The EmmaJ Chronicles 2Once again, this Series of stories are about my dear sexy friend Emma J.. She made the most beautiful horny video for Carl and I, we just loved it. I hope this will help pay you for your hard work xxxAnnaxxx#The Emma J Chronicles 2 – Part OneChapter OneIt was 7 pm on a Friday night, Emma had been working late again, and her bloody computer had packed up mid-afternoon so she had to finish off her work on the new proposal on Daphne’s machine while the IT guys were fixing it. She’d just shut down Daphne’s PC and was about to walk out of the building to get in the car with Mark. She closed the door to Daphne’s office and locked it after her. As she did so she saw Marcus down the corridor locking his door.“Goodnight Marcus” she called.“Ah Emma, just the person I need to talk to, a moment please”.“Can you keep it short, Mark is waiting outside”. “Would you mind just stepping into the boardroom, I think it’s the only room left open”, he replied.“Why don’t you ask Mark to step in and join us, as I am sure it concerns him too, after all we have no secrets”?Emma reached into her bag and pulled out her iphone and quickly sent Mark a text, asking him to come up and meet her in the boardroom.Emma’s heart was in her boots, what was Marcus planning to say or do?Emma and Marcus entered the boardroom and sat on chairs opposite to each other across the dark mahogany table.They sat in silence until a couple of minutes later Mark arrived, his phone in his hand.“What’s going on Em, what’s this text all about”? He said holding his phone up as he entered the room. “Oh hello Marcus, what’s going on”? He looked enquiringly at them both in turn, and saw Emma shrug her shoulders.Marcus leant back in his chair his hands clasped behind his head, he then gestured towards a vacant chair indicating that Mark should sit.“So I take it Mark; that Emma has filled you in on what transpired during our recent business trip to Paris? Specifically the fact that I fucked your wife, repeatedly in fact and what a very good fuck she is. I must congratulate you. You are a very lucky man. Seldom have I experienced such a slut in the bedroom, or in fact the dining room and not forgetting the balcony as I’m sure you recall Emma”.Mark sat rock still nervously turning over his phone in his hands, betraying not an iota of the thoughts rushing through his mind. “Fuck this slime ball fucked his wife; he was one of the three who fucked her all night”!Mark’s face fell; Emma saw it at once, the subtle change on his face apparent only to his wife. She immediately regretted not telling him that Marcus had been involved. Her heart was almost at bursting point her regret almost palpable.Marcus sat in his chair, rocking back on its reclining mechanism, a look of superiority on his face. He then quickly rocked forward in his chair leant his elbows on the table and steepled his hands in front of him, bakırköy escort he looked at the other two and said, “Ah, poor Mark, you didn’t know”“Err Marcus, as I recall you promised me a promotion to that of Assistant Financial Director, I haven’t seen that happen yet, are you reneging on your promise”? Asked Emma, trying to seize the initiative and hopefully divert the conversation away from Paris.Mark’s face was like thunder, his mind was in turmoil, firstly his wife had failed to tell him her boss had been part of the deal in Paris, and secondly he really disliked Marcus with a passion. He thought he was a slimy, smarmy piece of shit.Emma piped up once more.“You do realise Marcus, it was all about the money, your pathetic attempts at sex were just that, pathetic. I’ve been more aroused at the sight of a cucumber”.Meanwhile Mark was seething, despite what Emma was saying to her boss he was dreading the conversation they’d be having when they got home, full of recriminations and pain, he concealed his anger so he didn’t give Marcus the satisfaction of knowing how hurt he was feeling.Emma continued, “You do know Marcus, I didn’t enjoy a single instant of what happened between me and you in Paris, in fact I found you rather pathetic and inadequate”.“Really Emma, so how do you explain this”. He opened his iphone and selected a video clip from his photo-stream. He slid the phone across the boardroom table to Mark. “Take a look Mark, see how much your slut wasn’t enjoying me fucking her”.The actions and noises Emma was making were such that it would be impossible to deny she was enjoying herself.Mark watched the video impassively as he watched Emma, she was on her hands and knees sucking Mr X’s cock deeply into her mouth with spunk hanging from her chin from someone’s previous climax. Over her shoulder it was plain to see Marcus fucking her from behind. The camera panned around and it was clear that Marcus was fucking her anally, his hard long cock fucking her arse vigorously, her face wreathed in an expression of ecstacy as she pushed back hard against his cock.Mark’s face betrayed none of the thousand emotions coursing through his mind.Emma watched his face, knowing he was seething inside but proud he was betraying nothing of what he felt.“Emma, you are such a fucking dirty little slut, you whore yourself out and still expect me to respect you as a colleague”.“Marcus, you were the one paying for sex, so who is the one that is to be respected”?“OK Emma, I don’t want to get into the why’s and wherefores, let me put it like this, either you show your appreciation and let me fuck you again or I’ll make you regret this for the rest of your life. If you agree, I will make your promotion effective from Monday morning; if you refuse you’d better start looking for a job out in the suburbs, because as you well know I have beşiktaş escort the connections to finish you here in the City. All you have to do is bend over the boardroom table and let me fuck you one more time. That sounds like a good deal to me, a promotion with its commensurate pay rise for a quick fuck from your friend Marcus. Of course your promotion is entirely conditional on your doing as I say”.