she replies quickly with a smile putting down her wine glass and giving his hand a quick squeeze. He takes a quick glance at her hand and sees her fingernails are long, siren-red and perfect manicured. He actually lets out a small sigh of relief when he notices there is no ring on her finger.

His thoughts are interrupted when a pretty young lady carrying a tray of red roses comes by. “A rose for your date, sir.”

“But of course,” he says fishing into his wallet for a ten dollar bill to pay the girl. He is about to say something, that is to correct the young lady, but a wink and a fetching look from Jade silences him. The girl hands the rose to Jade who accepts it with a bemused smile on her pretty face.

“For me. How sweet.” Jade whispers as the young lady departs.

“Yes, a beautiful rose for a beautiful princess. You know I was going to correct her honey.”

“But I am glad you didn’t.”

“Hmm, why is that?” he asks leaning forward extremely curious to hear her answer.

“Well for one thing . . . I mean I am your date aren’t I?”

“Yes, but you are also my daughter which means-”

She quickly interjects interrupting whatever negative thing he was going to say.

“Nothing. Is there a law that says a girl can’t be both a date and a daughter to a handsome charming man?”

The unexpected praises catches him off guard rendering him speechless while making him blush.

They make the usual small talk over dinner catching up on the news there is to catch up on. She seems reluctant to talk much about this Francis and whatever abuses her put her through so for now he does not push the subject.

After a second glass of wine for the both of them John decides to take a chance.

“Would you care to dance honey? I noticed they have a small dance floor over in the lounge area.”

“Daddy you hate dancing.”

“Yeah, but as I recall you love to dance and since this is Christmas and I feel in a mood to give my pretty young daughter anything she wants . . . well.”

“Well then let’s dance.” Jade says jumping up enthusiastically which-very much to John’s enjoyment- causes those big tits of her to bounce up and down inside the tight confines of her beautiful dress.

They reach the dance floor where several couples are already slow dancing to a soft ballad that comes lightly over the overhead speakers.

They head up to the dance floor holding hands. He is following her so he has a perfect view of just how short her tight dress is as it barely covers her well-shaped ass. She has on a pair of three inch heels adding to the guilty pleasure he is experiencing as his eyes hopelessly become glued to her swaying ass while he trails behind her.

“I will try and not step on your feet too much honey.”

“Just relax and sway with the music.” She slips an arm around his waist and draws herself closer. They move slowly round and round the dance floor as a romantic Christmas ballad plays. The dance floor is quickly filling up with other couples wanting to dance to their favorite slow Christmas songs.

As the song finishes up, he wonders if she wants to dance another one, but before he can ask she leads him off the floor saying. “It’s too crowded now. The next dance I want us to be more alone.”

Over the course of the next few minutes the conversation turns to how close they used to be when she was younger. How they always did everything together. It warms John’s heart to hear her talk about their past with such obvious fondness.

When the waitress come back to ask them if they require anything else Jade asks her if the dance floor in the lounge is the only one.

“No we have another one in the back room, but it’s closed.”

“Could it maybe be opened up for just a couple songs? My date here is dying to get me alone on the dance floor.” Jade gestures to her daddy smiling deviously. He blushes a bit as she has caught him off guard with her very forward comment.

“If the price is right I’m sure I could arrange something private for just the two of you.”

“Yes go check please.” John says reaching into kartal escort his wallet and giving her a twenty. “This is for your efforts even if it comes to nothing.”

He then checks his pocket making sure the gift for her is still there. If they were somehow to find themselves having a nice quiet dance in this back room he supposed it would be the perfect time to give her the gift. Besides all that he is tired of obsessively checking his pocket every thirty seconds to make sure the damn thing is still there.

When the waitress disappears John grins at Jade sheepishly saying, “Way to put me on the spot there hon.”

“What are you saying you don’t want to get me on the dance floor alone?”

“Now I didn’t say that!”

“Anyways when you finally work up the courage to give me whatever you have been fiddling with in your pocket for the past hour we should be alone. I suspect it’s maybe a real nice Christmas present for yours truly.”

The waitress reappears telling them, “The manager said I could open up the room for 30 minutes. It will be two hundred dollars. Cash paid to me. Discreetly of course. Oh and the two hundred will include a bottle of one of our finest wines and it has a good sound system so we could put some quiet music on for you.”

“Do you have a mix of romantic Christmas ballads maybe?”

“I’m sure we do,” the waitress replies as John heads to the bathroom leaving the two of them to work out the details. As he passes the waitress he pushes two crisp new one hundred dollar bills, along with an extra fifty, into the palm of her hand.

When he gets back he finds Jade waiting for him impatiently. He follows her across the restaurant floor to the back. They go through a pair of old wooden doors and enter a small room. It has maybe 8 or 9 tables with chairs arranged around a small dance floor. In one corner is a small circular booth.

Jade moves off the side and fiddles with the lighting until she has it to her likening just as a soft romantic ballad starts up.

“A toast before we dance.” She hurriedly fills both of their glasses about three quarters full with fresh white wine saying, “To a joyous Christmas reunion with Daddy.”

They down the wine is two large gulps and then she leads him out onto the dance floor. Once again they are snuggled tightly in each other arms.

They move slowly around the dance floor rocking in each other arms in a small circle. She reaches up and begins to unbutton his dress shirt slowly.

“What are you doing baby?”

“Hmm, just playing. Do you mind?”

“No I suppose not.”

After undoing the first four buttons she begins to stroke his chest with her long painted fingernails causing him to tremble slightly as he wraps his hands around the small of her back holding her in place as they sway slowly to a new song.

He is at a near breaking point with the scrapping of her fingernails across his chest. Thankfully the song ends and he leads her over to one of the nearby tables.

“Ready for your present sweetheart?”

“More than ready. I have been waiting for you to . . .” She pauses for a long second as a sly smile comes over her face before finishing in a whisper, “give it to me all night.”

John takes careful note of her playful comment as he wonders if she said that in complete innocence, or is she purposefully trying to tease the hell out of him. Remembering the way she paused for dramatic effect right before she says it, and given the sly smile on her face, he doubts there was anything innocent about it.

He pulls out the oblong box and hands it to her as they sit down. She places it carefully on the table before opening it.

Her shriek of happiness pierces the stillness of the room. “Oh God, Daddy . . . it’s beautiful. Can I put it on?” she asks her voice shaking with excitement.

He watches her as she carefully secures the glittering diamond heart pendant around her neck.

Using the table as leverage she leans back while thrusting her chest out. His eyes are hopelessly trapped by the sight.

She tilts her head to one side striking a pose of danger and innocence all at once while whispering sweetly, “How does it look on me, Daddy.”

The necklace hangs down falling just shy of her goddamn tits he can’t help but to notice. And the way he is leaning back thrusting her chest out at him makes him uncomfortably hard. They both look fantastic – her tits and the necklace . . . and she knows it.

He decides to take a shot at being charming. “The beauty of the necklace . . . while great . . . pales in comparison to the beauty of you my dearest daughter.” He then takes her hand and kisses it lightly while turning his eyes up to her hoping she does not burst out in a spasm of giggles.

Instead of giggling she only whispers, “Your princess approves of your words . . . and the necklace . . . this whole night could not be more perfect.” She then unexpectedly launches her whole body forward crushing herself into his arms.

He holds her tight for a moment, before he realizes what is happening . . . down there . . . and alarm bells start to go off. It is at this point he finally cannot deny it any longer: his young daughter is giving him a major case of the hots.



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