“So let me get this straight, you want me to bend over the boardroom table and fuck me in front of Mark”?Mark sat there impassively, his face not giving any indication of his thoughts.Emma looked at him trying to read his thoughts.“So what should I do Mark”?“Fuck him of course; he has the upper hand, doesn’t he. There’s absolutely nothing you or I can do about it”.Emma stood and slid her knickers down her thighs, her lace topped black hold ups clearly visible to both of the men.She leant across the table and spread her legs anticipating Marcus’s entry into her now slightly moist cunt. Marcus dropped his trousers, revealing his tumescent prick sticking out perversely in front of him; he quickly rolled a condom down his cock and shuffled toward Emma his trousers hindering his movements. Abruptly, just as his cock was within centimetres of Emma’s cunt he ripped the condom off. “No fuck it, we won’t be needing that”.“You fucking will Marcus, Emma doesn’t fuck anyone else bareback without a condom”. Shouted Mark, rising from his chair, his face a mask of anger.“Oh I think if you look closely at this video clip, I think you’ll see evidence to the contrary”. Marcus slid his iphone across the desk face up, a video clip of the weekend playing, Emma’s legs were spread and she was taking Mr X’s cock deep inside her dripping cunt, completely bareback.“See Mark, there’s the evidence; she took us all bareback for hours in Paris. I lost count of the number of loads she took up her cunt, isn’t that right Em”?Marcus, enjoyed the effect this news was having on Mark, his discomfiture was obvious. He turned back to Emma.“Come on Emma, you’ve got to do better than that, lube my cock up a bit, you don’t want a dry fuck do you. Come on, spit on my cock or something, make it wet”?Emma turned and reached for Marcus’s cock, she dropped to her knees and took him deep into her mouth, gagging as he pushed his cock deep in her mouth.Having thoroughly soaked his cock with her saliva she once more stood and d****d herself over the boardroom table her legs spread apart awaiting Marcus’s entry.Suddenly, anticipating Marcus’s entry into her wet cunt, Emma was stunned by his rapid and forceful entry into her arsehole. The pain was incredible; she hadn’t anticipated his anal assault and in consequence was totally unprepared for his violation of her bowels.Marcus rammed his cock deep inside Emma, causing her a considerable amount of pain; he made several beylikdüzü escort obscene grunting noises as he stabbed her deep into her arsehole.Meanwhile, Mark sat in his chair watching but saying nothing.At the point of cumming what only seemed seconds later Marcus pulled his cock out of Emma’s arse and turned her around on the table grabbing her hair he turned her face around as he did so and jacked on his cock. He unleashed his jets of hot cum all over her face. The ropes of hot viscous cum dripped down over her face and onto her chin, before sliding in long strands into her cleavage.Emma despite herself; had become extremely turned on by the v******e of the assault. Perversely, she felt a wave of lust rush over her at the feel of his hot cum in her mouth and on her face. Instinctively the slut within her, almost without thinking, made her lick her cheeks and chin, sucking his cum into her mouth.Seeing Emma licking his cum into her mouth he quickly rammed his cock in after it.“Clean up my cock you fucking whore” he grunted.Emma sucked his cock and ensured that not a drop of cum remained on his rapidly softening cock.Pulling his now flaccid cock from Emma’s mouth he pulled up his trousers, flipped his cock into the fly and turned to Mark. “Thanks for letting me fuck your slut Mark”,He then turned to Emma and said, “So, what do you think Emma, was it as good as Paris? Judging by the noises you were making I think you’ll find it hard to deny it”.Almost without pause he switched subjects. “I’ll sort the detail of what we agreed you’d get in return. You’ll have the official confirmation of your promotion on Monday”. Marcus picked up his briefcase and left the boardroom with a big ‘shit eating’ grin on his face.Emma slid across the table and dropped down onto the floor, she walked the two paces to where Mark was sitting and throwing her arms around her husband’s neck burst into a flood of tears.Mark held her tight his arms wrapped around her back. “It’s ok Em, don’t cry, we are going to make sure that Marcus regrets what he’s just done to his dying day, trust me, we’re going to pay him back for r****g you”.“How are we going to do that babe, he was right what he said, he’s too well connected with all his golfing buddies here in the City, my career will be over if we do anything and anyway it’s just our word against his”.“Oh really Em, then what do you think this is”? He held his iphone up in front of her.“Oh my God, did you film it? I don’t believe it. You are so fucking clever, all the time you were just sitting there you filmed everything he said and did to me. We’ve got that bastard by the balls; we can go to the Police and have him charged him with ****”.Mark leant back in his chair deliberating. “You know Em, we could do that and you’re right it would finish him, but don’t forget that if we do that everything would come out about the Paris weekend, you’d be finished too. No, we need to think very carefully about this, I want to do it in a more subtle and for Marcus, a more painful way. That slimy fucker is going to pay big time for what he did to you just now. I want to make him regret what he did for the rest of his life, every waking moment I want him to regret it”.



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